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Is scaling of the scalp a sign of infection?

Is the philtrum a common place to have a fungal infection?

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution on skin infections caused by scabies?

Is there a skin infection (bacterial/fungal...etc) that causes itchy bumps/sores that are connected by a thin line just under the skin?

Is there an at home treatment for a fungal infection causing hair loss?

Is there an at home treatment for a fungal infection that is causing hair loss?

Is there another condition that could easily be confused with a fungal skin infection?

Is there any correlation between my boyfriends tinea versicolor and my recurring yeast infections?

Is there any way to tell if my folliculitis is fungal or bacterial by it's appearance, causes, symptoms etc?

It could be possible that a bacterial skin infection on the outer ear form as a result of repetitive friction?

It is possible that a fungal infection of the skin drain your energy?

Itchy and reddening of the skin of the penis(outer), what are the reasons and remedy for this? Is it a fungal infection?

Itchy calluos from fungus infection. How to alleviate the itch?

Itchy under breast during pregnancy, is this a bacteria or fungal infection?

Most preferred ointment for yeast infection on skin?

My 10 month old has what was said to be a yeast infection, but it is primarily on the labia and severly itchy and not better after 2 weeks of medicated butt paste for yeast infections could this be staph or eczema?

My 3 years old girl has got fungal infection on face and body, how do treat this ?

My 3 years old girl has got fungal infection on face and body, how do treat this?

My breasts sweat. I have had infection that cleared up with antifungal cream. I have a sore now that won't heal.?

My doctor told me I had a fungal infection around and prescribed me with anti fungal cream. It didn't work. My skin is red/breaking/tight??

My hairdresser used her nails to scratch some parts on on my scalp to remove dry flakes.Can this cause infection of diseases/bact./virus from her nail?

My penis has skin brown hard scar that sloughed out then become painfull..And formed another scar..Fungal or viral or bacterial infection?

My scalp gets smelly fast, can this be the result of a fungus infection?

My skin gets too dry if i shower more than once a day. Would that cause bacterial infections?

Painless, very itchy skin. Could this be a staph infection?

Penile fungal infection possibility, should I be concerned?

Please can I know if the paronychia is due to bacteria and we put anti fungus ointment will it make the infection worse. ?

Please describe the name of fungal infection surrounding the anus?

Please explain which fungal infections cause the skin on your hands to peel?

Possible nail fungal infection, finger red, swollen, painful, doctor gave me flucloxacillin, why? If its ineffective on fungal infections?

Rashes on edge of penis is it the infection or sign of hiv ?

Reaccurring rash on neck can it be from having a bacterial lung infection

Recurrent intertrigo or fungi indicates u have aids or vih? Or are they different things

Scaly, itchy rashes at ankle that turn brownish- fungal/bacterial infection?

Scrotum itch and infection treatment please?

Skin fungus infection for six year continues in my trunk . I take many dr treatment but no result please help me?

Skin infection possibly spreading. How do I stop this?

The skin on my toes seems to be peeling off. Is this a bacterial infection?

They diagnosed me with UTI and then they told me it's herpes after they told me I have fungus also.Can fungus cause sore ?And i still have burning..

Took cephalexin for infection. Now have itchy, flaky skin on my scalp, in my ears, & pelvic area. Allergy meds/creams don't work. Still have inital infection.?

Top alternative medicine for skin fungal infection?

Touched a fungal infection, did i contract it?

Under armpit fungal infection, urgent help! where should I go?

Vulva area burning from bacterial infection (being treated with antibiotics) what can I use to soothe vulva skin while antibiotics kick in?

What are signs I got skin infection from my makeup?

What are some natural ways to fight fungal infections on skin?

What are some precipitating factors of fungal skin infections?

What are some symptoms of candidiasis on skin?

What are symptoms of candidiasis on the skin?

What are the most common symtoms of a skin infection?

What are the remedies for curing a fungal infection on the skin in the groin area?

What are the signs of a skin fungus?

What can be done about a skin rash caused by yeast (candidiasis)?

What can be done to determine systemic candidiasis? I have non-albican skin infection at urethra and am concerned due reinfection after topicals. Male

What can be used to treat dry itchy balls, bacterial infection?

What can cause disorders and infections in the armpit?

What causes fungal infection around penis head?

What causes fungal infection in the groin area?

What causes fungal infection under the stomach?

What causes fungal infections in nails and elsewhere as i seem to be prone to them?

What common bacteria or fungus are responsible for skin infections in the armpit?

What conditions or infections or skin conditions could be cured?

What do skin yeast/fungal infections feel like?

What do you needs to avoid when you have a fungal skin infection like jock itch?

What do you suggest if I have been undergoing treatment for skin fungal infection but without any result.?

What does a bacterial infection on the skin usually look like?

What does a skin bacterial infection look like?

What happens if i leave a fungal infection of the scalp untreated?

What is bacterial skin infection and should I see a dermatologist for it?

What is a skin infection caused by bacteria?

What is candida albicans on the skin and mucous membranes?

What is done to heal this bacterial skin infection?

What is the best and effective medicine for bacterial skin infection?\

What is the best thing to do for an infection undet the skin by a fingernsil?

What is the best treatment for skin changes at the labia cause by yeast infection?

What is the best way to cure a fungal infection in the inner thigh and genital area.

What is the cure for bacterial infection in the groin area of a male?

What is the definition or description of: fungal skin infection?

What is the difference between apperant picture of the melanoma and skin fungal infection?

What is the most common cause of itching of feet at night? Scabies and infections are excluded.. Pls answer

What is tx for inflamed skin w/ possible fungal or bacterial infection? Skin s in a fold that stays moist, cannot be unfolded.

What kind of ointment?For fungus?I have 1for inflamations, if I had a fungal infection it would itch right!

What kind of skin infection causes a swollen finger? Do I need antibiotics?

What to do for this large wound infection with yeast and spreading to other areas of skin?

What to do if I have a infection on my penis.and I was treated it. but now it appear

What type of doctor do I need to see for a candida infection dermatologist or dentist?

What type of doctor should you see?For a?Skin infection?

What types of bacteria besides the typical garderella cause vulvovaginitis? Burning, redness of vulva skin?

Where am I more likely to contract a fungal infection?

Which skin infection causes white/yellow biofilm looking secretions from scalp, and skin? (animal contagious, survives on household items)

Which type of fungal skin infection could this be?

White layered dry skin in head. If removed, it turns into black skin like rashes. 6 month before found and treated streptococcus bacterial infection?

Why am i getting so many skin yeast infections in the folds of my skin?

Why are bacterial skin infections so hard to kill?

Why are certin areas more prone to infections?

Why do I have residual reddness and itching after a staph infection?

Why is my skin thick and rough after having a staph infection?

Will a fungal infection on the skin stop me from going on my vacation?

Will hydro cortzone help with the itching from a fungal infection?

Will hygiene improve chances against contracting fungal infections on skin?