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Have an ear infection and wanted to know if Amoxicillint will make me sleepy? I have finals in two days!

1 yr 4 m had Tonsilitis 2 month ago,took cefpodox.bronchitis 1 month ago,took tonsillitis again.give antibiotic?white patch on tonsils+fever

17, difficulty swallowing, doctor said infection and gave me penicillin vk, 2 day now and it doesn't seem any better; i'm so scared i'm dying help me?

17, difficulty swallowing, doctor said throt infection and got penicillin, but 4 days days in and not getting better or worse, am i dying :( help me?

17, difficulty swallowing, doctor says infection and gave me 6 days penicillin 5 days in i don't feel better? Im so scared I have cancer, I have OCD 2

2 months ago had strep b. Ciproflaxin = feel better. Last week sore throat for 9 days. Ciproflaxin=better. Swab negative . Did I have a bacterial inf?

2 year old has strep throat .taking meds for 3 fever sleeps all the this normal?

21 yr. Old still having really bad stomach pain after finishin antibiotic monday for uti.Probiotics seem to make it worse instead of helpin.What could?

21d w/bronchitis & sinus infection. In the last 2d, finally starting to feel better, 75%. Just done 17-days of ceftin, (cefuroxime) after a z-pack. Still phlegmy/congested. Do i wait before going back to dr?

22 month old has strep she's around five month old a lot. Five month old has all the symptoms of strep. Doc refused to take a culture. What to do?

23 & healthy. Got a persistent cold (3 weeks). Went to family doctor & got amoxicillin (?). Finished it..Should i go see a specialist now? Ent?

25w pregnant. Bad cough/sore throat\dr said URI. 3rd day on zpack still not feeling better. Wait longer or go back to dr?

3 days ago doctor gave me antibiotics (for 10 days)for epididymitis & now I'm feeling better , so now is it safe to masturbate ?

3 yr old has strep throat. Looking back, she started symptoms 2 weeks before getting meds. Worried that we left it untreated for so long. Harmful?

3-year old was on amoxicillin and clavulanate after a sore throat. She developed hives & swollen joints after10 days of antibiotics. What could it be?

4yr old son, positive strep culture today. Now has rash in a few places on body. Started antibiotics today. Do i take him back in? High fever also!

5 days ago diagnosed sinus & chest infection.Taking clarithromycin since and feel worse with each day passed. Feel sick after taking meds. Any advice?

5 months pregnant &I have a really bad cold. I was prescribed z-pack to help with the infection, but I'm concerned because I had an ablation for svt?

5th straight positive for strep after 4 different rounds of antibiotics. Keeps coming back 2 days later. Can my GERD be causing this if i'm a carrier?

7 yr old just finished augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for 10 days for strep throat feels fine no fever but has small yellow patch on tonsil is that normal or still strep?

7 yr old on day 9 of 10 augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for strep throat ENT said could still see little strep on tonsils does he need more days to take antibtics no fever ?

7 yr old with pandas, tried augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) and now 2 weeks later tested pos again for strep eventhough throat looks clear, which antibiotic should he use?

A seven month has congestion, is on antibioctics and inhalers not getting a lot better what could it be? He has been in the hospital, just not much better this has been going on about three months

About how long before an antibiotic will start to make you feel better?Is it normal to feel worse before better?Today is my 2nd day.sinuses/bronchitis

After 3 days of having strep throat and taking antibiotics can I kiss my boyfriend on the fourth day ?

After a full round of antibiotics I am still sick should I go back to the doctor?

After how long of taking antibiotics for strep throat when are you no longer contagious?

After i get better from strep throat what things should I avoid after finishing the antibiotics?

After starting antibiotics how long until other family members would notice symptoms if they were getting strep throat?

Although I'm feeling better from my antibiotic meds for pneumonia I am still coughing and have a sore throat and not feeling strong enough for work. Been on meds for 4 1/2 days. When do I go ahead and push myself to get back to work?

Amoxicillin 400mg BID for 10 days for pneumonia and ear infection. In my 5yo. Does that sound about right? Pneumonia shouldn't get worse right?

Amoxillin can cure tonsilittis?

Antibiotics 10 days ago for sinus infection. Finished antis on Tuesday, felt better. Last night sore throat has returned. Do I need more antibiotics?

Antibiotics make me feel better after 3 days but I feel its only 50%. What should I do if it doesn't heal completely. Chest infection. Supplies ending?

Are antibiotics absolutely required when you have a strep throat?

Are antibiotics needed if it's not strep throat?

At what point after completing my Rx for strep do I need to consider mono and how bad would I be feeling if that was a concern?

Bacterial infection i was diagnosed thurs and given amoxicillin to take for 10 days i'm on day 4 and still feel same how much longer to feel better?

Been getting sick a lot(2-4 monthly).Was given antibiotics several times.Im doing my best to get healthier now.Would a probiotic be a good idea? Tips?

Been on antibiotics for 3 days now for strep. On the second night something happened to my ghroat and now it's in a lot of pain.

