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A carcinogenic mutation is not inheritable. What could be the reason for this?

A person needs 1 pah mutation from each parent to have pku/hpa. Do they need to be the same mutation or can one be ie a300s and one be e390g?

About the brca-1 gene (breast cancer gene)...If a male is a carrier for the gene what will happen to his daughters?

Any stats on how many woman have been tested for the brca1 and brca2 gene?

Are all brca gene mutations hereditary? Can you share some sources?

Are all of our genes in our chromosomes?

Are gene mutations common? What about deletions?

Are there advantages to being a carrier of genes for alzheimer's?

Are there any enviroonmental toxins that mutate genes?

Are there any other gene mutations that might cause Polycythemia vera other than JAK2V617F?

Are there many factors that can cause the mutation for galactosemia?

Can a baby inherit fanconi anemia or is it a new mutation?

Can achondroplasia occur in adults if the mutation occurs in the fgfr3 gene during adulthood?

Can anyone explain what a1298c homozygous genetic mutation could cause?

Can htlv-1 virus cause mutations to hla genes (mutations that you did not have from birth)?

Can prothrombin genetic mutation be inherited?

Can someone carry the gene for Down syndrome but not have downs?

Can you advise for genetics- genotypes?

Can you still have a normal baby if you have a translocation on one of your genes?

Can you tell me for bio I need to research elephantiasis mutations and is it a gene or chrom. mutation?

Can you tell me how a healthy gene differ from a gene that causes zellweger syndrome?

Can you tell me how the role of genes, alleles and proteins produce many different traits in twins?

Can you tell me in the case of thalassemia intermedia, is the gene inherited from *both* parents, or only one?

Can you tell me why the major histocompatibility complex of genes is considered to be both polygenic and polymorphic.?

Can you tell me, are all brca gene mutations hereditary?

Can you test positive for 2 mutations of cystic fibrosis on one copy of a gene? I am 43 and have 2 mutations and they are testing my mother.

Could a woman with the hemophilia gene pass her gene to her own children?

Could anybody get the mthfr-a1298c gene mutation?

Could mutated genes pass on to my kids?

Could you and your partner have to carry the same mutation of cf?

Could you tell me what are proto-oncogenes?

Do all mthfr gene mutations benefit from folate over folic acid? Or certain stands? Is there different treatment for heterozygous v homozygous?

Do you choose to be gay or is inherited in your genes?

Does a homozygous gene mutation, e.g. 1p36.3, make me more likely to have other mutations in nearby genes on the same chromosome, e.g.1p34.1?

Does asbestos cause EGFR exon 21 mutation?

Does epilepsy develop from a Gene?

Does mthfr heterozygous c677t mutation affect pregnancy?

Does smoking or chewing tobacco cause gene mutations? Which mutations are most common?

Etiology of DNA mutations?

Found out I am positive for mutation in brca 1 gene advice needed please?

Gene mutations and pregnancy, can you tell me more about this?

Help docs, is hereditary angioedema type III genetic(dna mutation)?

Hemochromatosis: is it possible to inherit both mutated genes from one parent, or is it always one from each parent?

Hemophilia/ can it be genetically screened?

Hereditary breast cancer gene, what is it?

Heterozygous for a1298c mutation on mthfr gene. can you explain this to me?

Hiya, what are the causes of sickle cell anemia? I know it is inherited but i need it explained in a way that can tell me the causes of gene mutation.

Hla gene mutations predispose one to developing autoimmunity after viral &/or vaccine exposure...Why not screen for mutations before vaccinating us?

Hoping you can tell me, is neural tube deffect a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation?

How can I find out if I carry the chromosome mutation for agammaglobulinemia?

How can I find out if I have a defective tumor suppressor gene?

How can I tell if im a carrier for albinism?

How can mutations create new traits?

How can the genes on chromosome 17 (death chromosome) relate to cancer?

How common is it to be in the mutable range for huntingtons?

How common is it to have one allele in the normal range and one allele in the mutable range, for huntingtons?

How do a gene mutation and a chromosomal mutation differ?

How do genes affect the way I age?

How do teratogens change your genes?

How do you know which cancer genes you need to be tested for?

How does a genetic mutation cause sickle-cell disease?

How does a mutation in the fbn1 gene affect the structure and function in fibrillin-1 protein?

How id pku inherited?

How is DNA mutated by carcinogens ?

How is the gene that causes zellweger syndrome different from the normal gene?

How serious is having the brca-2 gene?

How to tell who the father is without dna?

I have a gene called heterozygous prothrombin and was wondering if that can lead to miscarriages?

I have prothrombin gene mutation g20210a, i'm pretty sure i follow under a vitamin defect. Is their anything i can do?

I have von willebrands but my parents did not.How does a gene mutate?

I need to know that is homosex is genetic or not.?

I'm doing a project and need a gene sequence for Breast cancer in chromosome 1.

If I have the single gene mutation (heterozygote) and am a "silent carrier" for hemochromatosis, will I become iron overloaded?

If I have twins could one have abnormal genes?

Is a neural tube defect a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation?

Is a torus palatinus a result of a recessive gene?

Is ABO incompatibility genetic?

Is breast cancer caused by a mutation in the gene or by a problem with the gene expression?

Is choriocarcinoma testicular cancer hereditary? I know it could be from defective genes but i didn't think these genes were inherited! help please!

Is discipline a gene that can be inherited?

Is elephantiasis a gene or chromosomal mutation? Please advise!

Is factor 7 gene mutation (heterozygote) thrombophila?

Is hemophilia a gene mutation?

Is it true that a neural tube defect is a chromosomal mutation or a gene mutation?

Is kyphosis inherited by genes to another legatee ?

Is retinoblastoma genetic?

Is the bcra gene a dominant or recessive gene. Can it skip a generation, or two?

Is the connexin 26 gene (causes deafness) passed down from generations?

Is the defective tumor suppressor gene for spiradenoma the same as men1?

Is there a defective gene in neurofibromatosis?

Is there any genetic screening for thalassemia?

Is ttn genetic, is there a gene I should know about?

Kleptomania, can it be passed down in the genes?

Might guys carry hemophilia genes without being the patient?

Mthfr, what is it?

Need expert help. Can someone carry more than one type of genetic mutation?

Please answer! what roles do genes and mutations play in cancer formation?

Please help! what happens when an autism gene is mutated, damaged, or deleted?

Please help! what is the difference between a gene mutation and a chromosomal mutation?

Please suggest what type of mutation occurs in pku?