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Dark skin on buttocks, itchy little points, and skin flakeness is always fungus infection? Bacteria infection?

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Does repetly jock itch in anus and groin area is a symptom of aids or HIV ? I have the fungal infection about from november, is heals and comesback

Does staphylococus bacteria,Jock itch(fungus) ,celulitis are signs of HIV or aids,Please answer my curiousity.

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Fungal skin infection between legs , what to do for that ?

Good evening....I have a yeast infection under my breasts and pannus. I have hx of MRSA infections. would anything OTC help?

Had antibiotics, now have a lot of small red spots from my feet to stomach. Any antifungal body wash you recommend for widespread infection?

Had itchy anal for many years and skin fungal problem. How do I treat them?

Hair loss, but no specific patches. Can u have a fungal infection on scalp without redness, itching, or typical signs/patterns?

Hair loss, suspect might be fungal infection of scalp. Derm took sample of my hairs from brush for culture. Will culture show if it's in fact fungal?

Have disolcoration in buttock area is this yeast infection?

Have irritated perianal area like a diaper rash-got call from derm saying culture + for staphylococcus/no yeast or fungus- would it have said if mrsa?

Having a layer of dandruff at a specific small area on scalp with pus .. Is it fungal infection? How to treat ?

Hello docs. I was wondering can tinea versicolor come durimg an acute HIV infection?

Helloo what is the best antibiotics to be used for skin infection? ?

Help plz! Can skin irritation linger after chronic yeast infections?

Hi , I have some type of infection around my mouth, it starded in the corner and is spreading , im not sure what it is, maybe fungal?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a common micro scopic bacterial infection of the skin?

Hi,this is srikanth. I have a problem.On scalp few dry spots exist they are itching.I think it is some type of fungus infection.what i have to do?

How are fungal skin infections caught?

How can I avoid itching the weeping wound:( im on clox for staph and candida, how do stop the weeping?