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my friends are worried. Because I always prefer to be alone and I distance myself from everyone I have no close relationships, and no sexual interest?

. Husband is 64, im 45. He idolizes young women, and tells me negative words everydsy. How do I deal with this?

@ dr.Christiaan maurer.I've seen penises as big as footballs in porn.Don't you think that's more than luck and highly unnatural?

10 years of marriage. Sometimes I be nervous because my wife said that my genitals are cute, but my muskle not that strong...Dont know what to think?

11 yr old thought he was gay so to test himself he performed oral sex on his newly born brother once, does this make him a pedophile (he has guilt)?

11grade sexual harassment=depression & food to cope; now 1st yr college kickbox/lexapro/therapy i turn down guys and despise men except dad & bro why?

16 yr old boy having 6 week stint of pedophile sexual fantasies causing him distress but minimal groinal response He likes girls his age, Is this POCD?

42 yr old man, still lives with parents. Just found out he has porn addiction?

A woman above 35yrs and refused to have sexual relationship again. Would there be a sickness?

A woman I know has no restraint, she talks about her sex life and periods in front of her brother, without ?

Actually I have some huge sexual desire but according to my religion and society surrounding , i get to hold that desire in, is that healthy?

After Miscarriage Mar'14 my wife was in love affairs or flirting with dozens of males on my absence, Now she asked divorce . Is it mental illness?

Age21.When i look at women like young maid or prostitute, i start to have leakage of semen! why I am attracting towards these women just to have sex?

Am a 25years old who finds it hard to make love. My relationship is at the brisk cause my man thinks aam cheating on him. What can I do?

Among american women born before 1900, a mere 3 percent had experienced premarital sex by age 18. In the united states today, almost half of high scho?

An elderly man in town is known to wear nothing under his coat. What about family humiliation from his exhibitionism?

Anal rape of a female child 6 years old. Is it reasonable for that female to cry later on in her life while thinking about the experience?

Any advice for a woman who is thinking of pursuing medicine?

Any data on effects of two gays raising a chinese girl they adopt?

Any one out there frustrated by natural childbirth people online who try to tell women what to do?

Are boys always better in doing mathematics than girls?There are always exceptions but any gene related thing?Boys too good in using practical logic?

Are most people satisfied after getting penile implants, or is it common to have regrets?

Are there any scientific, biological reasons to be sexually abstinent before marriage?

Are there some?Positives to dating a man with a disability?

Are women better communicators?

Are women genetically happier than men so poses huffpo piece wonder what you think ?

As a consumer, do I have right to refuse to see female doctors or anyone i dislike and forced to pay money to them? I am a female.

As a woman, how can I feel ok about my sexuality after a tracheostomy?

As per my observation, white blonde women are sexually more capable n satisfying than Indian women, Is it correct? Does race effect sex performance?

Boyfriend was two people behind a woman claiming to have Mercer. What are odds he'll get it?

Can a 5 yrs boy rape or moslest a 2yrs even if they were not subject to any sexual activity or any kind of movies such as 2yrs sucking penis the 5yrs?

Can a female, asex narc seem interested, express high emotional insight, and maintain long term female relationships as long as there's no slights?

Can a man be faithful to one woman only? do the brain of a man commit or its not in there nature, how is it easier for a woman to commit than a man?

Can a parent not talking about sex cause a girl to fear it?

Can a woman with hemorrhoids still be able to please her partner rectally? Would she still be capable of anal sex, is what i'm asking. Not the grin and bear it kind, but be a willing participant?

Can euphoric state from am orgasm kill you? Just wondering been looking into that.

Can female nurses be trusted not to gossip about a patient's micropenis?

Can having epilepsy decrease ones libido? Previously I would love sex and now I am not interested anymore. I am 29yr old female :-(

Can men have more sexual urges because we are designed to keep the human race going?

Can negative thoughts only be cured by pills or is there another way ? I am male 45 married not so happily with 2 young amazing kids

Can sucking of breast in throes of passion obstruct / delay conception in a lady or is it just mere superstition ?

Can there be a psychological disorder preventing men from making a move on women?

Can tss really be a big risk if I have a casual attatude toward tampons?

Can you explain if it's true if a man keeps sexual relation with a girl/woman older than him, his life span decreases?

Can you have a healthy, loving and happy relationship with someone that you are not sexually attracted too? I don't like genitals.

Can you please discuss the problems with becoming intimate with an uncircumcised man?

