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Concerning poor circulation? Does drinking hot soup improve hands or feet circulation?

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Could nerves be affected if bloodflow/oxygen isn't flowing properly? Have pins/needles, cold bluish feet (at times)

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Foot has no blood circulation, no pulse, ice cold and numbness and it's painful when trying to walk?

Hands/legs get numb very fast working under pressure - bad circulation?

Have unrepaired ASD; tingling&numbness in fingers when pulse is below 90, in feet below 80, now moving to face. Is this due to poor blood flow/O2?

Hello I wonder who recommended me for body aches and poor circulation?

How are some ways to get improve bad circulation?

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How can I reverse bad circulation in my legs?

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I am 5 months pregnant and my legs have been getting red & blotchy. Could this be from poor blood circulation?

I found out it's because I have bad circulation, but is there any way to prevent this, what do you recommend?

I get red arms/hands when its hot, purple when its cold, poor blood circulation or something else?

I get spider vains (lots)always have, poor circulationas well, dr says I'm young and not worried, can cold flooring cause pain in legs and feet?

I had op on l3/4 nerve was damaged then developed DVT sometimes my right foot is very cold could it be poor circulation or is this usual?

I have about 50% lack of circulation in one toe on each foot. For no apparent reason. It's been about three weeks?

I have been told I have bad circulation but how do I resolve this?

I have cold tinkling sensation on my left feet.may I know what is most likely the cause?is it blood circulation?

I have poor circulation in left arm when running (numb, cold). What could be the cause?

I have poor circulation in my legs. When I squeeze them with my hands get presperation on them . Should I go to the doctor? Should I be worried?

I have really cold hands and feet, is this a circulation problem? Anything I can do without a dr. Visit?

I often feel problems with blood circulation in my feet if i sit in an awkward position for a minute or two. Could this be raynouds phenomenon?

I was wondering what are some home remedies for poor circulation in feet and legs?

I'm having bad circulation in my legs and diabetes is causing my toe to become black. Will gangrene spread?

I'm starting to think I have poor circulation in my feet, does anyone know how i can make the circulation better?

I've got really bad circulation in my feet. Is there anything i can do for the circulation?

If i get hot or cold easily does it mean I have poor circulation?

If I have an arterial issue that is causing a cold extremity, will exercise cause the area to warm up or will it remain the same?

If my legs feel heavy, does that mean I have poor circulation?

If my toes are always cold, does it mean I have bad circulation?

If you cut of circulation in your leg, could that lead to needing your leg cut off?

If you cut off the circulation does it swell?

If you have poor circulation, why do you get spots on your legs?

Is bad circulation a sign of bad circulation?

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Is it possible that poor circulation cause chills and body pain are caused by cold?

Is it unusual to lose circulation in one toe?

Is little finger numbness a sign of poor blood circulation?

Is there a medical device for aches and poor circulation in feet and legs?

Is there any way i can improve my circulation to get warm fingers and toes?

Is there anything other than a circulatory issue that can cause the leg to feel cold to the touch?

Is vascular compromise characterized by warm, flushed skin to the extremity?

Is waking up with a stiff leg or hand and having cold hands and feet a sign of poor circulation?

It feels like the blood are all in my hands and don't circulate i don't know if its arthritis or what

My body becomes cold very easily, especially my feet. What can I do? How can I improve my blood circulation ?

My butt and hands are always ice cold, is this connected with a poor blood circulations ?

My feet always become so cold. Nowhere else on my body does this. Could this be a circulation problem? I'm 19.

My feet always feels cold. I feel no sensation there when i prick it or pinch it so could it be related to poor blood circulation?

My feet are always so cold, I struggle to sleep sometimes, even with but that doesn't last long ..Could this be a circulation problem?

My feet are going numb while standing. Does this mean I have bad blood circulation?

My feet are kind of purple and i think I have bad circulation. Could that be it?

My feet are pink. I believe from poor circulation. Should I see a doctor?

My finger tips are often purple. Sometimes my fingers even swell up. Could I have poor blood circulation?

My fingers and extremities are constantly cold. Does this mean I have poor circulation? If so, what things can I do to improve it?

My fingers and stiff and hard to bend. Does this mean I have poor circulation?

My hands and feet are always blotchy purple/red and freezing cold.I get lightheaded often so I think it could be something to do with poor circulation?