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Can't brings leg up much at all can no where near halfway to bring toe to face?

I Work standing alot. At the end of day my feet are tingling and my calves are tight. I Notice my calves get tight when sitting in a chair also.

"i'm on my feet for hours per day and can barely handle the pain. Is there a quick fix?"

3 bruised toes on right foot. Very sore. Hard to walk. Been sleeping w my foot up. Cant put a lot of weight on it. What am i missing?

32yo female. Every few weeks i get painful/extremely weak wrists and/or ankles. Causes dropping and stumbling while walking. What could this be?

4y/o feet/toes always makes popping noises when he walks on them first thing in morning or after sittin awhile what can cause this?

4yr old feet makes a cracking noise every morning when he wakes up and walks on them. Should I have him checked or is this normal? What could by wrong

About 5 days ago i was practicing turning for my dance class on one foot for about 30 minutes. Now the arch of my foot hurts kinda bad. What did i do?

Advice on toe cramps? Does standing on cold floor help?

After 3.5 hour car ride very swollen legs and ankles. Lasted 3 days. Normal BP. Other time swollen after walking &bus. Very swollen after flight. Why?

After having a brisk walk, I am filling numbness in my fingures?

After i go for walks that are only a few km's, my right leg starts shaking uncontrollably, could this be due to eating to little? If not, what?

After spending 8-11 hours standing and walking on concrete floor working I get pain iin my feet and stiffness in my ankles what can I do to stop this?

After the birth of my 3rd child I have been experiencing pain on the soles of both my feet every morning when i stand up. I can hardly walk.

After using the bathroom i start feeling the pain in my back legs and feet and my feet get cold to every day?

After walking around a store for so long my feet hurt really bad and I just have to sit down and take a break but I'm only 14. Why having so much pain?

After walking around for an hour my feet start to burn and my toes go red. Very painful.What could be causing this? Neuro tells me from back.

After walking in grocery store or anywhere when i sit down both my calves start twitching like crazy is this normal started bout three mouths ago?

After walking in very hot weather in socks/sandals my feet tingle and get this vibration feeling . . I have p.O.T syndrome; is this from blood pooling?

After wearing high heels for a very long time one day most of my foot was numb now not quite a year later my big toes are partially numb still and my legs feel like theyre just starting to fall asleep for long peiods of time ?

Am 60 & stood for long time 1 day. Now feet have cold, tingly, bluish black soles, feel like am walking on fluid cushion. Elevate not helped. Advice?

An eight and a half months old male baby does not puthis foot or ankle down when he tries to walk. What shouldi do?

Ankle Pain in both feet, been going on for about a 1 1/2 years, so bad I need to soak in ice water every two hours to walk semi-normal. Popping too.

Any reason why are my feet always cold when going to bed?

Are those home medics foot massagers any good for getting the blood circulating to my feet i have one raised and put my calfs on it after exercise?

At night after going to bathroom after I get I to bed both of my legs get this hot, tingly sensation which goes away after a few minutes .?

At night before bed & during sleep i get both swollen & pain from both my feet, ankles and upper legs. Especially when wearing socks and blankets over?

Balls of my feet hurt when working 8 to 10 hours on them in a restaurant. They really bother me when I wake up. ?

Been a couch patoto most the winter. Now i lack energy and my legs hurt when i stand and walk. Can't keep myself up right for long time. What can I do?

Both the top of my feet have been numb for over 2 months now what can I do to stop it i work and go on walk and bike ride but done nothing to my feet?

Bottoms of feet keep falling asleep.Sitting, standing, laying..Not diabetic, nothing shows up in blood work. Is this something I should be alarmed about?

Can anybody give me advice about lower leg and feet can't get comfortable?

Can someone help please? My toes turn purple and my leg hurts when i sit down for long periods of time?

Can standing barefoot on an acupressure mat with plastic needles for 10 minutes (painful!!) cause "burning/sore/hot feet" all of the next day?

Can there be a place someone can go to get their feet/walking technique tested?

Can these bee stings feelings in feet come from sitting in same positions for long hours? And from flip flops?

Can you tell me why when i walk short distances my feet and legs start to hurt?

Can't walk for more then a few minutes at a time. Heel starts to feel bruised. Been like this for 7 months. Seems to switch from foot to foot? Thanks!

Cant squat with flat feet.As soon as my lower leg gets about 30 degrees away from vertical, the heels come up. I've been that way all my life.

Cold Arms and Feet each time i sit down at my office chair. Then get light headed when i stand up which goes away when I walk. HIV, DM or what?

Could flat feet go away or go thinner?

Could use expert help with why my hand feel swollen after a long walk?

Do your feet hurt when youre dehydrated?

Doctor I have a problem with feet, they pain a lot especially when i stand up to walk after sitting for some time and the is usually inside the feet .?

Every morning when i wake up the top of my foot and sometimes my heel. It hurts more some days than others, but shortly after walking I am fine.?

Every morning when i wakeup i can not put my feet on floor because of pain and after walkin for a minute or 2 on my tows it gets ok?

Every night and morning when i wake up my feet are always numb I have a hard time walking , what could this be ? And what cause it thanks

Every night when I'm laying in bed my body starts to hurt. My wrist bother me and sometimes even my fingers. My feet even starts feeling stiff? Why?

Every time i go 4 a walk as exercise my toes go numb what would cause this ? Shoes are not the problem

Every time I stand up my legs shake uncontrollably until I start to walk then it stops, why?

Every time I walk long distances or Exercise, The side of my left food always becomes sore and my toes. I changed shoes and this still occurs. ?

