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44 yrs has gallstone 30mm W/o pain only gas, Liver function ok. Chorestrol in the blood always over limit. any chance continue life w/o remove GB?

44 yrs, have a gallbladder stone 30mm Without any pain only gas, Liver test function ok. Chorestrol in the blood always over limit. GB should remov?

@ age 17 in 2001 my g-bladder removed & have seen 2drs don't know if myg-bladder being out can cause IBS & dumping syndrome & acid reflux ?

10 yrs ago gallbladder removed, had ibs symtoms since surgery, now im pregnant. Do i need special enzymes, probiotics? Can i absorb enough for baby?

21yrs girl found gb moderately distended multiple calculi largest 0.8cm without symptom, to be operated for hernia. Is it advisable to remove gb also?

25 yr old F (not overweight) with chronic URQ pain for 2+ yrs. No stones but HIDA showed 23 % function. Unsure if removal is worth the risks, SOD? Greatly appreciate prof. opinions and likelihood of Sphincter of Oddi problems & seriousness of it.

2mm gallstone and 6mm polyp on gallbladder... Is lap chole the only answer or could i pass this small gallstone on my own? Naturally?

3 months after gallbladder surgery still have nausea episodes and tenderness near gallbladder area, liver enzyme and ultrasound normal, just healing?

32 yr old female, inflammed gallbladder , pancreas , & liver. 1 year ago 32 kydney stones. Takes nexium (esomeprazole)?

3ERCPs (stenosis after) in 3yrs for SOD. Follow diet & take enzymes but frequent pancreatitis attacks persist. 4th ERCP on hold. Typical outlook?

4 pancreatitis attacks in the past 8 mo. Dont drink, no stones, no perm damage to pancreas. I keep having attacks. Is this ap if it is recurrent? Cp?

44 yrs, gallstone, w/o pain w gas and cholesterol over limit. any chance to continue life w/o remove GB at elder age?

63 year old female with 1.44 cm single gallbladder polyp found on ultrasound. No symptom Should I have gallbladder removal? I have Rheumatoid Arth

89 y.O. Mother with no gallbladder, has developed an 8 mm gallstone with recent gs pain. What is the best way to remove the stone?

A surgeon or GI better to meet with for second opinion and advice on bilary dyskinsia (GB Efraction 23%, no stones) before decision on cholystectomy?

Acute necrotizing pancreatitis after an ercp..WHY I have never drank or all those other things...just had a baloted admon...was in hospital for 1 year?

Age 63, female, unable to eat, back pain and low fever after ercp to remove gallstone(1 day ago).What's your suggestion to prevent complications?Thanks

Age63, f, remove 1 stone from bile duct during ercp.What r the possible reasons 2 remove gallbladder?Can this be avoided?

Alk Phos 184; WBC 12.7; CBD 12 mm and RUQ pain. Gallbladder out 20 yrs ago. Gastric Bypass surgery 13 yrs ago. Should I be concerned?

Alt level 63, 4 months ago it was 24, just had gallbladder surgery. What would make this go up in 4 months?

Am I now susceptible to pancreatitis? I got it from ERCP procedure. I am Healed and no more pain. Lipase normal again. Should I worry in the future?

Am taking ibuprofen for gallbladder pain It was working but not now Why could this be? am waiting to have gallbladder removed

An abdominal ultrasound in 2008 showed no gallstones.How long does it take for them to form and could I have them now causing problems?

An MRI stated there was a prominent common duct up to 13mm. Had gastric bypass & gall bladder removed. Having pain in bk & up abdom. What does it mean?

Any advice? I have been searching for the answer online but it still doesn't seem clear to me why would the removal of the gall bladder cause diarrhea?

Any other option than cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia? Pt doesn't fit profile. Pain not bad, any ideas?

Are gallstones dangerous when pregnant?

Are there any quick fixes for a gall stone attack?

Are yellow spots on both eyes in exactly the same place normal? Gallbladder removed and liver issues are ruled out.

Aside from storing bile, what other functions does the gallbladder perform?

Aside from surgery, what are some of the other ways to flush your gallbladder of sludge? I have a minor amount showing up on an ultrasound.

Before gallbladder removal, a gallstone got stuck and I then developed pancreatitus. A pancreatic cyst developed also. Should I be concerned, pancreas?

Biliary stent for bile leak after gallbladder removal. When is safe to exercise? Doctor said when you feel ready but what is 'normal' or expected?

Can 19% gallbladder ejection fraction lead to elevated levels of amylase/lipase? No stones/sludge found; problem started while pregnant but persists.

Can a non functioning gallbladder kill you?

Can a recent bout of bad coughing from bronchitis dislodge a gallstone and block the pancreatic duct?

Can alcohol cause cholecystitis ? Or any damage to gallbladder?. Intense gallbladder pain for 1yr afta quoting heavy drinking. US, BLOODS normal?

Can alcohol destroy ur bladder, if so what's the symptoms of gallbladder attack?

Can bile reflux occur years after gallbladder removal? Coukd it cause sore tongue for months?

Can biliary dyskinesia GB recover to normal after stopping meds that cause low ejection fraction? How long would it take to recover b4 new HIDA scan?

Can gallbladder/sod mimick endometriosis pain or do I have both? I have an ERCP tuesday but am very afraid this is endo spreading, but I've had gb att

Can having your gallbladder removed affect INR readings?

Can high cholesterol which im treating now cause my GERD? or possible gall stones?

Can long-term tramadol use (2 yr, 300mg) cause acalculous gallbladder disease?

