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Patchy rash under arm. Can spread on contact. Rash has small bumps but on red patches. Used fungel cream once before but didn't work. Hy co works tmp?

4 year old has one spot of ringworm on his arm. Will calamine lotion help with itching? Is this treatable at home or do we need to go to pediatrician

Can Mupirocin ointment usp, 2% be used to treat red smelly spot on infants neck fold?

I have rashes on my butt and inner thigh, doctor said its follucultis, i just finished my topical cream. any tips on how to get it to go away fast?

Im getting a ringworm above my lip that I put an anti fungus cream which seem to be causing my outter trim of my lip to swell. What can I do to stop?

. I have a rash .. It was just on my Brest now it's all over my back, neck, stomach I've been self treating for ring worm with antibacterial cream?

.i've itchy rashes on both sides of middle-bridge of advised me to use Ziming cream & it got cured.but rashes again appeared.i wea glasses?

(l) leg above back of ankle had pimple/ blister, itchy. Used cortisone cream. Today oozing liquid. Cleaned, & used nystatin. Very red/sore.(day 2) dx?

*urgent*after using clotrimazole2% vaginal cream, i got irritation on skin, legs, shoulders, it itches, look like small hives.I stopped using it, still itch?

18 month old girl with pimple-looking spots on vagina. Not responding to diaper cream, what is it?

2 doctors on here says Tea Tree Oil is good and bad for jock itch. I need a 3rd opinion now. Plus can it cure the itch around my anus?

2 sm. Red bumps (bb size) on fourchette area. Recently rx'd for yeast infection w/ 2.5% hydrocortisone and diflucan (fluconazole) during antibiotic use. Not sore and itch is gone. Okay or concern? No std/age 63

2 weeks clotrimazole /2 weeks nystatin/triamcinolone for red itchy inflamed dark patch on scrotum only. Not cured.Candida spit test some positive signs?

2.5 yr old has an inflamed penis, hurts while peeing. Tried lotrimin, (clotrimazole) antibiotic ointment and hydrocortizen but no help. Drs. not worried enough. Help?

23 month old bad diaper rash that looks like it could be yeast. Can vusion cream hurt if it actually isn't yeast? Has diarrhea and has had air time.

24h after insect bite, the area is still red and itchy and a blister formed. no other symptoms. Should I worry? Can I use methylprednisolone cream?

26/f. Small itchy bumps around anus ~4 days. Tried using hemorrhoid cream but still there. Causes? Should i see a dr?

33yo, f, healthy/no allergy.Torso's been itching, now my back for 1mo(?), especially at night. No rash or bumps. Applied lotion, still itches. Plshelp

3rd day of suffering from Chicken pox. The itchiness is crazy , most especially in my genital area. Please recommend a cream for that?

8 weeks red rash itchy leathery scrotum. 4 weeks of steroid topicals 10 days oral fluconazole and minor change! dieting 6 weeks no sugar carbs!help!

A friend has itching bellow his scrotum.Please kindly prescribe a medications...

A itchy redness or rash has appeared on my inner foreskin recently. Antiseptic cream helps but it never goes away. No other symptoms. Should i worry ?

A patch of red, flaky, tight skin near my mouth. Nor anti fungal or anti bacterial creams have worked (prescribed). What next?

A rash on my shoulder 1st appeared as 1 sml quarter sized area i used Benadryl (diphenhydramine) cream & it made it worse. It's now 3 in diameter & there are 3 spots.

A red itchy rash on the inner side of my leg near the groin area for over 1 month. it decreases when i take anti biotics. i want a permanent solution?

A week ago I asked about possible jock itch and in the opinion of the docs on this site it was. I began using Tinactin to clear it up, which it has been kinda working. Looks like it may have spread to my legs. The red bumps are itchy and one is even prett

Acne like bumps on forearms for now over 6months after chicken pox occured.i have been to various doc eaten anti biotics tried scabies lotion pls help?

After first treatment of permethrin 5% today is my second day most of the itching is has gone away I have a few new ones that have popped up my old on?

After seeing a doctor for persistent itch, the doctor prescribed me dermersone cream (to apply) & loratadine (pill). After using, I noticed reddish, itchy bumps appearing all over my body. Should I continue with the medication?

After seeing red, itchy bumps on my skin for a week, I went to my doctor. They said I may have scabies and prescribed me permetherin cream. After using the cream, I started to feel better until about 4 days later, when new bumps started forming. What do I

After taking loratadine and application of dermersone cream for mild eczema, red itchy spots appeared on my arms, legs, shoulders and back. After scratching, some of the spots burst and pus leaked out. Is this a side effect of the medicine or drug allergy

After the psoriasis on my hand clears of bumps, redness remains. Is there a pill or cream to remove the redness?

