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 am taking cipropan and cikaclox at the same time is it risky for uti or yeast n how will you know wen the infection is gone although m on my period?

bacterial infection armpi & my doctor refuses to give me oral clindamycin bc I don't have bumps but I'm having odor & tried topical mupirocin & clind?

I have 1 eye that off and on has swollen, the skin is red. I don't have allergies. My doctor gave me a z pack for a sinus infection but no change.

toward the end of my period i got a uti it went away with cranberry juice i keep drinking cranberry juice but it keeps coming back?

“My rectum has been itching for months. Doctor thought it was parasites and gave Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Mabendezole, but didn't help. Now spreading around area?

1 week ago i started zyban (bupropion) to quit smoking and i went up 300mg and I have started to itch all over. No hives or spots just goes red from itching help?

10 days ago started Elmiron (pentosan) and Tamulosin for prostatitis . First week felt good. Almost free from pain! but 3 days ago it all came back. is it ok ?

11m son took azithromycin went wqt side and now rash all over that disappear and reappears in random spots getting worse as far as pain? Doc app tues.

14 days of diflucan (fluconazole) followed by 10 days of augmenting and my belly button is still infected. Help!

14month old on amoxicillin for an ear infection and he is developing a rash on his face . Is this a reaction?

15mo daughter has rash on chest & back, neck & slightly on her face. She is on amoxicillin for an ear infection started Friday. Drug reaction or virus?

17 y/o daughter had tonsils/adenoids removed 2 days ago. Doc gave her scrip 4 prednisolone.Had bad reaction (red flushed face/headaches). Ok to stop?

1st trimester risk of taking 1000 mg amoxicillin?

2 days ago I felt discomfort and knew it was a UTI so I took Azo a day later I started to have vaginal bleeding?

2 days of UTI - been chugging cranberry juice but this morning (after taking 1st antibiotic) noticed blood in urine, and the burn is back. What next?

2 month skin infection with swollen lymph. I had Amoxicillin/clavulanic, terbinafin and cortisone. It is still there. any further ideas?

2 tick bites, 3-4 weeks old, itchy, oozing, inflamed. On oral antibiotic but not helping. Pcp says he doesn't know. Dermatologist booking 1-2 months.

25weeks pregnant. pus cell &yeast positive in vagina.antibiotic cefuroxime(14)7days& fluconazole50mg 3ngts+neosten vt200 6ngts prescribed. is it safe?

26 weeks pregnant have mrsa,had a nasal ointment treatment 2 months ago,retested now and still have it,why still there?i started treatment again t

27, male, diagnosed with epididymitis treated with doxy and cipro (ciprofloxacin) 7d each, now I have strong pain after urinating, particularly if i drink little wate?

2days ago my 10momth old was prescribed amoxicillin for ear infection today i noticed a rash on the sides of his face. Should i be concerned?

3 yo is on amoxicillin for strep, 5 days now. But she has lesions that look like hand, foot, mouth. Do i keep giving her the antibiotics?

3 yr old has abscess inner butt cheek was lanced monday in ER on antibiotics oral & topical. When can he return to daycare is he still contagious?

3 yr old has strep and rash on wrists. How long till amoxicilin helps clear rash (if related to strep)? Any creams or lotions that can help with pain?

32 weeks pregnant takin nitrofur-marc 100mg for a bad kidney infectin I had its makin my lady area very uncomfortable what can I do to sooth discomfort?

32 yr old male with uti taking cipro (ciprofloxacin). A. Will it affect my sperm count? B. Can antibiotics affect child? C. Will it affect sperm later,created today?

39y/o male w/ small brown spot in urine when urinating, on/off hot & cold feeling/chills, nausea, and diarrhea. I stopped taking antibiotic 2 days ago?

4 mo old has eye infection -dr gave erythromycin eye oint for 5 days but 3 days after tx done eye producing puss again! Can I restart the treatment?

4 year old was diagnosed with impetigo on his face and started cephalexin yesterday. He says its "itchy". What can I put on the spot to soothe it?

4th day out of 5 day treatment of macrobid, still a uti, breaking out in cold sores and just got my period which is making the UTI worse. Help?

5 days ago, swelling right side of face. Took keflex, swelling cont. Back to md. Taking levoflaxin & mumps test. Puffing under eye-swelling over ear.

5 days cephalexen for UTI 500 2x a day. Today 4th day feeling mostly better but I still burn when I accidentally hold my bladder, no time else Normal?

