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11mth uncircumsied boy.Doc can't see infection or tell me why he has a cream colour discharge from penis. No other symptoms.Comes & goes. What is it?

21w pregnant.Vagina feels sore, swollen,irritated,no discharge,barely itching.Vaginal culture showed no sign of BV, yeast or STDs. What could this be?

21wks preg. Lots of discharge and bad outter itch in the morning. Got a pap but have no infection or std's. What could be causing the outter itch?

38 weeks pregnant and my vag is swollen and burns sometimes when i pee is this normal? And what does it mean? I don't have a yeast infection..

3ms ago i had a yeast infection. Now I have the same exact itching but i don't know how i could've got it again. I clean very well, no sex.What is it?

4 yr old has tiny amt of yellowish discharge coming from her slightly inflamed vagina.No other syptm.Yeast infection?treatment?Cant afford antibiotics

5th urine infection in a month all treated with antibiotics, now itchy red ladies area with white bits any ideas?

A case had white thick vaginal discharges with itching and pain. She developed many small lumps in the inner vulva. Does it yeast infection?

About an inch above my anus is very red, itchy, burning with a smelly discharge. Doctor ruled out genital herpes after a swab test but now it is worse?

After a few weeks of finishing the Candida treatment, i realized the the opening of my vagina is whitish.. is it normal?

After a yeast infection and uti , my genital area feels sore and slightly itchy. What can I do to relieve this. ?

After getting over a UTI and a yeast infection I feel like I have to urinate often, and the outside of my anus itches. Is something else going on?

After having a yeast infection my clitoris has become very sensitive to the touch, it has been going on for about a week or so now, is this normal?

After i'm done having sex my penis burn and turns red and itchy. Can my girl have a yeast infection?Or can I be allergic to her fluid?

After my period my vagina starts to itch & burn no STD or anything plus I have a bump on left side on vagina can it b yeast infection my doctor said it was but is that's what's it yeast or else?

After my yeast infrction i started bleeding from my butt hole why?

After sex my penis turns red and itches. Can my girl have a yeast infection? Or can I be allergic to her fluid?

An itch in vagina &anus area, been taking amoxicillin for throat infection so maybe a yeast infc.? And now tiny itchy red bumps on lower ab- help!

Any idea what this might be. Very very bad itch. And bumps that come and go around the vaginal and pubic area. For about a year now. I used nystatin..

Been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and about to take antibiotics for it. But just developed sores on/around my vulva which itch and hurt to wee?

Been on antibiotics for 1week. Now i'm itchy, feels like yeast infection. Could i apply vaginal cream inside my vagina while being treated for pid?

Being treated for yeast infection & BV. Today I have a painful red bump on labia. Dr. looked at today, said could be irritation. Could this be herpes?

Benefits/risks of red yeast?

Besides an STD why might a vagina be itchy?

Blister like sores on penis after sex. Says it feels like acid on his penis when having intercoarse. Could it be a yeast infection?

Boil by vagina while on period what do I do? It hurts and I don't no if its infected. Plus I think I have a yeast infection..No burning or itching

Bumbs around vagina and anus doctor said could be herpes, gave me cream for yeast infection, a lot of bleeding from pee area like period but it's not ?

Bumps almost look like warts on/near clitours they are itchy it started w labia minora itching I'm diabetic could it be meds? Not sexual active

Bumps on vagina. Doctor says it's from yeast infection. Just want a second opinion... I have pictures if they need to be shown.

Burning on outside if vagina. Getting over yeast infection. Could I also be having an allergic reaction to laundry soap?

Burning sensation while going to the toilet. Not clymidya. Thrush or water infection? Recently had new detergent on underwear.

Can a really bad yeast infection cause blisters on the inside of the vagina ? Be I tested neg for herpes twice

Can a UTI make a guy itchy?

Can a vaginal yeast infection be related to canker sores and getting sore nipples?

Can a yeast infection cause white lumps to appear right near the entrance of vagina?

Can a yeast infection go away on its own? Been taking amoxicillin & noticed my vagina was swollen, itchy, & had discharge. Now my symptoms seem mild.

Can a yeast infection or a UTI make your vagina feel irritated or burn during and after sex?

Can bacteria vaginosis can have a burning itchy feeling outside of ur vagina?

Can being on keflex for 6mo once a day for treatment of reoccurring UTI be unhealthy? I think I have vaginal thrush I feel it inside but not itchy.?

Can gonorrhea treatment make my anus itchy ?

Can having bacterial vaginosis be a cause for paper cut like tears on the perineum?

Can I get HPV if I am a virgin? I have a hemorrhoid and white bumps around it that itch. I also believe I have a yeast infection in my vaginal area.

Can I put neosporin on a vaginal sore caused by bateria friction? Was a pimple but clothing seemed to tear it. Not sexually active. just hurts no itch

Can the rash on my vagina be from my yeast infection? Also have a node in my groin that's hurting and swollen?? Haven't had sex in 7 months

Can vulvovaginitis come with blisters?

Can yeast infection give u a burning itching feeling I been having this for a whole itch bad but no STD or nothin I took terconazole but don't work ?

Can you get razor burn rash like when you have a yeast infection?

Can you get small, itchy bumps on your groin from a yeast infection?

Can you get vaginal thrush in your eyes and up your anus?

Can you have a yeast fungal infection on penis without itching also can you get one there other than sex like sweating running?

Can you have a yeast infection without much discharge (instead - red, irritated, burning skin on the vulva, little itchiness)?