After using hair remover cream, my leg and thigh skin has irritation and itching, and some red spots are appeared.How it can be treated?

After using mometasone cream on an itchy sebaceous cyst for 5 days, it became bigger and red and painful. What are your possible diagnoses?

Allergic reaction to a deodorant ( arrid xx ) I have clear leakage from under my arm. I also have itching and when i touch other parts of my body small bumps are now appearing. I'ved tried baking soda, anti fungal cream, anti itch cream.

Although I do take bath on a daily basis, my right pelvis area contains skin rash that may sound itchy sometimes. Suggest some cream or lotion?

Although i do take on daily basis but, my left pelvis area contains skin rash that may sound itchy sometimes. Suggest some cream or lotion.

Anal/cheeks area stay wet, have rash on bottom. Dr said looks like yeast infection. Candida? Red rash with bumps. How to treat best at home?

Any over-the-counter medicines I can avail for a bacterial skin infection? I seem to have developed tiny dry itchy spots that later LOOKS like a clot

Applying the necessary cream regimen for jock itch, and within the first 2 days it has begun to spread away and jump from initially affected area(s) to new unaffected territory on the bottom half of the shaft that touches the scrotum, almost like it's cli

Are there any effective over-the-counter meds. For severe scalp breakouts? (bumps, pimples and itchy rash). I need help asap, this is out of control.

At the corner of the mouth, there is a crack and dryness, dark patch. I applied diprosone (betamethasone dipropionate) sometimes. It comes and goes. Is it angular cheilitis?

Bartholin cyst very tiny. No pain, red, itch. Dr noted during exam. Rx'd hydrocortisone cream 2.5% re vaginal irritation. Will cream help shrink cyst?

Both of my earlobes are itching. I had a red rash on my cheek not too long ago. Used eczema cream and it went away. Thinking it might be this? Ideas?

Burn on leg 2 wks ago; MD gave meds + silverdene. Allerg reaction to Silvdn: thigh red, blistery, painful, itchy. Ok 2 stop Silvdn, use benydryl+neosp

Can anybody identify the cause of this rash inside elbows? Reddish raised cured with cortisone

Can desenex go on your bottom if you have a rash there?

Can I use mebo cream on inflmmation caused by acne medications they are like red blotches on my forehead that don't go away on their own ?

Can Pityrosporum Folliculitis slightly mimic scabies? Where on body would it appear? Would antifungal soap clear it? How would one be tested for PF?

Can throat infection, ring worm, zyrtec (cetirizine) or over-the-counter lamasil cream cause an eight year old boy to develop a lump under his left nipple?

Clotrimaderm 1% and Diflucan (fluconazole) 150 mg prescribed to me for red itchy mosquito like bumps appearing on and off on my upper body mostly. Fungal infection?

Constant itchin, redness on vagina lips and butt area. I've tried everything from cleaning it real well and diaper rash cream. What could this be?

Could a male receive jock itch from head?

Cure for scrotum redness. I am using cream for jock itch. Does not seem to be working have been using 3-4 days with no relief. Also itching. Nothing ?

Dear sir i am having rashes in my inner thighs since 5-6 months.I am using etan gm skin cream but all in vain. Kindly help.?

Derm said rash doesn't look like scabies but waiting for biopsy.It's itchy, some spots come and go.Sulfur soap seems to dry up some. What could it be?

Did 2 rounds of permitherin cream for scabies. Both times got worse. (More borrows, bite, crawling sensation) Does this mean misdiagnosis? No scabies?

Docts, told me 3times that I have fungal infection, itwas gone, but by the 3rd time it returns but is only in coxis, a red circle that itch, it continue?

Does herpes leaves dark marks like jock itch, I have in my buttocks darkdiscoloration, doctors says itwas for fungus, but i neverdo the STD test.

Does Permethin cream clear bumps from Scabies on the penis?

Dr told me rash on my arm was a fungus n now it's almost gone w prescription cream i'm finding little rashes all over my body y is this? Can it b antibiotics?:(

Dry, itchy white circular rashes on the arms and feet. Treated with lotromin and tinactin (tolnaftate) for a few weeks each and no improvment.

Earlier in my groin area itching takes place ,nd when i rub it liquid and sometimes blood comes out , then i tried Cloderm-gm cream ,now rashes gone,but my groin area's skin has now turned dark in colour and if i leave it uncleaned itching starts.What Wou

Eczema on finger for yrs, recent mths spread, worse, and to finger next to it; very itchy, topical cortisol creams dont really help. what else to try?

Eczema on finger for yrs, recent mths spread, worse, and to finger next to it; very itchy, topical stroidal creams dont really help. what else to try?