Can you please lay out the limitations on a sex for a quadroplegic man?

Can you tell me healthy food and have a health concern.Therefore guys prefer to have sex with woman without condom?

Can you tell me how to raise a son to not be victimized by a woman and still be respectful to women?

Could a woman ever love a man with borderline personality disorder, and can that man be a good husband/father?

Could it be advisable for a man with OCD to marry a woman with cerebral palsy?

Could it be bad to be sexually arouse by anime/hentai?

Could you think rihanna is setting a terrible examplefor women abused by there partners?

Curious...I have herpes 1, since contacting it as a very young child before 4. I'm married, have occasional break outs...Liked to protect spouse...?

Delayed report of an assault as a child.Man confessed.Objects, etc. causing memories of more abuse by man.Dr. says real, but how can I be sure? Thx

Did god create std's to encourage monogamy and discourage the practice of sleeping with many partners?

Difficulty having orgasm at age 64 does my age have anything to do with this? Im extremely attracted to my mate, and we've tried many different ways.

Do girls need to fear the date rape drug?

Do men who go to strip clubs have deviant sex?

Do people naturally know how to have sex?

Do ppl who indulge in online sex need treatment?

Does a girls vagina change after the first time sex? I am curious and scared. I come from a traditional family which considers premarital sex a sin.

Does a midlife crisis for a man always mean they're unhappy with their significant other? Wondering if i should expect a break up

Does a pheochromocytoma makes a man less capable of having a child?

Does anyone know of a cure for bed wetting in adult men? My new bf does it during sex.

Does everyone masturbate in there life regardless religion thank you?

Does low sex drive be an indicator of a person failing krugers criteria , does a person having very good krugers criteria have above average sex drive?

Does the media's portrayal of physical perfection affect girls > women?

Don't understand how I could be + hsv2 only had sex with 1 man my whole life husband & he's never had an outbreak. And my mother didn't transfer it c-?

During studing at a islamic university i used to masturbation, i cannot leave it now, is any cure just different sex with girls?

Economics says that men and women are "equally" irrational - agree or disagree?

Gay males make up only 1% of the U.S population. That discouraging statistic has made me disappointed with my sexual orientation. Advice?

Gay top bottom and versatile positions! why some gay men are b and some others t or v? Is it because of hormones?

Had homosexual thoughts and got erect/aroused past couple of days. Normally heterosexual. Is this a sign of a health issue or illness?

Has anybody actually been a victim of female genital cutting?

Has anybody here actually been a victim of female genital cutting?

Heard that lots of ouples in the 70s were swapping partners. Why would suburbanites do that?

Hello Dr am 30 and a virgin I would like to know the most fertile years of a female cos I really want children?

Help needed, I am 23 year old autistic women whose never had any male friends. How do I get more sociable?

Hi .I`m a 21 versatile gay boy.I think there`s a relationship between being versatile and hormone fluctuations. Is it true?

Hi doctors. Im 23 yrs old. Im male and as of now don't have experience on sex. I wanted to try but im not ready. What is the best experience ever?

Hi drs.What kind of mental state are men in when they see women outside and start to masterbate? And are these people dangerous?

Hi i know a guy who is considering a sex change because he is unhappy and he feels jealous of females? Im unsure of what to do at his point.

Hi precious doctors, i'm transsexual. My body is male but my feelings are completely woman. Can somebody help me on hormone therapy?

Hi, I am cerrently having problems gaining an erection in all in situations i.E about to have sex with a loved one. But I have when with male freinds.

Hi, i think i good in sex my girl frndz are satisfied but i feel my organ should more in size & it should more strong,so help me in that?

How about a man anger with no reasons?What did you advice for him?

How can a teen get ahold of erection pills without his parents knowing?

How can a woman with gender identity disorder go about getting testosterone shots?

How can I cope with cataracts in a 20-something woman?

How can I deal with male desires for union and separation?

How can I dispel female stereotypes for my daughter's sake?

How can I express my love to my partner who has ovarian cancer?

How can I help a much older boyfriend find pleasure?

How can I take care of my body and Or myself as a teen guy?

How common is simultaneous orgasm? A friend insists on having this in his romantic relationship. I said this is exceedingly rare and unrealistic.

How do closet homosexual men avoid getting aids? Just do their gfs?

How do I get drugs for transgender? I'm a crossdresser.

How do I get over my addiction to pornagraphy and anything with naked women?

How do I make teens understand about the harm of multiple sex partners?