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I had a bladder infection about 2 wks ago.... I took the meds prescribed to me.... Now for the past few days my clitorus is itching so bad.....

was treated for chlamydia 5 days ago discharge has gone away 4 the most part . have bad yeast infection; dryness feelingvaginally can i use monistat?

. I took monistat 1 day for a yeast infection on Tuesday night. As of today, my discharge is has gone back clear but it has spotting of blood here and there. Is this normal?

"got over" a bad yeast infection taking diflucan/monistat. Still pain during intercourse no itching just pain on entry, same partner 7 months. Why?

16 virgin, masterbate though... doctor gave me medicine for VB and yeast it's been three days since I've finished them. And it hasn't gone away. ?

16ks pregnant. Pretty positive I have a yeast infection, did 3day Monistat, no relief yet. Bleeding some when I wipe several times and I'm afraid!

23 yr old, 33 weeks pregnant c/ reoccurring yeast infections . Clears with clotramizole vagunal supp and cream, returns within a month. Preventions?

27yr old, recuring vaginal yeast infctn, prscribed itraconazole for 3days along wit pessaries for 5days(neopenotran).Ideal time 2insert mrning or night?

37 weeks pregnant and just found out about a yeast infection, told by nurse to use monistat 1, (tioconazole) haven't done it yet but would it mess up when I go pee?

About 2 months ago I had a bad tooth infection and was taking a high dose of penicillin. Soon thereafter I had a really bad vagunal itch. I tried the 3 day Monistat and Azo for yeast infection. And 2 months later I still have a slight itch. Not as bad as

After a strong antibiotic i have oral thrush that wont go away. I did nystatin & 1 week of Diflucan (fluconazole). Came back 2 days after i was done with the pills.

After taking vagistat (tioconazole) 1 for my yeast infection, my vagina stared to itch. What does this mean?

After using monistat 1 (tioconazole) the night before, I woke up with my underwear soaked with a clear discharge. Should I be alarmed?

Been having vaginal itching for 3 weeks already. I went to the doctors & don't have a yeast infection or std's. Been using Monistat and took diflucon.

Been spotting 6 day, have done 3 preg. Test all neg.An on bc for 1yr. Took planb in 1/27.Have bad yeast infection, took diflucan (fluconazole) 4 days. Whats wrong?

BV & got treated w/ antibiotics.Also had Yeast Infection.Im on my 3rd dose of Diflucan and still having itching.All tests came back neg for STD. Help!

Can azithromycin cause a chunky cottage cheese discharge after taking the 4 dosage all at once?

Can diane 35 cause a recurring yeast infection, been having itching abd discomfort before each period, since i started taking it.

Can I still have a hysteroscopy And laparoscopy if I have a yeast infection? I took Monistat 1 (tioconazole) Day today And my surgery is in 2 days.

Can I stop taking monist at 7? I'm not even sure I had yeast mostly pain after sex but the Monistat is irritating me so much. This is my 3rd dose. I

Can you have slight burning and itching in the vagina after you take azithromycin 1gram powder for chalmydia ? But only took it less then 48hrs ago

Checked for yeast inf. No yeast, BV, or trich. Given fluconazole for possible yeast last Wednesday. On day 5 of treatment, had sex tonight. Bad idea?

Creamy yellow discharge 1 day after taking diflucan (fluconazole). Is this normal?

Diagnosed w a yeast infection took my pill and topical but still it burns. What to do ?

Diagnosed with bacterial vaginitis and yeast infection 7daysago. Took Diflucan (fluconazole) and intravaginal AB. White clumps continue and itching back. Monistat3?

Diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Took 7 day 2 a day metronidazole pills. Still have burning but cant get to the doctor cause of period. What do I d?

Diagnosed with Bacterial vagnosis, took metronidazole oral. Yeast inf. Soon after, now experiancing yellow vaginal discharged after taking Monostat3.

Diagnosed with yeast infection 8 days ago, got my period next day. Diflucan (fluconazole) and Monistat to treat symptoms cleared itching back today?

Dignosed with trick.Was treatead with metronidazole myself & partner.Finished dose.Week n half later i'm having burning sensation during sex.Why?

Doctor gave me fluconazole to take thought I had a yeast infection but test came back negative, but I still have slight itching and peeing a lot. ?!

Doctor prescribe me antibiotics for yeast infection. I'm 10weeks4days pregnant. After taking the pills, I had a lot of white discharge. Is it Normal??

Doctor prescribed me metronidazole 500mg 4 doses and im still experiencing itching and discomfort. I also tried monistat 3 day. Period is soon to come?

