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17yeards old. Hard to gain weight. No beard/no body hair. Had prevention surgery because i tended to have testicular torsion. Do I have low testoster?

24M, I have saggy scortum. It sometimes become tight(after masturbation and in cooling) but most of the time it hangs low. Is it normal? What do I do?

24yr old male --Are compression shorts good for summertime and preventing chaffing between legs? Is it true underwear can effect sperm count

30y m is there any relation between testosterone hormone therapy with penis length?

39 year old male enzymes at 29, 000. Why.

A man 26 year old with BMI of 26.1 , but does not have erection good enough to have an intercourse.Doc suggested mildfil 5mg( drug) but doesn't help.

A man mastuburate daily at time twice a day from 6-7 years will it effect on sex life of the person if he is over weight also age is 27+..?

According to (Dr.) My semen analys OK and my scrotum us OK too. Hormons OK too except prolactin (76). Can it be main reason of infertility for 3years?

After having a sexual relationship with a man whose penis is very fat, will my vagina eventually return to its normal size?

Age-21 Can size of human penis be increased naturally?

Age18, testis:15ml, delayed puberty. What testosterone dose can increase my testis size and production naturally.Can rib-cage expand and shoulders widen?

Aif a 28 yrs old man don't care to his appearance.Is it normal & how to solve it ?

An important question about infertility--how often is the man sterile?

Any danger to anal masturbation with long insertions? I saw a video of a female masturbate with a 37 inches of a 44 inch colon snake. Dangers?

Any risk of infecting sexual/other diseases from Massage/Moroccan bath/body scrub ? and what about hand job from male/ female doing the same ? advise

Are claims on Net true that sensory stimulation like feeling of chills u get when skin is rubbed can add height in adults?Says stimulates GH secretion

Are men over 70 years old going to produce sperms considered unhealthy?

Are their any natural methods to encourage ejaculation for male unable to produce due to medication?

Are there any positive effects of growth hormone on a man's testicles? For example do they enlarge, improve function? What about cells and tissue?

Are there any studies out there that show the actual testosterone levels of men with one testicle Vs two? I hear docs say "remain normal"lets seeproof

Are there artificial scents that sexually arouse men to some extent?

At 38 years old and male, why would I still break out with acne?

At around what age does male fertility and sperm count begin to decline drastically? I look young.

At what age a man body is fully developed.

At what age are most boys really mature enough to drive alone?

Bf born without thyroid.. Does it effect men sexually? Lower testosterone

Cab masturbation on daily basis increases maturity physically?

Can a day-long fever around 102 degrees affect a males fertility?

Can a guy with hypospadias?Sexually function properly?

Can a man still reproduce even after they had a stoke?

Can daily oral sex(swallowing discharge) benefit or harm partner?for male n female ?foods for inc. semen volume naturally and permanently???

Can heat kill male sperm? Are female sperm less susceptible to heat? What are some things to do to promote having a baby girl?

Can i as an 18 y/o male have low testosterone? My voice is pretty high but I have normal body hair growth and muscle development. Penis is small.

Can i combine progenis & text x180 (usa drugs) male enhancement & body building drugs to increase my penis length without medical effect; I am 47yrs

Can I masturbate during TB treatment? Or it will make me more weak and i should avoid. My body weight is 43 KG.Male 31

Can it be related that male sexual performance is bcz of healthy prostrat glands?

Can keeping cell phone in trouser pocket make a man impotent?

Can masterbating 2-3 times per day cause low t and ultimately inhibit male development during puberty?

Can masturbation cause fluctuations in androgen levels which stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce more oil? i tend to breakout when i masturbate.

Can masturbation lower the iq?

Can masturbation make you hairier in general?

Can men be able to lactate?

Can men create sperm indefinitely?

Can mint/peppermint cause flaccid male sex organ? Thanks for replying.

Can nerve damage make a man infertile?

Can one side orchiectomy słów down or stop balding process? Just out of curiosity.

Can osteoporosis make you paralyzed for 30 year old man?

Can pimples occur due to excess masturbation in males ?

Can pounding on the testis during masturbation or sex cause trauma and mess with testosterone production or fertility?

Can protein shakes affect your penis or sexual organs?

Can pulling a groin muscle affect a womans fertility and chance of having kids in the future?

Can someone please say why if a man is healthy he has really low testerone? If his size of his testes dors not matter, then what does?

