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25lb plate weight on foot severe swelling @ xray was clear. Swelling increasing w/ ice & elevation. Pain increasing. 2nd opinion when swelling reduces?

25yo my calves, ankles and feet stay swollen w pitting edema. Been to ER twice and 2 docs. All tests normal. What can cause this and what can I do?

38 weeks pregnant w R mild pitting edema to dorsum and lateral ankle, no swelling above the ankle. Doppler was negative for DVT, I want a repeat doppler?

83 yr female. One swollen ankle, burning pain in back of heel and ankle. Kidneys, heart, BP good. Nearly everyday pitting edema in only one. Cause?

83 yr female. No history heart disease. Kidneys good. Daily edema one ankle only. Arthritis and fibromyalgia. Now other ankle swelling, butnot feet.

A warm sensation in my inner thigh near my knee that's worsening in frequency. My neuropathy or something else? I have Mito, EDS and dysautononomia.

Abnormal fluid retention and swelling in the legs with minimal response to diuretics, retention onset was rapid , could be because methadone maintenanc?

After CABG, what causes my legs became swell? whether it is a common complication?

After two months of being in hosp my mom was finally moved to a rehab. After a week on being there her legs r swelling up again. Could her pulmonary hypertension be further along than we think?

All the clots are gone, but i feel swelling in leg.Those symptoms would last for lifetime?What level of compression should I choose?Valve can be cured?

Ankle swollen due to sun poisoning, what doctor to see?

Ankles are swelling legs, pitting in legs, has been going on for some time now. I am 57 years old women. No serious illness in past. I am not on any medications birth control, I have no medical insurance unemployment has ran out 9 months ago.

Any relief for inflammation from graves eye disease and pretibial myxedema, ? Can't wear shoes, feet swell. Eyes never comfortable.

Are my ankles swollen due to faslodex (fulvestrant)?

Are my ankles swollen due to using faslodex (fulvestrant)?

Are swollen ankles and feet serious combined w/hep c?

Are the little brown spots venous insufficiency in my ankles/calves. Just diagnosed w/venous insufficiency. I am taking blood pressure meds/ diuretics?

Are there any rheumatic diseases that cause a unilateral, cold and swollen posterior calf?

Atrial fibrillation for 3 years and swollen ankles..does swollen ankles mean heart failure? Only breathless climbing stairs.Thanks

Bad swelling in both Feet/Ankles pitting very bad. Heart, kidney, liver are fine. what Dr should I see about this? What other problems could this be

Bag of swelling viens on left side of my scortum,often causes a bit pain,taking daflon 500mg twice daily can cure it n reduce the visiblity?

Bilateral pitting edema,red,warm, itch,burn,numb horrific pain in calfs.Ultra sound neg for dvt.possible lymphoma?help! Need answers.

Bilateral pitting edema. And veins showing on feet causing this? Had for about a month now.Causes?I am over weight. I just had umbilical surgery 6week

Blood clot? Healthy Mom has severe and sudden onset of leg swelling both legs and feet, hard red and stinging take HZTZ has edema also short of breath

Both feet are really swollen. burning pain under feet. no thyroids liver heart or lymphatic problems. All labs ex rays ultrasound ok. I'm 5'3 120lbs?

Can a foot that becomes cold only when elevated indicate an arterial problem?

Can a lesion in the thecal sac at L4 somehow cause cyanosis or blueness in the feet that quickly resolves when the feet are elevated?

Can a recurring pain in the leg just above the ankle area due to fluid in the bone is the cause be cured?

Can a rheumatologic disease cause inflammation/swelling of lower portion of calf with chicken like skin and lack of leg hair isolated to the swelling?

Can a swollen foot/ankle be caused by diabetes? Just one side everyday for 3 years. Not DVT, activity doesn't help.

Can an Achilles rupture cause hair loss in the lower leg if not treated?

Can an ankle effusion cause an infection and itchiness all over the body?

Can azithioprin50 is good drug of choice in lividiod vasculitis having ulceration at medial side of leg near ankle?

Can blood thinners such as pradaxa cause chronic swelling of the ankles, feet and hands? I've noticed this symptom has become more pronounced.

Can caffeine cause swelling in extremities?

Can cellulitis flare up on your ankles from the hot weather, is it dangerous to have while on blood thinners?

Can face swelling and sentivity be caused by kidney problems?

Can fluid swelling in your legs be a symptom of mvp?

Can gout begin in your ankles without any other symptoms, for no known reason?

Can greater saphenous reflux (below knee) > 500ms cause swelling in the same area?

Can I use TENS unit on prednisone induced pitting edema of legs? What should placement of pads be to help calfs?

Can Meloxicam/anti-inflammatory medicine cause worsening of vascular symptoms? Such as clotting? Numbness? Colder and edema in legs?

Can Metformin cause ankle/foot swelling? On it 3 wks, now at 500mgx3, & this week having swelling similar to when pregnant but I am not pregnant now.

Can MS contin (morphine) cause fluid retention, swelling & pain in my feet? And i now have swelling in knees, hands & face. Hospital tests were normal.

Can my predisone valcity and BP be causin my swelling on my feet?

Can Petechiea in the eye caused by increased venous pressure be healed or treated?

Can pyelonephritis cause body swelling?

Can salt make your ankles swell, and heart raise? 32 and noticing that more and more

Can some one help me my legs and feet keep swelling what does that mean? 55 longtime smoker

Can these medication cause swelling feet : amlodipine 5 mg, hydrochlorot 12.5 mg. I have swelling feet since a month.

