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Treated for uti, that turned out to be BV. The meds seem to be working and UA was clean - now my hip and groin ache. Is psoas abscess possible?

13500 WBC 46% lymps, chronic muscle deep tissue infection, pain in knees. Responded using ciprofloxicin to tr ear infection. Blood culture next?

2 weeks ago, i took cipro (ciprofloxacin) (750mg 2x/day) for a uti. After 2 days, i felt pain and numbness in my hands, feet and face. The UTI was gone by day 2, but the pain gets worse daily. Is this treatable?

2 weeks ago, i was hospitalized for 4 days for IV antibiotics for cellulitis in both legs. Is lingering leg pain post antibiotics typical?

2 years ago had ecoli kidney infection treated x2 antibiotics . Still get the same pain which makes me feel very unwell and exhausted . Scans = nil?

25yr old low back pain fever headache- go to ER neg kidney bladder inf stone norm wbc-er 3 day later, amox as precaution- ER 4 day later sore throat?

28 weeks pregnant, diagnosed with enterococcus species of bacteria at 10, 000 colonies/ml, have slight lower back pain. Do i need to be treated for uti?

3 rounds of cipro (ciprofloxacin) for UTI post da Vinci hysterectomy , severe groin/flank pain fever and itching is back two days off med. Can this wait a week?

3 yr old Dx with UTI and Rx antibiotic. Complaining more of tummy pain now (started med in am) than before (had 5 days of fever). Is this normal?

30 weeks pregnant, uti diagnosed, taking microbid. Problem- fever 101.8, pain in left kidney. On day 2 of antibiotics. Hospital or no?

39/f to ER last night diagnosis w/kidney infection on CT scan. IV fluid & antibiotics &morphine/other. Home w cipro (ciprofloxacin). How long will severe back pain last?

4am temp 99.2 while receiving IV antibiotics 11h post-op & shooting pain from 1 of the 4 wounds from surgery while on toradol.Are these signs of infx?

4dsago finish 28dy of antibiot for diverticulitis, I also have chronic prostatitis today having burning urine,chills,99.0 temp can it be prost or div?

4th day of antibiotics following on from confirmaction of UTI 3 days remaining. Symptoms not improved. Could it still clear?

5yr old 104 fever for 5days ER twice checked urine it was good antibiotics not working been having some septic issues where u can smell it inside?

7 year old's throat culture positive for mrsa. Headache, stomach pain, limb pain for past week. On clindamyacin. Can MRSA cause systemic symtoms?

70 yrs old F is on IV antibiotics for 5 dys for UTI infection that spread. Fever is gone but urination has increased she looks pale & week. Pl advise.

A week ago I was diagnosed with appendistis and was put on antibiotics will the problem come back after a week? Or am I clear?

About a month ago i had kidney stones. 2 weeks later i got gastroentritis for about a week. Just as it has cleared up, this week i have got really bad chest infection why am i so prone to infections?

About three ago i was diagnosed with chronic appendicitis, i was given antibiotics, though it somewhat stopped the twitch, it is now back, what to do?

Achy feeling in uterus. Had taken antibiotics for a lung infection that led to a yeast Inf. It's been treated and cured. Period in 7 days.

After being on cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Flagyl for 48 hrs for my first diagnosed diverticulitis I am having some groin pain mostly when lying down. All on left side.

After getting treated for gonorrhea I still have lower abdominal pain, nausea etc. Could it be that I have PID even though I took atibiotics?

After having urinary issues for 2 months the scope showed that i have urethritis but ive taken many antibiotics in those 2 months,so why isnt it cured?

After one month treatment of enterococcus in semen with augmentin and cipro, (ciprofloxacin) initial symptoms seem to fade, but slight pain/discomfort appeared on testicles during the last 2 days. Should i worry?

Alread cured from UTI but my mild lightheadedness (all time) still remain. How come?

Am having a sever throat pain for a week, diagnosed follicular tonsillitis, and was prescribed ceftriaxone 1g im once daily, i ve taken 2 and still hurts?

Am recovering from another Diverticulitis infection w/ UTI as well. This is 3rd UTI since Oct. Have had yellow loose stools. See a urologist? Thnx!

Been diagnosed for prostatis for 1-2 years ago.Havent been suffering since then.Now last days,the symptoms came back? What can i do?Antibiotics again?

Been taking cipro (ciprofloxacin) for 7 days now for a kidney infection. 500mg 2x per day. I am still having kidney pain. How long should the pain last?

Been to the doctors today and have got antibiotics for the 3rd kidney infection I've had in 9months. What could be causing them?

Bilateral epydidimitis.Treated with cipro (ciprofloxacin) for 3 w. Infection is gone and us showed only epydidimits.Tenderness decreased but not gone, is it normal?

Bilateral mastoid pain with fever and chills for 2 weeks despite amoxicillin & azithromycin. Ct scan neg. Nsaids useless for pain. What could it be?