Can to much sex affect the liver or be bad for me? I'm 26 male

Can you please describe the most effective way known to man to drastically boost endurance and lung power?

Can you please tell me the ill effects and disadvantages of being addicted to masturbation[in males]?

Can you tell me what you suggest if a man takes off his testicals will he not produce anymore testosterone?

Clitoris shrinkage I am 54 y.O., post menopausal, breast cancer survivor x 2, have rheumatoid arthritis. I attribute the shrinkage to strong vibrator use for many years. Is there anything i can do to restore the size of my clitoris?

Computer heat near testicles can affect sperm count, testosterone or even facial hair growth?

Could a 65 year old man with emphysema regain some stamina and sing well again, or is it too late?

Could hyperthyroidism be temporary? In a man?

Could scientists develop artificially man made sperm from stem cell if yes how many years it will introduce ?

Could use your help docs! a friend told me your testosterone decrease if you masturbate before going to gym, is he true?

Dht causes mpb. Is it due to increased sensitivity or increase DHT synthesis in the person? And will balding men have more muscle gains for the gym?

Do cosmetics have any effect on the size of a male's sex organ?

Do males w/ gynecomastia produce milk (in some/special cases)?

Do the armpits actually serve a purpose? Like releasing pheromones to attract the opposite sex?

Doctor please i want to know the highest duration of time a normal man can spend during sex without influence of anything?

Does aging and not enough sex cause prostate problems?

Does chemotherapy make a man permanently infertile?

Does fat or skin around tummy area indicates something is wrong with testosterone in man? Some docs claim reduction by hormones? True or fairytale?!

Does GNC mega men heart vitapak help create growth of thick penis?

Does having sex 2-3 times a day cause a man to have permanent hair loss due to an increase of DHT and use of testosterone?

Does having sex and releasing sperms have negative effects on men? Or does it reduce the strength in men?

Does hyperthyroid affects man fertility? I heard some people recover from hyperthyroid will be hypothyroid, and that affects man testosterone?

Does man 1 man oil actually work for dry skin and nutrients for the penis? It says most doctors recomend it and i only see positive feedback. Male 19

Does masterbation lowers the ability of having children?

Does masturbating 5 times a day in teenage for several years affects your future height by making you protein deficient?

Does masturbating in case of males result in weakness or decrease in stamina?

Does masturbation causes pre-mature aging? Does it cause ED and pe in the long run?

Does masturbation have anything to do with being underweight and changes in hormones in females? I mean is it harmful and unhealthy?

Does masturbation in early age (like below 20) effect man's height?

Does masturbation or sex cause hormones to increase therefore causing you to go bald?

Does masturbation reduce fat in women?

Does maturbation causes any change in phsique of a person? (male)

Does mega men performance and vitality help with facial hair?

Does over-masturbation (1-2 times daily) cause loss of testosterone and growth hormone? I masturbated a lot this weekend and my penis hurts a bit!

Does risperdal shrink penis and testicles bc unique makeup. does its affects go away when discontinued. still experiencing unnatural sex dysfunction?

Does sex/masturbation affect natural testosterone levels in any way? Many studies (some peer reviewed) have contradicting answers. I am a 23 yr male.

Does testosterone make a man agressive?

Does testosterone make men more happy? And increase well-being?

Does Testosterone produces after sex/masturbation produces sperm rather than building muscle. Is that correct?

Does the male body replace cowper's fluid when it is lost due to arousal (increase testosterone)?

Due to mastubration my semen count is very lacking and my height stop increasing. What should I do now to cure?

Explain by medical theory!did excessive ejaculation for 2yr like 2to3 time a day in past increase my testosterone levels cause baldness at age 20?

Hand practice for males...does hand job for males for mastburation effects the penis? Are there any side effects of continous mastburation in males?

Has it really been shown that hernia operations can make men impotent or weaken their reproductive organs?

Have a gut and man boobs. Is there any way i can get quick visual and physical results?

Hello sir I am a male.How many time i can masturbate per a week tell me the correct period.Now I do 3to5 times a week.Is it affect myhealth, spermcount?

Hello, I'm 54 male. I masturbate and no semen, why is this? Can PSA LEVELS go up?

Hey Doc, do us men need to masturbate in order to prevent prostate cancer or prostatitis? What happens if we choose not to masturbate at all? Thanks