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2 years ago I was on Zyprexa. It caused tingling in my lower legs and feet when walking. Climbing up & downstairs I had leg weakness. Guillain-Barre?

2-3" redish patch near front of shin after standing on legs for 11hrs. I think I rest my other foot there while standing. Coupe hours after still here?

3 months old legs looked bowed while at rest and most of the time. Is this normal?

About 6 months ago my feet ankles and lower calves started swelling up and are painful now it happens all the time?

About every night I get muscle cramps in my legs and feet sometimes my toes curl under and Im a debetic?

Aching l calf x 3 days. Can't lift toes off the floor. L side of calf is numb as well as the top of my foot. No injury/swelling. Should i take asprin

After eighty plus years having thin legs and ankles, what could cause them to be swollen now?

After sitting down from being on my feet for a while, from my knees down i get numbness and cramping in my feet..Any known reason why?

Any tips on how deal with legs, feet ache and slight swelling around ankles. Due to standin up all day & not b use to it? Do Compression socks help?

Are swollen legs and feet normal after the delivery of a baby?

Ask a health question...Hi, I have spinal stenosis and drop foot in my left ankle and foot. My left foot is often swollen, a blister is on this leg.?

At about 4 in the morning I have crippling cramps all up my legs, so I walk on the side of my foot with my toes locked up. Could I be a diabetic male at age 20?

Both feet are tingly. Non diabetic. Sometimes have cramps in both calves and right hamstring. Has been about 3 weeks now?

Both legs and feet hurt when i walk and clean . Can this be due to my bulged disc?

Bottom of feet turn blue when sitting..Feet cold. No pain, good pulse in legs. ?

Brusing from my foot to my calf also felt a pop in my calf?

Burning legs mostly at nite feet n leg swelling?

Burning, no swelling in legs & progressing. Dr. thinks it's the Amlodipine, but could it be Erythromelalgia?

Buzzing in foot/big toe, sometimes calf, when doing straight leg rise sometimes get buzzing in foot not all the time though, could this be disk bulge?

Calf, foot swelling when sitting too long, what's wrong?

Can a bad sunburn on your legs and feet cause pitting edema?

Can a blood clot in the calf /leg feel heavy, a constant tingling sensation, color of leg lighter & colder foot in comparison to other leg and foot?

Can a chiropractor help with numbness in feet and legs? I'll try it if you think it helps.

Can a spider bite make your leg and foot go numb

Can constipation cause edema in feet and lower legs?

Can hypothyroidism cause circulatory issues, cold feet and hands also pitting edema in legs ankles and feet?

Can hypothyroidism cause pitted edema in my lower legs, ankles and feet?

Can i get thrombosis from standing too much with a leg cast on?

Can leg ankle swelling caused by dehydration?

Can midazipine cause my feet, ankles and legs to swell? I'm changing over to it from venlaflaxine

Can pancreatitis make your legs, feet and hands swell?

Can propranolol cause swelling in my legs, feet, and hands?

Can risperdal cause pitting edema in lower legs ankles and feet?

Can sciatica cause my whole leg to swell. I am being treated for sciatica for a couple of years now. But I have never had my whole leg swell.

Can steriod use cause pitting in legs n ankles?

Can venogram see the veins in the feet and toes?

Can walking on your toes tone your legs?

Can you suggest some specialist doctors for the feet or legs edema?

Can you tell me is it healthy for feet and legs to swell after flight?

Cellulitis on my foot 4 days ago, it traveled on my inner leg to mid calf. The swelling and redness is gone, but my foot & leg still hurt. Normal?

Circulation booster for feet and legs, do they work?

Cold feet and left calf.calf is also tingling. my right leg is normal. I am on my last day or so of menstruation, is that a factor? I'm 20.

Could blood pooling happen solely in the bottom of the feet and not the rest of the legs? Both my feet ache and are red on the soles when standing.

Could edema cause swollen wrists as well as ankles and the top of both feet? Also, would it cause a burning feeling in the feet and around the wrists?

Could my leg twitching be connected to ankle injury?

Could sciatica make your ankle swell up?

Could wearing flip-flops all the time cause the aches and stiffness in my feet and legs? Calves especially tight. Been several months.

Could you tell me what are good what are good home remediesfor leg and foot pain?

Could you tell me why my legs and feet an hands are swollen and they hurt so often? Would it be okay to wear compression stockings to bed?

Diagnosed with hamstring tear 4 days ago, now have lots of cramps and numbness in my calf and foot and they are very cold to touch. Is this normal?

Do you know anything about swollen angles and legs? Also both my feet and legs turns brown. I had this for very long time.

