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6momthold babyboy creeping differently than others.does it has ny link to hormonal prob.he has nonpalp undes.testis.kareotype shows male.

Are all hermaphrodites born with a mans pelvis?

Are men or women more likely to have aspergers syndrome?

Are men with xyy syndrome more likely to produce male children or not?

Are people with androgen insensitivity syndrome intersex?

Are people with chromosome disorders & abnormal syndromes capable of reproduction, breastfeeding, and ejaculating?

Are people with klinefelters syndrome still able to procreate?

Are secondary sex characteristics linked to fertility in women?

Are small size male genitalia a genetically inherited trait or is it mostly environmental?

Are the sex chromosomes x and y solely responsible for the appearance of any gender specific traits?

At what time do you normally discover that someone has kleinfelter's?

Can a bloodtype ab woman and an o man can bear an ab offspring?

Can a female pseudohermaphrodite have children? If so how if a vaginal opening isn't present.

Can a male carry fragile x syndrome without being retarded?

Can a man with kleinfelter's do anything to fix their genome?

Can a mother with enough high testosterone during pregnancy make an XXY or xx(with sry gen) a male who will become fertile after puberty?

Can a women get a different form of Klinefelter where she receives 3 X chromosomes, and if so how should it affect her?

Can females with craniopharyngioma give birth and survive?

Can FSH levels tell me if I have either kallman's syndrome or klinefelter's?

Can low testosterone in men cause masculine facial features/bone structure to change or become more female-like?

Can males get turner's syndrome?

Can nolvadex (tamoxifen) be substituted for testogel ? ( I have klinefelters syndrome and am still hoping through IVF i can father my own child)

Can someone with a varicocele produce offspring?

Can there be a link between mumps in childhood and male infertility?

Can there be any structural or chemical difference between male and female cardiac cells?

Can women with androgen insensitivity syndrome get pregnant?

Can you identify as androgynous and not be a hermaphrodite?

Can you tell me about chromosome disorders & abnormal syndromes:- capable of reproduction, breastfeeding, ejaculating?

Can you tell me how masculine feature would appear in a women (virilization) due to a non-adrenal tumor?

Can you tell me if a girl was born with androgen insensitivity syndrome, would it be possible for her body to develop a male pelvis?

Can you tell me if the man with kline felter syndrome(man with small testicles) can overcome infertility and become a father?

Could a lower hairline in males be indicative of turner syndrome?

Could hypertrichosis affect female features?

Do brca1 and brca2 mutations affect men the same way they affect women?

Do women with androgen insensitivity syndrome have normal periods?

Docs, could a man with klinefelters syndrome still reproduce?

Does a imperforate anus lead to male infertility?

Does androgen insensitivity converts a guy into a girl?

Does fingering cause any type of abnormality in females after marriage?

Does genotype have anything to do with conception in female?

Does hemophilia only affect men?

Does late onset cah cause older females to get masculanization (because of proliferation of androgens) features such beard, etc.?

Does polycystic ovarian syndrome cause any masculinization beyond hirsutism in teen girls & young adult women? Please, need some answers?

Hello,i am twice i have abortion and i made Androgen analysis and this is the result( Tag Androgen in exon 1 of androgen receptor gens typ of mutation 23 high risk of abortion) Doctor what do you think about this analysis and what is the cure for it thank

Help please! is cancer predominance attached to the male or female gene?

Hi doctor could you tell me if sperms can produced from stem cells is it possible that it can cure male who suffer from genetic infertlity?

Hi, dietary ideas for genetic heamocromtosis ... Male?

Hi, i'm born in a family of 4 grown up boys. How is it that I am the only one having chromosomal abnormality leading to azoospermia?The rest are fine.

Hi, if azoospermia is coupled with y deletion of b and c region, does it imply that a man with this condition has absolutely no chance be a father?

How can a women know if she is genetically a male? What test must be made to know?

How can I tell if I have delayed puberty or klinefelter syndrome?

