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20yr old +2 days post op with stent after stone removal, stent tubing exposed this am, pulled it out myself. Urinating fine now, anything to watch 4?

3 years back had stent. My EF has been 30% since then.Now ICD is recomended. There is no new complain. Why now?

After a heart cath procedure, how quickly can a couple have sex again?

After getting artery stents put in, how long should one be in hospital under observation?

After having a implanted venous access port placed for chemo i now have a choking sensation, what is going on?

After i have ureteral stent removed by t string tmmrw will i be in pain?Online says many have severe pain after?Is this true or will i walk away fine?

Apparently the artery was torn while placing a stent in my heart and they ended up placing 6 stents. Is this common and what are the complications?

Are you supposed to have two stents at the same time?

Burning sensation inside penis hole and dont have to pee its been 2wks since surgery to remove kidney stone stent removed the 20th its uncomfortable! ?

Can a person have a stent procedure for his carotid and leave the hospital the same day?

Can a stent become clogged?

Can biloma rectify itself without intervention of a stint? Help please?

Can having a stent placed in my ureter due to a stone cause a positive ana?

Can having an infection in my urine do to kidney stones cause me to break out ? I've been breaking out ver since i got stent implanted

Can I float in a pool with a kidney stent placed ?

Can I have intercourse whilst having an ureteral stent?

Can I have uruter surgery on my period? They might have to place a stent. They will be using a camera and entering from my vagina. Just stressing out.

Can i remove my own stent?

Can i swim with a kidney stent?

Can it be possible to get re-coarctation after having a stent inserted?

Can someone tell me how long will the pain from my catheter (female) removal last?

Can you let me know is it safe to have sex after kidney stent removal?

Could putting a stent in my renal arteries cause me to pee more?

Failed plain stents( restenosis), what happens when old stent is removed before applying a?

Filter placement for clots:post op after a heart and liver transplant 6yrs ago. A piece of filter has traveled to lung. Dr wants to remove filter.Why?

Going for angioplasty should opt for medicated or non medicated stent?

Had a kidney stone removed Thurs. and today is Sun. They inserted a stint and she is passing a lot of blood since surgery when she urinates , normal?

Had a Nephrostomy tube and stent placed on Thursday. The site is still pussing. Is that normal? Not tons.

Had a plastic stent placed in biliary canal after gallblader removal problems is it safe to keep it 2-3 months as nobody is available to remove it?

Had a stent put in due to kidney stone, 4 weeks later vaginal pain, also itchy, what to do? 4 weeks till stent is due to be removed.

Had hysteroscopy w/ septum resection, have uterine balloon stent catheter. Seems to be slipping out. How can I be sure the balloon is still in place?

Had laser lithotripsy 9 days ago 4 stone removal. Ureteral stent for 8 more days told no sex or sexual activity til removed. Why & what do they mean?

Had my surgery and removed stone have a stent and string out of penis its tied in knot to short what happens is i get a erection? Please help me

Had my ureter balloon dilated yesterday with a stent placement. How high of a fever should I call my doctor at?

Had my ureter stent taken out today. I am in severe pain. I have had stents before but after they come out I am normally fine. What can I do to help?

Had pyeloplasty three weeks ago with stent placement started having blood in my urine last night no fever or anything what could it be ?

Had stint placed in kidney, i rhink.Urethra. Had illeostomy 40+ years ago. Stint is to stretch scar tissue. How important is it to change every 2 mos?

Had surgery&removed stone have a stent&string out of penis is tied in knot to short what happens if i get a erection?Surgery ystrdy string out monday

Have a uruter stent. I am sure it just moved. Can I reposition it myself it do I need to call doctor? Can they do that with out taking it out?

Having kidney stones removed tomorrow and a stent put in. Freaking out! read many experiences - all said it was extremely painful due to stent!

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is late stent thrombosis ?

Hi I am 30 year old i went for laser kidney stone operation on 9th nov and my stent tube was removed on 10 dec i want to know when its safe to do sex?

How long can a urinary stent be left in for?

How can a fractured stent migrated outside the kidney?

How difficult will it be to urinate after a catheter removed after 2 months. Did not have problems before, was put in after a stroke.

How do I go about having a urethral stent removal?

How does the doctor put in a kidney stent?

How likely is it to get re-coarctation after having a stent inserted?

How long after my stent is removed can i go back to work? And is my kidney stone going to be removed the same day?

How long after ureteroscopy and stent removal will hematuria goes away?

How long can a stent be left in after a lithotripsy?

How long do spasms in bladder last after getting a stent removed?

How long does the burning from a cystoscopy and stent insertion usually last?

How long should hematuria take after ureteroscopy with stent in place ?

How long should I be on bed rezt after kidney stone surgery with a stent inserted? Im a female and I have to go up and down stairs is that safe?

