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I had a UTI 3 weeks ago. Took antibiotics for 1 week. Now I am having pain again in pelvic area. I took a home UTI test kit and leukocytes positive?

Should I go too the ER been to FD twice and ambulatory care .. urinalysis showed Strep inf. on Amoxicillin?

I have e coli detected in my urine and been prescribed 300mg trimethoprim anti biotics. I have vagina odour. Will trimethopin clear this up as well?

UTI yes or no? No symp & no grth on my culture and Uralysis micro are wbc5-10phf, rbc0-5, bact 1+, epit0-1&all(mucc,cast,crys,tri,yeast) show none.

10 days keflex for strep b group uti, still symtomatic and lukocytes in urine (bladder pressure/freq urinate/back pain), now on cipro, (ciprofloxacin) what's going on?

10-15 and 25-30 WBCs in urine and vaginal swab constant. With some pain urinating. Have taken 4 antibx from nephro and gyne, no go. TRS & KUB clear.TY?

10yrold burn & itch,no pain urinating..vaginal swab mod gram+cocci.many gram+bacilli,few neg gram bacilli, urine high leukocytes.Should I be concerned?

17 weeks pregnant. Had a vaginal fluid culture done & it came back positive for Ureaplasma. I'm about to start antibiotics. Will this affect fetus?

19wks pregnant. Second BetaStrep UTI by culture. Very symptomatic for 3 wks, UAs neg, culture now pos. What can I do to stop them from happening?

28 yr old sexually active male tezted neg at ER for UTI diagnosed with dysuria . What can cause this? Why didn't they give me antibiotics?

2weeks ago. I have urine. Infection I took cipro (ciprofloxacin) i done but stil bother me under. My belly?

3 weeks ago, I had pain while urinating. In my urine culture, Escheria coli showed up. Now I have very less pain. Should I begin taking Augumentin?

33 weeks pregnant urine sample possible uti, is it safe for baby to take prescribed antibiotics before sample confirmed of uti?

34 m. Was diagnosed with prostatitis. Did week of cipro (ciprofloxacin). Symptoms of increased urination and sensation in uretha continue. Did urine and blood work with nothing showing up. What should my next step be?

36 wk pregnant with MRSA infection in my urine. Help?

4 year old daughter has uti, 2 courses antibiotics and still got it she wetting bed and herself what's wrong ongoing prob what tests can be done?

5 weeks pregnant, small amount of strepb was found in urine, but no UTI symphtoms. My ob didn't give me any treatment.

6y/o has spells with symptoms of UTI positive urine dips but cultures neg vcug and ultra sound normal what can cause symptoms on & off for 2 years?

7 mnths ago I have been exper lower back pain, urine culture shows staph species 4 weeks ago, i took antibiotics like genta, cipro, (ciprofloxacin) amoxil, yet no change.

Abdominal pressure. High WBC count in urine. No bacteria. Diagnosed with uti, finished 1 dose of antibiotics, now on 2nd dose. Worried ovarian cancer?

After finishing UTI meds, not all symptoms have gone. What could be wrong? Test returned neg.

After UTI treatment my urine culture is now finally negative, no infection but I still have symptom of burning in urethra. What can be cause? Thanks!

Age 90 mom diagnosed w/ESBL due to UTI a week ago. I don't have symptoms. Am I in the clear? If not, how long should I wait to know? Any tests I need?

Am still having regular utis with pus and blood have just finished two lots antibiotics and a week of pencillan, wee is frothy bad headaches do I need?

Antibiotics taken for UTI but traces of ph, pro and leu are showing and i don't understand the colours on the UTI stick ?

At home UTI text kit reads 500+++ leu/ul and positive for nitrate , which antibiotic should take care of it besides keeflex i'm allergic to that.

Azo still pos for WBCs. No nitrites. On Cipro (ciprofloxacin) for 4 days now. No yeast infection or STD. No other symptoms. Have been stressed about this for days now?

Bacteremia- after 1 wk. rocephin, (ceftriaxone) blood culture neg. Had reaction, so took vanco for 2nd week. Can med change lessen chance of ridding all infection?

Been having epididymitis for 2 months. Not chlamydia and urine cultures come back negative. Already took doxycycline, cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Zithro. What is it?

Been having UTI symptoms for 4 weeks, no infection but blood in urin, very small stone. Now have to take cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500 2x day for 3 weeks. Is this ok?

Been on 2courses of antib. Urine analysis-clean, microscopy keeps showing bacteria. Going for my 3rd test seeing a urologist, what can this mean?

Bladder infec. . Taking antibiotics. .Did a pee test while taking antibiotics. .Results negative w/ white blood cells. . Possible to still have infec?

