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Am i still contagious 2 weeks after treating my skin fungus? I can see they are healing.

Are tinea versicolor and thrush linked to one another?

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Can butenafine be used for treating ringworm on chest?is ringworm on chest same fungus as jock itch ,whats the difference in kind of fungi?

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Can doxycycline give you a fungus in your intestines?

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Can handling or eating mushrooms give you fungus infections like ringworm or tinea?

Can head fungus and toenail fungus be airborne? Meaning, can I get it through the air? Can these fungi even be in the air or airborne?

Can psoriasis kill someone?

Can Rosacea , Seborheic derm. ,milk allergy , stomach sensitivity and toe fungus or althletes feet , all be connected to yeast overgrowth in the body?

Can tanning kill skin fungus?

Can tinea pedis with a spreading itchy reaction be cured completely with just lotrimin (clotrimazole)?

Dermatology, how does selinium sulfide kill fungus?

Diagnosed with internal fungus is this contageous?

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Does the causitive agent in 'tinea pedis' produce spores that fly through the air when you yank your socks off?

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Fungal epididymitis treatment? Types of fungus capable of causing epididymitis?

Fungus on my behind?

Have to have HIV to have a fungal skin infection such as tinea versicolor?

Hello, please tell can candida or Herpes cause nail disorders.. fungus like...

How can fungal of candid type be cured? Have been having sores on my toes because of them for many years.

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How can u cure skin fungus?

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How to treat 'pterygium inversum unguis'?

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I don't believe cortisone cream to treat skin lesions caused by fungus?

I had a mycosis on my feet a few weeks ago i treated with terbinafin. Now both of my ears itch from the inside. Is it possible that its a mycosis too?

I have fungus on my penis?

I have severe case of tinea versicolor help please?

I have the fungus tinea basically all on body and I want to know how can I treat it because it's so irritating and ichy?

I have tinea versicolor. Wikipedia says it is caused by a fungus but then also talks about a yeast. So is it caused by a fungus or a yeast?

I think my boyfriend has trichomycosis axillaris?

Is psoriasis caused by fungi or candida?

Is staph a fungus?

Is staph a type of fungus?

Is sulphur effective in killing fungus infection on skin?

Is terbinfine the right or wrong med for malassezia yeast skin infections on the trunk? When i look it up it says jock itch/ringworm which i don't have

Is there a difference between yeast and fungus?

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Is there any relationship between candida ab IgG and tonail fungus and/or jock itch?

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Tinea versicolor are there complications to this problem?

Tinea versicolor: i googled for the white spots on my skin and they look exactly like tinea versicolor. How can I kill it?

Toe candida albicans. Is tolnaftate effective?

Waht is the treatment for trichophyton rubrum?

Waht is the common treatment for people with trichophyton rubrum?

Want to know what biosafety level is trichophyton rubrum?

What are differences between a fungal skin condition and a parasitic one?

What are natural cures for yeast and fungus on the skin?

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What are the differences between dermatomycosis and dermatophytosis?

What can help me with my sporious ?

What do you advise if I'm in china and I'm just infected by nail fungus,,,which chinese anti fungus medicine is ok for me to cure?

What do you suggest if i'm in china and I am just infected by nail fungus, which chinese anti fungus medicine is ok for me to cure?

What happens if someone living with you has tinea capitis(scalp infection)..?

What is an efficient way to treat the infection of ringworm (dermatophytosis)?

What is another name for the fungus candida krusei?

What is cellilittis?

What is the main reason behind tinea versicolor?

What is the relationship between tinea pedis and plantar dyshidrosis?

What is the skin fungus that is red and treated with selsun blue called?

What is the trichophyton rubrum, and where is it found on the body?

What is trichophyton rubrum how is the fungus transmitted to humans?

What trichophyton rubrum symptoms?

What type of fungi is ringworm, a yeast or mold?

What type of fungus grows on the skin?

What type of organism is it trichophyton rubrum? Is it a spore? Is it a fungus? Parasite?

What type of organism is trichophyton rubrum?

What type of organism is trichophyton rubrum? Is it very contagious? Is it hard to kill or easy to kill?

What would be a good antifungal treatment for treating a scalp fungus?

Whats the cure of my skin deseases like fungi

Which part of an athletes body would be affected by tinea pedis?

Why do I continually have reoccurrences of granuloma annulare and tinea versicolor??

Why it itches from tinea pedis, is some chemical affecting the itch nerves?

Will betadine cure fungus?

Will brewers yeast cause face fungus?