Bladder infection seemed to clear up with potassium citrate after a few days it returned and I retreated the symptoms improved however not at night?

Bladder pain in 78 year old women who has been treated 3xs in the last year for what her doctor thought was a bladder infection with keflex, s?

Bladder spasm symptoms since yesterday; any OTC treatment to help?

Burning when peeing. Aching in groin. No appetite and very fatigued. Just finished a course of penicillin for seven days from strep. ?

Can a periodontal fistula tract heal itself? I have no pain now or swelling or visible tract. Took antibiotics as prescription one week.

Can ciprofloxacin treat an infection for the tube on the bk of ure testicle?

Can continuous use of ibuprofen cause kidney infections?

Can diverticulosis cause me to feel pressure on my bladder? I've had diverticulitis recently/cleared up with antibiotics.

Can kidney stones cause a 4 year long bladder infection? Tried macrobid, ceftin, (cefuroxime) rocephin shots, & stone removal (which was nearly fatal). Now what?

Can recurrent uti/ antibiotic use cause ic? Is it normal to have slight pain/sensitivity during urination after treatment?

Can sulfamethoxazole treat diverticulitis pain?

Can you take an ibuprophen for suspected kidney infection or pulled muscle?

Can you tell me for the pain and a prescription for ED a hist and levofloxacin 500 mg, is it just the infection?

Cellulitis from cts 4 days in ER on IV antibiotics. Sever pain and no strength. Dr says its ok heal time 6-7months. I can't even work now. Help ?

Could this be related to antibiotics?(specifically cipro, (ciprofloxacin)and macrobid) I was DX with bacterial orchitis. Have noticeable purple veins/minor discomfort

Cystocele from c-hyst 20yr ago. Now 2 bladder infections in 3mo: 1st e coli now gbs. Got Macrobid before culture came back, still pain 4 days later?

Cystoscopy went well! dr didn't see anything, but said urethra was pretty red. Prescribed antibiotic. Pain for 8mos now. Infections can last that long?

Daughter was diagnosed with UTI given 5 days of Zithromax 500 MG. 102 fever 4 days, back pain, nausea. Concerned kidney infection. Will Zithromax work?

Dear Doctor, can Cipro cause (severe) nerve damage? I've been prescribed 500 mg for UTI symptoms I had in Oct & Nov. Now Im experiencing nerve pain.

Diagnosed epididymitis 2 weeks ago using cipro (ciprofloxacin). Last week urinary results were clear, but I have still a little sore, when it resolves completely?

Diagnosed for Epididymo-Orchitis 2 weeks ago. I've completed the 5 days Cefalexin antibiotic tablets. No pain now but mild swelling. Can I masturbate?

Diagnosed w epididymitis from chlamydia in 2005. Treated with doxycline but epididymis has remained enlarged. Pain has been awful lately. Solutions?

Diagnosed w urethritis 4 days ago, I still have white discharge, pain while urinating. Also Dr. gave shot of Rocephin (ceftriaxone) and 1g zithromax. ?

Diagnosed w/ chlamydia tue, took 1g azithromycin. Now worry I spread it to my eyes (burning, watery. Will that resolve, or do I need to go back to Dr?

Diagnosed w/ prostatitus. Put on levofloxacin (1 pill daily/500mg) for 14 days & am in 7th day. While pain "during" urination is gone still have medium pain in head of penis off and on after. Normal?

Diagnosed with a UTI today - prescribed antibiotics - pain only at the end of urination and a small amount of blood on tp - kidney infection?

Diagnosed with a UTI yesterday, was given antibiotics for it, have severe pain in my kidney area, fever of 101.4 and am shakey, what can I do?

Diagnosed with bacterial infection already did one round of antibiotics acute diarrhea has come back .I had this for 13 wks. What should my Dr be doi?

Diagnosed with diverticulitis was given cipro (ciprofloxacin) & flagyl Day 4 and my lymph nodes in my neck are huge. should I discontinue use my neck hurts?

Diagnosed with epididymitis but std x 2 and uti tests clear pain persists L testicle and L back. 14 2 x day doxyc prior results. Is it safe to hv sex?

Diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis. Taking antibiotics for 3 weeks now & pain gone. Swelling redness reduced.Now worried as no ejaculation during sex?

Diagnosed with kidney infection. Was on cyporiflaxin for 2 weeks. Still got UTI and worse pain. Help?

Diagnosed with non-lactating mastitis 3rd time.antibiotics rid fever&pain but unbearable itching rash.cancer? or could it be anything else?

Diagnosed with pyelonephritis, got cipro, (ciprofloxacin) been on it for a few days,but the pain just keeps on getting worse,decreased appetite,more vomiting. Help?

Diagnosed with UTI 6 days ago… Taking antibiotic twice daily… Bleeding has become worse and pain spread to lower left kidney… shouldn't it have improved?

