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Can cephalexin be used to treat a vaginal/skin bacterial infection. Symptoms: swelling, pain and burning during urination, and abscess foul odor puss

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Could you tell me what are signs of yeast infection?

Describe the features of a candida albicans infection.?

Describe the features of a yeast infection.?

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Doctors, what are the symptoms of a yeast infection?

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Hello I am concerned that I have a yeast infection but Im not showing all the symptoms that come along with the infection. ?

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How do differentiate between just having yeast and having an infection? Discharge has "some/mild yeast, " but I have no symptoms. Seems to happen often

How infection caused by per vaginal examination?

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How to differentiate between bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection? Signs & symptoms?

How to differentiate symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection? Are there skin reaction at the labia to the infection?

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I am having symptoms of a bladder infection and a yeast infection. After 2 doses of antibiotics the severe burning has not subsided...What do I do?

I am suffering from yeast infection symptoms for about a month on and off. I know it's not an std. What could be going on?

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I believe i have a vaginal cut but the symptoms mimic a yeast infection how can i be sure?

I had yeast infection and was treated but still having symptom a week later what's that?

I have a serious vaginal infection. What do I do?

I have been treating a yeast infection for over 4 days now and see no progress. Continual itching, burning, irritation. What to do?

I have chronic yeast infection possible sign of diabetes, what do you suggest?

I have had a yeast infection for a couple months. is yeast infections the first symptoms for HIV/AIDS infected? I am not experiencing n other symptom.

I have had pain for several years after a yeast infection. What can I do.?

I have some pelvic pain and might also have a yeast infection. Could the pelvic discomfort possibly be a symptom of a yeast infection?

I having itching down there, but no signs of a yeast infection. What else could it be caused from?

I thought i had a yeast infection but my only symptom is the odor. Is that possible?

I was treated for a yeast infection & symptoms went away. Is it still possible that it was a STD & not a yeast infection?

I was treated for vaginal yeast infection 2 months ago. No symptoms now. No itching, burning, redness, odor, but excruciating pain during sex. Y?

I'm bleeding every two weeks and have some sort of infection. What can I do?

I'm not sure but is vaginal infection gone if symptoms are but i still just have discharge?

If i had a uterine infection (not std), would I have symptoms? If so, what?

If I have both bacterial vaginosis & yeast, what is the best remedy? Have seen dr. Got treatment for yeast, but the symptoms still occur. Is it bv?

If the symptoms for a yeast infection won't go away after medication is it something else?

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Is hypothyroidism related to yeast infections at all? like is Yeast infection a symptom

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