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I took Azo for 3 day n use clotrimazole cream for extreme itch and burn yeast infection. It get better, but now it more itch and burn. Please help! ?

12 month old has chronic genital itching for last 3 months my daughter had a yeast infection early sept 2011 the dr prescribed pediaderm diaper defense with nystatin... It did nothing so then he told me to put hydrocortisone to calm it down and prescribed

1st time to get what I believe is yeast infection. Took a pessary, swelling gone. Itchy , stinging, bumps are not even with the use of of the cream. ?

2.5 yr old has suspected balanitis. trying sitz bath, hydrocortizone cream and antibiotic ointment for 3 days. He still complains while peeing. Ideas?

4 year old daughter is complaining of itching around genetals. Can i treat with OTC yeast infection meds? Should i insert vaginaly or outside only?

8y/o female; frequent vaginal discomfort; redness, itchiness, white discharge; been treating by cleaning and zinc oxide/vit e/aloe mix; any ideas?

Abstinent. External vaginal itch from moisture. Used Vagisil Max cream. When I began using it daily, the condition exacerbated & to upper inner thigh.

Abstinent. Vag itch from moisture. No DISCH. What to use on exacerbated external itch, & spread, after using Vagisil Max cream 'til Dr appt for relief?

After IUD (copper) I am having yeast infection repeatedly! have been taking duflocan twice a week and infection cream external and internal .

After my periods i got allergy because of sanitary pads in my vaginal area tell me any cream to sooth it.?

After three weeks of using a doctor prescribed cream should my fungal infection of the groin area be cleared up?

After using clotrimazole cream on penile thrush, how soon will symptoms clear up?

After using the yeast infection cream, my vagina and bum hurt, why?

Aldara (imiquimod) cause oozing but painless sores on clitoral hood when cream rubs on it. The majora where wart (next to clit) only itches. Stop use or continue?

Anus itches probably from excessive wiping. Tried hemorrhoid and steroid cream, helped but didnt clear it up. What should I do ?

Are there any prescription meds that cause vaginal itching?

Are there gels or creams that sooth vaginal pain?

Been dealing with thrush for 4 months. Doc suggested internal creams for 2 weeks and oral tablet, clitoris is still red why wont it go away?

Been using clotrimazole cream for 2 wks for vaginal thrush, no symptoms now and all seems fine but its tender and red around the entrance, is it gone?

Been using clotrimazole vaginal cream for 2 weeks, symptoms are gone but my clitoris becomes red and sore after sex now plus my labia is puffy. Help?

Been using Miconazole and Vaseline because my vagina is swollen, it stings and itches. It started when I had sex with my bf several times in 1 day.

Buamps and itching on my Hymen, but also itching on my labia minors and majors also infrequently in my vagina and anal area use apple cider vinegar ?

Burning sensation inside during relationship,irritation of opening ,gyn dr prescribed clindamycin cream and miconazol hydrocortsone but no benefit?

Burns during sex and hurts to urinate after tried prescription cream doesn't work im 57 postmenapause help?

By not wiping after urinating, itching of vulva appeared.Got clotrimazol 2% cream to use 3days, it didn't help much.I still don't know what's the cause?

Can a man use vaginal yeast infection cream to treat dry peeling skin of the penis? No stds.

Can a yeast infection in ur belly button make ur stomach area ache? I'm using an anti-fungal cream & baby powder. This is the 3rd day now.

Can antibiotics cause vaginal itching? No pain/discharge. Been taking for about a week. Is it ok to use over-the-counter meds to help the itching?

Can canesten combi be used to ease the irritation caused by genital herpes?

Can clotrimazole 2% cream with 3 applicators for yeast infection can be applied externally on vulva not only inside of vagina- if itching is present ?

Can clotrimazole be used for vaginal rashes?

Can family doc treat skin issues near vulva or do I need a gyno? Had external yeast infection, now itchy (on outside) from using gold bond spray.

Can funbact-a treat vaginal itch?

Can having vagisil cream on my vulva affect my results when the nrse swab. She found no bacteria or yeast but doc diagnosed me w/vulvovaganitis?

Can i apply a cooling cream on my vagina after sex, if it's sore?

Can i apply fucicort cream to the itchy labia majora? Is it has bad effect to the vagina?

Can i put hydrocortisone or any cream in my burning and itching vigina? I have oral fruit allergy syndrome. I didn't know latex comes from trees.

Can i put on hydrocortisone ointment, usp, 1% on my genital herpes, anus..To relieve pain? Thank you

Can I use a cream containing miconazole n beclomithazone for fungal infection on my skin of scrotum.... Might it affect hormone sythesis?

Can I use adco-amethocaine cream on anus inside?

Can I use an anti fungal cream if i don't have a yeast infection but want get rid of irritation caused by wearing scented pads?

Can I use antifungal inside the rectum ? (like canesten)

Can I use anusol cream to settle down my yeast infection pain?

Can I use any baby diaper cream for the irritating itch and discomfort from my own vaginal yeast infection?

Can I use betamethasone dipropionate ointment USP 0.05 on my inflamed vulva? Inflamation is due to a yeast infection.

Can I use clotrimazole vaginal cream for itchy butthole, and I'm currently using it for fungi infection on inner thighs.

