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i have a mole on right side ov my boob and its stated itching every now n then and now has developed a red ring around it and also very dry ?

I've been experiencing pain while peeing and found a rash or bumps and they are painful and keep getting new symptoms. Then have brown discharge. ?

My breast nipple has been crusty since about last Thursday and burns. Could it be dry skin.Should I see a doctor immediately? Is that a cancer sign

prior to onset of periods,my skin becomes really sore,n Red around the bladder opening and vagina, ve tried canesten but stil burning, wot can it be?

1 week ago sore nipple to touch & red. Soreness all gone but slight red still around nipple. Used steroid cream but not regularly last few days.

14-yr old daughter, on bcp for acne. 3rd month. One nipple sore, feels like bruise, red, itchy. Possible cause?

14weeks pregnant. Very itchy with burning sensation all over.It's especially bad at night. What could the cause of this be? There's no rash either

17 Female, dry skin on nipples, no itching, bleed, discharge etc. Went away after moisturising. Should I be worried?

21y/o female,my nipples have skin that can b removed by rubbing,not itchy,no exudate,no pain,also cracked i've had it since 3 years or more,paget's??

24 yr old male about 190 weight and 5^9. Past couple days mother rash between inner thighs, also tiny red bump.Wats the cause&how should I treat it?

3 days with red itchy bumps in one side of pubis. Itching more today. Maybe hot weather? Im in a monogamous relationship for the last 2 months. Thanks

3 week old girl. Red blister like rash in bum.One bump is raw. Is this normal? She only eats breast milk. And i change her really often and use cream

5 weeks pregnant..itchy rash started on it spread to my arms.I had PUPPS with my last pregnancy..PUPPS again??

About 2 weeks ago I noticed I had this brownish mark between my breasts. Just a couple of days ago it started to peel. Is this a yeast infection?

Am 30years old and since i be 30 my skin comes more dry befor my period each month that including my lips my face and my genital is itch and dry?!

Am 44. Mammogram normal. Nipples been itching for 6 mths . No discharge, pain or lumps. Been prescribed fucicort but not much help. Wha could it be?

Am a 23 had a problem of hving pimpels on my labia minora two weeks before i see my period and i also feel like there is a skin developing below them?

Are goosebumps like pimples a pregnancy symptom?

Bad Itchiness & tingling in vagina since a week, had muscle aches & fatigue before this. Just found 2 purple spots in vagina. Never had sex. F 20?

Blisters in throat. Itchy mouth, nose. Rash on pelvis. Itchy discharge from vag. Stomach pain, distention. Weight gain.In past- chlamydia for 2months.

Can itchy breasts (red like a rash) be an early sign of pregnancy?

Can itchy feet be a sign of pregnancy?

Can low iron cause itching skin, can not find any environmental causes. Was on a period for almost 4 months, itches started after that stopped.

Could the cause of my itchy anus be because its ind of hairy? Im a teen and its not severe at all. Ill itch a couple times a day. Is it normal?

Could the isotrentinion meds i'm taking cause my anus to become red; painful with a desire to itch it which only hurts more?

Do melanomas start by bleeding and itching?

Doc my Brest are very hot and there kinda itch and ruff what do I do and what does I'd mean ?

Does irregular periods, yellow skin, cold hands, and frequent urination for 7 months sound like a hormone problem?

Does jaundice only itch if it happens during pregnancy, or do all jaundiced people itch?

Does prenatal one rainbow light brand cause dryness and itchiness in the vagina? Can pregnancy also cause it? It feels very dry and itchy. Suggestion?

Dry brown scaly on my left nipple only , no discharge or pain , It been going to a while now , showed to dr once said to apply cortisone or Vaseline ?

Dry spell a 1/2 days after period(3 days late, not preg.). Now accompanied with an itchy labia minora and an itchy clitoral hood. What could this be?

Dryness on niples....Itchy, bleeding? May i know the reason....How i'm can cure thiz?

During a period I got this lump under my skin of the side of my vagina but it's still there I usually use heat compress to go down. What is it ?

Dysmenorrhoea unbearable pain..Dark red discharge..Had to take painkiller injections..A lot of weakness..Pimple occurs..Hairfall..Dry lips..Pls help?