Been on antibiotics penicillin VK for 6 days still still positive for strep with home test how long till it's clear is this normal ?

Been on antibiotics penicillin VK for 6 days still still positive for strep with home test how long till it's clear is this normal ? Feel good now

Been on clotrimazole for oral thrush for 5 days, not clearing up, seems to be getting worse. Have dr. Appt tomorrow morning but shouldn't it be better?

Besides antibiotics what is a good home remidee to treat strep throat. I can't afford to go to a doctor for penicillin.

Besides going to the doctors and taking antibiotics, what are some good ways to get rid of a fever fast?

Biaxin (clarithromycin) xl safe third trimester? I have strep throat and allergic to penacilin.

Both of my sinuses or whatever are called , are swollen.Is that normal?What can I take to get better?

Can a bacterial infection from a tick bite make you have bad stomach pain and absolutely no appetite and how long should I expecpt to be down for?

Can a shot of ampicillin or pills best clear up strep throat?

Can a shot of pencillin be used to treat strep throat?

Can a swollen throat go down without antibiotics? Or would it take too long?

Can a throat culture be done while on antibiotics for strep throat? Last monday i was diagnosed with strep. My throat was hurting but tonsils weren't and i was able to eat properly. The doctor prescribed augmentin. I've been on it for about a week. Today

Can amoxicillin cure cough?

Can amoxicillin treat strep throat in an infant? What would be the dosage for a five month old?

Can ampicillin clear up strep throat?

Can azithromycin 5-day pack cure UTI, Chlamydia & Strep throat all at one time? If I have all 3 at one time will this antibiotic kill all at one time?

Can cefuroxime be used for strep throat?

Can clindamycin be used for strep throat?

Can clindamycin cure strep throat?

Can clindamycin cure tonsillitis and strep throat im using it for bacterial vaginosis but my throat is infected?

Can drinking amoxilin antibiotitics for sore throat give me a yeast infection if so what should I do?

Can healthtap doctors prescribe antibiotics for strep throat?

Can i drink alcohol after penicillin injection for strep throat?

Can i drink alcohol after penicillin injection for strep throat?

Can I drink alcohol even though I have strep throat and am taking 500m amoxicillin?

Can I get H1N1while on an antibiotic?

Can I get strep throat if I have already been taking amoxicillin and clindomycin for about a week now for something else?

Can I have 1 or maybe 2 drinks while i'm taking cefdinir for strep throat?

Can I sing an opera tonight if I have strep throat, but I have been on antibiotics for 24 hours?

Can I still take my roxicet if I have strep throat?

Can i take cough drops & antibiotics at the same time? Having sore throat right now. & i'm finishing antibiotics for abscess i had last week.

Can I take Macrobid for a UTI and cephelexin for strep throat? Thanks in advance.

Can I take NyQuil with my zpack I was prescribed for strep throat?

Can I use ciprofloxacin for strep throat if i can't afforade the doc?

Can I use doxycycline to treat strep throat?

Can inflammatory breast cancer symptoms get better with antibiotics and then get worse once off antibiotics ?

Can macrobid be used for a sinus infection or strep throat or tonsillitis ?

Can Macrobid be used for throat infecton?

Can macrodantin (nitrofurantoin) treat my strep throat?

Can my strep throat and antibiotics have any bad effect on the baby i'm carrying?

Can nitrofurantoin mono/mac be used to treat strep throat/a sore throat?

Can partialy treated ear infec cause strep throat in 6yr old he took amxicil for 6.5 days & cefdnir a month later for 10 days fr strep. Complications?

Can phnemonia run it's course and go away without treatment ?

Can someone tell me how long will my strep throat symptoms take to disappear after starting antibiotics?

Can someone with gangrene that wont take care of it properly cause germs to spread?Ive been going to meetings with her and gotten tonsillitis and stre

Can strep throat have resistant strain to azythromycin?

Can strep throat return if you have taken the antibiotics for it and a shot? I had it a little over a month ago, can it come back that quickly?

Can taking shots of vinegar help my throat infection?

Can there be any alternative medicine for strep throat?

Can there be any way to treat strep throat with out taking antibiotics?

Can tooth infection cause myocarditis antibiotics for two weeks really tired legs reAlly hurting dizzy and scared ?

Can u get cold despite taking antibotics?

Can u take cipro (ciprofloxacin) for chest cold and sore throat?

Can you die from bronchitis or will it run its course and go away without antibiotics?

Can you drink on amoxicillin. I just got diagnosed with a bad sinus infection. And will b going on spring break in one week (saturday).Is ok to drink?

Can you drink while on cefadroxil (antibiotics) for strep throat?

Can you get biaxin (clarithromycin) out of your body quickly somehow?

Can you have a outsourcing while you have strep throat? How soon can the surgery be done after starting antibiotics?

Can you help? I woke up with strep throat, should I take antibiotics?

Can you kisss someone who had strep but has been on the antibiotics for more than 24 hours?