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30 year old female bp 131/97 . healthy no medical issues is this normal?

30-year-old athletic female who engages in regular physical activity and eats very healthy. My hemotology report indicated MCV 100 and MCH 33.3 why?

35 year old male, with a Testosterone reading of 385. Is that normal considering I'm very athletic, and maintain a pretty healthy diet?

5'3 105 pound 14 yo female 32A cup...will she get her breasts larger after anorexia? She's in recovery. Her body fat percentage is high.

A naturally born very thin person can become or look healthy at young age?

After how long starvation can a healthy young adult produce ketones in breath or urine?

Any anti ageing foods I should eat? I am 24 yo female.. A little worried about my future wrinkles!

Any ideas as to what would cause sudden loss of all hair (entire body) in an otherwise healthy 22 yo male? Stress is not an issue for this person.

Anyone know what is a healthy cholesterol level for a 16 year old girl who weighs about 110?

Anyone know what is a healthy cholesterol level for a 16 year old girl?

Anyone know what is a healthy cholesterol level for a 20 yr old female?

Anyone know what is a healthy weight for a 6'1 female and how can I get there?

Anyone know what is a healthy/normal blood pressure range for 102 yr old woman?

Anyone know what is a normal triglyceride reading for a 50 year old male?

As a 28-year-old and highly active male, is a single glass of wine on five nights per week likely to be beneficial or detrimental to my health?

As a fit & healthy 50+ male how often should I have a medical check up?

As a man Is there a way to gain the fat distribution (curviness) of a woman without the possible lose in reproductive health and without surgery?

As a young woman taking depakote, are there any advisories you would have toward my health? I've read that it can affect the reproductive system.

As doctors, did you ever smoke or drink in your teenage / early teens? Just curious!

At approximately what percent below average does the metabolism operate for a 25 year old female with severe hypothyroidism?

At what usual age does a healthy woman lose her ability to give pleasure to a man?

Being a young woman, what vitamins should I be taking daily as part of healthy lifestyle?

Best women vitamins for teenage girls, that would help with breast growth and acne, or overall health?

Can a 15 year old fairly healthy male donate blood with parental consent?

Can a 24-year-old otherwise healthy male with bilateral borderline varicoceles still have sex?

Can a healthy young man get fibrillation?

Can a male and female both with b negative blood type have healthy children?

Can a very fit and healthy person die at a young or even middle age due to natural causes?

Can a young, very slender (5'6"/102 lbs), petite female to have sleep apnea?

Can an 18 year old active male become a vegetarian? Is that healthy?

Can an individual with pku stop following the special diet when he is older?

Can frequent alcohol-abuse consumption for a year and a half cause any major health problems for a young (in 20s) active male?

Can lifting heavy things daily affect a teenage boy's reproductive system in the long-term?

Can males with diabetes father a healthy baby?

Can you give me suggestions with female teen fitness plan?

Can you please describe the average measurements for a african american 17-year old girl who is 5'2"?

Can you tell me is intermittent fasting unhealthy for teen girls?

Can you tell me some ideas on how to cook for a man who is diabetic and very thin?

Can you tell me what number of kids can a woman have before her vagina stays loose?

Can you tell me who can provide free artificial limb to a young boy?

Can young girls (20-25 years of age) be affected by piles?

Causes for internal blood loss. Healthy active 70 yr female?

Could an 18 year old who is previously healthy & fit develop a heart condition?

Could i consider 180 pound men obese?

Could i get help with female teen fitness plan?

Curious: What are the chances of colon cancer in someone age 34, non smoker, rare drinker, no fam hx, healthy weight (BMI around 21 or 22)?

Daily water intake for female, age 21, 266lbs, 5"6 height, lives in northern ireland (cold climate), not very active at all. Thanks?

Diet coke bad for men, women, or anyone else?

Do athletes get cancer at approximately the same frequency as the general public? Why?

Do couples break up at at greater frequency than the general population when the unhealthy one has cancer and the healthy one is a caregiver?