Doctor said I had a little yeast or vaginitis. I'm still experiencing discomfort/ itching. She prescribed me metronidazole 500mg 4does. It didn't work?

Does your vagina usually itch after taking medicine for chlamydia?

Dr tested me, no STDs but found yeast, i used Monistat 1 (tioconazole) 6 days ago, still have discharge. How long should I wait before i medicate further?

Dr. How many days wl take antibiotics to cure vag BV? I took 5 days 250mg course still getting yellowish discharge with no smel.19W preg now

Earlier Today I used Monistat 1 (tioconazole) Ovule to treat a yeast infection, I have light pink pasty discharge now. Is this normal?

Finished 2000mg/Amox for sinus infec. 3 days later started what I thought was a yeast infection; 2 doses of Diflucan-still have some sour-musky discha?

Finished Flagyl gel for BV, n yeast infection came back. I just took 150 Diflucan (3x q2day) 10 days ago to treat yeast. Can I repeat Diflucan again?

Finished pill prescrip of metronidazole for trich 2 weeks ago, discharge still smells - have remained abstinent for month - what's going on??

Finished taking a prescribed dosage of metronilzone and would like to know what the cottage cheese type stuff coming out now. Treated for a yi .

Finished Terazol (terconazole) 3 for yeast infection yesterday. Most symptoms are gone, but it's very moist and hot done there still. How long until it's normal?

Fishy smell after period and now pinky discharge? Thought it was bv so took tablets but it hasn't gone. Bv seems to be reoccurring with me

Got a mild yeast infection from antibiotics. Only symptom is light discharge. Took fluconazole yesterday. How long do I need to refrain from sex?

Got a yeast infection and used Monistat 1 (tioconazole). Inserted it about 2 hours ago and nowi have intense agonizing itching..What can I do?

Got yeast infection 11th day of 2wks Amoxicillin. Monistat-1 seemed useful but symptoms reappeared 10 days later. Can I take Monistat-7 or await PCM?

Had fungal infection vaginal and doc gave me med that needs to be inserted but i stopped at day 4.. im pregnant 10 wks. Shud i just cont the other 3?

Had white vaginal flakes on Tuesday , Wednesday took a single dose prescription for yeast . Mild to no itch. Now Saturday no discard but itching . ?

Have BV got metronidazol vaginal suppository, one before and after my period how long till it stops working? Discharge is clear but i still have smell

Have thrush, taking canesten vaginal pills, tonight will be my 3rd pill. irritation and itchiness gone but still having white cottage cheese like disc?

Hello, I thought I had a yeast infection and took monistat. I took the pH test this morning and it came up blue which supposedly indicates no yeast?

Hello, I used monistat 1 (tioconazole) on Saturday night for yeast infection. Today, Tuesday evening, I still have itchiness. Does this mean it didn't work?

Help! persistant vaginal itching. Hormones? I am having a problem with vaginal itching and discharge. It started several months ago when i was diagnosed with a yeast infection. The doc gave me diflucan and it helped but never really fixed the problem. It

Hi I took monistat 1 (tioconazole). I am burning badly. how do I get it out?

Hi, I have been suffering frm candidiasis for the past 1 yr at my vag. I've taken many diflucan (fluconazole) and applied candidb. It keeps cmg back. Im a virgin.

Hi!Can emergency pregnancy pill cause yeast infection?I took 2.5weeks ago and on the 4th day of my periods got itching and some redness.

How come gynecologists won't give diflucan (fluconazole) scripts if you've never seen them for yeast? I went to campus gyn for it in the past. I know how yi looks!

How likely is it that a chlamydia treatment doesn't work? I took the meds about 2 wks ago and having vaginal itching. Would like to rule that out...

How long after a yeast infection can you have sex? I took 150mg of diflucan (fluconazole) last Monday, no symptoms.

How long after taking terconazole vaginal cream 0.4% do you wait to have sex? and how do I know if the infection is gone ?

How long after using Flagyl will i stop having vaginal discharge? I had gardnerella about 6 months ago. I'm not sure if it completely went away. I went to the doctor about a week ago and they gave me a prescription for flagyl. My last day on it is tomorro

How long does it take for metrogel for bv(bacterial vaginosis) to be completely out of your body? I just finished the 5-day treatment, when will the discharge go away?

How long does it takes for white vaginal discharge to go away with fluconazol?

How quick can u expect a yeast inf?Started amox.12/26-strep & Zithro. 12/30-cervicitis. Taking probiotics since 12/26. Slight itch now. Yeast inf now?

How to treat vaginal yeast infection? Have been to doc and use 10days of insert. But after day 15 it came back again.