End minocycline 7/30- 3 days later a red pimply rash around anus. Bumps are gone using anti fungal but still really red.What can I do to get rid of it?

Every time I shave (I use multiple shaving creams) I get super itchy red bumps everywhere that are beyond terrible, anything I could do to fix this?

Extremely itchy rash.spreading down back and now middle of chest. Dermatologist biopsy shows sbk.ointment does not help.No fungus from scrape sample.

Eyelids red itchy dry. Took prednisone drops and cortisone cream 1 month and all clear. Now eyelid itch has returned. What is it? How do I get it cure

Fine itchy bumps on shaft of penis almost looks like goosbumps used cortizone (hydrocortisone) 10 so far

First i had symptom of jock itch..Tried using clotrimazole..Nw I have bumps appearing on my inner thigh...How to get rid of dat ?

Flaky dead skin on penis peeled it off & wound appeared,wound healed in days.Days after - itch over groin and inner thighs,worse in warm water,using antifungal cream/ Aveeno moisturiser cream together seperately. Is that ok? 7 days Hardly improved.

Flat itchy red spots that flare up every once in a while., not on hands, feet, or genitals. Anti-fungal meds didn't work. Changed soap, etc., ?

Flexural psoriasis between the legs, in female nothing helps very itchy then burns, no more atopical creams as they have caused osteoporosis , what ei?

For 5 wks I have had red tiny bumps all over chin after using a new night cream. Hydrocortisone creams aren't working. What else should I do for this?

For four years the outer lips of the pubic area is so itchy and now has bumps. Tried all creams even steroid one, haven't changed washing power etc. ?

For months now, sporatic itchy bumps flare up on various parts of my body. I have tried hc and benodryl cream but nothing solves. What could this be ?

For the past 2 months I've been experiencing a bumpy, itchy and burning rash on my inner thighs. Anti Fungi Creams are not working. Any suggestions?

For the past few days i feel lot of itching in my groin region...i have tried creams containing clotrimazole but to no is spreading around?

For three months on and off after using retaane once a red scaley patch above my lip comes and goes. Ringworm or something fungal maybe?

Fordyce bumps aren't suppose to be associated with pain/itching but after using neosporin, the itching subsides...Can it be Fordyce indeed ?

Foreskin a bit red, it comes and goes sometimes not red then next hour it is. Antifungal,steroid cream not effective. Doc said no balanitis, what's it?

Fungal skin infection. What creams are as good as or better than daktacort. My rashes seem to have got worse rapidly?

Gave birth two 1/2 weeks ago and now have rash in and on buttocks and in vaginal area. Itches and is sore. Looks similar to diaper rash..

Groin itch >6 months been to doc 3 times. Tried 4 prescription fungal + cortizone (hydrocortisone). Latest was lotrisone and econazole spray on top now rash appeared. Pleasehlp?

Had 2nd g herpes breakout; lasted 3 weeks. No prescribed medications. Most have healed. Now labia area is red, itchy, swollen and keep me up! help?

Had itp.Now itchy red puffed skin on face, neck, hands.Scalp aslo itches.Tried steroid cream, it didn't help.Now also have purple veins on legs?

Had rash from surgery prep, the rash is gone now but scratched area has darkened and is now peeling (going on for 3 weeks) like sunburn. Help?

Had Ring like infection on grion for sometime.Now little red blisters on grion and feet along with ringworm.used flucanozole and miconazole.

Had scabies 3 months ago, was treated and it cleared up. Started getting itching spots again, used premethrin again and still getting itchy spots?

Have folliculitis in pubic area , using flucloxacillin + kenacomb cream. Now have sticky white crust on undies, what is it? Is this a worrying sign?

Have a bad rash in my private area kind of red and rashy around the outer edge tried some itching creams doesn't seem to help?

Have a question, I have a serious itch, and red pustules around the grooming area! That itches when it gets dry! I try to us gold bond and other powders but it's very uncomfortable and it's like acne but itchy.... ?

Have an itchy red rash in between groin and leg area. Otc meds available?

Have itching/redness on beard. I've used Just for Men for yrs, but feel it might be a reaction. A dermatologist said it was tinea barbae. 2nd opinion?

Have red blotches on my hands, they are itchy, tried fungal infection cream and antihistamine, advise of pharmacist but no change. hope you can help?

Have small painful bumps between my buttocks that sting most when I walk. Applied 'Diprosone' but hasn't helped. Any idea what it is or what to do?

Having itchy white patches on my groin area, already treated with soframysin and chlotramazol ointments no appreciable improvements.

Hello doctor my husband has some allergy on his hand it is red bt not itchy not flaky. Can you please suggest some gel/cream..Thanks

Hello I have a dry skin over all penis and seems like fungus, by the normal cream it is controlled but it is not curing, please advice?