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2yr old has e coli poisoning, taking her to doctor Monday. Can live culture probiotic yogurt help with this? If so, how much do I give her?

4wks pregnant and have bad constipation only at night. Can i take activia greek yogurt and is it ok to eat more that once a day?

6 months pregnant Can I take probiotics (acidophilus)? Is it safe

A homemade yogurt has same health benefits as what available in thr market? Will homemade yogurt has lesser probiotic?

After a colonoscopy, is it recommended to take a probiotic like Philips ColonHealth?

And does it matter which probiotic I should take?

Any advice on what is a good probiotic? Trying to help my ibs. Keep it neutral.

Any dietary restriction i need to follow while taking xifaxan-550mg(rifaximin) ?

Any opinions on eating yogurt regularity as a prophylactic for thrush?

Are acidophilus chews supposed to give you diarrhea?

Are all probiotics the same as Align? Is Align the only one with that specific strain? Are they all just as good?

Are probioics safe to give a 7mo that is on amoxicillin? Which ones do u recommend if so?

Are probiotic pills safe? I see warming labels on some saying may cause. Wats the best probiotic i can use. C diff positive with no diaherra.

Are probiotic supplents, such as Culterelle good to take?

Are probiotics (25 billion CFU dosage) safe with a lower neutrophil count (1.5)?

Are probiotics (lactobacillus planetarium 299v 10 billion cfu) safe and/or beneficial for somebody to take that is recovering from acute pancreatitus?

Are probiotics a scam treatment?

Are probiotics recommended for me if I have digestive problems such as IBS? Can I safely take probiotics with heart disease?

Are probiotics such as culturelle safe during pregnancy?

Are probiotics the wonder herb for bloat?

Are taking probiotic supplements as effective as gaining probiotics naturally from food?

At what point should you take probiotics?

Been taking culturelle for almost a month now, when i finish i'm thinking about switching to align, good idea to switch probiotics? For variety?

Best multivitamin or vitamin to get rid of candida overgroqth and scalp fungus i'm taking gnc probiotic 10 billion conplex ?

Best way to get probiotics? Pills or yogurt

Breath test with glucose. Positive bacteria overgrowth. Doc want rifaximin. Can this cause c diff? Could i just eat bunch yogurt & probiotic pills?

Can a probiotic tablet help ease gastritis flare up?

Can align probiotics be taken during pregnancy?

Can garlic capsules help with bv, if so how do you take them, and for how long?

Can garlic kill good probiotics in the gut because of its antiviral effects?

Can i eat yoghurt 14 hours after my last dose of ciprofloxacin? I haven't been taking any probiotics while on cipro and i feel like i need them.

Can I keep taking Florastor (probiotic) during pregnancy? Thanks

Can I still take my probiotic with beano?

Can I take 10pills of probiotics at once, each 300mg containing 5billion CFU with 6dif types of bacteria, 2x a day, instead of 1pill w 50billion CFU?

Can i take a probiotic the day before a colonoscopy?

Can I take antibiotics with (at the same time) yogurt or probiotic drinks ?

Can I take bacillus clausii instead of lactobacillus to normalize the gut flora?

Can i take brewers yeast and multlac probiotic together for preventing constipation?

Can I take fibre gel for constipation while on ciprofloxacin for a UTI ?

Can I take lactobacillus acidophilus at the same time with my prescriptions?

Can I take pro biotic gummies and fiber gummies same day everyday ?

Can i take probiotic capsules while pregnant? After being on antibiotics i want to help restore good bacteria strains.

Can I take probiotic supplements like lactic acid bacillus while taking antibiotics like amoxicillin?

Can i take probiotics with linzess?

Can I take rephresh pro-b while nursing?

Can i take yogurt when taking xifaxan (rifaximin)?

Can I use florastor with vancomycin?

Can lactobacillus help with tonsil stones , can probiotics help too, or what do you recomend please help?