5 days took keflex ear ache very bad stomach burning urine taking cranberry and vitamin C started take cipro (ciprofloxacin) 5 dys yeast infect micro naz very il?

5 month old dd was on 10 day keflex for weepy eczema, the oozing continues and her allergist wants her to continue the keflex for another 14 days.?

5 year old female with a generalized macular rash and fever. Started Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) 2 weeks ago for a skin infection. Viral titers are negative. Suggestion?

57 yr old male with prostatitis 2 months ago. Took all meds but i have been urinating sideways since it began. What to do?

5th day of red eye-conjunctavitis...What is best solution ...Evidently tobramycin may not be ..Depending on viral or bacterial infection.Strong antibi?

6 days ago he was diagnosed with cellulitis he was prescribed antibiotics and benydril his foot is still swollen and he in pain! Is it Normal??

6 year old finished 10 days of amoxicillin 24 hours ago. Now has red non-raised rash on arms and legs, bothering her much. Is she allergic?

6 yr old started amox yesterday for strep throat took it many times before today has non itchy red eye bags, acts fine is it a reaction?

60 yrs old. Finished day 10 of prevpac (lansoprazole amoxicillin and clarithromycin). 4 more days to go. So far, some diarrhea & vaginal itch. Should i worry about any new side effects appearing?

6mos baby on antibiotics for UTI has had 2 wet pampers for 12hrs with little urine should I take him to the er?

6yr old has strep throat started amox yest. Today had itchy red thigh he took amox many times before in oct took for 6 out of 10 days is this allergy ?

7 month old baby taking cephalexin for UTI for the past 7 days. Has severe rash. Is she allergic?

70% body covered in staph, on course of tetracycline for 6wks. I don't care for that type of antibiotic. Is there home remedies to care for the itch?

74 year old woman on cipro (ciprofloxacin) 250 mg bid for 3 or 5 or 7 days for uncomplicated UTI symptoms gone after 2 days now have sore foot should I go for 3 5 or 7 days ?

8 month old took penicillin for 7 days for ear infection on 8 th day of treatment he had red spots on his body and backdid he have allergic reaction?

8 nth old ear infection came back allergic to penicillin, took 2.5 ml azithromycin 5 hours ago now he has 5 red areas with white middle. Allergy?

9mth old girl swollen red and hard nipple! She is being treated for impetigo with Erythromycin 200 syrup and Bactroban (mupirocin) ointment. Should I worry, Boil?

A boil more than 10 days, large and on buttocks. Treatment day 8 and resumes. Switched from Stafine to Injectible Sefuroksim. Boundaries have abscess?

A friend keeps getting boils one after another in different areas. Hes had antibiotics each time & used bactroban (mupirocin) for 3days. Why? What else can he do?

A friend of mine have a tooth infection which she is not aware off. She was told to use cleocin (clindamycin phosphate) but she can't stand the pain.

A male on estecina500mg ciprofloxacin. Planning to make wife pregnant during the course of antibiotics. Any harm on pregnancy or baby later on?

A nurse gave me ceftriaxone for kidney infection a week ago and I got this bruise still. Why? What can I do? Is there any faster healing?

A vulvar red swelling, hot ,tender ,no pus yet, should i take sytemic antibiotic ?? or topical Fucidin is enough ???

About 1 week ago i developed purple red spots all over my legs , stomach and buttocks. I was taking azithromycin for URI when it began.?

Abscess on my bum. Doc did a culture & it's MRSA. Been taking doxycycline & it's getting smaller very quickly. Is this curable? How to prevent it?

Acyclovir 800mg, took one pill last night and woke w/ swollen face. Taking for shingles, rash is on face as well. Please help me I have no ins..

After 4 months of recurring boils I went into a topical antimicrobial treatment and healed for 7 month.Now I got a new boil.What happened? Thanks docs

After a completed 3 day course of trimethorprim for UTI, cloudiess, bleeding etc cleared but still urgency and discomfort. Wait or get more?

After being on a picc line for drug invanz (ertapenem) and the more ab's (after a surgical inf.), i now have staph on my skin. Mupirocin not working.I'm worried..

After misoprostol which antibiotic take for swelling at vigina.

After taking a sublingual phenergan (promethazine) I have developed two red round sours on my frenulum. They are very painful and have been there for 3 days?

