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Had post shingles heel pain 20 years ago. Now it is back. Podiatrist said neuropathy.Age 66. Do I need a second opinion? Treatment opions

I have r.arthritis,I have severe damage to left foot,there are 8 joints which have fallen to the bottom of foot,extreme pain,ortho dr says amputation?

i have symptoms of peripheral vasular disease, pain in right calf and foot goes numb whenever pain is there. pls advise, as no neuro docs in our city?

23 years old male, having tingling sensation in his feet from the last 2 months, no history of any systemic disease.What is its cause and treatment??

27-year-old female. Numbness in the proximal sides of both hallux. Is it related to the walking style? Any issue ?

28years old lady presented with edema and pain on dorsum of foot gradualy developed into upper leg pain what causes?

32 weeks pregnant pain and pressure in pelvic area whn walking.Numbness in both hands out of breath just walking a few feet. Severe swelling hands/feet?

32y f possible kidney disease, current fracture in foot, freezing cold & later sweating. Feel run down, bad calf pain in leg with fracture. Advice?

40 year old male had a work related injury and had foot surgery 4 years ago (after the incident) foot still hurts and limps..can anything to cure pain?

41 year old woman, chronic minor swelling in left foot, uncomfortable pressure when I stand or sit. Some tingling. No injury. Is this serious?

46 yrs old woman swollen feet with blisters hlab27positive arthritis fibromyalgia , lots of pain in my hip on the side where my foot was the worst.

5 cortisone injections in lower back about 4-5 weeks ago. Have had ankle and foot swelling ever since. Frequent nighttime urination. Normal?

6yr old has pain in feet and knees (sometimes severe pain)and pos ANA and high esr. No swelling. Was told from being flat footed could this be true?

After 2.5 yrs. Of leg numbness & pain, I have diagnosis of meralgia paresthetica. What are common treatments & likelihood of success after so long?

After having a DVT can symptoms linger even on treatment. Have had 2 ultrasounds both clear but still experiencing calf pain and foot numbness?

After radiation treatment for cancer im having real bad foot pain..Im not diabetic but its really sore even if im off my foot the pain is the same..Could it be nerves? What should I do

Anybody have any remedies to help with calf pain?

Are severe osteoporosis, shin splints and plantar fasiitis all connected? I have all three and it seems more than coincidence?

Are the symptoms of turf toe severe?

Are there any treatments available for Secondary Raynauds in the arms? Typically numbness and discomfort.

Aren't throbbing, painful feet a symptom of kidney failure in systemic lupus?

As a runner, one of my feet sometimes seizes up in pain. Lasts about 10 seconds then goes away. Happens once a month. Should i seek treatment?

Aside from the e/day pain of foot arthritis, at times when i take a step i get a terrible radiating pain in my foot. Is that normal for arthritis?

At what age do people usually start to experience symptoms of osteoarthritis? How common is it in the feet and ankles?

Attacks of bilateral foot/ankle swelling, color change. Extremely painful . Pain shooting up legs to hips. Day 6. Haven't had an attack in months.

Been told possible tarsal tunnel.still have slight ankle swelling along with pain after activity but tingling resolved. Ideas? Thanks

Beside pain m.D., what specialist should treat hands with severe neuropathic & arthritic pain and deformity?

Born with a milder form of cp. Now at age 55, suffer severe leg/foot/calve charley horses and spasms. What can I do to rid myself of these? Why now? What kind of dr. Should i see? Awful pain!

Burning feet syndrome - has anyone found something that eliminates the pain?

Burning pain, numbness, in feet and toes.. What is this, also chronic. Can hardly walk left knee givs out also?

Called podiatrist, said I had tingling on my feet. He said I should come in today. Offered me another laser treatment. Now is even worse pain on sol

Can a kidney disease cause burning pain in the feet?

Can a person have a mild form of crps (left leg below knee)? I had foot surgery in the summer.

Can a person with neuropathy have mild burning that comes and goes? I had foot surgery in the summer, but i've been having mild burning in my left leg

Can amitriptyline actually cause burning pain in feet and legs. Taking it to reduce that symptom ?

Can any doc tell me what's the best OTC pain medicine for old broken limb injury?

Can anyone tell me is throbbing foot pain a symptom of kidney failure in systemic lupus?

Can bracing help tendonitis in the foot recently diagnosed after taking cipro (ciprofloxacin). My arches have a burning sensation @ times. Normal for tendinitis?

Can fibromyalgia symptoms result from a trauma to the leg and/or foot?

Can having a l3-4 back issues manifest pain to an4 th toe?

Can icing a non- rsd/crps area be bad for that area too?

Can norvasc (amlodipine) cause debilitating foot pain?

Can you tell me: are throbbing, painful feet a symptom of kidney failure in systemic lupus?

Chronic bilateral acetabular pain [origin] at age 20 that then runs down both legs to under the feet. Let's r/o arthritic dx's. Possible causes?

Could fibromyalgia symptoms result from a trauma to the leg/foot?

Could sciatica be the reason my foot is sore?

CRPS foot after fx, ORIF. Still nonunion (painful) with CRPS burning pain, sensitivity. Foot stiff, limited ROM. What can I do to get some movement?

Dad is 72yo, has arthritis and he has severe leg cramps. What should we do to treat his condition?

Daughter has flat feet and causing her a lot of pain on the top of feet and knees what type of dr should she see? What are treatment options?

Diag with CRPS after fx and foot surgery. Only mild- burning pain, swelling, redness, sensitivity. Told to do nerve block - necessary for mild CRPS?

