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Can accutaine cause a rash and or blistering in the vagina area? From friction?

Can amoxicillin give you a rash in anus? It itches.

Can angiokeratomas cause itching?

Can antibiotics give rash on scrotum?

Can latex panty cause genital rash ?

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Can you get symptoms of jock itch on your penis or just in the groin skin folds?

Causes of redness in pubic area red rash bit of a burning after showering

Clitoris is itchy no discharge just itchy in that area what can I do to help with the itch?

Do pinworms cause an itchy red rash around the anal area?

Do razor bumps on the genital itch?

Do you think I should see a doctor about an itchy scrotum?

Does amoxicillin, cause to have a rash on penis area?

Dry skin rash with little white bumps in groin area, red bumps above genetalia, rash has spread to anus and butt cheeck, what could this be?

Emergency about my friends penis. I think there is some oozing on a skin rash?

Genitals itch near goosebump skin?

Get itching on my scrotum so what to do?

Have itchy penis for more than 6 months now. No blister, no scarbs, just was more itchy before now less but still itchy. no sex last 2 year?

Have jock itch also sweat bumps I don't know if it is please notified me I have 3 of this bumps on my penis ?

Hello doctors, i need help! my penis is really itchy, wrinkly and swollen?

Hi i have two small red rashes above clitoris hood where the hair grows it's very itchy & don't know what is the cause but when I shave doesn't itch?

How can I cure an itchy penis and rash?

How can I treat my red and itchy scrotum?

How can I treat red / itchy scrotum?

How can you treat my red and itchy scrotum?

How can you treat red / itchy scrotum?

How come I have a red rash in my penis?

How come the skin on my testicles itch ?

How to stop razor rash/bumps/itchiness?

I am experiencing genital rash around my scrotum i think it's scabbies What should I do?

I am having severe itching on my genitals. There are some lumps on my scrotum and penis and it is very itchy and painful. Skin is also dry

I had a rash on each side of my testicles extremely itchy after a few days I got same itch & rash on the shaft of my penis.what is this?

I had itchiness and rashes on my buttocks area that left skin pigmentation and now it's spreading to my back, both the rash & the itch. What can I do?

I have a butt rash that's in the crack it's burning and itchy and it has scaring and scabbing what do I do? What kind of rash is it?

I have a horrible rash on my crotch, testicles and it is now in between my buttocks. It is red and blotchy, and burns and itches terribly.

I have a itch and rash with two small pimples. I am a virgin. I also have allergies. What can this be? Rash is on thighs pimples on vag.

I have a pimply/red bump rash on my inner thighs by groin. Some have whiteheads/blister appear & peeling skin. Mild itch/discomfort. What could be?

I have a rash all over if you rub on it you can feel a bumps under the skin. It itches what can this be?

I have a rash and a sore on my clitoris, it hurts a lot. I took imiquimod and macmiror in last 12 days. It's OK to have a rash on my genitals?

I have a rash around my scrotum. I've had it for over 6 months?

I have a rash between my anus and vagina. One or two small spots on skin. And itchy when im hot or fabric to tight?

I have a rash between my thighs and croth and has a odour and it burns?

I have a rash on my penis that has been itching for a while severely and now burns during intercourse. I thought it was jock itch but not sure now.

I have a rash ony penis?

I have a rash that is itchy, very sore and red on my vagina where the hair grows. What is it? It sometimes has pimples!

I have a rash that itches on the head of my penis ?

I have a red bumpy itchy rash on my scrotum. Been treating it for jock itch for 4 days, now I have blood blisters there. Any ideas on what this is?

I have a red rash on my penis shaft near my groin area. It is also secreting clear like fluid from the rash. Is it eczema/dermatitis/yeast infction?

I have a red rash on my penis?

I have a red rash on my scrotum with raised bumps mainly where hair follicles are. Could this be jock itch?

I have a red rash that itches on my groin. The doc said its shingles but i'm not buying it. I think it's genital herpes? Any advice? What should I do

I have a scrotum rash from shaving so what should I do now?

I have a very red rash in the inside creases of my upper thighs burns and itcheS hydrocortizone helps itching and burn but not redness. ?

I have an itchy anus hole, no rash or bumps or anything it just always itches and sometimes bleeds(may be from itching) I have psoriasis if it matters?

I have an itchy smelly buttock rash?

I have dx lichen schlerosus on the vulva but also have very sore and itchy armpits but no rash or white patches, but dryness, could this be LS too?

I have fungal infection on my groun, and my scrotum itches, I've also had white bums on scrotum that itch, my scrotum tingles, could this be herpes?

I have genital itching, raw skin, sore, wart-like lump, lump in the groin? What could this be?

I have intertrigo on my scrotum. What to do?

I have itching in the groin?

I have itching red rash on my penis, what can I do for relief?

I have itching red rash on penis, what can I do for relief?

I have itchy testicals all the time?

I have pubic itching and rash. I haven't shaved for over 2 weeks?

I have rash around my anus appearing every month. It is very itchy and uncomfortable. What should i do?

I have rashes around my virginal area. It itches badly. No odour from that area thou just very uncomfortable rashes.

I have rashes at my pubic area its very itchy now what I do ?

I have rashes near crotch area Rashes grow when I scratch and its itching?

I have rashes on my clitoris, what's wrong with me?

I have red itchy rash from the anus to the vagina what might be the cause and how can i treat them?

I have red itchy rash on thighs, penis, stomach hands, what is this and treatment?

I have red spots on my testicals and they itch. Most of the itching occurs at night time. What could be causing this rash on my testicals?

I have something in the inner thigh, scrotum and under the penis that itch when i scratch it. What is it, and how can I treat it?

I have this itchy rash on my vagina what could it be?

I have this rash under my armpit it itches and burns ocasonally?

I have this reoccuring rash around my lips that hurts and itches! please help?

I just have a itch on my vagina with a flaky rash and there are 2 bumps on my v and the rash is not spreading. I am not sexually active. No burning?

I m having some allergy between my thighs . It itches sometimes.

I need advice on what to do what this itchy rash on pubic area?

I pimples or rash on my butts and it is itching and expanding in numbers, what could that be please help?

I think I may have jock itch red rash under area lotion helps it but it also looks as if there's an ingrown hair as well I'm not sure please help?

I've had a rash off and on for a yr. Under the sides of my breast and right above my pubic hair.It's a lot of itchy bump. Is it eczema?

Im itching and red bumps after Brazilian waxing?

In my pubic area I have red itchy bumps, and inflated skin on my inner theigh, and above my penis that is spreading. Not razor burn or a std. ?

Is an itchy groin contagious?

Is skin rashes on penis infection ?

Is the jock itch red bumps in the vagina and buttocks area?

Itch in the scrotum area and around anus, from time to time there apears red plate like rash around anus. What could this be?

Itch on my anus, very itchy my skin around it is changing what can I do?

Itches near genitals, could be eczema?

Itching on penis, should I see dermatologist?

Itchy anal rash?

Itchy bumps on rectal area?

Itchy glans clitoris.. And it's only there, no soreness, no redness..?

Itchy pimple rash on pubic area, cause?

Itchy rash on penis?

Its is itchy around my groin but it is not an std. What can I do then?

Mild penis rash, what should I do?

My anus is itchy-- what can I do for this?

My bf keeps. Scratching his private parts there is no rash hes not sweating no jock rash what could this be please help his scratching is anoying?