Doctor, my leg got twisted before 2 days and it affected my toe(thumb of the leg) and i cant lift it up? suggest me some remedies

Does bicycle exerciser help with pedal edema of legs & feet?

Does ovarian cancer cause leg numbness and foot swelling?

Edema legs feet ankles black/ blue sudden onset?

Feet and ankles and legs adre swelle?

Feet get red after walking. veins buldging. left foot and ankle discoloured since ankle sprain over three years do i prevent feet from redness?

Few days I'm getting a heat sensation in my leg, between my knee and the foot, it lasts 5 seconds, 5-10 times a day, not warm at touch. What is it?

Fingers had tingled for the last three weeks and just started 2 days ago in left foot and maybe knee/leg. Foot and fingers for sure. Causes?

Foot and lower leg swelling after salty meal?

Foot is blue leg is cold up to the knee cap pin and needles in my foot i can see spiderweb veins in leg foot and calf swollen. Sprained one month ago?

Foot, ankle, and lower leg pain. What could be the reason for this?

For a long time now i. Have had almost consten pain in my legs feet sometimes in my hands & arms I can't stand my legs and toes to be touched. ?

For the last few months my feet and ankles and lower legs keep swelling when i sit or stand?

Given my age and sometimes feet numbness with diabetes my shin sometimes feels warm legs arms neck could this be premenopausal ?

Had a baby 4 months ago, during pregnacy had calf cramps &swollen feet. for 1 month i have tightness in the backs of my calves. Now numb both heels?

Had a stroke 3 years ago now my legs hurt and my left foot the toes are curled under is this from the stroke what can i do ?

Had baby 8 wks ago. Still swelling of calves and feet. Now also having flushing of face, feet, and redness up calves what's going on?

Had ptosis surgery 2 days ago. Now my legs are restless and my calves and feet ache. Why and what can I do?

Have been having pain from my knees calfs shin ankle and feet in both legs and its painful and i have these vissible bumps under the skin on calfs. ?

Have leg and feet weakness in both herniated and bulging disc when i get up at night feel heavy in legs and feet and it hard to move why is this?

Have restless legs at night and foot pain when walking long distances. What could it be?

Have swelling in my hands calves feet what would cause this? Very painful in the legs

Hello im 26 I have redness hotness swelling from like my sock area down my legs have had it about 4 weeks now its starting on my other leg in the same?

Hi .. What can cause ;leg numbness, just the leg part, not knee not calf not thigh not foot... Anything to do with nf2?

Hi I've been suffering from burning feet and legs for years now. It's got worse in the last week I can't put my feet and legs together skin to skin as it burns I sleep with a pillow between my legs and feet needs to be out of covers at all times e

Hi, I have had weakness in my legs and feet for a few weeks now. Tonight I noticed my veins are extremely noticeable on the bottom of my feet.

Hip 2 foot leg pain, sometimes foot turns ice cold. Broke knee cap years ago, not diabetic, not over weight. Cause for concern?

How can I effectively treat achy feet, legs and ankles quickly?

How can you give a good foot and leg massage?

How concerning is it to have constant swollen feet and legs?

How do I get knee and ankle pain due to cold feet?

How do I prevent foot pain that travels to my calf when i walk?

How do I reduce foot/leg swelling? Can someone squeeze the water back up the leg?

How do I reduce the edma in my leg? My right leg is huge, from the ankle to the knee. How can I reduce the size of this leg?

How do you reduce swelling in the left foot and leg?

How to reduce the thickness of leg calves?

How to stop knees , feet and legs soring for a diabetic?

How to take shower with an arm or leg cast?

How to treat cold sensation in hip leg and foot hip stiffness?

I am 25 years old &I have bad edema and my legs are swelling in my legs above my knees down to my feet change color if I'm on them 4a short period ?

I am having charlie horses on the top of my foot running up my shin at night. What is causing this?

I am having tingnning in my legs and swelling in my feet ?

I am wearing compression stockings because of swelling, now the top of my right foot is numb and my big toe. Could this be from the stockings?

I broke my foot. Any recs for leg exercises?

I can't sit with my feet on the floor. I need to have my legs elevated or crossed, or the veins in my calves hurt/burn & calves cramp in minutes. Why?

I can't straighten my leg or my foot. What is going on?

I feel really ill and weak. I have front leg pain in both legs, knees shins ankles and burning itchy feet. I have been sweating and can hardly walk. ?

I fell a week ago, my knee pain has increased and now my foot and leg has been tingling and my foot is colder then the other. What to do?

I had a fiberglass cast on my leg for 3 weeks in july 2013. I have a lot of hyperpigmented areas still on my leg. Is it due to the cast or crps?