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I thot had a yeast infection turns out it's trinchomanosis. How effective Ic metronidazole it's 250 mil. 7 days. Is my infection gone.5day use of med?

100mg of Fluconazole every other day for 7 days for a yeast infection.... Not working, but I know I'm clean of std's. If it's not yeast, what is it??

28 Weeks Pregnant . . Can I Take Azo for A Yeast Infection ?

5 yeast inf this yr. 3 by Dr. 2 self-diag. prescription for all 5. (3 diff meds) Warmth in soles of feet. Diabetes or what? No antibiotics, birth control, HIV

8 months pregnant and very bad yeast infection, 2 more days of antibiotics, can i use the 3 day medicine, or does it have to be 7?

A friend took fluconazole for a yeast infection and had intercourse a day later are they any creams to insure she won't have the same symptoms?

After 3+ weeks of yeast infection, 2 rounds of diflucan (didn't work), now on day 5 of terazol, (terconazole) still in pain with infection. What to try next?

After antibiotics for gut bacteria I got what I think is yeast but 1 diflucan (fluconazole) and 3 nights of terconazole cream did not work. I'm worse. ?

Am i right that it's no issue to take medication for a yeast infection while still on these other medicatons?

Amoxicillin caused yeast infection. Still have 3 more days. Do I need to switch to a new antibiotic or can I just use monistat?

Any home remedies 4 a yeast infection?Just finished antibiotics(strep) and quite positive I have a yeast infection can't get 2 drug store right now.

Anything i can take for recurring BV and yeast infections because of the antibiotics i take for the bv?

Aside, from weaken immune system and/or taking oral antibiotics, what else can cause a yeast infection while in your period?

Been taking Flagyl and keflex for diverticulitis have developed a yeast infection, can I take fluconazole along with my antibiotics to treat it?

Can 12oz of yogurt clear up a yeast infection?

Can a diabetic take a yeast infection test from store?

Can a doctor mix up yeast infection with ganegrene?

Can a supplement pills cause a yeast infection?

Can a woman develop a yeast infection within the first few days of taking antibiotics?

Can biotin 5000mcg cause a yeast infection?

Can diet pills cause yeast infection?

Can fluconazole shorten a menstruation cycle 12-14 days? I take 200-50-50-50mg (4days) between menstruations because of recurrent yeast infections.

Can I eat yogurt with a dose of my amoxicillin? It has given me a yeast infection

Can I get a yeast infection while taking antibiotics for an infection that was in my urine ? -cefalexin

Can I insert miconazole vaginally 1 week and 6 days after a medical abortion? The antibiotics gave me a yeast infection.

Can I still workout with a yeast infection? I am taking medication for it

Can I take a probiotic to stop a yeast infection? If not, what's the best OTC treatment? Been on antibiotics for 2 weeks & I think that caused it.

Can i take amoxicillin to treat my inflammed burning vulva?

Can I take bactrium and the one dose diflucan (fluconazole) at the same time? Will the yeast infection and the UTI go away? Or will the yeast infection get worse?

Can i take care of a yeast infection while still using antibiotics?

Can I take cipro (ciprofloxacin) and fluconazole together? My pharmacy says no but my dr. Says it's ok. I have pelvic inflammatory disease and a yeast infection.

Can I take Metronidazole and acidophilis at the same time for a yeast infection/UTI ?

Can I take Monistat now, as I took Diflucan (fluconazole) a couple days ago and still no relief. Got yeast infect after being on amoxicillin for strep.

Can I take over-the-counter medications for yeast infections while being 30 weeks pregnant?

Can I take terazol (terconazole) 3 during week 12 of pregnancy for a yeast infection?

Can i take terconazol and fluconazol for a vaginal infection and amoxicillin for a thrat infection at the same time?

Can i take terconazol and fluconazol for a vaginal infection and amoxicillin for a throat infection at the same time?

Can I use another 1 day/night treatment for my yeast infection or should I wait?

Can inhalers cause me to have vaginal yeast infections or BV i was taking dularea now im taking advair i just got done with antibiotics & quit smoking?

Can losec omeprazole help with yeast infection?

Can Monistat 7 for yeast infection interfere with trivora?

Can Plan B one step cause yeast infection? Because i know i took the pill 3 days ago and now i' think I have a yeast infection

Can regular infection pill cure bv?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for a vaginal yeast infection to go away?

Can someone tell me how long will yeast infection last after taking medication?

Can taking a bath after sex prevent yeast infections?

Can taking antibiotics while pregnant give you a yeast infection in the intestinal tract?

Can taking focalin (dexmethylphenidate) cause you to have a yeast infection?

Can taking Monistat without knowing if a yeast infection is present bad?

Can taking the emergency contraceptive cause a yeast infection?

Can taking the pill cause me to have a yeast infection?