How do you test for hypogonadism in small boy?

How does the age of male who is 53 and the female 27 affects reproduction. Dies it have any negative effect in the offspring?

How many women in the U.S. are affected by infertility?

How to indentify the large clitoris of female and of hermophrodite?Any clue to identify wheather she is hermophrodite or a female? Please help...

I am 19 years of age male and have little gynecomastia. Could this be caused by klinefelter's syndrome?

I am missing a testicle from birth. I suspect Androgen Insensitivity syndrome. I am 33, are people with AIS homosexual? I feel gay, but dont know 100%

I don't understand androgen insensitivity.?

I have a correction to make: was is caused by a mutation in the x chromosome. Females are the carriers and males are affected. ?

I have azoospermia coupled with y deletion of the b region? Can i still have kids with such condition?

I have been diagnosed azoospermia: lh10.55, fsh20.06, test 9.10! karyotyp 46, xy . No klinfelter or y microdeletions. What is the treatment for me?

I have mosaic Turner syndrome and my karyotype is 45x. Since I don't have typical female chromosomes does this mean I am intersex?

I'm wondering are gonadal stromel tumors only found in females?

If a man has big hips mean that he has klinefelter syndrome (xxy) ?

If a man with achondroplasia and a normal woman children, what is the likelihood of having dwarfs?

If a woman has no prostate. Can her male children inherit gene from her that increases prostate cancer?

If exposed to high levels of testosterone in utero- would a female baby develop masculine features?

If you have a child with ambiguous genitalia what should you do?

In us which socioeconomic segment of the population is affected most by female infertility?

Is androgen insensitiviity a genetic disorder or something people get?

Is androgen insensitivity like hermaphrodite?

Is it possible for transgenders to ever change their chromosones?

Is it possible that I have klinefelter's?

Is it possible to be genetically infertile?

Is it true prisons are filled with men with extra male chromosome?

Is it true that a lot of really beautiful, model type women are actually sterile because they have an extra chromosome?

Is it true that man in even age produces more x chromosome than y?

Is it true that men with panhypopituitarism cannot have children?

Is teenage boy with breast that kind of look like gynaecomastia is related to klinefelter's syndrome?

Is there a difference between pcod and the syndrome? Is there a male counterpart to this women's problem?

Is there any best treatement for men having klinfelter syndrome?

Is there any change if a male that has klinefelter syndrome have kids?

Is there any difference between neurofibromatosis and elephant man's disese?

Is there any facts or cientific proof that supports the idea that when a man is at even age he produces only girl? I mean x chromosome? What chance is

Is there any treatments for XXY males?

Is there anything a doctor can do to help separate the sperm from a boy and a girl. if so, how much $$$?

Is there anything called one man show syndrome?

Is there high FSH in males with klinefelter's syndrome?

My one year baby female is having tsh-8.71, t3-194, t4-11.2 this means that she having pituitary disorder?

My daughter's Dr told me due to a chromosome defect she would not be able to conceive with African men can you please tell me more?

My husband has microdeletion y chromosome azfc (sy-239 and sy-242) at 50bp. Doctor said this is this is the cause of his azoosperm. Is this genetic?

My husband was born with klinefelter's syndrome, and with only one testes.He doesn't produce enough sperm, do you think use of clomiphene will help?

Please advise how rare is a familial mutation on CYP19A1 gene in terms of excessive expression of estrogen synthase in male population. Thank you.

Please advise whether or not the MTHFR C677T heterozygous mutation has got any connection with elevated estradiol in male population? Thank you.

Please explain if it is possible for an xx male to have uncharacteristically large genitalia?

Statistically, how successful is IVF with the male partner being a Cystic Fibrosis carrier? Testicular biopsy shows active spermatogenesis.

To differentiate into male or female gonads approximately ____ after conception?

What age do you suspect androgen insensitivity syndrome?

What are men like if extra y chromosome?

What are somatic vs sex chromosomes?