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 is impetigo dangerous in pregnancy?

2 times miscarriage at 6 week. Is there any problem for pregnant with infection if any?

20 weeks pregnant with BV and yeast infection. Being treated with Flagyl and Monistat 7. Suppose to have transvaginal ultrasound for cervical length. Should I reschedule or is it transvaginal safe?

After bladder infection , am getting menses so early. Could this be a result of the infection?

Am 9 weeks pregrnant and have a yeast infection can that affect my baby?

Am i prego ?after infection in2001have symptoms of pregnancy was on antibiotics and had to cut skin to help release infection have hCG level of > 10

Are bladder infections cause for greater concern during pregnancy than not?

Are there any effects on fetus if you have had a yeast infection?

Are there practical ways to reduce the odds of recurrent vaginal infections?

Are you likely to have another uterine infection if you've had one before?

Being treated for a kidney infection and 5weeks pregnant. What can I do about my heartburn?

Best and safest treatment for staphylococcus hominis for a 37 week pregnant woman?

Can a bacteria infection in the vagina have the same symptoms as an early pregnancy?

Can a bacterial infection affect pregnancy ?

Can a female with BV still produce a pregnancy?

Can a lot of BV infections affect your fertility?

Can a rotavirus infection cause pregnancy complications?

Can a rubella infection cause infertility?

Can a streptococcal infection induce a miscarriage?

Can a treated infection after abortion cause infertility?

Can a urinary tract infection cause miscarriage? And your hCG levels to drop?

Can a UTI bacteria of a pregnant woman affect her baby?

Can a UTI during pregnancy be harmful to the fetus even if it never develops to a kidney infection?

Can a virgin lady be contacted by PID and Acyesis infection and what are the implication ?

Can a virgin lady contacted PID and acyesis infection and whats the implications?

Can a woman have bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy and still have a healthy baby?

Can a yeast infection cause a woman to miscarry?

Can a yeast infection kill the little baby zygote?

Can bacteria infections prevent the hCG hormone from being detected?

Can bacterial vaginosis affect trying to conceive and not miscarrying? Can it be detected thru a cultural or pap? How can I cure it w/o medicine?

Can bacterial Vaginosis cause infertility? I've had discharge for almost 2 years that i thought was normal, it had an odor but not a foul one. Turns out I have BV. can my ability to have a baby in the future be affected?

Can bacterial vagnosis cause you not to conceive ? Are there any infections that can cause you not to conceive ?

Can chalmidya harm you getting pregnant or a pelvic infection?

Can cholestasis reoccur outside once you have had Cholestasis in Pregnancy?

Can chronic epididymitis from a resolved STD infection (std urinalysis clean post antibiotic) lead to birth defects when trying to conceive?

Can cytomegalovirus infections cause complication in my pregnancy?

Can gonorrhea cause problems in pregnancy?

Can having an untreated yeast infection or one that is there to long during pregnancy harm the baby?

Can i become pregnant while im having vaginal infection?

Can i get pregnant while having a rupturing ovarian cyst, i'm taking Flagyl for a bacterial infection and I have an inflamed cervix?

Can intercourse after few days of natural miscarriage after a chemical pregnancy of 4 wk cause any infection?

Can multiple abortions result in infertility? Can yeast infections result in infertility?

Can my yeast infections harm my fetus?

Can pelvic infection cause a miscarriage?

Can pinworms/ threadworms cause pelvic inflammatory disease by carrying bacteria to the vagina? Does this affect your fertility?

Can severe bacterial vaginosis prevent pregnancy? I've had it for almost a year. No period. Just now treating it finally. No matter what, no pregnancy

Can staph infection hinder conception ?

Can the bacteria megasphaera in the vagina be harmful to my baby during delivery? Im about to be due and don't have bacterial vaginosis

Can there be any women here who have had cervicitis that didn't go away with antibiotics?

Can un-passed products of conception lead to a uterine infection and pid?

Can uterine infection cause excessive sweating? I have been diagnose with uterine infection.