Blood in stool and in urine, c diff, tonsilitis, uti, BV and pvc's all within 4 months. Am i a hypochondriac for worrying about health after all that?

Blood in urine bladder infection since two days on keflex and doxycycline now have chills and vomiting?

Blood in urine four times in a a year, each time cleared up with cipro (ciprofloxacin) in a few days. Seen a urilogist for cystyscope & that was fine.?

Burning sensation when urinating but urinoculture negative:Streptococcus aagactiae only 20000/ml.Should I still go with antibiotics?Thanks

Can an URI bring on a uri? I've had an URI for a few days, then saw the doctor yesterday for a painful uti. Initial urine workup showed a large amount of wbc's and blood in my urine. If both infections are bacterial in origin, did one bring on the other?

Can being on antibiotics whilst doing a urine test affect the results? Done an sample whilst on antibiotics for a uti, still having symptoms

Can hematuria recur within 3 days of a course of cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500 mg twice a day for hematuria cystitis? Scan normal, urine/blood show infction.

Can i get a false negative urine culture, after not taking antibiotics for 4 days, if i took a lot of antibiotics for 12 days and still have burning

Can I have a new urine culture one day after taking antibiotics if its an emergency i can't wait 5 days. My cousin that is a dr said i can. Is it true

Can staph be misdiagnosed even after a culture taken comes back positve?

Can taking 1antibiotic &1 Cipro (ciprofloxacin) reduce white blood cell count in urine? Went to doc for UTI after taking those &said there weren't many Wh blood cells

Can taking antibiotics before urinalysis give false negative.Did a urinalysis today and nurse said my urine was clear. I took 3 macrobids yesterday.

Changed my daughters Abx to macrobid because it was the only PO abx the culture is sensitive to. Yet the med directions say not for a kidney infection?

Cloudy urine after UTI treated. Do I need to refill prescription and retreat?

Constantly get uti's almost every month? Have no symptoms but urine test always show bacteria so i'm constantly on antibiotics. Is this ok for my body

Culture of leg taken AFTER doc already treated it for MRSA w/Bactrim & top antib; test then back neg (false neg?). Antib in sys how lg? Retest when?

Daughter had bacteria in urine hasn't gone away 14 days of sulfameth trimeth still hasn't gone away urine culture negative any ideas on why?

Daughter in law in Africa has had UTI and 3 courses of antibiotics. UTI now cleared but signs of leucolytes still there. She had more tests today. ?

Dear doctor, I have klebsiella pneumonia since almost at least 4 months after several antibiotics. First one disappeared klebsiella, but it came back.?

Diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis after klebsiella found in semen. took a 6 week course of cipro (ciprofloxacin). klebsiellia gone but symptoms remain why?

Diagnosed with epididymitis, prescribed ciprofloxacin, symptoms seem to clear up within days, but urine sample had no abnormalities. What now?

Diagnosed with UTI E.Colli, had Antibiogram,had 5 weeks of antibiotics based on results, but still have UTI,getting worse. scared!What is happening?

Did 2rounds of antibios (cefalexin & orofloxacin). uti test now neg but still have burning pain after peeing & urine is smelly. What is it?

Dipstick and little machine said no UTI but doc ordered 100mg Macrobid 2 daily 10 days. Culture sent out. OK to wait til culture returns to take med?

Doc my wife is pregnant and is having recurrent UTI since beginning of second trimester...All the urine cultures from past 3 months show ecoli 10 rais?

Doc prescribed me 5 days of Bactrium for Urethritis. On 3rd day. Symptoms are getting better. Was Bactrium a good choice? Negative Std tests also

Doctor I have nitrates,WBCs and bacteria in my Urine I went to ER and they said it was a UTI and put me on cipro, 4 doses of that later and nothing ha?

Does a urine infection clear up within 3days?

Does the chlamydia shown on me immediately after the blow job in the next day ? standard urine say yes infection and the urine culture no growth

Does three times a day antibiotics mean after 6 hrs?

Dr said I had a UTI, but white blood cell was normal took antibiotics 10days ago. Now culture showed no growth on it! Was I misdiagnosed with a UTI?

Dr vitaily i used cipro (ciprofloxacin) 3mnth bacteria didnt come in discharge but conditions remain same even after cystroscopy i have urine blockge prob and painin?

DX with prostatitis. 4 wks cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500 2x day. Course finished but still have symptoms. All std tests negative. Urethral swab <5 wbc. Other causes?

E coli uti, I have 5 days taking antibiotics based on a urine culture i still have a lot ot pain. Urine test today says 25 wbc. Are they not working

Ecoli UTI test of today showed only few bacteries, no blood, while im taking antibiotics (5days) but im having worse strong burning sensation.Wbc is 25

Ecoli uti, i took antibiotics 12 days, 5 days later an urinalysis showed 25-30 WBC per field, but the culture was negative. I still have burning, pain

Ended cipro (ciprofloxacin) yesterday for UTI but still showing trace lucocytes in urine , does this mean i still have an infection?