Can taking Vitamin E twice a day cause a yeast infection?

Can u explain further the budding yeast in stool exam? Where did it come from? What medication to take?

Can we have alcoholic drinks while on antibiotics for chlamydia and yeast infections?

Can you have a yeast infection of the blood or CNS because i keep getting ringworms on scalp and yeast infections after taking adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine)? 44 old male

Can you let me know how many days after taking new antibiotics does a vaginal yeast infection appear?

Can you still masturbate with something that vibrates when you're taking medicine for a yeast infection? Is it ok to still do that?

Can you take probiotics while you are pregnant to cure a BV infection

Can you take yeast infection pills for a skin rash?

Can you use a tampon while taking an oral yeast infection treatment?

Cannot take oral difulcan due to side effects. Prescription terazol (terconazole) 7 cream is irritating me badly.What else is there i can take for yeast infection?

Clear of std's. Thought I had a yeast infection. Used fluconazole 100mg for 7 days every other day and Monistat 7. Still having vagina irritation..?

Could ciprofloxacin give men a yeast infection after its finished ? Should I take a probiotic?

Could Macrobid oral for an infection cause hives?

Could someone get oral pills that treat vaginal yeast infection without prescription?

Could taking Goldenseal possibly help with bacterial vaginitis?

Could treating a yeast infection with Monistat 3 day hurt me if I am pregnant?

Could using normal antibiotics take away a yeast infection?

Could you tell me if my antibiotics caused an oral yeast infection, do I stop taking them?

Could you tell me what are some antibiotics you can take that wont cause a yeast infection?

Day 5 of omnicef for sinus infection, feeling signs of a yeast infection, dr gave me diflucan (fluconazole) with 1 refill, take 1 now or wait until finish omnicef?

Developing yeast infection from antibiotic. Just took a diflucan (fluconazole). Anything natural i can use to aid the process? I've read about inserting garlic?

Diagnosed me with a yeast infection 5 days ago and prescribed one time use of Diflucan (fluconazole) 150mg. Why is vaginal discharge is bitter to taste now?

Diagnosed with yeast infection! can I take Monistat 3!?

Diagnosed with yeast infection. Will garlic pills help!?

Did urine culture and diagnosed with candida is it dangerous?I'm on diflucan (fluconazole) 50mg for 10 days.and what are the reasons of infection?

Discharge after BV treatment, 4tablets by mouth once, no itching but could it be yeast? Will I have to go back to the doc for treatment for yeast?

Do I still take the medicine for the yeast onfection if I have my menstruation?

Do long standing yeast infections cause any harm? Can't get into gyn and have already tried diflucan and terazol (terconazole).

Do you think I should continue to treat yeast infection if i started monthly?

Do you think I should finish my antibiotics before taking meds for my yeast infection?

Doctor prescribed Diflucan, but doesn't think I have a yeast infection (Vaginitis) + back, flank pain. Safe to use when I have an extra heartbeat?

Does 100 mg of fluconazole every other day for 10 days seem reasonable for an extremely bad yeast infection?

Does Azo yeast pills work on nail fungal?

Does diflucan (fluconazole) make your vagina sore?

Does my partner need to take antibiotics as well to stop recurring bv??

Does overdosing aspirin can lead to yeast infection?

Does pregnancy cause yeast infection? What kind of medicine is safe to take during pregnancy to help with yeast infection?

Does tricore or lopid (gemfibrozil) cause a yeast infection?

Drinking alcohol ok if I took fluconzole to treat yeast infection one day before. ??

Feels like a yeast infection, can I take fluconazole 150mg just in case even if i might be wrong about it being yeast, will the pill hurt me?

Finished off my fluconazole & yeast infection is now gone, still taking probiotic to keep up vag health. How long after can I resume sexual activity?

For what length of time do I need to wait before having sex after taking diflucan (fluconazole) to cure yeast infection?

For what length of time do probiotics take to cure yeast infection?

Given bactrim for uti and fluconazol for yeast infection . Yeast infection discharge has worsened to a greenish hue. Should I stop taking bactrim?

Going to Dr for possible yeast infection. C Diff history. Can Diflucan (fluconazole) cause CDiff? Should I use Monistat instead, IF this is a yeast infection?

Got a yeast infection from antibiotics. I've had Diflucan (fluconazole) 4x, sometimes for many days in a row. I'm on 4th prescription now. It's not working. Help!

Had a allergic reaction to clyndamicin 10 months ago and have been battling yeast infections and BV every month since then...What to do? Been to gynos

Had bact bronchitis.1500mg a day ammox blue and orange puffer ended in yeast infection. Treated. Now thrush, sore throat and yeast infection again?!

Had UTI, took Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) and 1 diflucan pill to take after. 2 weeks later have a lot of burning in vulva and itchiness. Is this a yeast infection?