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How can I cure ringworm skin infection?

How can I deal with a body that is prone to fungal infections inside and out?

How can I tell if I have eczema on my hands or a fungal infection without going to the dr?

How can I tell if I have got ringworm/some sort of fungal infection or eczema?

How can irritation and redness be cured?

How can u tell if u have heat rash or can u have yeast infection all over your body? & what's the symptoms or how does it look?

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How can you treat skin yeast?

How did i catch a fungal infection on my face?

How do doctors test for an armpit infection and how can they tell what kind? Is it skin scrapings?

How do I know if I have an infection from shaving?

How do I treat fungal skin infections while pregnant?

How do you cure an ongoing yeast infection of the prostate and ringworms on skin & scalp?

How do you know if you have a fungal skin infection or eczema?

How do you know if you have a fungal skin infection or if it's just eczema?

How do you treat a ringworm infection on the inner thigh?

How is it possible to remove dark marks on skin caused by fungal infections ?

How is skin candidiasis treated?

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How to differentiate between bacne caused by bacteria or a type of fungus like P. Folliculitis?

How to differentiate between fungal n bacterial vaginitis on history?

How to distinguish axillary lymphedenitis causedby staph from intriginous yeast infection of armpit?

How to distinguish axillary lymphedenitis staph infection from intriginous yeast infection of armpit?

How to prevent dandruff in my scalp and dryness in my hair? What's the treatment for fungal infection in my private area? Would this fungus spread?

How to remove fungal infection on my palm?

How to tell difference between eczema and fugal infection?

How to tell difference in heat rash and yeast infection?

How to treat fungal infection inside penis can cure completely ?

How we can prevent fungus infection in skin?

How would i be able to tell if I have fungal infection in my hair?

I am a male 44 years old, and I have a systemic yeast infection of the prostate along with ringworms on scalp how do I cure this reoccurring problem?

I am having fungal infection on my back and neck esapacially in summers. Please suggest a remedy.

I am having fungus infection in personal areas . How can I cure it ?

I am infected form fungul infection last 3 months between legs. its up and down and skin of that area was black.

I am just curious if skin rash and cellulitis are the same infection?

I am suffering from fungal infection in my genetial area. The infection keeps spreading , what are it's cures?

I am very prone to infection, rashes and skin allergies. What can be the cause. My WBC count is 6500.

I had a bug bite that turned to lesion. Bacterial infection was ruled out. It is now responding to anti-fungal cream. However, a rash (bumps/blisters) has developed near the lesion. What should I do?

I had a severe yeast infection that caused sever irritation that cased skin to peel after. Is this normal?

I had an fungal infection my scrotum that got infected because i put hydrocortisone on it. Is it normal the the skin still hurts a month later?

I had fungal infection for which i was using some cream. Now the area has become very sticky and red.Is it any other diesease?

I have a bad rash in the fold of my breasts. How can I tell if it is a fungal infection or yeast type?

I have a certain skin infection. I think it's viral. I need to show an image. Please respond so I can.

I have a fungal /ringworm kind infection on the outer skin of my testicles. Please suggest me a medicine for this. ?

I have a fungal infection around my mouth. Anti fungal cream I used didn't help it. The skin is red, tight and breaking. What can I do?

I have a large wound infection with yeast and it's spreading to other areas. What should I do?

I have a question about difference between yeast infection or diaper rash?

I have a rash on my back, I've had about 10 years. I've been told it might be a fungus infection. ?

I have a red scaly patch near my groin area. I recently took bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds. Could this be a fungal skin infection like a yeast infection?

I have a reddish rash in my cleavage. Almost fishy odor, soggy, itchy. Fungal or sweat related? Treatment?

I have a sebaceous cyst on my arm pit that has a yeast infection. Is there any way to get rid of the yeast infection?

I have a yeast infection in my armpit and I have topical anti fungal creme for athletes foot. Can the creme cure my yeast infection in my armpit?