How long should one be on bed rest and obstain from intimate activity after a nephrostomy tube removal, and a percutaneous stone removal?

How long should the bladder area be tender after a percutaneous stone removal with a stent in place? I've never been this sore just from the stent.

How long with an aortic stent last inside my body?

How many stents can be safely implanted in an individual?

How painful will it be to have a ureteral stent put in?

How soon is it safe to fly after stent placement?

Husband has AAA stent. Right groin was site of heart cath as well as AAA stent .3 weeks post op still has hard swelling.Is this bad?

Husband has ureteral stent in place after stone removal since 4-9-13, when can he have an alcoholic beverage and resume sexual activity?

Hysterectomy, esophagus dilation, tube in kidney for stone removal next day. Put to sleep a total of 4 times in 10 days (3 within 5 days). Is that ok?

I am having my period and due to remove a urether stent that was inserted a month ago because of kidney stones. Do I need to postpone my op?

I am scared because there is a stent from kidney to bladder in my body, does it really pain more than expected when removed?

I don see my cardiologist until. January isn't that a long time when I have a stent placement?

I got a stent placed in my ureter and i haven't had a bowel movement for 2 days now. What should I do?

I got my kidney stones out and stent out in 4 days ago. I'm having my stent removed tomorrow, i'm on my period. Will it hurt?

I had 3 stents placed in my lad. I am 41 years old. What's the possibility of the stents clogging up? If so can the be replaced ?

I had a 3 mm kidney stone surgically removed and a stent was put in but i'm still in pain and it hurts to have intercourse is this normal ?

I had a cardiac ablation yesterday to correct avnrt. I have a little seeping from one of the catheter sites in the groin. Is this ok?

I had a endoscopic kidney stone removal on Monday without getting a stent. I'm basically painfree. How long to wait before having sex or masturbating?

I had a heart cath done a year ago had a stent implanted. I had an allergic reaction to the dye. I haven't felt good since. Help.

I had a heartattack, a stent was put inside of me. Do i get another stent put in me later..

I had a kidney stones removal procedure for and a touch was inserted, and after about two months suddenly having blood in the urine. What happened?

I had a stent placed in my ureter and I haven't had a bowel movement for 2 days now?

I had a stent put in a few dys ago. I have a kdney stone .I am 2 have a lithotripsy in 5 dys. I was told i could exercise. Can I do squats safely?

I had a stent put in about three weeks ago after dr nicked the tube near the bladder. Im still in a lot of pain. Is this normal. Dont feel well ?

I had a stent put in from kidney stone removal, i got the stent out today and i'm experience stinging in the penis and bloody urine. Is this normal?

I had a uretal stent fitted 2 yrs ago...Its going to be removed nxt week...Any complications likely and any after effects of the stent removal?

I had a uretal stent placed during renal transplant. It was removed yesterday. I have lower back pain. Can i go to the gym and work upper body?

I had a ureteric stent removel five days ago and straight away had very small leakages was told it will go away is it normal and when will it ho away.

I had a uteral stent removed in my urologist office about one hour ago. I am having some discomfort on the left side. Is this normal?

I had ESWL and stent placement yesterday for a 6 mm stone. I've had groin and urethra pain/discomfort since. I was prescribed Percocet and while it he?

I had kidney stone surgery Tuesday basket removal bladder and uretha exploration and lazer done still bleeding lightly now still clotting and in a lot?

I had kidney stones removed and a stent put in, is it normal to bleed? I had a hysterectomy 4years ago, no periods since. Could it be the stent?

I had performed the PCI 7 years ago and 4 drug-eluting stents were placed. Is it necessary to perform another PCI now w/o any complain of symptoms?

I had two stent put in my RCA on the 25th of February. When can I begin to exercise?

I had two stents about 15months ago do I need antibiotics to have dental work done.

I had ureteroscopy on the september 30th and I have a stent in me. Can I have oral sex before the stent is remored.?

I have a dj stent inside my body, does it pain when removed?

I have a stent in my ureter and was curious if I could still go swimming.

I have a urethral stent placement surgery tomorrow. I am depressed, anxious, I have a headache & i'm weak. Is it ok to still do it? Any complications?

I have arotic dissection I got stent for that could I take alcohol and one ciggrate a day....

I have duplicated ureters on my r side. They come to form 1, it's too narrow resulting in moderate hydronephrosis. Is it common to place 2 stents in?

I have had 4 temp cath placed for plasmaphoresis for mg crisis. Can you explain the advantage of having a fistula instead of more temp catheters?

I have herpes. Had a stent removed a week ago. Now I have painful urination. What's going on?

I have to have a kidney stone removed by percutaneous and am really scared what can I expect during the procedure and how long should I be in hospit?

I have two 3 mm stones. Had the shock wave procedure done twice. Should I be concerned?