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has carpal tunnel surgery feeling nauseous and throwing up. Went to er said I have diverticulitis and 5 cm ovarian cyst can that make tummy hurt?

09/11/12 colostomy reversal & hysterectomy. 27th staples removed & antibiotics given, incision infected. Pain worse, fever & nausea. Help what's wrong?

10 days postop liver resection from ruptured adenoma. Severe back pain in center and stomach ache every time I eat/drink. Is this part of recovery?

10 yeas post op can't keep weight on due to ulcers /scar tissue blocking food from leaving stomach what is best way to resolve issue?

11 weeks post op gallbladder removal, every-time i eat a meal, 10-30 min after I have a bm with urgency. Ibs or post op? How long does this last?

1week laprodcopic post op from tubes removed. Whole abdomen burns at night when laying down. (Not reflux) Why and how long will it hurt?

3 months post op. Nissen/laprascopic, robotic, hiatal hernia repair. Recently experiencing painful, debilitating gas& diarrhea. Is this normal?

3wks postop GB removal.very nauseous, pain, and headache.getting an ultrasound tomorrow to check for fluids.could this be the cause?

4 mo after lap. Cholestectomy, i still have discomfort just below the liver. I can feel the bile pooling, and feel its release. Should i be concerned?

5wks post op GB removal.Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and all normal. Still very nauseous most of time.Healthy diet and weight.What could it be?

Afetr you have had a timmy tuck, how will the fluid be removed from the abdomen?

After 5 weeks of lap apendoctomy surgury can I go back to work?

After a gallbladder operation, how quickly can I get back to the gym?

After a lap to diagnose bowel endo, it seems that I have worse symptoms. Nothing was removed during lap. Could the surgery have caused more endo?

After a laparascopic cholecystectomy, can a loose hemo clip in the abdominal cavity that was left insidecause harm to digestive system after 20 years?

After appendicitis surgery, how long to carry heavy objects?

After appendix operation 8years ago what shall i do?

After gallbladder removal i get heart pounding in stomach 3 days after surgery and having anxiety , none of this before surgery, ?

After gallbladder surgery is it normal to still have pain and poo green ?

After having a laparoscopic cholecystectomy i began having very bad diarrhea quite often. What can I do about it? My colonoscopy was normal.

After having my ectopic tubal removal surgery last year, i have had many issues with nausea, bloating and pressure in my stomach. Blood work was good. Upper endoscopy was negative for anything wrong.

After having twilight anesthesia for an IUD imbedded removal is it normal to be sick to my stomach an have horrible watery diarrhea even 8 hours after?

After indoscopy i had a very small haital hernia.I am on omeparzole is it ok to take it for a long time? Still in the morning i feel upper abdom. Pain

After malrotation surgery and adhesions 1 week ago started vomiting up green today is this a concern?

Age63, f, unable to eat, back pain, low fever after ercp 2 remove gallstone.Doc injects antibiotics.How long will recover any other complication?

Age63, female, unable to eat, back pain and low fever after ercp 2 remove gallstone.Doc gives antibiotics.How long will recover any other complication?

Are regular bouts of severe gastro common after lap band surgery? (op 12 months ago)

Backpain, stomach tightenings & nausea Had keyhole surgery 6 days ago Advice please Is this normal???

Bile perotinits. following a lap chole bile leak from ductus of lucschka. ERCP and abd wash done. 2 jp- what do I need to watch for complication wise?

Bout two months ago i just had a hystorerctomy surgery done and i got really bad infecton and then i recently had gallbladder su i can't hold anything on my stomach after two major surgery. First it was cervical cancer cell removal so i got a hysterectomy

Breathing difficulties after gallbladder op when my liver was nicked and repaired with a 2nd surgery.... Should i be worried?

Can a component separation come undone? Weight gained since operation, now having abdominal pains.

Can a doctor go through the belly button to preform a gastric sleeve surgery, to avoid scaring?

Can a person whit laporiscope surgery in the stomach because had ulcera takes nutricional shake after 6 days of the surgery.

Can adhison from post cholecistecomy laproscopically 3 years ago affect my bowels. Or make me having bad stomach spasm ruq no one know why pain?