Earlier I was crying and started itching my skin,Now I noticed petechia on my breast/shoulder,Is that odd? Does that happen?How long does it last?

Every month when my period are coming I have a sign like itchy boobs, itchy abdomen, they said meaning my progesterone very low is that true?

Every time i start chafing, i notice one or two cyst apear is this normal?

Experiencing continuous genital shedding. Gets dry and starts to peel, flake, and itch. Also when I peel it sometimes causes redness, slight bleeding, and irritation much like a chapped lip. Was happening before I was sexually active?

Extreme itchy feeling only on breast? Not allergies/rashes. Clothes are clean & changed everyday. Recently stopped breastfeeding a month ago.

F w poss. Jock itch in groin, und belly. Rspnds to af's but not same one each time. Try2keep clean/dry. Is light bleeding normal? I have t2 dm. Help

Female with possible jock itch in groin, under belly. Responds to af's but not the same one each time. Try2keep clean/dry. Is light bleeding normal?

Female, 21 yrs, normal cycles, heavy discharge. My genitals are getting very dark these days esp labia minora. What conditions cud cause this darkening?

First time to have a dry, itchy vagina during and after period? Can anyone please help, it is itchy to the point of pain.

For a couple of months now I have had a couple of light brown spots on my pubic mound. I have PCOS - could this be the cause? No itching/flaking/pain.

For the past 2 weeks breasts have been very itchy especially at bedtime, then i noticed 2 days ago they are very sore. What could this be from?

Got a itchy rash comes right before my periods and fades away after my periods. Heard about autoimmune progesterone dermatitis what's the treatment?

Got dry itchy patch on side of nipple it itches at times on left side what can it b e and what to use and can it be the winter cold or somethin else I lotion everyday still itchy?

Groin rash that (pink in color) that is beginning to get an odor?

Had a baby sep 18 I don't breast feed never tried it. my breast are itchy , flaky dry and peeling and hurt . What is the cause?

Had a c-sec 7months ago and noticed my scar is itching a lot is there a reason why?

Had clean mammo 5 months ago.Clean.For abt ten days I have had intermittent nipple pain.No discharge or redness or scaling.How likely is this cancer?

Had mirena (levonorgestrel) coil fitted 2 months ago and iseem to be having really itchy breasts also they are very painful and lumpy. It's extremely itchy and painful?

Have flaky stuff where my pubic hair begins and itching. Went and got checkd STD free. What is the problem? ?

Having rashes around lower labia majora since my second day period. Tried calmoseptine didn't work. It's been one week already. Still itchy. Help!

Having sex weekly with new partner. Everytime, itching after from 6-7 ingrown hairs... She's on top most of the time. Never had this problem though. She's a little bit heavy? Could she have jock itch?

Hello -- I have had a sore "rash" like symptoms that appeared after my period -- this rash, has made my vaginal skin dry, and it has started peeling, besides this, it is painful, and itchy. The Labia Minora has become inflamed and extremely sore. What do

Hello I have red itchy spoty around my private. What is it and how do I stop it, its been going on for a while now. About 4 days. I am a female. ?

Hello i have this serious breakout it started on my armpits and now its under my break it itches and bleeds sometimes what could it be ?

Hello, I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm experiencing discomfort with my right breast. It's been itchy and dry at times. I put a bandaid over it with so?

Hello, I am a 19 year old female. Not pregnant. I have notice that on my left breast on the areola that there are dry, scaly and itchy patches. I've had this since about November of 2015 and it's been bothering me ever since. During the time I have have

Hello, for over a couple of months I have itching on my left breast, one particular spot.Itching gets intense right before and during my period or if ?

Hello, why would a skin tag (neck) have a discharge and bleed for well over an hour?

Hello. I am a 48 yr old female. Have been having a problem with itchy breasts/ nipples for the past 6 to 8 months or so. Im 48 yrs old with 2 kids/men. (22 and 25 yrs old) itchy nipples and scratching til they are raw and bleed is my problem having som

Help having aches pains.erractic periods.sleepless nights and itchy skin.this perimenopause?

Hi doc my nipples are itching bad and they hurt but also my period is on?

