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2 weeks on 1 week off now back on antibiotics. I M treating for yeast infection.i have a lot of burning an pain on the outside. Help. ?

A young woman receives a course of antibiotics and soon afterward develops a vaginal infection caused by a fungus. Why?

After having colposcopy(cin2), i had a yeast infection " 2 courses of antibiotic for dental infection", do I still have a chance for motherhood?

Are fungal infections worse with people with diabetes?

Are people usually prescribed an antibiotic for a yeast infection?

Are there any other health issues that could come from having recurrent bacterial vagina infections?

Are there any serious effects of untreated vaginal thrush?

As a concerned patient i need to know how do you know when you have a yeast infection?

Bacteria infection vagina how long to heal?

Been tested for std's, yeast infection, bacterial infection, etc. Vulvar biopsy normal. Have clobetasol ointment. How often how long to use it?

Can a women's yeast infection be diagnosed at the urgent care clinic?

Can a yeast infection be diagnosed at an urgent care center?

Can a yeast infection be easily diagnosed at urgent care?

Can a yeast infection escalate to a cervical infection if it is left untreated?

Can an untreated bacterial infection turn into a STD if my partner and I continue to have sexual contact before infection is treated?

Can an yeast infection cause major hair loss if not untreated?

Can any doc explain if yeast infections go away quickly following treatment?

Can bv spread? If so how and where and what would happen if it does? Also can the antibiotics not work?

Can having a yeast infection for a little over a month be serious? How dangerous is this?

Can i still wear tampons while I have a bacteria infection?

Can I treat yeast infection in its early stage?

Can it take many weeks to recover from serious unrinary infection?

Can not treating bacterial infection lead to vagina bleeding for a months?

Can sexually transmitted infections cause long term health problems?

Can trickaminalsis develop from an un treated yeast infection while pregnant?

Can untreated yeast infections cause infertility or other serious health conditions?

Can you explain the difference between chronic yeast infections and recurring yeast infection? & Which one needs prolonged treatment (6months-1year)?

Can you please tell me if it's possible you can develop yeast infection while taking antibiotics?

Can you take Macrobid for a bacterial infection? How to stop reoccuring infections?

Can you tell me how long to see the effects of an antibiotic on a bacterial infection?

Can your yeast infection move up to become a cervical infection if not treated?

Could long term gonorrhea infection cause penile dermatitis?

Could you tell me what happens if I use yeast infection medicine without being sure I have an infection?

Could you tell me what happens if you leave a yeast infection untreated?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with chlamydia infections?

Doctor says I'm having infection on uterus mouth... How to treat?please advise

Does a yeast infection ever become incurable?

Does bacterial vaginosis have irreversible effects. Such as the smell with the proper treatment does the vagina return back to normal?

Does vaginsl yeast infection transit from me to my partner? Is it dangerous? When i'm cured, will it reoccur again? How can I prevent it? Thanks

Does vestibular papillae come out during an yeast infection and stay even after the infection has cleared?

Dr. Vaginal bacteria infection leads to infertility?Is it true?What time it will take to cure vaginal bacterial infection?

Dx'ed with bacterial vaginosis. Not sure how long i've had it. How likely is it to cause infertility?

Experiencing recurrent utis following intercourse requiring antibiotic therapy, then developing vaginosis and yeast infections. How can I stop cycle?

For how long will a chlamydial infection last?

For what length of time do I have to wait to kiss after yeast infection?

Had bacterial groin infection five week treated with antibiotic creams. Stopped for a day and it's back what can I do?

Have been treated yeast infection twice but the discomfort doesn't go away though there is no discharge. What should I do?

Having repeated incidents of yeast infection what should I do?

Hi! I got my first yeast infection earlier this year and since then, I've had current yeast infections. How can I have these infections subside?

How can I get treatment for a yeast infection?

How can I prevent yeast infections caused by the pill?

How can I test for a male yeast infection? How long can it usually last without treatment?

How can uterine infection be treated?

How can you get acute vaginitis?

How do I know the difference a yest infection & something else?

How do people develop oral yeast infections?

How do you catch a yeast infection and how long does it last?

How do you determine the route of infection?

How do you treat sperm infection?

How is a yeast infection treated for a man? What is usually prescribed?

How long after an treatment for a yeast infection can I have intercourse ?

How long after being exposed to adult oral yeast infection do symptoms appear ?

How long after curing a yeast infection can you have intercourse?

How long after symptoms of yeast infection disappear not contagious?

How long before you can go swimming after you have a yeast infection?

How long can a bacterial chest infection last ?

How long can a sinis infection last?

How long can a yeast infection stay if not treated?

How long do I have to wait until intercourse after being treated for bacteria vaginosis?

How long do symptoms of yeast infections on your skin last?

How long does a bacterial infection on your genitals take to go away?

How long does a c-diff infection last?

How long does a pinworm infection last?

How long does bacterial vaginosis have to go untreated before it causes serious problems like infertility?

How long does it take bacterial vaginosis to spread to uterus? How would i know it had spread

How long does it take for a yeast infection to turn into sepsis?

How long does it take for a yeast infection turn into sepsis? Or can it do that has there been any cases before? I have one for bout 7 months now

How long does it take to clear up blepharitis caused by an infection? Will the blepharitis go away as soon as the infection is gone, or does it need more time to heal? .

How long does it takes for the itching, burning and bumps from a yeast infection to go away completely after given treatment?

How long does lung infection need to be treated?

How long does the rash of primary infection of HIV infection last?

How long for under arm yeast infection to go away?

How long must i wait to have sex after a candidiasis infection?

How long should a secondary infection last?

How long should a yeast infection last on an infant its been over a month and she still has it?

How long should I wait to have sex after treatment of yeast infection?

How long should you wait for sex after treating a yeast infection?

How long should you wait to have sex after treating a yeast infection?

How long will it take for an untreated vaginal yeast infection to go away?

How many bacterial infection do u have to have in order to have fertility issues?

How serious can a yeast infection become ?

How soon after being treated for bacterial vaginosis can I try to conceive ?

How soon does bacterial conjunctivitis shown up?

How to avoid recurrent vaginal yeast infection in women with rheumatic fever taking secondary prophylactic antibiotic a lifetime?

How to determine when you are completely done having a yeast infection?

How to know when do you know the end of yeast infection is in sight?

How to know whether your yeast infection is healing?

How to treat my eye infection & possible yeast on newborn?

How typical is it for a yeast infection to return within a week?

How would I be able to recognise a yeast infection if there's no difference in discharge?