Can anything be done for shifting stomach?

Can I do anything to avoid getting adhesions from a surgery?

Can I take anything for these hot flushes. I have had my fallopion tube removed and had keyhole surgery. Pls help. Can't Cope I feel like I am in a fu?

Can i take fat burners 8 weeks after havin a hysterctomy surgery?

Can keyhole surgery still be done if you have a six pack? Will the gas in stomach still give the surgeon space to see?

Can massaging stomach after keyhole surgery help with bloating?

Cant get rid of abdominal distension. No diagnosis. Should I have laparotomy done?

Colon surgery 7 days ago.Since yesterday have flatulence, stomach is big(have single kidney which has some problems).What is the solution?Any medicine?

Complications following lap chole lead to bile peritonitis had ercp and abd wash now 2jp drains. Started my menstrual cycle early is this normal?

Continue with lap chole complications.. had ercp and abd wash due to bile peritonitis last friday, just not feeling right today and noticed I'm jaund?

Could gallbladder surgery result in stomach pains and diarrhea every time I eat afterwards?

Could i be pregnant after a tubal i had a tubal cauterization done in june of 2011 they went in through a 4inch scar below my belly button b/c it was from a former surgery. 4 days after my surgery i had a fever of 102 and my stomach was swollen and hot bu

Dad had laparoscopic gallbladder removal. Is there any chance the staples they use come loose at some point in his life?

Day after laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and I feel weak and shaking and fever at night of 99.8 is this ok?

Do i need surgery doctor said there is a small cyst in my stomach after the ultra sound i'm so worried because of surgery .I'm going to c doctor?

Does bloated stomach after surgical abortion goes back to normal?

Does the stomach muscles heal completely after hysterectomy ?

Does this happen a lot after lap. Surgeries?#nqlu i kept going back to the doctor's office after the lap. Gallbladder removal surgery with hives, cough, diahrea, mild infections(sinus, skin), and feeling fogged in.I even went to an infectious disease doct

During keyhole surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, does having strong stomach muscles pose as a risk or difficulty when filling stomach with gas?

Endometrisosis around organs, stomach etc had 2 operations to remove been told i need to keep having operations what happens if i dont other than pain?

Evry ulcer in stomuch need operation?

Following hernis surgery bowels stoped working, how long before they will work again, what to do?

Gallbladder removed 10/8/13 - continuous burning from throat to sternum. Tried several meds & procedures. Any opinions?

Gallbladder removed 15 wks ago. Still having diarrhea. Any advantage in going back to surgeon vs. going back to the GP that sent me for the surgery?

Gallbladder removed 9 wks ago. Clipped bile duct resulted in open procedure. Still exhausted all the time. Is this normal? How long will I be tired?

Gallbladder removed laparoscopically yesterday. low grade temp at 99.1 but feel hot all over. Is this common? Otherwise have usual post op symptoms.

Gallbladder worse? 27% injection fraction in 2011. Insu. Dropped me before surgery. Now hard to leave bed, thick yellow vomit, rare bm, feel full.

Gastric bypass with hiatal hernia repair done wed-off painkillers-vomiting (no nausea) a fecal like material-more coming out then going in-cause?

Gastroligist. I had surgery to repair hernias it feel like I still have issue with these. Is this possible. Extreme pain, loose bowel, constapati?

Going for ulcerative colitis surgery and having a pouch surgery? Whats the chances of getting pergnant later in life?

Got an lap appendectomy 3 weeks ago.Feeling pain on one of the post op scar (left side),diarrhea, vomiting,no fever.Also having gastric ulcer.Okay ?

Guy says he had tc and it spread the stomach and liver but he hasn't even done surgery i need a transplant and part of a stomach is he lying?

Had abdominal surgery 3 months ago and recently have had heartburn and gas.Is it due to surgery. Never had heartburn pre surgery?

Had a appendicostomy. I'm 54 and am so bloated need help bad?

Had a ruptured appendix surgery before four years. still my stomach is distended and gas problem.Is my stomach going to be distended forever ?