Can my father drink coffee right after gallbladder removal surgery?

Can my gallbladder rupture during an attack since its only functioning 15%?

Can removal of all the colon except for a foot in the future cause obesity and low function of the gallbladder?

Can reocurring pancreatitis be harmful?

Can sphinter of oddi dysfuntion be cured our treated if so how? Gallbladder was removed.. And stool always stick at the end of anal .

Can stone inside the gall bllader lead to liver enlargement?

Can the gallbladder stone of 9mm can be dissolved with medicine alone without surgery?

Can the pancreas cause white stool? my us showed no stones on my gallbladder but was unable to get the pancreas because over overlying gas

Can the removal of a choledochal cyst cause liver pain when exercising? Eg: cycling.

Can you get a gallbladder attack at 16?

Can you please describe the natural remedies for gallbladder issues, bile function?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat gallstones is the number 1 cause of pancreatitis?

Can you say if it could it affect the other organ of your body if your gall bladder is removed?

Can you still have the easy gallbladder surg even if you have a abdominal aotra stent?

Can you tell me about a experienced gastroenterologist who can treat a big pancreas stone?

Can you tell me if there are symptoms to having a hole in your pancreas?

Chance of gallbladder cancer in 31 year old- ? Acalculous cholestitis, US normal 7 months ago..

Chances of having sphincter of oddi dysfunction if I had my gb out 3d ago&have moderate to severe attacks under right rib, blood&scans normal?

Cholecthiasis and gallbladder sludge with lots of inflammation. Cholecytomy monday. Is it possibility lapro will b converted to open?

Cholecystomy friday for gallbladder sludge that's inflamed. Will i stay longer than 24 hours after surgery? What determines my release from hospi

Cholecystomy monday for diseased gallbladder&sludge. Symtoms and inflammation. Will i stay 24hrs, will lap be conv to open. Sludge is huge and gb infl?

Code on record was 574.20 , K80.20. gall stones foci 6mm? liver/ gall bladder normal. no pain.Does this mean cholestasis too? Why code it this way?

Cold sores followed by an attack that can only be described as gallbladder attack with no gallbladder and liver enzymes 600+ my drs have no answers?

Contracted gallbladder she esophagus cancer 6 chemotherapy over but know scans show contracted gallbladder what treatment next give to patient ?

Could a sudden proliferation of keratosis (seemingly 2-3 kinds) be related to pancreatitis and emergency cholecystectomy one month prior?

Could high b.P create any serious problem at the time gallstone surgery?

Could i get gallbladder adhesions from legionella?

Could someone get gallbladder adhesions from legionella?

Could someone possibly flush a 3cm gallstone?

Dad has biliary colic from gallstones and is scheduled to get gallblAdder removed in 3 weeks. Is it safe to wait this long? Complications wont occur?

Dads gallbladder was gangrene when removed. How long would it have taken to turn gangrene?

Developed reflux symptoms after Cholecystectomy. Could the LES become weaken/stop working due to a disturbed vagus nerve after Gallbladder removal?

Developed bile gastritis after gallbladder surgery over 7 months ago. Will it happen always now or can the body still adjust in future?

Diagnose that liver swol and doc order a ct scan.. She's become yellow her eyes become yellow and her stomach just done gallbladder removal. Remedy??

Diagnosed w/gallbladder sludge, cholystis and cyst in liver. Cholecystomy friday. What to expect and what will hospital stay be like?

Diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia.But when the path report came back on my gallbladder after surgery it was negative.How's that work? Is that possible

Diagnosed with gall stones..Noticed yellow in eyes?

Diagnosed with pneumonia and gallbladder attack. No stones, should I have it removed? Did pneumonia bring on attack? Surgeon says yes! pa says not nec

Diahrea for 2 months. Sometimes yellowish. I have to go within a 1/2 hour of eating anything. My gall bladder removed year ago. URQ pain sometimes. ?

Did anyone tried to create bile(about 30 times concentrated, like produced by the gall bladder)for people who had their gallbladder removed.?

Dissented gall bladder & stone of size 10 & 12 mm stuck in lumen for a 60y old woman What should be most advised & non abrasive way forward ?

Do gallstones break up on thier own over time?

Do i need to drink medicine for my gallstone or just leave it alone if asymptomatic?

Do u need to have physical evidence to remove a gall bladder? Symptoms mimic gb issues, ultrasound shows nothing.

Doctor my mom has got gallstone of 12mm..Does it need to operate n remove gallbladder or medicines can work..

Doctors told me no antacids prior to my gal bladder being removed in a day but im having massive heartburn, what can i do to relieve it?

Does a low functioning gallbladder get better with diet? Hida scan showed only 17% functioning what's the chances of rupturing or gettinh gangreen?

Does an infected gallbladder have to be taken out?

Does anybody have any idea who gets gall bladder symptoms?

Does anyone know who can treat a big pancreas stone?

Does gall stone opration effect to conceive?

Does it is compulsory to remove gallbladder for removing the 19mm stone in gallbladder ..? And does 19mm stone causes gastric pain frequently.?

Due to heart ejection frac 40% , doctors say can't perform surgery for gall stone removal...What other options do we have?

Explain cause and tx for hydrophic gallbladder?

F, 63, what 2 eat after ercp-1 stone removed?On antibiotic 4 low fever (2 days) but back 2 normal.Doc suggest 2 do gallbladder removal in 3mth. Series?

For a female who has had heartburn and nausea, had her gallbladder removed and had her pyloric valve ballooned 2x, treatment?