Hi doctor please help me i have been itchy nipple a couple months ago what does it mean ? Honestly I'm afraid and really irritating me :(

Hi Doctor,I have itching back with small red pimples and also itching in the eye which last for nearly 3 weeks. Is it hiv? I had unprotected sex before 5 weeks. I go to gym and sweat a lot normally. Is itching on back is because of acnes? Is itching on ey

Hi have very faded pink - light brown rash well below nipple on boob . No bumps , doesn't itch but It also smells under there . Ideas? How to treat?

Hi I have a weird itch on my corpus spongiosum, wondering whats causing it. Thanks?

Hi I have changed my pill to the everyday pill and am on my 3rd month however my skin has gone very dry and oily and my breasts are extremely sore.

Hi i have wart like lumps on my labia which are itchy but also i hav redness to.i bleed between menstral periods and hav discharge to wat could this b?

Hi im a 19 year old male about 1 month ago both of my nipples became very itchy and it caused me to scratch them after about 1 week my left aroela bec?

Hi just before my @ had red flat round sores around vaginal lips, no untypical discharge, burning pain when urinated. All gone after period.Whas that?

Hi my names is Tierra. I am having problem in my vagina area. It be itching and if I snatch it to hard it start bleeding. It's red and it look brown.

Hi over past2weeks hav facial redness feels hot and itchy im 45 female

Hi there my wife noticed that I have some whitish areas of depigmentation on my back. I have no symptoms although I have been under some stress.

Hi there. My husband and I currently are experiencing a terrible itch all over our bodies with no visible sign of a rash. Irritation only appears after scratching. I am worried because we have a 7 week old daughter and I am at a loss as to what is wrong o

Hi, suspecting pregnancy, have nausea and vomiting but no bumps on areolas some pores look like they are opening on my nipples, NT like shown on net?

Hi, I have nipple discharge recently but now it become scab . Its not painful . I have eczema which is very bad. Can I know if this is cancer?

Hi, I have nipple discharge recently but now it become scab . Its not painful . I have eczema which is very vad. Can I know if this is cancer?

Hi, now am pregenent of 8th month, now am suffering with itching with heavy rashes on my stomach and body.Please advice me the tips for releifing from?

How can YOU DIFFERENTIATE Cholestasis of pregnancy from other itching. Having random spots of itching that feel like prikles on my skin. 28 weeks toda?

How to treat bleeding scabbing breasts?

Hysterectomy 6/16/16. Now have intense itching of palms & bottom of feet. Is there a connection? Itching started 7/2/16

I 42 years old I have not had a period in over a month. I have tender and itchy breasts. Itchy clitoris light cramping feeling and a lot of gas.

I one day due ro my af. Sore breast and lotion mucus from vagina..Any clue?

I am 21 weeks pregnant & for the past couple weeks my armpits have been itching really bad. What could this be?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and am I so itchy all over my body for the past week. What can cause this?

I am 42. I woke up 2 days ago and my nipples are sore. I am past having children. No new bra or laundry detergent. Also noticed small bumps around nip?

I am 53 and in the stages of menopause, but my vulva feels irritated, no bumps or rash, just a feeling, should i worry about this?

I am 7 mo pregnant and my feet are really itchy ! is there anything i can do? Is this normal?

I am 7 week pregnant and itchy all over especially in my lady region. What could this be and how can I treat it?

I am 71 yrs old and have been in menopause since my late 30's. Dryness suddenly elevated and got what I treated as jock itch. What's up?

I am 7mos. Pregnant and suffers from hemmoroid that secreates watery discharge that worsen the itch &now have rashes around the anus area. What to do?

I am a 27 year old non breastfeeding female and my left areola has become scaly and dry. There is no itching. What should I do? Is this minor?

I am a 42 year old woman, I have dealt with athletes foot & jock itch in the past, now a week before my menses they come back & go away after 2 weeks?

I am a male, 81 years old. I recently experienced clear discharges from both nipples, but mostly from the left. I am also experiencing burning, itchy rashes around both nipples, on my arms, and my shins. I am getting symptomatic relief from triamcinolo

I am cold but my stomach is hot and red, but not itchy. I should be receiving my period on the 11th. Never happened before. Is my period to blame?

I am currently experiencing dry flaky skin on right breast .. some on left breast as well. On and around areola.. Could this be due to dry skin?