Can UTI lead to miscarriage?

Can viral infections in pregnancy get transmitted to my baby?

Can vitamin E prevent vaginal infection and aid in conception?

Can yeast infections cause pregnancy complications?

Can you deliver vaginally if you have had utis and bacterial infections throughout your pregnancy?

Can you explain the process of how a pathologist can tell if a woman has a bacterial infection vaginally?

Can you still carry GBS after pregnancy? If so can this cause staph infections etc?

Can you still get a pelvic infection from a miscarriage?

Can you tell me are tampons/menstrual cups unsuitable protection when you have your period during a urinary tract infection?

Can you tell me, are women with iuds more prone to infections?

Could a yeast infection affect postpartum bleeding?

Could antibiotics caused my miscariage?

Could gonorrhea cause problems during pregnancy?

Could have a mirena (levonorgestrel) increase the occurs and reoccur of bacteria vagnosis?

Could staphyloccocus aureus curse miscarriage or delay menses?

Describe how chlamydial infections can lead to ectopic pregnancies and blindness?

Describe what is an infection of the uterus.?

Dh n i had chlamydia 3-4 yrs ago me less than yr him over. Treated. Ttc for 15 months. No signs of PID then or now. Had two miscarriages. Tubes?

Diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. I got after labor and cervix was still open. Could I have a uterine infection?I have discharge/spotting.Treatment?

Do doctors treat pregnant woman for BV for the remainder of the pregnancy if they are prone to bv?

Do vaginal infections affect fertility?

Doctor, do vaginal infection causes pain during intercourse? It lead to miscarriage? Any problem for next pregnancy?

Does a yeast infection cause brain dysfunction in a baby?

Does azythromicin affect trivora? Also i had a yeast infection and my obgyn checked my cervix said i had the infection, if i was pregnant could hetell

Does choice of menstrual protection affect my chances of getting a UTI, yeast infection, or BV?

Does getting bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy always mean miscarriage? I was just diognosed with a light growth i'm nearly 19 weeks

Does having a tilted uterus mean it came from an infection? I was told I have a tilted uterus but never had an STD just BV and yeast infections

Does HPV infection lead to infertility?

Does licking vagina leads to infection or pregancy?

Does mild imflamination and bacterial vaginanois prevent pregnancy?

Does TB neck cervical lymphadenitis affect fertility? Also yeast infection present simultaneously. Does this cause infertility? Pls help

Does trichomoniasis cause any problems during pregnancy?

Does vagina or penis infections increase the chances of not conceiving? Thanks. TTC freq. BV, yeast, UTI. Miscarried 1-21-14

Does vaginal or cervical infection cause delay of period? if yes, does this necessarily mean the infection is serious?

Dr. Iam having fungal infection after miscarriage & now taking antibiotics. Had miscarriage 3 weeks before. Infection will affect next pregnancy?

Endometritus.....I have a re-accuring infection of this, what does that mean potentially?

Frequent yeast infections but I am ttc. Will this decrease my chances to conceive?

Had a miscarriage at 16 wks. wbc was 30 before I had him and then the next day it was normal. What type of infection could have caused this?

Had chlamydia for less than a year about 3-4 years ago and have been ttc for over a year. Could I have infertility caused by the old infection? Or dh?

Had miscarriage, now very sore. Could this be a uterine infection?

Had surgery 9/2 for ectopic preg, unknowingly had ureaplasma urealyticum and PID during. Am I at risk for sepsis infection now? Just found out 9/26

How can I prevent uterine infections during pregnancy?

How can you treat a pregnant woman with a 4-week long viral infection?

How do chlamydial infections lead to ectopic pregnacies and blindness?

How do I know if i had/have an infection after my abortion ?

How do I know if I have bacterial vaginosis? And can that cause recurrent early miscarriages? What is treatment?

How do women get a pelvic infection or any infection?

How does an infection from an abortion be detected?

How does an untreated cervix infection effect a womans body ?