Do I have cancer since my recent Hemoglobin is 13.1 (otherwise am a healthy adult)?

Do Underweight Men and Women have Low Bone Mass ? And could you get osteoporosis in a Younger Age? im 20 years old

Does anyone know a good website for teen girls that focuses on teen health and fitness?

Does anyone know a site for teen girls that focuses on teen health and fitness?

Does getting the flu shot increase herd immunity? Should young, healthy people get it? I thought it was supposed to be for young children, pregnant women, and elderly people...? The "at-risk" population?

Does heavy strength training exercises cause infertility in young woman?

Exercise for middleaged woman with one lung?

For me (17 yrs male) how much masturbation is acceptable. Regardless of how much other kids do it. How much per week is safe and healthy?

Healthy 32 year old male has seizure why?

Healthy was of gettin calcium for a 18 year old male ?

Hello Dr Grim, I am a sixty year old female and have been on thyroid supplements for over 20years. however, in the past year my doctor has lowered m?

Hello, I am a young adult 21years old. I wanted to know whether those various height increasing medicines really help?

Hello.I am 20 years old male. I am lazy. Please give me some tips to be an active and healthy individual. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Hematomogically, is a 16yr old 93lb female considered a child or adult when looking at iron levels?

Hi Doc. I am a skinny 21-year old guy and I have taken Ling-zhi to boost my appetite. But I experience frequent hiccups. What will I do?

Hi docs! wondering what age does a male athlete reach his prime/peak?

Hi I am from south india.Does copying western food culture and food a main reason for obesity and big fat belly in young boys and girls here in india?

Hi, I am an 18 year old male that suffers from hormonal acne. When I do weight training or am sexually active. Is there anyway you can help me?

How can I reduce the pressure on my teens to act older?

How can older women maintain healthy skin?

How can sandwich generation caregiving add stress to middle aged women?

How can you go back to a healthy weight as a teen girl when you have cfs?

How common is liver or colon cancer at age 20? Never smoke or drink, very fit and otherwise healthy. Male.

How common is micturition syncope in healthy 35 year old males?

How common is MRSA in 10 year-old healthy girls?

How could a young 30 y/o skinny person get diabetes?

How do a young child's diet to an elderly person's diet differ?

How do I know if I am depressed? I am a middle aged man with lots of stress and work.

How do I lower my crp? It is currently 0.16 (above average risk). I am a healthy young male in my late 20s

How does the media effect body image of young girls.?

How effective is the gaps diet for young adults with high functioning autism? Are there any contraindications to its usage?

How healthy is the change of medicine for a TB affected lady?

How long can a healthy 25 year-old male adult last in cold water of 15c(59f) before hypothermia sets in?

How long does bud breast last in males? Can it last beyond high school?

How many days a week should a 52-year-old woman exercise?

How many hours should a 15 year old female althlete be sleeping. Does being athletic require less or more sleep than an average teenager?

How many times a day does a diebates person need to check their sauger per day?

How many times a day should an average healthy man dispose his feces ?

How much and what type of exercise do you need per week to stay healthy and maintain weight if you're a young male?

How much exercise should a 40-year old male get per week?

How much exercise should a male teenager get?

How much of calorie intake needed for a men and women in Asian country?

How often is masturbation considered healthy for a 30+ year old male?

How should I talk to my teenage son about risks of teenage drinking?

How to know if your a healthy adult female?

Hwat are good metabolism pills for a young teen?

I am 23 yr old female.I gained 10 kg in 5 months.Many individuals in my family are fat.I am 5 ft 4 in 60 kgs now.Can i reduce though it is hereditary?

I am 19 diagnosed w/ delayed puberty & overweight. Will my weight have any effect on how successful I am in achieving full male development w/ trt?

I am 26 year old african american man. In good health. I am concerned about ejaculating to early what can I do to prevent it?

I am a 14 year old girl 5'2" and 210lbs. Whats wrong with me? Am i at health risks? Please help!