Can you have an infection of just the vulva (not in vagina)? There's a smelly discharge surrounding my labia that went away after Flagyl but came back

Chronic itchy vulva (near cliterous and between labia). DX and treated for BV, symptoms never fully went away. Still itchy. Just exterior, not in vag?

Clear watery bumps on penis after inter course with yeast infected person could the yeast infection cause this?

Cleared yeast infection w/ multiple rounds diflucan, but vagina still feels raw after a few weeks. No STDs. Can something else cause this?

Could I have a rash on the penis related to my girlfriend's bacterial vaginosis?

Could nitrofurantoin make you have a sore on your vagina?

Could Reticulosarcoma explain why I recently noticed a vaginal infection?

Currently being treated for UTI but why does my anus and clitoris itch? Is it cause I wipe to hard or too much?

Diagnosed with a UTI five days ago started taking antibiotics. I have a few bumps on my outer vagina is that because of irritation?

Do I have something to worry about with recurring vaginal pimples?

Do i need penicilin or Monistat is ok? I don't know if this is yeast infection or herpes, is really really painful to pee and after i pee i see in my vagina red spots that after a while cover with a white stuff that it is easy to clean with paper the firs

Do uti's make vagina itch?

Docs, could a girl get a yeast infection on the outside of the vagina like a diaper rash?

Doctor does this bacteria cause itching on the vagina because there is this itching on my vagina its not going away even after taking antibiotics?

Does a severe yeast infection have bumps or anything like that?

Does chlamydia make you itch ?

Does molluscum cause a itchy vagina and an increase in discharge. Also can astragalus treat molluscum?

Does yeast infections cause scaling and peeling of skin of the labia because thats what im getting from my yeast its itchy and burning peeling?

Dr examined penis and think yeast infection I have swollen glands in groin and burning when peeing- could this be herpes? Small white bumps no blister

Dry & flaky skin on penis head and shaft after unprotected vaginal sex. Irritation or maybe STI or fungal infection? Suggested treatment if fungal?

Dry itchy vagina a week after laparoscopy, could this be an infection and is this common?

Embarrassing question alert! whenever i take antibiotics about a week in my vaginal area gets red and itchy swollen but no discharge any ideas?

Every time my partner and I have sex he gets itchy, red, flakey testicles the next day. I'm on antibiotics and have white vaginal discharge. Whatthis?

Extreme itchy labia minora around clitoris, no discharge or any abnormal symptoms. Tested, no STDs, no infections, no allergy. How to treat it?

Extremely itchy vagina, not inside, libia & clitoris. No thrush, STD free & bacteria swabs done, all clear..Going on 4years, just want a answer?

For about the past week the bottom of the opening of my vagina has been extremely sore. It looks like an oral ulcer but bigger, recently had yeast inf

Forgot to change sanitary pad, woke up w painful splotchy rash on labia majora rash is now itchy/peeling. NOT sexually active. Is it yeast infection?

Gyno said yeast infection. Gone for a day came back reoccurring discharge and sever itching. Is this an std?

Had a yeast infection 2 weeks ago. it went away.Recurring, mild but very annoying itch on vulvae & clitoris started 3 days ago. Never had intercourse.

Have a yeast infection and i took Monistat 1 (tioconazole) and now I have a white bump under my clitoris it is non painful no is there pus coming out of it?

Have anal itch for 9 days during and after treating what I thought was a yeast infection. Vaginal itch has subsided but anal itch remains.

Hello my clit hood is swollen and occasionally my vagina gets itchy when my period is near. Is this a sign of a yeast infection?

Hello. I would to get your opinion about a yeast infection. About a couple of months ago my vaginal area (vagina and vulva?) became very itchy and sore. I thought I was reacting to scented soap so I gradually stopped using it. The itch would go away but i

Hey guys. Having some irritation/itching in the penis. No sex, so sure it's yeast infection. Have Daktacort cream, is that likely to help?

Hi I have small white pimples between my labia folds) no pain but some times itchy, but they smell fishy! std/ STI tested and cleared! Wat is it? Plz!

Hi my scrotum has been red for over 4 months & itchy. I got tested for yeast, suphilis and herpes came back -. Fungus creams don't help. What is it?

Hi, I seem to have a normal yeast infection, but it's hardened and dried around my vaginal opening. It crumbles off, is this normal?

Hi,my baby has little red dots on her vagina,not diaper rash, she was taking a antibiotic and im worried it could be a yeast infection, what to do?

Horrible vaginal burning with cyst like bumps on my vaginal opening.Everything is swollen from my clit 2my opening. Negative uti, bladder, yeast and bv?

How can I soothe a raw vagina? Had swabs taken today and doctor said it looked very raw and possibly a yeast infection

How do you tell the diffrence between fungus and chlamidya in the vaginal openining. Thanks so much.?

How painful is vaginal herpes I have one big pimple like sore can it affect your whole vagina like stinging and smelly fishy odor ?

How to know if my virgina yeast is going off?

How to treat irregular surface of labia majora due to vaginitis? It is like rash but not red in colour. Doctor said in have vaginal yeast infection.

Husband back in november 5 days after we had sex said he is raw & red dr says he has yeast infection and i don't . Creams aren't helping him.

I recently had a UTI and now I have these bumps in my vagina did the UTI come back the bumps don't itch or burn? What could it be

I already took a test for yeast infection it says no, the same with UTI.. So what could it be? No odor, just itchy all over and shallow inside

I am a virgin and i don't have an infection (got tested). It is really itchy near my vagina. What are some home remedies for that?

I am continuously having labia and anal itching. Now have a rash under my armpit and my nostrils are itchy. Can this be a yeast infection?