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-broke toe 8 weeks ago -still same pain -docs recommend pin -what does it cost? -is it worth it? -slightly crooked, "red", and swollen -thanks!

. My left foot inside arch Is Incredibly painful and has been for weeks Doctors giving me an xray and ultrasound in 3 days. Help can't take the pain?

"i have a hole between my pinky and fourth toe. Very painful.. I can clearly see down in my foot. On a scale from 1-10 the pain us a 10... What's happ?

20 year old female soft swollen lump on the medial inside of foot just below ankle joint is more defined when I flex. If I press on =no pain scared ?

22 female, properly fitted shoes. Right foot, painful baby toe [knuckle]. ?

2gm IV vanc since 7/14 for ankle MRSA with tendon spread. Ortho in 5 days. Pain spiked and foot is cold x 2 days/wound looks good.Just weird or bad?

3rd meta sf 12 weeks ago, xray shows its healed (w/sm callus).Foot still swells, weird "feeling" in that area and is tender to push. Normal?Exercise ok?

5 days ago i had 2 teeth extracted for the first time. My healing process has been normal except my left foot/calf are swollen, are they associated?

5'6, 127 lbs. Dx: o/a (r) knee from fall. Swelling ankle, top of foot, pain in toes (r foot), low back pain. Is this all related or something else?

6 wks ago I broke my rt. ankle & have a boot. I found a bump on the bottom of my foot that is painful. Could these be related?

69 yo male had bad calf cramp 3 wks ago; foot swelled & became bruised near foot. US showed no DVT, pain/swelling/bruising remains. Dr had no advice.

8 montgs baby starts walking with one foot slightly turned outward, is it normal?Can it be a sign of hip displasia?How can I help in walking right?

8 wks P.O for tarsal tunnel. recently between ankle&achilles tendon if slightly touched it is extremely painful dr told me to try heatbut what is it?

8wk po bunionectomy. Scar tissue build up top of foot.caused toe drifting. Dr did steroid inj. Less then 24hr ago. Pain has increased since. Normal?

A coulee times a month my left foot n ankle swell up about tripple the size of my other foot...Its not painful but it is pinting very bad this has been going on for 2 yrs also have kidney pain when these flare ups happen any idea what this could b its alw

A hard substance is on the bottom of L foot, it caused pain by my heal for about 3 weeks and when away. Now it seems at though the substance has moved to the soft tissue about halfway between my heel and the ball of my foot near the spine. Will it go away

A steel post fell on top of my foot almost a week ago. the pain is gone but the metatarsal is raised up and my foot tingles. What does this mean?

About 20 years ago I broke the 5th metatarsal of my left foot. Even though it healed, it's sensitive to touch and cold. Is this normal?

Active, 125lb, 32 year old female. Pain in the joint of the big toe, and top of the right foot. No specific injury or trauma.?

After 1 months of my knee replacement surgery since 2 days my nails of hands and toe is being red-orange colour- on knee, stiching area have raddish .

After a 15 hour flight to Australia the skin on the shin and top of my foot has numbness and tingling. Now ongoing for 2 weeks. Cause for concern?

After an ankle sprain, a green line going from my pinkie toe to my calf is worrying me, is this a normal bruise?

After triple arthrodsis my right foot has a glossy shine to it why is that?

All my bones hurt a lot and my body is swollen particularly in the extremities. I can bear no weight on my heels and im finding it hard to move?

Always after swimmng my R big toe joint hurts when bent. Usually hav 2 limp when I walk. Nvr injured it, no swelling or discoloration. Can last a wk..

Ant bit top of middle the toe and the top of my foot has swollen where sore to walk or bend used benedryl (cream n oral) and not helped.

At end of day small two toes on left foot are swollen, red, and painful. Athletic teacher 6'3'' 185 lbs. Hemochromatosis; not diabetic?

Athletic trainer diagnosed swelling around the sesamoid bones in my foot. Now feeling pain/stiffness near top of the big toe also. Different injury?

Awakened last night by sudden, sharp, throbbing pain in big toe. Slightly red, warm, stiff. No swelling. Healthy diet but drink wine. No ingrown nail.

Bad ankle sprain 8 days ago, still pretty tender to touch but can bw on heel ok is it ok to go back to work @ job where on feet all day w?

Bad bunions? Well, i've always had insanely large feet, at least for somebody my size, but it seems like the years of being able to press my feet into "regular" shoes has passed. I've been having a lot of pain with my bunions, and they even show. Prominen

Ball of right foot swollen, painful. Felt tight & couldn't bend. Doc said poss gout? 3 days later blood test level were 5.5. Cherry juice healed it.

