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Advance liver cancer,liver size 21cm no obstructed bile ducts,bilirubin 10.81,mild ascites.what treatment would work now?Is chemo still an option?

After complicated gallbladder surgery 4 days ago the tube is draining too much bile, about a litre a day. What could cause this?

After eco rays show that the share of the bile duct what to do?

After mrcp, my doctor said we should not do an ercp, because my ducts are extremely small & it's to risky. If I have sphincter of oddi, what now?

After my gallbladder removal my bile duct has stricture.An ercp has performed but it remains. What should I do?

Are bile ducts considered as a part of the liver?

Are biliary ducts considered a part of the liver?

Are there long-term effects of bile duct diseases?

Arent there bile ducts in the liver so cant the liver with a tumor cause stools the become light ?

Been having mustard colored stools with abdominal cramping/bloating for about 4 days. Had lap chole in june. Could I have a clogged bile duct?

Before and after my gallbladder removal my bile duct has been dilated even still a year later, this causes a lot of pain, will this go away itself?

Before ercp pancreatities was normal but after ercp it becomes very high from normal range?

Bilirubin increasing with liver metastses . No bile duct blockage . All Other liver tests are normal . What am this exactly mean ?

Bilirubin rising in mcrc patient . Now 85 from 12. No blocked bile duct . If keeps rising does this kill?

Can a dilated bile duct make you itchy?

Can a tumor in pancreas create pancreatitis? Lipase levels were >400&625 now at 195.EUS being done in a few days. ERCP & CBD Stent. O stones.c19-9=229

Can a uncovered sten from bile duct be removed easily or the same can be fatal?

Can acid or bile reflux cause or accelerate salivary duct cancer or tumors?

Can an dilated bile duct and diverticulitis be connected ?

Can an ultrasound show bile duct or gallbladder inflammation...mild or severe?

Can any blockage in the bile duct cause pain?

Can beading be reversed in the interhepatic billiary duct if you have autoimmune hepatitis? My daughter is 12 years old

Can biliary and pancreatic plastic stents cause enormous amounts of pain?

Can biliary hyperkinesia damage gallbladder, pancreas, liver, or biliary tree? My ultrasound was normal, but ejection fraction=91%.

Can blockage in the bile duct cause pain?

Can gallbladder surgery cause you to develop acid/bile reflux?

Can I go to the beach with a bile duct stent? I had my gallbladder removed, a stone removed from my duct and a stent put into my bile duct 2 1/2 weeks

Can one have bile leak or bile peritonitis after liver biopsy if they do not have a gall bladder?

Can there be a treatment for bile duct cancer if the doctor says they can't operate?

Can you get benign tumours in the bile duct?

Can you have beading in the intrahepatic billiary ducts from drug induced hepatitis?

Can you please describe the aspects of bile's role in the liver?

Can you tell me about bile duct cancer?

Can you tell me what will happen if your bile duct is dilated at head region?

Chronic pancreatitis result of 2 spincter of oddi procedures. Last with stent removed. Can I have spincter of oddi dysfunction again?

Could bilary dyskinesia mean my gallbladder isn't working or my sphincter of oddi"?

Could you tell me what happens if stents in the bile duct continue to fail?

CT Scan: "Liver is normal in morphology. Mild intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation. Normal common bile duct". Is this normal?

Describe the features of a bile duct disease.?

Dilated bile & pancreatic ducts.Ercp scheduled. Previous ercp caused pancreatitis. What are the chances this will happen again?

Doctor suspects pancreatitis elevated bilirubin swollen bile ducts on liver gall bladder removed in 2009 pain unbearable. What can I do?

Does a regular abdominal MRI show gallstones or blockage in bile duct?

Does distended gallbladder mean obstructed?

Does gallbladder sludge means gallbladder walls are thick?

Does MRCP without secretion check for fatty liver, bile ducts, gallbladder and pancreas for gallstones, tumours, infection or inflammation?

Does pyloric stenosis cause yellow bile in the vomit?

Does sclerosing cholangitis cause fusiform dilation of biliary tree or not fusiform? ?

ERCP done, post procedure was SOD2P w/mild pancreatic duct dilatation. ? Does SOD2P mean? They did a stent also.

Found out after getting my gallbladder out and ending up with a bile leak that I have 2 Common bile ducts. will there be any long term affects?

Friend with terminal pancan has hospice but no chemo. Bile duct blocked, has drainage tube. Running fevers at night and is very weak. Time left?

Gall bladder and removal of stone at the junction of cystic duct and cbd via open surgery. Stone of 15mm in bile duct and bile leak after 10months?

Gall bladder removed 7 years ago coz of gallstones. Can I still have bile duct disease? GGT 124. Other liver enzymes all normal.

