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2 year old son with bladder infection. What kind of treatment is safe for him?

After seeing the gyn. I used 10 betadine pessaries to treat my fungal infetion later i dicovered that I am 1 month pregnant. Will that affect my baby?

Anyone know what is a safe treatment for yeast infection during pregnancy?

Are fungal infections/yeast the main infection on the scalp or are there similar infections? And is Nizoral (ketoconazole) good to use?

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Are there any alternative treatments to a yeast infection?

Are there any herbal therapies for staph infections?

Are there any links between prolonged adderral use and chronic yeast infections?

Are there any medications besides diflucan (fluconazole) or miconzole cream for vaginal yeast infections?

Are there any natural ways to cure kidney infection without use of antibiotic?

Are there different strains of a yeast infection that is resisitant to standard medication. If so how would it be treated and diagnosed. ?

Are there effective herbal therapies to treat a listeria infection?

Are there effective medicinal therapies to treat a listeria infection?

Are there herbal supplements that can treat a bacterial lung infection?

Are there herbal supplements that can treat a candidiasis lung infection?

Are there medicines available to completely eliminate subcutaneous or lymphatic parasitic infections?

Are there other treatments for trigonitis besides siver nitrate?

Are there safe alternative therapies for bacterial infections?

Are there safe over-the-counter medications that I can give a child to help his bacterial infection?

Are there specific medications available for the complete elimination of parasitic infections?

Besidea using medications that my doctor has prescribed what can I do for better treatment of my yeast infection?

Besides an infection and medications, what can cause gastritis?

Besides azo, what otc oral medications can i take for a yeast infection caused by antibiotic use?

Best medicine for yeast infection help please?

Best OTC oral treatment for yeast infection? Or would Monistat work better?

Best over-the-counter medicine for yeast infection?

Can a UTI medication help treat an STD like chlamydia?

Can ampicillin help cure internal infection like in uterus?

Can anal fissure stop medicines to treat infection on anus muscles or infection is resisted to medicine.Doctor is Confused, already change 4 medicine?

Can anti fungal medications hurt the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy?

Can bacterial vaginitis affect the eyes? If so is there an over-the-counter remedy?

Can bacterial vaginosis be treated naturally I do not like taking any type of drugs?

Can cervical infection be cured just by medicine?

Can clotrimazole vaginal cream treat bacterial vaginosis bv?

Can diflucan (fluconazole) and boric acid suppositiories be used at the same time recurrent vaginal yeast

Can diflucan (fluconazole) treat an oral yeast infection?

Can empirically treating vaginal yeast infections create resistances to antifungals?

Can flagyl med be taken every year as a preventive measure from any intestinal bacterial infection?

Can fluocinonide USP 0.05% be used to cure yeast infections on penis?

Can folliculitis in the genital area be treated with over-the-counter medications? If not, what's the best way to treat it? Will it return?

Can fungal nails really be safely and effectively treated without systemic risks?

Can I (20 year old female) cure a UTI without using antibiotics?

Can I completely cure a yeast infection while on antibiotics? Or will it just keep it at bay? (Monistat).

Can I develop a tolerance to clindamycin that will make it less effective to treat future vaginal infections?

Can I take antioxidants to treat a rabies infection?

Can I treat BV with something besides pills?

Can I treat recurrent thrush while pregnant?

Can i treat yeast infection with camomile tea?

Can I use a homeopathic insert (vh essentials) to help keep good bacteria in vagina while taking antibiotic to treat bv?

Can I use Ampiclox to cure itching?

Can I use Canesten pessary medication for vaginal thrush if I have liver problems due to glandular fever? Thank you

Can I use mupirocin-ointment to treat a yeast infection?

Can jock itch medication work for a male yeast infection?

Can ketoconazole cure yeast infection?

Can long term use of the pill (approx 9 years) cause difficult to treat/aggressive yeast infections? Diflucan (fluconazole) & creams help but don't cure completely

Can lotrimin (clotrimazole) af cause male yeast infection to worsen?

Can men get bv? What treatments and medications are used to cure it in men?

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Can miconazole nitrate cure bacterial vaginosis?

Can mirena/iud users treat yeast infections with OTC internal creams?

Can monostat 3 be used to treat bacterial infections?

Can nuvaring cause a yeast infection? If so how do I treat it?

Can plain yogurt really treat/cure a yeast infection? What are the steps?

Can putting yeast infection cream while getting treated for chlamydia affect the treatment?

Can skin infections be treated with medication other than anti-biotics? Possibly with gabapentin or something similar?

Can the probiotic treats and prevent h plyrori infection? What are the other supplements that can help to treat and prevent h plyrori infection?

Can the sulfameth/tmp pills help cure a yeast infection? Can you also tell me what it can be used to help cure?

Can there be a relation between my acne medications & possible yeast infection?

Can there be a way to treat yeast infection with pills?

Can there be an over-the-counter or herbal treatment for yeast infection?

Can there be any oral treatment for yeast infections?

Can there be oral medication for yeast infections?

Can there be oral medications that can be prescribed for a yeast infection?

Can this medication be used for other infections or discharge?

Can timodine treat thrush?

Can trichomonias be treated with yeast infection meds?

Can using clarithromycin to treat different infections occurring simultaneously cause healing problems?

Can Vagisil treat my BV?

Can yeast infection in vagina be cured with clotrimazol 2% cream-3 days treatment with applicators-in case it is beginning of infection?

Can yogurt be pasturized for yeast infection treatment?

Can you buy Flagyl over-the-counter to treat trichamonas?

Can you insert probiotic supplements into the vagina to cure/prevent chronic yeast infections and if so is there a certain brand or type to use?

Can you just buy some vaginal medications to treat a yeast infection?

Can you prescribe something safe , effective and quick for treating yeast infection. Pills and cream please.

Can you prescribe something safe, quick and effective for treating yeast infection. Pills and cream . "Over the counter"?

Can you provide me with common non-chemical ways to deal with a yeast infection?

Can you recommend an OTC medication for a candida infection?

Can you tell me how to treat my double vagina?

Can you tell me is there any way to reduce the intensity of symptoms while treating a yeast infection?

Can you treat a yeast infection with fluconazole (diflucan)?

Can you use a yeast infection medicine to heal bacterial vaginosis?

Can you use diflucan (fluconazole) to treat a yeast infection while on your period?

Can you use tamsulosin to treat bacteria vaginosis?

Candida cause itching, how do I treat this?

Chlamydia meds didn't work for a bacterial infection, what are my alternatives?

Chronic yeast infections are costly. What can I do to treat/prevent?

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