Been having foot problem for a few days, pain in left ankle and arch, No major trauma, just been on feet on hard floors and hard outside surfaces?

Believed to have plantar fac. But my entire bottom of foot feels like shards of glass in them. So severe i can't walk what do I do? No insurance

Blood pooling, both feet - outer along talus/tarsals. Edema right foot/hand. Knuckles red or bluish, feet/hands hot/splotchy, big veins w/ activity?

Bone sticking out the side of my 10 yr old dancing daughters foot?

Bottom left calf and top of left foot is tight and numb after Lp. Been 4 days. Had done out of state. I have intracanial hypertension?

Bottom of both feet were very itchy 2 mths ago. Resolved. Now I have pain when walking & when I flex toes up on ball & heals. I have type 2 diabetes. ?

Broke my 5th met neck bone on both feet 6wks ago, when sitting with feet dangling down my feet get really swollen is this norm? Followup in 3 days.

Broke my big toe in half 3 mo ago it's still red having chronic pain in my legs and knees hips no energy . Can u please advise me?

Broken foot 4.5 mos ago. Xrays show no more fracture but i still have foot pain when it rains or in cold weather.

Bruise on top of foot, cramping and pain on bottom. Hurts to put weight on it and I did not hit it or drop anything on it. Fracture? Blood clot? Etc?

Bump on foot due to injury?

Burn, deep throb pain in soft area between inside ankle & heel. I have b -12 def neuropathy. Better when wrapped. Veins, clot? Left foot.

Burned foot on a straighten iron with a temp of 410. Foot swollen red & blistered. Can't walk on it. Can I treat @ home or need to be seen.

Can a bone spur project out of back of ankle all of a sudden overnight? I have a small raised bump on back of ankle and have been diagnosed with spur

Can gout cause pain/swelling in 3rd-5th toe area that meets top of r foot only? Not big toe; blood uric arid test slightly high; ipuprofin helped.

Can my pcp order a X ray or something of top of foot. Do I really need a podiatrist or what. Got new shoes w support but VERY PAINFUL?

Can you best describe what "rolling" an ankle means?

Can you get poly arthritis novosa twice as alans arm is swelling and spreading& is getting painful red lumps on his wrists and one foot so far

Can't bend my big toe, can lift it up and down easy. Had severe inflammation in foot over winter. Cortisone shot Jan. 1st. which took pain away. ?

Can't stand on L heel or allow touch to it or lwr back heel arc since October-XRAY-no brake-cant $$ MRI-feels like crushed wax inside heel-miserable?

Child has jia in knees but top of her feet and ankles hurt 2. Rheumo did ultra sound and said they were fine. Can she have it there and not show up?

Child has really flat feet causing pain and ankles look like they are rolling inwards. Shoukd she have X-ray done?

Chronic: small red patches on the inner ankles branching out quickly, feet &leg pain after walking, looks worse after walking/shower, what's this?

Contusion on top of foot, today numbness and tingle in toes. Been on crutches and rice treatment for over a week. Concern for new symptoms.

Cortizone (hydrocortisone) worked for my left foot 3 years ago, but did'nt work for my right foot at all.Why so?

Could I have a stress fracture? I am a competitive diver and last week pain on the top of my foot started and it is only swollen a little.

Could my inner side of foot problems be from an avulsion?

Cut on ankle after beach Tender to touch/flex ankle; red around the edges. Not hot. Safe to treat at home? Been 6 days. Thanks.

Cystic bone lesion in ankle. Ankle and foot hurt. I had foot surgery in the summer. Should i be concerned?

D last joint of second toe looks swollen Raised.I think corn.there's no pain or anything.Not much feet work or walking.. What cud it b? What do I do?

Dark blue/purple spot similar to bruise on inside arch of foot. No pain when touched or in arch at all, slight pain in heel. Worked 70 hrs last week?

Deep cut to bottom of foot 6wks ago. Feel like i reinjured it after 3 weeks. Still have some pain & walk w/ limp. Tetnus up to date.?

Dislocated big toe 8yrs ago. Badly rolled ankle of same foot 6mo ago. Recently began having pain from toe to top of foot to ankle. Bigger problem?

Displaced fracture of 5th phalanx of foot 4 weeks ago The toe is black, dull pain feels heavy, detached & numb. Skin feels blister like with fluid.

Do I have gout? Many years ago i tore the ligaments in my ankle. For the past few years my ankle swells and hurts if i turn it a certain way, out of the blue. My doctor says it's gout, but my uric acid levels always come back in the normal range. I hav

Do i need to go see a dr at this point? Hello – can anyone help me with a continuing foot pain i have? I injured it running at the end of july. I’m pretty sure it’s planters fasciitis – pain in heel for a while, then relocated to 2 toes lately (probably j

Do your feet hurt when there growing during pregnancy?