Gall blader is removed surgically due to stone.ultrasound says dilated CBD with tapering of distal end-?Stricture of CBD. what does this mean.harmful?

Gallbladder had gangrene and ruptured during surgery. Bile duct was cut in half and is draining bile, has to stay in for 3 months. What is the outlook?

Gallbladder is contracted and contain multiple echogenic calculi.The common bile duct is 4mm and no filling defect is seen.Please advice me.

Hello dr.Why jaundice in gastric outlet obstruction?

Help can bilirubin and bile salts be the same as bile pigments?

Hi doctor I wanna ask are bile ducts or biliary tree connected to kidneys or just small intestine ?

Hi doctor after bile duct is obstructed how fast does jaundice happen after?

Hi doctor i was wondering how long does it take for a person to become jaundice after the bile ducts are blocked?

Hi doctor is it possible to cause blockage and or trauma to bile duct just by pressing on your stomach I'm afraid I might have?

Hi doctor my internal specialist said that jaundice due to bile duct blockage might cause jaundice before light stools but other say differently?

Hi I have transaminitis from a gallstone that was blocked in common bile duct for a year, test, meds, life expectancy ? It's progressed to my brain

Hida scan showed clogged bile duct, but my physician says she doesn't think it is biliary atresia. What does this mean?

Hida scan shows clogged bile duct, but doctor says it's not biliary atresia, what could i have?

How can you test if gallbladder fluid is leaking into adbomen due to damaged bile ducts? HIDA scan?

How do doctors know if a stone is lodged in the common bile duct and/or the pancreatic ducts? Is ercp the only way to know for sure?

How exactly is bile formed?

How fast would biliary duct blockage progress if not treated? And would dr be able to palpate the liver, would urine show something.

How long will jaundice due to cholelithiasis last after cholecystectomy?

How long will jaundice last after a stent has been inserted to clear a bile duct in the gallbladder?

How to breakdown choledocholithotomy?

I had 2 hydascans after gallbladder surgery for spasms in the bile duct, showed partial blockage probably SOD , 1 doctor said the test were a waste?

I had a billary Stent placed in my common bile duct in April and I have been having episodes of feeling like I am being punched in my stomach. Could ?

I had a friend that had a bile obstruction, how can you prevent that and is it common in your twenties?

I had gallblader removal and stone in duct. had pancreatitis because of stone in the done from 12 days.amilase 203 and lipase 146 normal?

I have an inflammed common bile duct with no stones determined during gallbladder removal . What can be the other reasons?

I have been diagnosed with A Large 14mm Pancreatic duct stone located in the head right in the duct opening. ECRP has been unsuccessful. I need help!

I have been suspected to have hepatitis. I vomit yellow bile. Any connection?

I have dilated biliary ducts. No gallbladder. Rt upper qtr pain. Stools formed and green which led to toxic hepatitis a few years ago.

I have just been told I have sludge in the lumen the BCD dilated to 1.5 CM after gall bladder removal will this mean more surgery please?

I just had a stent put in by my common bile duct, is it normal to have a tender feeling where my gallbladder is?

I know an MRCP is used to look at pancreas, bile ducts, gallbladder and liver. Would it also show the spleen?

I phase 2 sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, never had elevated liver enzymes. To have or not to have the ercp to cut sphincter. ?

I was worried about not having enough bile due to pancreas/gall/liver/bile ducts.But now at the end of my bowel prep its still yellow.Isnt that bile?

If a pancreatic tumor is so small that it does not show up on spiral ct, what are the odds that this would cause bile duct obstructions?

If my surgeon sees a stone in the pancreatic duct or common bile duct during intra-operative cholangiography, can he remove the stone during surgery?

If the bile duct were to become block by a tumor would stool color change slow and jaundice happen slowly or quickly?

If the common bile duct is occluded will it always produce green emesis??

If your bile ducts are partially obstructed, or your gallbladder is partially obstructed, could the lack of bile result in less fat absorption, and if so could this result in weight-loss, and belly bloating?

Is a dilated pancreatic duct at 6MM a problem that needs to be treated? what can happened?

Is an mrcp or and a abdomanal ultrasound as good as an ercp to show bile duct blockage? Im trying to cut cost.

Is intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy painful?

Is it normal that gallbladder is NOT fully inflated when the stomach is empty? Suspect damage to the duct and gallbladder fluid may be leaking.

Is it possible for you to still have bile obstruction with no gallbladder?

Is it possible to spring a bile leak or grow more stones in bile ducts after gb removal?

Is there a connection between cancer and bile duct dilation?

Is there a cure for cyst in bile duct?

Is there a difference between the compostion of bile that is in the gallbladder.And that drips from the liver into small intestine after gb surgery?

Is there anything that can cause a slightly dilated common bile duct when all of the other organs look good?