Can weeping edema blisters of the legs be treated at home? What is the best way to prevent cellulitis?

Can you die from arm swelling?

Can you please tell me first usual signs and symptoms of leg lymphedema?

Can you tell me about thigh muscle swelling and pain using norvasc (amlodipine)?

Can you tell me if the side effects from a salt load infusion is body swelling, face, legs, ankles , hands. A week later still?

Causes of one sided non pitting edema right foot and ankle, no known injury, no pain? No change for 10 days. Otherwise healthy. Thanks.

Cellulitis in ankle/foot. On day 6/10 of antibiotics, condition has improved a lot. Can I shave my legs (avoiding impacted area)? If not now, when? :)

Cerebral palsy swollen foot. Is it due to heat?

Clot in sural vein confirmed clear by ultra sound after a 2 week post foot op. Can clot return? I continue with medication etc. Can't train cos foot.

Compression socks help ankle swelling? Not sure if due to preg or lupus. Swelling happened overnight but BP norm. Severe joint pain 5 weeks

Congestive heart failure is causing clear fluid to leak through my skin on both legs from ankle to mid-calf. Treatment?

Could "Tennis Leg" present with a positive Thompson's Test and swelling around ankle thereby resembling and Achilles rupture?

Could a total hip replacement cause both of my feet/ankles to swell and become red everyday? I also have CKD so I am concerned.

Could ankle swelling that gets very painful during exercise be a sign of congestive heart failure?

Could foot swelling be caused by uric acid sintered in the tissues but can't be shown in examination? What would you recommend to do or take?

Could I have lupus? Joint pain, tingling in toes, water retention, leg cramps, swelling around eyes, red face, headaches, fatigue, graves diseas

Could I have p.A.D.? I have constant pain in my legs. Mostly my calves. Several times I have had severe symptoms of cellulitus. I have read that symptoms of pad can mimic cellulitis. I've had severe swelling in ankles and the last instance was i took off

Could severe hypothyroidism untreated for long time cause edema of feet, ankles, legs?

Could somebody please take the time to explain the rash that occurs with severe leg edema?

Could you recommend tablet for swelling in legs due to diabetes?

Cvi both legs began 2y ago w/edema & purp. Rash.. Now var. & spi. Veins are showing all over legs. Does it usually move this fast with treatment?

Dad has pum. fibrosis,asbestosis,emphysema,LNG cancer. On o2. lung infection,swollen ankles,on antibiotics.Has now pain redness lower leg.What is reds?

Diabetes , lupes ( in remission) bp, would any of these cause itching of skin, also swelling of feet. 2 weeks now?

Do ankle infection mean you will lose leg?

Do I need to report arm swelling as a long-term health condition, or does it go away after being treated?

Do swollen feet and calves have anything to do with elevated liver enymes?

Do you have any suggestions for care of elderly person with swollen legs?

Do you know where to buy pants for someone with lymphedema swollen legs, i mean waist is not a problem?

Does a persons ankles or legs always swell significantly with advanced kidney failure?

Does an Inadequate lymphatic system cause localized swelling in a leg w/ hair loss?

Does campral cause you to swell?

Does chronic glomerulonephritis increase the risk of facial swelling following lower face lift surgery? I suffer from chronic glomerulonephritis which causes my knees, feet and face to swell occasionally. Would a lower face lift provoke a swelling episode

Does eprex injections, 2000iu cause albunuria? And swelling of legs ankle and foot? If yes should eprex be continued?

Does proteinuria cause swollen limbs?

Does your kidney have your feet swole im 46 with heart problems

Drinking h20 lil but more 4 mild kidney failure woke up w +2 Pitt edema in legs and hands swollen and feel real tired what is this ! ?

Due to cancer in the liver there is increasing severe swelling in the midsection to feet, now is leaking alot. No usual treatment for swelling helps.

Due to lupus nephritis i had swollen legs that left stretch marks 8 years ago! I'm sick of the appearance and want it gone. Can it be done by surgery?

Dx cellulitis/fungal infection, no better x 6 months continued +3 edema BLE, legs have now turned purple; doppler negative?

Edema both feet and ankles, more so on l, sometimes pitting but most often not. Why? Happening ing for about 2 yrs. Now.

Edema in legs I am experiencing severe edma in my legs from the knees down. I have had the standard tests that do not show any reason. The only reason two doctors have told me is that at 60 my veins must be deteriorting early. I take methadone for chronic

Ekg, blood all normal. Had recent onset of mild feet and ankle swelling. Unable to exercise much due to mobility issues. What else could cause. 84 yrs?

Excuseme ' can i know what's the tratment reason and tratment of lower eyelid swelling at morning ??

Father had severe edema and 10% heart fraction rate. Leg and feet swelling had since gone with drip assistance. Will he be ok?

Father has 10% heart function and fluid in legs/feet which is weeping. Currently on frusimide drip in hospital. What can we expect?

Fingers chilblains, blisters and ulcers in woman 90y old.Treating daflon for chronic venuos insufficiency of the lower limbs.Tried epsom bath.Plsadvise?

Fluids in feet, legs and abdomen. Multiple tests for heart in emergency..Etc, they decided I have chronic lymphedema. What kind of doc should I see?

For the 4-5 years my legs get edema the next morning edema disappears greatly.No problem is found in annual pe up.Could it caused by memopause?

Frequent, Extreme swelling &itching in feet and hands, angioadema on lip, I was sent to get blood work drawn. What could this be symptomatic of?

Got edema in ankles and feet on vacation. Then severe sunburn. 5 days later Can't walk. Severe pain. Doctor prescribed lasix, how soon will this help?