Dropped a brick on my foot? Can walk fine but in pain when foot is up resting. Bruising and swelling however im only 15

Dropped item on foot 4 months ago. Initial xray clear. Can walk pain-free but still pain with pressure and certain foot positions. Any thoughts?

Due to a hair line fracture a few years ago i now have a weak foot. Do i need to see someone about it and is there anything i can do. ?

EPain On Right Foot + Ankle. Affects Toes, Outer Side Of Foot, Ball, And Heel. Spasms On Both Sides Of Ankle W Exercise Or Walking DistanEs.No swellinG Or Redness Seen Struggle To Walk Sometimes.

F/U prev (?)...l4 collapse w/o herniation, 2 days post epdrl, (L) leg numb when walking more than a few feet, bottom of foot tickle sensation. Worry??

Feet become cold in 15 minutes of elevation. Left foot from toes to mid leg ice cold, Right just cold. ABI normal. Polycythemia Vera. Get Angiogram?

Fell down stairs 2 days ago on shin. Bruising, lump & tingling in my foot. Ice & elevating.When should I see a dr? I'm concered about tingling. Thanks

Fluid on knee so big can't bend knee & toes on that foot r cold, no overuse or injury. How 2 get/keep rid as it's been coming back for over 10yrs

Following bunion and sesamoid removal I am taking fluoxetine for infection top side of foot red and itchy foot swells when standing is this normal?

Following toenail removal I developed an infection in my toes that appears to be moving down my toe toward my foot. Fluclolaxin has not worked. ?

Foot pain in top and side of the foot with no bruising or swelling for a couple weeks , but now can't tolerate weight, who should I see an ortho or ped?

Foot swelling. Big toe joint is growing more bone it seems and it burns. Ice sometimes makes it worse. What can I do to help it go down?

Foot swollen, pain on top of ft. When walking. Some redness. Xray neg labs neg for gout, cellulitis, arthritis. No trauma. Calf tight when flexed?

For a year, my 2nd toe appears bruised. Quite numb due to Per. Neur, but painful,swollen jts. Drs not very concerned. Spreading to 3rd toe. Cancer?

For past 1 month one of my toes becomes numb at some point of the day, my profession requires lot of standing and walking is it due to this.

Had 2nd toe shortened b/c of crossover.6 months ago.Can see and feel screw through skin on top of toe.Causes throbbing pain at night.What next?Thx

Had a cortisone shot for mortens neuroma about 32 hrs ago. My foot is in lot of pain, feels swollen, and is bruised. Very painfulI to step on. Advice?

Had a gout attack back in laste december, early january. It happened in my foot/toe and my elbow. Foot is better since but i still can't straighten elb?

Had ABI + TBI (big toes only). Tech found that left big toe "is high," then checked it again and it was "normal." Did this invalidate the study?

Had both big toenails avulsed 5wks ago, had infections but have gone. Left with tingling when I walk on them? Like knocking your funny bone? Why?

Had like 10/23/13 must 12/30/13 today i got up with terrible pain and swelling in left foot right behind toes a lo they way across ball of foot?

Had ltkr 10/23/13 had mau 12/27/13 woke up this morning to pain and swelling across ball of foot being toes on that leg?

Have a prickly pain on the inside of my left foot. In between arch and bone of toe. Comes and goes. Have high uric acid, normal sgpt. What is it?

Have a two sores on my foot that I have tried removing with a scraper and a foot scrubber but they have not left. They are painful of i stand or walk to long or if I step on rocky surfaces?

Have bad left foot due to bunion/awaiting surgery on it. Now rt foot hurts, top of foot/2nd toe. Related?

Have throbing pain that shoots from big toe joint to front an side of ankle an to my knee injured big toe years ago didn't seek treatment wat cud it b?

He had heart surgery 12/15/10. For six months been dealing with painful swollen feet. And now his hands. He has a hard time hearing as well. ?

Headaches on my left side only in 3 places 2-5 daily and numbness in either my Hans or feet only one at a time 2-5 daily started about 2 1/2 weeks ago?

Hello my name krystal my boyfriend has pain and reddness on his fouth toe and cant really walk on it.. What is this? And what should i do?

Hello. After I have been walking for a short while the bones under the left side if my food hurt. This is the area under my toes. Very bony feet?

Help me, i think i may be suffering from warts on the base my right foot under the toes. I believe they are spreading. I workout for an hour daily.?