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How is HPV harmful to men? For women it's cervical cancer. What about men? Does it cause cancer to them too? If so, what's the treatment to them?

A girl I know has genital hpv, but wants to give me oral sex, can I (male) contract HPV this way?

All the men/boys who are hosts of thehpv virus spread it unknowingly leaving womento develop ciniii orcervical cancer. No way to targethpv in men?

Any idea what STD can cause cancer ? Hpv is one of them...Any others?

Are heterosexual men more at risk for HPV associated oral cancer than men who have sex with men ?

Are infection rates for genital warts similar for men and women?

Are there racial disparities in regards to genital warts?

Can a guy be checked for human papillomavirus? Where? How?

Can a male teenager get prostate cancer from doing anal masturbation a couple of times?

Can a person with prostate cancer transmit any form of cancer to his partner (female or male)?

Can a person with prostate cancer transmit any form of cancer to his partner?

Can a woman give a man hpv? How serious is it?

Can a woman pass HPV to a man?

Can a woman with HPV be a gestational carrier?

Can a women infect a man with hpv, if she has no warts. I have HPV warts, i just found out. I need to know how to talk to my partner about this.

Can anyone give my good news on genital warts.Im 17 year old female. So can I have healthy kids. With me being so young with they cure its self? Help

Can anyone tell me forms of male cancer?

Can herpes simplex type 2 affect fertility in women and in men?

Can HPV be carried under men's fingernails?

Can human papilloma virus cause cancer in women?

Can I know for sure if I have hpv ? I'm a male

Can it be that a male teenager get prostate cancer from doing anal masterbation a couple of times?

Can men be cured from hpv?

Can men be tested for HPV?

Can men die of HPV if it lies dormant?

Can men get cancer from HPV like women do?

Can men get hpv?

Can men get rid of high risk HPV?

Can men have lupus and is it contageous?

Can someone explain this to me please? How did HPV first start? Oral or genital, male or female

Can someone tell me how men find out if they have hpv?

Can the hpv procervic(genticel) can be used in men as for women as the therapeutic vaccine once if its clinically approved?And when willit be approved

Can the human papilloma virus cause cancer in men?

Can there be a relationship between cervical cancer and men that have not been circumcised?

Can there be anything a woman with HPV can do to help her cervix grow?

Can there be really no way for men to know their HPV status?

Can transexuals have b. Cancer too?

Can women give HPV to men?

Can you have osteochondroma on your l5?

Can you tell me the all the kinds of cancer you can get is you are a man/male?

Could HPV clear in 24months in most men?

Do genital warts increase risk of anal cancer in heterosexual men? If so how much? Is anal cancer rare?

Doctor my partner detected a mass in the testicles and is apparently recommended cancer how is having sex with? Would you recommend?

Does a woman have to have an outbreak of HPV for a man to get warts also, or to contract hpv?

Does condyloma (hpv) cause impotence in males? Do genital warts due to human papilloma virus cause male impotence?

Does HPV 16 affect men?

Does HPV affect men sperm?

Does HPV in males go away after a few years or not?

Does HPV that causes visible genital warts in men lead to cancer or autoimmune diseases?

Does male circumcision effective prevention against utis, hiv, and penile cancer?

Does the HPV in men prevent reproduction?

Does the HPV vaccination in adult men prevent HPV associated oral and laryngeal cancers?

Has HPV been linked with male cancers at all?

Has there ever been a case of Penile cancer in a 14 year old boy?

How bad for men is the HPV virus?

How can th HPV human papilloma virus effect men?

How can HPV detected in men?

How can men find out if they have hpv?

How can men know with certainty if they have hpv?

How can we reduce female genital mutilation in the world?

How does a person acquire hpv, esp the types linked to cancer? If I have only ever had one partner, what is my HPV risk?

How does HPV affect men? My wife has HPV and was treated but what do I do? Is there a treament for me too or should I be concerned about any health effects for me?

How many men under 35 get melanoma?

How many percent a woman is prone to HPV hu isnt yet vaccinated compared to a woman who received HPV vaccine?

How prevelent is HIV in usa compared to other countries? How common is it in heterosexuals female to male?

How rare is throat cancer in a 25 year old female caused by hpv?

How rare is vaginal type cancers in virgin teenagers with an HPV vaccine?

HPV 16 - can a man who was exposed pass this to a woman ?

I am currently treating HPV warts. Do the strands that cause warts cause cancer? Is penile cancer rare in circumcised men?

I have heard that throat cancer is a possibility from performing cunnilingus. Is there a vaccine recommended for men?

I heard human papilloma virus spreads by cunilingus cause throat cancer in men?

I heard human papilomavirus spreads by cunilingus cause throat cancer in men?

I'm aware of the connection between sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer. Does HPV infection increase cancer risk in men, too?

I'm curious as to what is the treatment for men with hpv?

If a man has oral sex with i female that has HPV and warts. And has oral with another female can the other female catch HPV and warts?

If a man has prostate cancer, is it possible to infect his wife with cancer through his semen?

If a woman has an abnormal pap from HPV then why does the man not get treated?

If one has hpv, is there any way to get tested for penile cancer?

Is a labiaplasty regarded as a form of genital mutilation?

Is gardasil recommended for men and what are its advantages?

Is HPV bad for a male?

Is It Possible For A Teen To Have Penile Cancer ?

Is there a male equivalent of a pap smear for testicular cancer?

Is there a treatment for HPV in older women?

Is there no test for men for hpv?

Most common venereal diseases in men?

My man has cancer and I don't know what to do anymore?

My question was, can a man with prostrate cancer pass the disease to his wife when they have sex?

Need doctor help! how does penile cancer affect adults?

Of all the cases of men with HPV or HPV16, how many of those cases develop oral cancer?

Oral cancer causeed by HPV is rising. How can I tell if a man has hpv? Is there any way to tell if I have been exposed?

Please tell me, could a female transmit severe cervical dysplasia to a male?

Should men get the HPV virus?

Should teenage girls be vaccinated with BCG against bladder cancer?

What are some of the causes of oral cancer in men ages 20 through 25 ?

What are some signs of HPV in a man?

What are the all the kinds of cancer you can get if you are a man/male?

What are the chances of HPV human papillomavirus clearing on its own in someone's system (i.e a 27year old male) who has abstained for 7years since..?

What are the common forms of male cancer?

What are the most common forms of male cancer in <65 year olds?