Can my 7 month old have yogurt? We give her pro biotic drops to keep her reflux in control and it's very expensive. Please advise.

Can my one year old have activia yogurt? I've heard yes and no please explain to me

Can probiotic "Align" cause nasea in first few weeks of use?

Can probiotics be helpful in preventing the noro virus?

Can probiotics help control allergies?

Can probiotics make you feel or be bloated? I'm taking one billion a day

Can probitoics help prevent parasites?

Can t drink cranberry juice with vancomycin, nystatin, fluconazole, omeprazole, align probiotic?

Can taking acidophilus be good for vaginal health?

Can taking probiotic acidophilus capsules help get rid of yeast infection?

Can taking probiotics daily help prevent getting the stomach bug (especially if you've been exposed)? I've been taking a daily probiotic for months.

Can too much probiotic cause diarrhea? Today I've had a probiotic pill, a kombucha drink and yogurt. Then soon after the yogurt experienced "d"

Can Yakult be used by someone with gastroenteritis or is it better to buy probiotics in capsules and sachets?

Can you be harmed from taking too many probiotics?

Can you eat yogurt while on klion d 100 vaginal tab?

Can you get dependent on probiotics supplements or probiotic yogurt ?

Can you get SIBO after taking antibiotics with probiotics?

Can you mix both pills culturelle and gasx?

Can you recommend a specific probiotic to use when weaning off PPI? Also have IBS, so would appreciate a rec for good probiotic for everyday use.

Can you take 2 different probiotics every day, for example Align and Probiotic 11? I have IBS.

Can you take culturelle probiotic and rephresh pro b together?

Can you take probiotics with citrucel?

Can you take two different brands of probiotics everyday such as align and acidophilus?

Can you tell me a gentle probiotic to take if you have problems with diarrhea?

Can you tell me about it's like to try align for digestive health?

Can you tell me if doctor ohhira's 12 plus probiotics reviews do they work & are they safe?

Can you tell me if i could take probiotics when I have the flu?

Can you tell me is taking acidophilus good for vaginal health?

Clindamycin can be taken with rephresh pro-b a probiotoc?

Constipated after finishing antibiotics. Will Azo Cranberry (with bacillus coagulans) help, or do I need a different type of probiotic for intestines?

Could i take probiotics while on linzess?

Could labneh contain probiotics?

Could minors buy probiotics because i need more good bacteria?

Could taking l.Acidophilus 5 billion cause weakness?

Could you explain when treating candida in the gut do I need to use a probiotic?

CSA and OATS tests show high levels of lactobacillus in small intestine. and colon, low bifido in colon. Should i take probiotics with lactobacillus?

Difference between align pro-biotic and activia pro-biotic yogurt ? Which is better for stomach troubles and bad breath ?

Difference in effectiveness between pill form and liquid form of probiotics? (such as Kefir)

Do acidophilus pills improve stomach issues.?

Do I have to take an antibiotic to cure a uti? Or can I take a probiotic and drink plenty of water?

Do probiotic contain iron ? And if yes then how mych iron contain in 10 billion cfu probiotics.. ?

Do probiotics really fight off c diff? Looking at 3d round of antibiotics in 2 months. Also, is a pill form or edible (yogurt, drink) more effective?

Do probiotics such as TruBiotics daily probiotic make you gain weight?

Do they still make refrigerated acidophilus? The pills & yogurt ones do not work! possibly not strong enough.

Docs, what's a gentle probiotic to take if you have problems with diarrhea?

Does antibiotics and probiotics cancel each other out?

Does Florastor help with vaginal health? I've tried other probiotics and they don't agree with me. I can tolerate Florastor though.Thanks!

Does it safe to drink yakult probiotic everyday while your taking antibiotic?

Does taking acidophilus prevent stomach virus?

Does taking antibiotics nullify my acidophilus supplements? (in other words should I stop talking acidophilus until my antibiotic region is complete)

Does taking garlic really work against parasites?

Does taking goldenseal really work against parasites?