I am 24 years lady with no child ,week ago a doctor told me that my ovaries is full of water when i was complaining about bad vaginal discharge and she gave me azithronycin pills,trichazole pills and doxycyl capsule.I finished the course and the bad smell

I am 9 weeks pregnant & was given Terconazole from OB. Is that safe? I don't feel like I have a yeast infection but she said I had one when she looked

I am 9 weeks pregnant and was treated with diflucan on Saturday for a yeast infection, the clumpy discharge has gone away since but now it is increase?

I am a male who took 150mg of Fluconazol a week ago because my girlfriend has thrush. Today I had a white discharge. Is that normal?

I am currently taking clindamycin vaginally for BV and uti. I have noticed bleeding from my vagina that's not my period, and bruising on legs.?

I am currently taking metronidazole and got a yeast infection i was told to take Monistat cream but i got an ovule instead is that okay ?

I am currently taking metronidazole and got a yeast infection i was told to take Monistat cream but i got an ovule instead is that okay?

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge. I took monostat 1. I just want to know how long it takes to completely absorb. ?

I am experiencing vaginal itching and vaginal pain BUT! I heard of this pills how many do I take and how long does it goes away?

I am experiencing vaginal itching. I took medication for chlamydia on March 3. All my chlamydia symptoms cleared up but now it's really itchy again?

I am experiencing a yeast infection. I took my 3 day treatment meds, last Dose was yesterday but I still have a bit of itching. What can I do to help?

I am pregnant and was given the 7 day treatment for yeast infection. I finished the 7 days and now 3 days after the last dose I still have white disch?

I believe I am having a yeast infection, but with light brown discharge. Is this normal? I am treating with a 3-day antifungal suppository.

I didn't take monistat 1 (tioconazole) before I went to sleep, and when I went to the bathroom I say the cream was all over my vag. Did it all leak out? What to do?

I felt like i was havinga yeast infection and i bought monistat 1 (tioconazole) and insert it last nighThis morning when i went to the restroom i notice i was bleed?

I finished monistat 7 on saturday but now i have a creamy discharge. I also am just finishing my period. ( day 7) Is my infection still there? Did it mean the monistat didn't work? I had had itchy and burning, but that has been gone for the last 3-4 day

I finished the canesten 6 day vaginal tablet treatment for yeast infection. Recently married and 6 weeks pregnant. Tried to have sex but was burning ?

I got a yeast infection after my period. I have used Monistat 7 before but went with Monistat 3. I finished my last one last night but still itchy?

I got a yeast infection on tuesday and took the treatment. Would I be okay to have sex now?

I got an yeast infection and used fenticonazole 1000mg ovule, but the next day i got my period. Will that affect the efficiency of the treatment?

I got treated for trich this monday its now saturday is it normal for me to still be itching in my vaginal area?

I got treated with fluconazole & Monistat after taking doxycycline the candida came back & since it's reoccurring I wanted to know is this normal?

I had a bad dermatitis issue & took prednisone for 7 days & fluconazole for 14 days. Now i have severe vaginal itching. What should i do?

I had a cottage cheese like yeast infection I'm taking flagyl currently. It's been five days now the discharge has stopped but im still itching?

I had a pretty bad yeast infection. dr prescribed terconazole. 4. but now a a short 2 wks later. im having the same symptoms. So im using the cream ag?

I had a yeast infection 2 weeks ago and it got better after using Monistat ... Now I have a burning sensation after sex .. Could it be something else?

I had a yeast infection 2 weeks ago my doc gave me te fluconazole pill I'm still red will it go away oh and I just started my period help?

I had a yeast infection and applied Monistat 1 and All the symptoms a te gone but Some white is still in there! Is it okey for me to hace sex?

I had a yeast infection took medication and cream ! My symptoms stopped 4days ago and I'm starting to feel them again ?is this normal ?

I had a yeast infection. Burning, itching. Especially after intercourse. Took Monistat 1 (tioconazole). No discharge before but have had it since (took2daysago)?

I had an abortion 5 days ago and got a yeast infection I took diflucan an now I'm bleeding and I'm in pain. Normal ?

I had an yeast infection and i got medicine for it and now it's gone do my boyfriend have to take medicine too?

I had bacterial vaginosis. Dr gave me metronidazole. Finished all my meds, but a week later I have heavy discharge again but no smell. Wat could it b?

I had bacterial vaginosis. I took my full prescription of antibiotics, didnt have intercourse for 2 weeks. Recently had sex and the smell is back??

I had BV so my nurse gave me the vaginal gel I caught a yeast infection I took Monsitat 3 and it dosen't seem to work can I take terconazole 3 now ?