I have become prone to fungal & viral skin infections. Can you suggest, what can be the cause?

I have dryness and redness on chin.. And it is slowly spreading.. What could it be? I was told it could be bacteria or yeast..

I have extremely sensitive itchy-prone skin-flaring "bug bites"-possible fungus infection?

I have had an infection on my toe for about 4 months and it itches and seeps what could it be?

I have recurrent fungal infection in my groin region, used anti fungal flucanozole...But not relieving...What to do?

I have regular skin fungal infection, can you please tell me one time solution to stop this?

I have stubborn dry, flakey areas in my ear. Could it be a fungal infection?

I have swollen itchy red eyelids (one worse than other and spreading into eyebrows) it's sebhorreic dermititis but now also a yeast infection. ?

I have yeast infections in several locations on my body. Will all spots heal if 1 is treated?

I think I have fungal infection on my back. They are black. What should I do?

I think my hand rash is due to a fungal infection. What can I do?

I think the groin rash is due to a fungal infection. What can I do?

I treated a groin fungal infection a few years ago that left me with skin discoloration in the same area. How do I get rid of this discoloration?

I use miconazole it causes my skin to be red, is this is a sign of allergy to miconazole?how to differentiate between fungal and bacterial jock itch?

I was having fungal infections for 5 years under scrotum. was taking fluconazole 150mg..but now its spreading more.appears as cellulitis. please help?

I was on antibiotics for a thigh fungus infection and a ingrown hair in my private part it became infected. Now I have symptoms of a yeast infection ?

I was recently hospitalized with staph infection in my bloodstream. I have a rash on my face. Some redness and peeling on testicles and am very itchy.

I was treated for penile yeast infection, I was given steroid creams to treat it and have thinned skin and discoloration. How do I heal the skin?

I'm a female with a rash on my genitals. I thought i was having a yeast infection and did not treat it for 3 to 4 days and it worsened and spread.

I'm losing a toenail. It doesn't look like there is a fungal infection. Should I just wait it out?

I've used lotriderm with betamethasone for a fungal infection for a week. The infection is gone, but now I have a (light) discolouration on the area.

I've used topical/oral antifungals(azoles) with no complete resolution of burning sensation in my groins, enlarged lymph nodes and skin rash. ?

If a rash is localized to my genitals scrotum included only .Done steroids and fluconazole 10wks total . How can it be fungal ? Does not spread

If dandruff is caused by yeast, would that make it contagious?

If i had a bacterial infection could it cause pimples ? On various parts of the body ?

If I have a ringworm/fungal infection can I go swimming in clorine water?

If no fungus or bacteria infection, what may cause dandruf? Can allergies cause dry skin?

If one has a fungal infection like jock itch can you go into a spa or swimming pool?

Is acne caused by an infection in the body?

Is adenovirus infection a cause of itchy armpits?

Is azithromycin good for skin infections?!

Is dial soap suggested for a fungal infection on my big toe?

Is impetigo and candidiasis related to eachother?

Is it common to have red itchy skin after a staph infection has resolved?

Is it normal to have redness and itching even after a staph infection is healed on the face?

Is it possible to get itchy skin rash one week after HIV infection?

Is it possible to have a bacterial infection on your feet and hands that cause itching peeling fissures and cracked skin ?

Is it possible to have a bacterial skin infection that just doesn't have any pustules?

Is it possible to have a yeast infection and not know about it? I have dry sensitive skin in that area as well.

Is it possible to have fungal cancer, like with spores?

Is it possible to have had a tinea capitis infection that subsided and turned into a sebohrreic dermatitis infection?

Is it possible to spread ring worm to genital area and cause a yeast infection ?

Is itchy anus and ear skin peeling off after a viral infection something to worry about?Which viral infction is likely to cause these kind of symptms?

Is methotrexate effective for refractory skin infections?

Is my acne caused by bacterial or fungal infection in the pores?