Had a volvulus in colon and had more than 8inches removed in emer surg 2yrs ago continue to have pain and discomfort same area?Can it happen again? Am i more at risk b/c i already had this once?

Had Abdominal Hernia Surgery 2 days ago. I still feel really really tired and nauseous after anesthesia. Is this normal?

Had an appendectomy because ct showed appendicitis, went home 3 hours after surgery , I am in very bad pain (meds aren't easing) and now vomiting. Nor?

Had appendectomy 2 1/2 weeks ago. Bowels slowly going back to normal. Now have a fever. Is it related to the surgery or something else?

Had gallbladder out 8 months ago. Is it normal to still have nausea, sometimes tight and distended stomach after surgery? How long does it take to heal

Had gangrenous gallbladder lap removed 5 weeks ago. Have pain under right lung when i breathe deeply. Dr. Says recovery takes longer. Yes? Other reason?

Had gastric bypass in '04, bowel obstruction in '09 & hernia in '12. Surgeries for each. 10/14 i started with upper ab pain, 10/15 vomited bile. Pain's constant 3/4 at times 8/10. What should I do?

Had hernia surgery on the 15 of may doctor ruptured my bowels and now when i eat I have to go bathroom everything comes through my navel I am concerne?

Had incarcerated umbilical laparoscopic surgery 4 weeks ago. all fine till today. Headache, weakness, and black stool. Related to surgery?

Had lap chole 7 days ago, surgeon said no need for post-op visit. Is that a little strange?

Had laparoscopic gb surgery 2 weeks ago gb was gangrene.Strong antibodics in icu.Home now can't eat everything has bad odor and taste. Help?

Had laposcopic surgery for gallbladder removal & hernia repair in dec since I have had bad belly button odor that i never had. Is this related?

Had laproscopic gallbladder surgery 4 days ago doing well eating fine moving around good only issue is my temp has been 98.9-100.00 off and on?????

Had Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication done yesterday. Home recovering. Will reflux still exist, or feeling of liquids coming up in the throat still as surgery is recent, and can I expect it to settle down as I heal thus making the surgery a success?

Had my gallbladder removed in 1993. Now without fail when I do sets of abdominal excercises I get a massive cramp in the area of my scar. ?

Had Nissen one week ago to the day. I meet with my surgeon on Monday, but I feel my procedure failed. I swallow and can hear it gurgle back up to my throat. Am I still healing and this resolved, or failed Nissen?

Had small bowel resection (5ft),colon blockage removed,appendectomy,and hernia repair done in emerg surgery.Tons of side effects 3months later. Help?

Had surgery. I am now around 510 and I have diarrhea. Should I be worried?

Had triple heart bypass surgery april, 2011. Since surgery, burp and pass gass almost continuously. Painful. Not a problem before surgery.?

Having a Balloon Dilation of my Bile Duct for 10 minutes. What can I expect pain wise after this surgery? I'm on narcotics ERCP's b4 caused bad pain.

Having some discomfort (where gallbladder was) 7 wks after lap gallbladder surgery. Have bronchitis-could excess coughing be causing this discomfort?

Having tummy pain after vomiting, b4 tt have drank alcohol. As i hv done removal of large intestines ops b4. Will i hv the chance having IO?

Having Upper GI done next month to figure out swallowing issues. What can I expect right before, during, and after procedure?

He had surgery for gall bladder cancer 15 days back...Now have excess vomitting and fluid per wound? What to do

Hello docs. I was wondering can we eat eggs after appendix surgery?

Hello, my Mum has liquid bags in her stomach and her doctor said she needs to have her stomach removed completely otherwise it may be cancerous?

Hello. What can you tell about wurn tecnique. Is it something I should consider to prevent another abdominal obstruction operation?

Hernia surgery with damage to the bowels now everything i eat comes out my navel and am concerned?

Hi doctor I had a gastric sleeve surgery 2 weeks ago and I noticed few days ago that my sence of taste has gone and I'm freaking out is this normal ?

Hi doctor.. I underwent lap appendectomy on 7th July 2016. About a month of surgery I started experiencing severe constipation. I poop out stones even?