Ended cipro (ciprofloxacin) yesterday for UTI but still showing trace lucocytes in urine, does this mean i still have an infection?

Escherichia coli in urine can it take sometime to clear up?

Escherichia coli in urine how long does it take to clear up?

Ever since the gyno used a catheder to take a urine sample my uretha has been swelled up for months on and off with burning what else could cause this?

Followup tests for kidney infection were negative after I finished my medications, but three days later I have particles (not cloudy tho) in my urine?

For UTI, if urine test comes back positive, but symptoms already stopped before started taking antibiotics - still important to take antibiotics?

Frequent urination 7 days (about 15-20 Xs day- 5 Xs at night) Drink only water. Urine test at PCP shows nothing; prescribed Cipro (ciprofloxacin). Will Cipro (ciprofloxacin) hurt me?

Frequent urination every 2 hrs. Neg pregnant test. Prior UTI but antibiotic regimen complete. What could be the cause?

Frequent UTI. After amox treatment 1000-9000 cfu/ml of gram positive cocci isolated. Md did not prescribe any antibiotic afterwards. Should redo test?

Got a severe bladder wall infection (discovered by cystoscopy) 2 months of high dose abx and my urinalysis was positive white cells - this infection?

H.pyroli infection get reoccure,how to I take retest after taking 14 days of antibiotics,can I jake blood or stool test?

H.pyroli infection get reoccure,how to I take retest after taking 14 days of antibiotics,when I recheck blood or stool test,which test is correct?

Had 3day course of antibiotics to clear UTI (test found blood & white cells) which i finished yesterday. I'm still suffering with back & stomach pains?

Had a pyelo early last wk. 3 days of rocephin (ceftriaxone) iv & now on day 6 Keflex(culture=no resistance to this) kidneys are still sore. Should I be concerned?

Had a urine culture and had a very small amount of staph in it. The dr isnt worried at all about it but how does staph get there? On Macrobid for it.

Had a UTI was treated with 7day macrobid. Back pain last day of antibiotics. Home UTI test was neg. But Would a kidney infection show on a Home test?

Had chlamydia 2 months ago and got treated. Still having epididymitis. Urine cultures are negative and no white blood cells. Could it be from healing?

Had culture done of urine and diagnosed with uti.Dr gave macrobid. But my kidney hurts and read somewhere that Macrobid doesn't treat k.I.What to do?

Had ecoli uti, took AB, symptoms didnt go away, got retested @ 24 days and ecoli gone, now have morganella morganii 10^8cfu. no stones. US no blockage?

Had endo. Ablation 2 weeks ago, have lots of gross stuff floating in urine, pcp said UTI gave amoxicillin and clindamycin for skin, how long to work?

Had pain in penis n testicles. Got both urine n semen culture done. Found nothing in urine but foulnd klebsiella pneumoniae in semen. Curable? How?

Had urine tests in past that showed little bit of bacteria, but told I did not have UTI. How do you determine harmless bacteria versus UTI bacteria?

Have a uti, confirmed ecoli cause. Want to get pregnant in 10 dys. Sensitive to monomac and cipro (ciprofloxacin). Which of two should I take. Monomacdidntwork lst tm?

Have fever cold symptoms and aches thinking influenza. Testing positive urine for leukocytes negative nitrates. Could it be UTI ?

Have had a lot of blood in seaman for over 6 months. On my own, i took ciprofloxacin for 30 days, didn't help.

Have possible UTI. Will it hurt to wait for culture and sensitivity test to come back before starting abx? C Diff history so want to wait if possible

Have UTI try a lot of antibiotics they weren't working so dr did urine culture it confirm i still have UTI dr gave me sulfamethoxazole for 7dys.Wed last day and my urine look a little soapy.Wat to do?

Having low grade fever was on cipro (ciprofloxacin) for 1 month for prostatitis. Had STDs + HIV tests & the result is -ve. ?

Having UTI on and off for over a year , just finished a six week antibiotic treatment, and there's still blood in urine. now dealing with hemorrhoids?

Hello all. I was trying to get medically cleared to deploy when i discovered I have wbc's in my urine. There was no uti, no bladder infection, cystoscopy was completed nothing, cultures did not show anything....Doctor said next step was to check the kidn

Hello first I want to thank yall for the answers I was peeing blood for a day or two went to the doctor did a urine test came back positive with a bacteria name Klebsiella Pneumoniae my doctor proscribe me with some medicine now I don't pee blood but whe