After three rounds of antibiotic (hobo spider bite rt breast) pain increasing while off antibiotics.. Help bite jan.7 3 rounds of cephalexin 500

All day I have been exhausted & tonight it burned when i peed. Having had bladder infections before I am scared that is what it is - take azo?

Allergic reaction our 8 year old daughter was placed on amoxicillin antibiotic by one of her doctors for 10 days for throat infection/fever. On or about the 10th day; she woke up with hives, left eye swollen shut, red marks through out her body. We took

Allergy to bactrim, (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) I was using an albuterol sulfate inhaler. I have muscle aches, large itchy bumps, and abdominal pain. These two allergies related?

Along with tropical antibiotics cream for burn infection can I have an IV based antibiotics since my stomach is sensitive for antibiotics?

Also the abscess came back after i have taken three doses of antibiotics, until i can get to the doctor i applied oregano oil to help with infection?

Always feeling the need to urinate. Doxycycline helped, but after 6 weeks it came back.Clear UTI&STD tests.Emptying bladder fully+?

Am an IV meth user and missed when shooting in arm 2 days ago, its now swollen and red and appears to be abssessed, what do I do I have been taking clindamycin 150 mg cap

Am i still supposed to be having kidney pain (burning), a fever and a headache if i'm on my 6th day of cefdinir for uti? I have 4 more pills to take.

Am in my first trimester of pregnancy and have tested positive for uti. Doc prescribed amoxyllin, is it safe?

Amoxycillin trihydrate 500 mg, potassium clavulanate as diluted125 mg is this medicine safe to take two times a day during fifth month pregnancy?

Antibiotic over 3 weeks and have maybe have tonsillitis and now have a rash on hands, arms, and face. Is this caused by meds?

Antibiotics is in the system can I still conceive?

Antibiotics while conception is it ok?

Any link btw birth control pills and UTIs? Have recurrent UTIs for years & many tests, UR dil, scope,anatomy normal. Went off BC recent and UTI stop!

Anything to help cure folliculitis that is not antibiotics? have heard antibiotics are only temporary and it can make the condition worse in long run?

Are amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets to use during pregnancy?

Are antibiotics used for bleeding in the first trimester?

Are there antibiotics i can buy for an infected toe?

Are there any antibiotics i can buy for an infected toe?

Are there any antibiotics like tetracycline that come in liquid form?

Are there any surgeries that exist to help me with UTIs? I'm taking antibiotics every time I have sex but still get occasional UTIs out of nowhere.

Armpit infection for 1yr & I'm just now getting treatment for it. My derm gave me mupirocin & it's not working I'm still having odor. Wat could it be?

Azithromycin vs trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Which would be better to go clean up acne and scars?

Baby on amoxicillan for double ear infection broke out in rash on day 7.. Is this allergic reaction? Older daughter had hives on day 10..Worried.

Bacterial infection on pelvic and groin. Perscribed keflex. Is slight skin flake normal? Heavy soreness is that usual? How long does it take to heal?

Bactrim gave me a rash,covers my body. Stopped taking meds.How do I get the rash to go away?What treatment for flushing these toxins? Eyes burning too

Been givn taximo200 twice uripas thrice domtac twice a day for UTI can I take uripas&domtac once as i don't hav pain or much irritation whil urinating?

Been itching on vaginal area for the last 3days but im ok now..and i could feel some kind of upcoming uti..will cranberry juice and mefenamic help?

Been on keflex for skin staph infection in incision on foot. Now have pure watery diarrhea (no solid). Should I switch antibiotic? Still have 9 days

Been on UTI antibiotics for 2 days. Peeing is easier but still getting bad kidney pain. Should I wait it out or go to hospital? Doc's off work today

Been on zosyn IV x 7 days, then cipro (ciprofloxacin) and another abx for 7 days. I developed a painless, itchy bumps around the monspubis and inner thighs with a yes?

Been taking amoxicillan for group b strep uti, now have burning in my spine should I be concerned?

Been taking antibiotics for uti. 2ND day on meds my Urethra was swollen pain, discharged and blood. Should I be concerned? I have 3 more days on med

Been taking bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) for 10days. Now have black bleeding sores in my mouth. Hives . Went to urgent care gave me steroid shot. Now i noticed some red sore in my eye. Should i go back to doctor of will this go away?

Been taking ciproflaxacin 500mg/phenazopyridine 100mg for 5days urinary track infection but i continue with low back pain waist level. Is it normal?

Been taking Macrobid for 3 nights now for uti. Still burning urine and my back and pelvis hurts a lot. What to do?