Diagnosed with Uti although no burning or itch. I took monuril mono dose 3000mg three days later still have acute pain under left ribs area?

Diagnosed with UTI from strep viridans, 50k-100k cfu/ml. 9th day on antibiotic (4th on augmentin) bladder/kidney pain worsening, dizzy. No fever. ?

Do uti's that come back every couple of months in elderly need chronic suppression?

Doc says I have epiditamitis & have takn 3 diff antibiotics & naprosin it hasn't gone away still achy & cord a bit swollen. What else could it be?

Doc. gave an antibiotic inj. Plus 2 days of ABs to follow. Possible for strong ABs to cause fatigue, stomach problems persisting for a few weeks?

Doctor said I have male cystitis what is this called? She prescribed doxycycline this cured symptoms quickly. It's back again is this normal? No uti.

Doctor says I have typhoid fever. I have pains all over my bones and muscles? Is this part of the symptoms? Plus blurred vision. I just finished cipro (ciprofloxacin)

Does Cipro (ciprofloxacin) help with Nephroptosis?This is what the ER Dr gave me but I had no infection in tests.Seeing Kidney specialist soon but pain is BAD.Advice?

Does mild/moderate divertiulitous go away on its own or do u have to take antibiotic? They found the infection in stomach from scope, is that normal?

Dr says uti/ kidney infection. Very sore, cold/hot flashes. Put on cipro, (ciprofloxacin) not helping. Possible stone. Im not even 50?

Dr. Did prostate rectal exam. It was painful n burning. He said he will wait or hold on antibiotics prescription till i come back in 3 months. Why ? What do you think he suspected?

Due to abdominal pain doc suspects kidney Infection but urinalysis didn't confirm this. No improvement after 2 days on antibiotics?

Dx w/ kidney infection and was on IV and oral antibiotics, no CT scan. Still feel a lot of r flank pain & pressure? Appt on weds.

Dx w/ kidney infection and was on IV and oral antibiotics. Still feel a lot of r flank pain & pressure? Appt on weds.

DX w/ Kidney Infection. On Pyridium/Cipro for 2 days now. Feeling worse, not better. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Should I make a followup apt

DX w/ KidneyInfection. On Pyridium/Cipro for 2 days but feeling worse. Is this normal/expected or do I need a followup? Should I be scared? Help pleas

Dxed w/ a kidney infection on 11/18 and have been on both IV and oral antibiotics but still have flank pain, and now having painful urination?

Epididymitis 1yr ago. Multi sets of doxy/bactrim. Subsided. 1 yr later w/ clear discharge.30 days doxy then10 days flagyl. Now 2wks cipro (ciprofloxacin). No change. Nonstd, virgin. Hurts worse lying/sitting.

Feb-foley in x1 week diagnosis urinary retention. Had UTI since feb and 3 rounds antibiotics. Also have had pressure in r kidney that is sharp pain?

Finished cipro (ciprofloxacin) yesturday, i still have mild pain in rt kidney (was in both and bladder) and mild bladder pain. must i recheck?

Finished macro bid 7 days ago for UTI caused by ecoli. Burning had subsided but has reappeared again...should I wait it out? No fever or flank pain

Finished wd cipro (ciprofloxacin) 250mg bid 5 days. I have now throbbing pain in my left waistline. What does it mean.

For the last 4 months exp L testicular pain/ache. UTI/STI Tests all clear. Given 2wks doxy 2 x daily no effect. GP/GUM not prepared to give more meds?

Girl treated 10 days ago IV abx then 7 days cipro (ciprofloxacin) (end 2days ago) 4 klebsiella oxytoca pneumonia, today complains of pain/burning on urination. Uti?

Going to fourth urologist tomorrow. No sex for three years due to pain afterwards/infect. Can't bathe or pain. 28 yrs.many UTIs & antibiotics. HELP!

Got a kidney infection. My temperature this morning was 40'c but now it's 35'6. Is this normal ?

Got told I have prostatitis and been on 3 different types of antibiotics including ciprofloxacin,pain and burning still there. Only 18,worried.

Gp gave me 100mg doxycycline for a flare up of chronic prostatitus sure the dosage is not right ?i have developed pain In right groin what could it be

Had a kidney infection caused by e.coli. On IV aztreonam for 14 days. feel better but all lymph nodes have started to swell on treatment day 10 of 14

Had UTI 2 months ago. Took antibiotics. Seems as if infection is still present. The only time i feel normal is during my monthly. What's a poss. Cause?

Had a severe bladder infection, took my last antibiotics last week today and I pee a lot still. Normal or not? Also I have asthma and allergies.

Had a UTI 1 week ago and completed abx treatment. Develop'd back pain, nausea, chills. Started on new abx 1 day ago. Still symptoms. Should i go to er?