Feeling like my foots are numb and warm after job. I sit for 8 hours and after i get home i feel like my foots go numb.

Feet are killing me, every time I come home,I relax my feet and when I try getting back up my feet are in pain, crooked and hard to stand up, i crawl?

Feet feels numb/cold each time I'm sitting/standing. Goes away when I walk. Headache when i stand up. Axilla Pain. Varicose Veins or neuropathy?

Feet get really cold and painful when i go to bed . Why ? How can I help prevent this from happening ? I exercise 5 days a week by the way.

Feet turn purple when sitting and red when standing and laying. Been to hospital twice and a doctor. Said I'm to young (18) to have bad circulation?

Feet turn red/swell when standing/walking a lot or hot shower. Relieved by sitting with feet up. Also cold a lot. Circulation issue?

Feet turn red/swell when standing/walking a lot or hot shower. Relieved by sitting with feet up. Also toes cold a lot. NO pain. Circulation issue?

Feet were a pins and needles feeling last night while sitting. Walking, it felt like i was walking on broken glass. This morn, it burns. What is it?

Flat feet and it's extremely painful to stand up for long periods. What can I do?

Foot cramp. Will standing on cold floor help?

Foot pain, redness and swelling only after shower/bath or standing for long periods. Feels like feet are full/going to burst. Sometimes up to ankles. ?

For month only when sleep excruciating pain from tip of toes 2about mid ankle When happen I can't stand or straighten foot Goes away 15 min no injury?

For the last 2weeks my feet and calves have been swelling up and i can feel it when i walk what does this mean my feet feel like sponges?

For the last month, one foot has become very painful to walk on on when at home, i feel nothing during the day at work and such?

For the past 9 months I've woken up with numb hands and feet. My hands are so numb that i can't fully open or close them. My feet are numb as well. When i get up to walk it's like my feet and legs don't function. I've learned that if i sit up for a minute

For what reasons is it, everytime i fly(in an aeroplane) my feet swell up?

Getting foot cramps. Have to walk around and/or put heat on my feet and calves to relax mus cle. Nothing sem to work. Drink h2o & bananas & wear flats?

Going to have a lumbar sympathetic block in my foot. Will I walk ok afterwards?

Good day. My child is 20 months. He always goes on the fingers of his foot. He stands on his foot only when he is standing. ?

Had tarsal tunnel surgery 2 moths ago and if im sitting for awhile my foot gets very stiff making it hard to walk when i get up, is this normal ?

Half my foot has been numb for a couple months and feels like im walking on a golf ball? Should i worry?

Have have nerophathy but now I have pain in my foot u can't touch, my leg gets cold, swells up from sitting to long on gspapetin 900mg 3 times a day?

Having fast strong beat under my feet if I put my fingers under my foot I can feel it? It comes then stops comes back every min

Hello I received a injection in my piriformus yesterday at 12 noon. It has been 12 hours later and I can not walk or feel my foot. My foot is hot . ?

Hello, i burned my foot 6 days ago. Now it looks better, but when i try to walk, veins on my lower leg and foot get swollen and i fell pain? Thanks

Hello, please i would like to know for some day have realize any time i rest my legs or wake up in the i always have pains under my foot?

Help does anyone else have this problem? Feet swell so much on flight it is hard to get shoes back on

Help. Waited all year for vaca. Now big blister on heel. Cannot walk without pain. What can I do fast?

Hi can you tell me why my feet are sore and my legs feel like they are on fire because when i'm sitting and try to get up i can't walk x?

Hi I do a lot of canoe polo and sometimes my legs start to tingle and when I go to get out of my boat they give way and I have to sit there why?

Hi I have a broken foot and I have a full numb leg. Clothes hurt on it and struggle to walk on it. is it likely to be a tumour?

Hi I'm 38 week pregnant and I barely walk, I only walk when Im out or go shopping so is that ok ?

Hi quick question one side of my feet keep going to sleep and then the other foot go's a sleep it like back and fourth.

Hi the other day i twisted my knee getting up out of bed its not bruised or swollen but getting a numb feeling in my toes how long will it take toheal?

How am I supposed to go to the bathroom and shower if i'm in a leg cast?

How can I keep my foot from swelling up every day, when i get out of bed?

How can I keep my toes from going numb when im doing the eliptical?

How come when I jump rope the arches of my feet get sore after a couple minutes?

How do I get my child to stop tip toe walking?

How do I increase the blood cerculation on my foot after having a knee surgery ? Because it's been a month and i feel like there's pins when i walk

How far should I be able to move my feet?

How quickly should a sterroid shot in my foot begin to work?

I am 21 yrs old.I am having an almost-numb area in my left thigh. When I run a few feet or even walk through 1-2kms, I feel like blood is dripping off?

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I walk as much as possible after resting and I get up to use the restroom or walk a couple feet my knees hurt. Why is that?

I am 24 year old, my legs and hands are shaking while standing, and my eyes darkened once i get up from chair. So what could be the cause. Plz give me?

I am 35 year old male i feel burning in my both toe and leg from long time please advise me.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and keep getting swelling in my left hand and foot. My bp stays at around 130-134/82-86. The swelling goes down by midday. ?

I am 65-and after sitting at the computer for 3 or 4 hours my feet swell-up. Usually, i can elevate them at night and the swelling goes away. This last time I am having trouble getting them to go down and keeping them down. Is there anything i can do to h

I am 67 years old, when i stand for longer than 10 min my knees go red and feel hot. Why?