Diagnosed sesamoiditis. it's getting worse, even with PT and now it sometimes is radiating to the rest of my foot. actually a stress fracture?

Do i need to get my dr to refer me to a specailist as I have chronic pain and altered feeling in my foot and ankle and significant scar tissue

Do people with hocm also suffer from burning or stinging feet or swollen feet?

Do people with reiter syndrome have pain always everywhere, meaning shoulders, back, hips, feet, etc ?

Do you know of any possible treatment for numb feet, no pain, not diabetes, progressive numbness now for ten years, can no longer drive.

Does a parasitic worm infection cause arm leg joint pain?

Does bunion lead to suffering from chronic foot pain?

Does diabetes generally cause low back pain and tingling feet?

Does diebet nerve pain mean amputation?

Does extreme joint pain in a 78 yr old man with ipf mean the disease is progressing? His feet and ankles are also very swollen.

Does fibromyalgia cause heat sensation in legs? Also severe pain about 3 inches below the hips. I have fibromyalgia, psoriasis (palmo-plantar) and a combination of arthritis from the both of them. I have also recently started having severe pain in the hi

Electrical-shock type pain in feet. What can cause?

Extremely painful feet/diagnosis-peripheral neuropathy/lyrica was magic bullet but stopped due to cost/no pain now after 3 months/will pain return?

Faced with an astute heel pain recently, pain shoots up only when running. It's most likely diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, any advice on the remedy?

Female w/ psoriatric arthritis diag. 2 yrs ago. Feet have gone up one size due to swelling mainly in toes. Lots of pain in feet and legs. Any ideas?

Female, age 48, menopause 3 years, hypothyroid 2 yrs, post varicose veins laser treatment 9 months. Pain below knee joints and calf. Ulnar neuropathy.?

Foot feels hot & swollen pain in leg as well Have been told by docter that i may have plantar fascitis Is this related to that or something eles?

Foot pain and spasms feet always cold, chronic pain, spasms most of the night, having trouble walking

For last couple of days, i'm having severe pain under my feet, specially in the morning. My sugar is normal, 107. What to do?

For months, I have had acute intermittent pain in the joint of my right big toe (where it connects to the foot). I don't have any standard risk factors for gout. I am active and I am not overweight. What should I do?

Fractured ankle bad, seems I have developed peripheral neuropathy from it. This common??

Good morning, dr. I am having acute pain on both my soles of my feet. there are some blot clots as well. is it serious, dr?

Had a emg to find out what may be worsening the pain in my feet. One thing stated "concomitant chronic bilateral s1 radiculopathy". What does mean?

Had laminectomy l/4,l/5. 2 months after I had burning at bottom of feet. Piodritist said feet normal,neurologist say s/1 nerve impinge.what happening?

Had laminectomy surgery on l/4,l/5. Now have foot and calf pain. What is causing this?

Hand foot mouth syndrome in adult chemotherapy? Any suggestions gor reducing discomfort and pain?

Hands and feet have been going numb for months. Been dealing with severe constipation and ignored it. Now that pain is gone, will the numbness go away?

Have 6 screws+1plate in r foot 6m post lisfranc fusion. Had both mrsa+osteomylitis in r foot. No injury but had sudden severe pain in r foot today?

Have flat feet + sever's disease. Very tight Achilles + painful. Doctor said sever's would resolve itself but thinking about Gastrocnemius Recession?

Have pherpherial neuropathy in feet& hands celluitis in lt leg& foot& swellling in rtcalf &foot, phemigous on tounge, pain neurogenic, fibro diagnose ple?

Have u ever seen a pt. with bilateral plantar foot pain, no morning pain, pain worse when standing then walking? How was pt diagnosed and treated?

Have you got any hints on curbing the pain of neuropathy in feet at night?

Having pain while walking due to flat feet.not severe pain. Does this mean bones are effected?

Hdoes hnd foot mouth disease cause jaw pain?

Heels of the legs pain in the mornings.What is the problem.Any medication req.

Help docs! i'm wondering what could be causing my foot pain?

Help! foot issues.1st was cramping, then circltion probs, dev hmrtoe, now severe burning on soles esp in h2o, stiff when immobile.Mortons neuroma poss?

Help! I've been having chronic knee/foot pain for roughly two years now with no successful diagnosis?

Help! what are treatments for edema, neuropathy and pain in feet?

Hi am 47yr old am suffering from pain in my foot . When i approached doctors they said I have a extra calcium deposited in my leg heel . Plz help me?

Hi doctor I am experiencing pain in legs. Knee and below. I had high uric acid and suffered with gout recently in one of ankle. Please advice?

Hi dr., my husband suffers pain in his feet specially soles, toes, ankles. He has calf muscle cramps too. He is addicted to corex.Has knee degeneration?

Hi I'm 5 days post op having tumors removed from my R foot and ankle. I've. Been having An issue with numbness tingling severely cold feet and cramps?

Hi my sister has been in and out of the hospital due to burning sensation and nerve pain on her feet. Drs recently diagnosed her with lupus. ?

Hi, I was diagnosed with plantar facitiis i was just wondering if it's normal for this to case extreme pain on the top of my foot &cause numb toes?

How can I cope with work-related feet pain?

How can I relieve the pain from dupytrens of the foot? Thanks arbey

How can I tell if I have diabetic nerve pain or gout? What are the symptoms?

How can we recover from the pain in joints like in legs, hands, etc. At the age of 42 yrs...

How can you relieve pain in swollen feet due to heart problems?