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A single blister with clear fluid followed by blood in pubic hair area after shaving . What could it be ?

About 2-3 weeks after shaving, I have red sores on my pelvic/pubic area and my groin is itchy and sore. What should I do?

Advice please? Bump on mons pubis/pubic hair area?

After shaving for the first time near the penis area does it usually get irritation and itchy?

Are moles in genital area normal?

Are spots in the genital area normal?

Area around nipple itchy off and on. Also noticed having hair growth around that area. Should i be concerned?

Bleeding puss filled bumps in pubic region?

Blisters on genital area and penis body?

Bump appeared after i shaved. Its on the crease where my leg meets the pubic area. No color to it. Where is it?

Bumps are appearing on my pubic area, it is not a shaving rash, and i dont think its ingrown hairs. What is it?

Bumps around my pennis area and night sweats?

Bumps ok bikini line and genital area after Brazilian wax?

Burning sensation on skin pubic area and at the base of my penis?

Can a UTI cause swelling around the pubic area in males?

Can any doc tell me what's the best way to trim my pubic region?

Can folliculitis on the pubic area cause a burning sensation in the penis' head?

Can herpes move from clitoral area to inches up the pubic bone closer to underwear line where there is hair with subsequent outbreaks. Is it normal?

Can HPV lesions appear not on your genitals but on your pubic hair area and lower abdominal?

Can I use deodorant on my pubic area?

Can scabies grow in the scrotum or the pubic areas?

Can shaving genitals cause swelling of the area?

Can someone describe the difference between folliculitis and herpes? I have 3 bumps in pubic hair area, not on penis they are not clustered, confused.

Can you get dandruff on your pubic area?

Can you get pimples on your genital area?

Can you get pimples on your genital regions?

Can you get pityrosporum folliculitis on your groin?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat when i shave my pubic area and I have sex and after i start having skin rash?

Can you tell me a solution for rash in crotch and pubic area?

Can you tell me is it common for 17 year old males to have itchy penises and pubic area?

Could a simple ingrown hair in my genital area cause a dime-sized cyst?

Could an ingrown hair in pubic area look like an HSV sore/outbreak?

Could i get help spots around around my pubic area?

Could I have a vaginal boil or pimple? Is that possible, because there naturally is no hair in that area?

Daughter has white bumps under skin in front pubic area. She is developing so is this normal?

Do hair boils in pubic area get mistaken for gential warts?

Doc i had blackheads grow by my pubic area . To be specific in the middle of my pubic hair! what could it be ? Also had small pimple in my testicles

Doctors, what are these itchy red bumps in my pubic hair region?

Does folliculitus be on the genital area?

Everytime I shave my pubic area, I get red bumps after. How do I get smooth soft pubic skin?

Folliculitis genital area?

Folliculitus in women genital areas?

Genital area and urine very hot?

Get rid of bumps on pubic area after shaving?

Hard pimples in pubic area?

Hello I have recently shaved my pubic area and I have rashes and bumps all over my pubic area it's itchy and sore it hurts help me please!

Hello, I recently have shaved my bikini area and now have red bumps in between the hairs that I shaved, the do not itch or burn and they are not sore, is there a chance they are an std or are stds more in the vaginal area and not in the pubic area?

Help! it has been three years and still getting rashes and pimple in pubic areas. What treatments are there!?

Herpes or razor burn I shaved 3 days ago. I have several small pimples now at the top o my pubic area. No burning or tingling, but pain in my thigh?

Hi I have an intense itch around my nipples, underarms and pubic area. What can I do about it or what could it be?

Hi i have problems with my bladder area because i shaved a while ago and im pretty sure its an ingrown hair. Three pics are my bladder area and the bi?

Hi im a 32 yr old male.Im suffering from itchy flaky skin around my pubic hair area.What could it be?

Hi, I've been very itchy on the vulva where the mon pubis is do you know what is wrong with me? Also the hairline near the clitoris as well

How can I cure a rash of the vaginal area after shaving?

How can I cure folliculitis in my pubic area?

How can I deal with irritated dark skin and pimple in my bikini area and vaginal area?

How can I differentiate between a pimple and folliculitis on scalp/beard area? How do I know what exactly it is?

How can I dye the skin in an intimate area?

How can I get rid of red bumps from waxing pubic area?

How can one lose fat around the outer vaginal lips and pubic area?

How could i get rid of red bumps around my pubic area from shaving?

How do I know if I have deep folliculitis on my genital area ?

How do I prevent ingrown hair bumps from appearing around my vaginal area and on my butt?

How do I remove pimples from my upper back skin area?

How do I treat brown spots that formed above a male's pubic area?

How do I treat white circles on my genitals? I shaved the area, which may have effected it and have not been sleeping with underwear

How problematic can folliculitis in the pubic region become if not treated?

How to avoid red pimples after shaving pubic region?? Not very pretty. Any products? Also just tiny bumps in that area from shaving

How to deal with bumps in vagina area?

How to get rid of bumps under skin in bikini/groin area, what does it mean?

How to get rid of red bumps on male pubic hair area?

How to groom the area under the eyebrows without pain?

How to remove darkness of genital area?

How to tell the difference between a developing pimple and an ingrown hair? In pubic region, have had both in the same region.

How to treat molescum in pubic area? Also I have crater like pores on my pubic area, they are flat skin colored and I don't know what they are. Tests?

How to treat mollescum contagiosum?? On face and perhaps pubic region too. And how to stop razor rash on pubic region too? Get bumps under skin :(

I am 23 year old male. I have molluscum bumps on pubic area and I just want to know if conzerol or zymaderm work to resolve this bumps?

I am a teenager and I have a problem with(uncomfortably)and irritating- after having shaved bikini area hair grows back further down into private area?

I am experiencing genital itching. After shaving my pubes. ?

I am experiencing pimples, genital lump (penis or scrotum) and genital sores. I think it's just an ingrown hair. ?

I am male. Can you spread HPV if the pubic area (the part with the hair and the wart) is covered with latex but the penis itself is left uncovered?

I am worried something may be wrong in my genital area?

I get a pimple in the exact same spot in my pubic area. Is it herpes or an ingrown hair?

I got itchy painful rash bumps on pubic area after shaving?

I grew a bump in my vaginal area , close to my anal region . What could it be ?

I had a boil on my pubic area that burst and appeared to be healing but now the head area is black with red around it. Is this normal?

I had some itchy blisters in the front of my genital area where the hair follicles are 2 weeks ago. I see 3 new blisters in the same area. What is it??

I have a bump on the top of my pubic hair area which sometimes itch and is swollen . What is it?

I have a lump on my pelvic/pubic area which i thought was a pimple but hasn't gone away. What else could it be?

I have a pimple around the hair area and im not sure if i have something or infection. please help?

I have a single underskin pimple under mons pubis area on labia majora area. I have no STDs been tested. How should I treat this or doctor visit?

I have a tiny soft skin "growth" on my labia majora close to the fold that connects to my inner thigh, the bump has a pubic hair growing through it (not exactly the center) can it be a genital wart?

I have a tipe of rash in my pubic area but its not much but i don't know what is it?

I have a very itchy pubic area up the top and don't know why?

I have an ingrown hair on the side of my pubic area. Is there anything I can do for the pain?

I have an itchy rash in one area of my pubic hair?

I have an itchy scaly area in my pubic area. I noticed after using nair about three weeks ago. When i work out it itches worse. What could this be?

I have bumps around my anal area. What could this be?

I have developed a rash in my pubic area after shaving, how do I ease the itching and help it disipate?

I have dry skin on my penis and my pubic hair area is itchy what could this be?