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2 years old baby was diagnosed with oral candida. They gave him antifungal gel. Anything i can do to help him recover quickly?

Alprim for UTI can cause thrush. Is it best to take oral tablet to treat thrush or use the depositary? I'm more comfortable with the oral pill.

Baby 1 m old has been receiving nystatin 2weeks for oral thrush. Thrush has not improved. Any natural course of treatment? Any chance it could clear up on its own? Should we continue with nystatin?

Been on Diflucan (fluconazole) for 4 days for bad oral candidiasis after prednisone use. When should I start seeing it improve?

Can a patient have mouth surgery while he has oral thrush?

Can adult thrush self heal? On antibiotics, have mono.

Can antibiotics be used to relieve the symptoms of oral thrush?

Can canestan oral antifungal pill cure oral thrush on tongue?

Can clarithromycin tablets cause oral thrush?

Can clonea be used for thrush?

Can flonase cause oral thrush?

Can hairy oral leukoplakia be caused by birth control?

Can I get oral thrush from taking antibiotics?

Can i get thrush from giving oral to a woman?

Can i take oral nystatin for several weeks, if is necessary?

Can i treat oral flush with fluconazole?

Can oral lesions kill you just wondering?

Can Oral Nystatin cause tongue to feel rough ? Been taking for 4 days for Oral Thrush from antibiotics.

Can oral thrush affect a DNA test given to a six day old newborn with thrush who had nystatin before test was done. ..

Can oral thrush be treated with something from over-the-counter at the chemist?

Can oral thrush cause dental problems/cavities?

Can oral thrush coat just your tongue?

Can oral thrush get worse before better when you go on the candida diet?

Can oral thrush problem be due to stress?

Can STD cause oral thrush?

Can strep be mistaken for oral thrush?

Can there be an OTC medicine to treat thrush on tongue?

Can u get oral thrush by touching someones saliva who has oral thrush and then touching your mouth?

Can you be prescribed any systemic medication for geographic tongue?

Can you get oral thrush as result of chemo?

Can you take oral Valium with oral prednisone at the same time?

Can you tell me any home remedies for oral thrush?

Can you tell me how could i find out if i had thrush?

Can you tell me how I could cure my oral thrush?

Can you tell me some home remedies for oral thrush?

Could an antibiotic for oral thrush affect my ovulation?

Could i give someone oral thrush by kissing?

Could oral nystatin pills taken by mouth get rid of a vaginal yeast infection?

Could oral pills work for skin infections?

Could oral thrush or fungal infection in mouth cause bad breath?

Could there be a connection between oral thrush and hypothyroidism?

Could you pick up infections from oral?

Could you tell me what are some leads to of oral thrush in adults?

Dentist prescribed me nystatin for oral thrush. Its a rinse and spit form. Will i have systemic side effects? Or no since it isnt systemic treatment?

Diagnosed with athletes foot, verrucas, vaginal and oral thrush and now geographic tongue. Never had anything before this week. Why? Underlying cause?

Do Ceclor tablets stop oral thrush?

Does anyone have a home remedy that works on oral thrush, caused by the asthma medicine advair?

Does cancer it's self cause oral thrush or the cancer meds and chemo. I think I have oral thrush no symptoms just a white coating not going away?

Does drinkin a lot of sugar cause oral thrush?

Does oral candidiasis patch grow back after brushing them off. Also what are the common causes of oral candidiasis. Thanks?

Does oral lichen planus have to do with HPV in mouth, I had lichen planus and sores but they gave me yeast medicines and they went away. ?

Does oral thrush hurt your mouth?

Does steroid induced oral thrush go away on its own?

Does the oral thrush tablet (not vaginal pessary) affect the contraceptive implant?

Empirically diagnosed with esophageal thrush after 2+ wks on prednisone. How long until I should see benefit on oral fluconazole? Not immunocomp.

ENT diagnosed me with bad oral thrush. Nystatin hasn't worked and I Have no reason to have thrush. Who should I see??

Every time my boyfriend gives me oral i get thrush. Why is this? He has no symptoms of oral thrush.

Facial thrush in 6 week old- what is the best topical treatment ? He's already on oral miconazole for his mouth. Thank you

Forgot to rinse my baby's mouth after her budesonide treatment. Will one time cause her thrush?

Got oral thrush from steroid inhalers. Will it go into my lungs? I don't have HIV or immuneo viruses etc.

Had pharingistis due to ral sex and after a week i had oral thrush now its 6 weeks treating diflucan (fluconazole) 150mg /week is it still curable?? Help pls

Have had 2 weeks of 200mg twice daily of diflucan (fluconazole) for oral thrush and it didn't wk. What can I do to get rid of this?

Hello i would like to know what are the cause of oral thrush in babies?

Help please! is chlorhexidine mouth wash effective in treating oral thrush?

Help! need to know if there's any home remedies for oral thrush?

Hi i m medical student please tel me dr dose of fluconazole in oral candidiasis?

Hi there can nystaform be used for 14 days in men with thrush?

How accurate is a oral quick at six weeks?

How can adults get thrust (oral yeast infection)?

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How can I get rid of oral thrush?

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How i trate thrush!

How is oral thrush transmitted?

How is oral thrush treated?

How long after contacting HIV would you notice oral thrush?

How long before nilstat (nystatin) tablets start to work on oral thrush?

How long before oral thrush develops after getting antibiotics?

How long beofre nilstat (nystatin) tablets works on oral thrush?

How long can you use the mycelex (clotrimazole) troches for oral thrush?

How long could clortrimazole take to work on oral thrush?