Can I use Gold Bond anti-itch cream to soothe the external itching associated with a yeast infection?

Can I use hydro cortisone cream in the opening of my vagina for redness and irritation?

Can i use hydrocortisone acetate 1.0% cream or dettol antiseptic cream on the side of my vulva (labia?) for itch and slight redness/swell/pain? virgin

Can I use hydrocortisone cream 2.5% to help with a yeast infection? Can i apply it to the outside of vagina?

Can I use lidocaine spray for vaginal itching & burning?

Can I use lotrimin (clotrimazole) ultra in place of external vaginal cream that comes with monistat?

Can I use lotrimin for jock itch on a minor yeast infection in your belly button?

Can I use nystatin triamcinolone acetonide to help with a yeast infection? Can i apply it to the outside of vagina?

Can I use plain yogurt as an antifungal cream on vagina lips?

Can I use vagasil cream on my inner labia for itching?

Can I use vagisil if I'm getting over a bad yeast infection and took medicine for it but still have some itching and soreness?

Can jock itch cause inflammation around genital region? is lotrim spray effective treatment? how long before results?

Can neosporin be used for external vagina sores?

Can nilstat (nystatin) vaginal cream be used externally? Doc said outside but pharmacist wrote internal. For treating vaginitis. Antibiotics haven't worked.

Can paracetamol infant suppositories cause local irritation? Can betamethasone be prescribed for 5 months baby for anal irritation and inflammation?

Can person with tight foreskin, who is using the steroid cream to make it looser, end up with a yeast infection there?

Can the itching be worse on day two of using Monistat 3?

Can the vagisil sensitive plus wash, help relieve itching? Of the yeast infection.

Can triamcinolone acetonide cream treat a yeast infection in belly button?

Can using candid B cream on vagina or labia cause infertility? My skin started peeling off a bit. Does this cream affect fertility?

Can vaginal irritation be help by coconut cream?

Can yeast infection medication monistat7 still work if I apply on the outside of the vag? Or do I have to shove it in?

Can you apply 0.5 hydrocotisone to head of penis/scrotum and between buttocks after burning and irritation from using an anti-fungal clotrimazole1% ?

Can you be allergic to monistar cream 3 but not the suppositories? I used the cream last night and have horrible burning pain and itching

Can you be allergic to monistat? Irritated

Can you buy vaginal internal cream for thrush?

Can you have fungal infection under only one breast? There is a brown patch, no redness or itching, doctor prescribed anti-fungal cream.

Can you have sour cream while pregnant?

Can you tell me about vulvodinia?

Can you use bactine for vaginal fissures?

Can you use clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate on a yeast infection on the outside of vagina? The person going to use this is 20 years old.

Candida albicans on my vulva whereas inside was all clear.I took canesten cream and miraclin as my doc told me but didnt work.what do you recommend me?

Caneston burns my vagina, can oregano oil be a good alternative for thrush?

Clyndmycin cream for scared to use it(used it before.i hav anxiety over allergic reactions)will i be ok.also isit supose to burn after insertin?

Could using Aloe Vera as an after shave have given me a yeast infection?

Do every time condom use affect the vaginal area? Will it causes a negative reaction (itchiness/redness/infection)...? Does it also cause yeast ?

Do I keep using clotrimazole 2% cream if male thrush has not cleared up after 2weeks & does it stop burning of male thrush?

Doctor has diagnosed me with an anal yeast infection. She said I have a slight rash. Told me to use daktacort cream. Any other treatment to recommend?

Does a (vaginal) Yeast Infection cream help herpes or makes the itching better? How about an anti itch cream (like vagisil)?

Does estrace (estradiol) irritate vulva if applied externally as my dr recommends?

Does funbact-a be used for vaginal itching?

Does Monistat cream come out yellow?

Does monistat7 cause vagina to itch more on the 1st night of using it?

Dr. On vacation. On second diflucan (fluconazole) itching is better but terrible redness and burning in vaginal opening. Feels dry and like a rough patch. Herpes?

Dr. Rx'd fluconazole 150mg for yeast infection. Said 'can repeat in 3 days'. 1st dose 27th. Is 3 days 30th? Can I use OTC yeast cream w/this? Itch!

Extreme vaginal burning, ointment/cream/coconut oil all make it worse. Can anything help? Taken diflucan & terconazole. No diabetes. Been to dr 3times

For the past 2 days I've had really bad vaginal itching. I was told to use monistat 7 but it burns/itches 10 times worse when I put it on. Help me.

For trichonomas can Flagyl be bought over-the-counter and if so how should it be taken? Also for exterior itching?

For what reason did my doctor prescribe external thrush cream?

Given lotrisone (clotrimazole and betamethasone) for penile fungal infection. Used 9 days, foreskin thinning, blueness on head. Month later, skin still thinned & burning. Concerned!

Got a dual pack for lady's yeast. So in what area do I actually apply the cream?

Got a male yeast infection, prescribed flucanzole and nystatin cream. it's been 4 days and there still redness around head and test. area. normal?

Got pres. For some kinda cortizone (hydrocortisone) cream for paper cuts in anal..used it on vagina and anal but it cause severe that normal?

Groan itch have taken diflucan (fluconazole) 2x stil itchy what can I do to rid this itch what to use.