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I have a hammer toe and club foot problem, are there any treatments to alleviate the symptoms?

I have arthritis in feet, any good solutions?

I have badly sunburned feet, swollen, blistering and type 2 diabetes has reduced circulation to feet, best treatment ?

I have been having horrible pain on the soles of my feet/ does podiatrist treat this?

I have burning in the balls of my feet. How to treat this?

I have calcarea carb in both my feet.How should I treat it?

I have dealing with a sore heel one one foot. What is problem and how to treat it?

I have drop foot. What are the treatments?

I have foot rot. What is treatment for it?

I have hyperhidrosis in my hands/feet. Are there any permanent treatments to cure the condition?

I have my foot swollen from gout, what is the most effective treatment for it?

I have shoe dermititis. Can you please recommend anything for its cure?

I have spurts on both of the in middle of my feet. What treatment can I used.

I have very dry feet that often crack and peel. What steps should i take to fix this condition? Do i need to see a doctor? Can i treat it myself?

I have warts on my hands nd corns on my feet.I've taken thoosa for the treatment but it didn't work.What else should I do?

I think I got Capillaritis on both my foots , how do you treat that ?

I think I have rheumatoid nodules on the bottom of my foot. How can I cure it?

I tripped on my foot. Best treatment?

I'm starting to think I have trench foot. Can someone give me some info on what it is?

I've recurring gout/leg/foot arthritis and i'm looking fora home remedy?

Is drop foot curable?

Is it normal for a wart to last on your foot for years if you don't treat it? Is in indicative of anything more serious?

Is it possible to have gout on both feet?

Is it too late to treat club foot at 12 months?

Is there a "best" method for home treatment of plantars mosaic on the foot?

Is there a cure for foot dragging?

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution for blisters on your feet?

Is there an OTC treatment for burning feet?

Is there an OTC treatment for chemo induced foot neuropathy?

Is there any cure for foot drop?

Is there any kind of treatment for chilblains on toes? I've had them for a while now and i try to keep my feet warm but they won't go away.

Is there any treatment for a psoriasis in a feet?

Is there any way to relieve the symptoms of club foot?

Looking for drop foot pt treatment?

My adult daughtet has bad, blistering foot exzema..What is the best treatment or prevention?

My feet and ankles are very swollen. What could it be, is it life threatening, and are their over-the-counter medications?

My mum has developed a bunyon on her right toe, what treatments are available.

Please advise what is the cure/treatment for trench foot?

Please explain what foot care line works well for preventing heel-cracking?

Please help! what is the best treatment for foot drop?

Please tell me if there is natural remedies for swollen feet and ankles?

Scabs on diabetic foot - how to treat them?

Shingles on foot, cause and treatment?

Sir I have problem under my toe .Its like a wound but i don't know what it is.Its not curing.Can you help in curing that please.

The ball of my foot is largely swollen, what can I use to treat this?

Treatment of charchot foot ?

Treatment fo charchot foot?

Treatment for charcot foot?

Treatment of foot deformities?

Treatments for a compound fracture in my foot?

Very itchy foot, cause and treatment?

Ways to prevent trench foot?

What approaches work best to look after your feet?

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What are some foot care techniques i can do?

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What are the symptoms of trench foot?

What are the treatments for Foot drop?

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What can I do to care for my feet?

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What caused trench foot, and how did it effect?

What is a bunion? How do you treat it? Why are they so painful?

What is a good homeopathic med for burning feet?

What is a good treatment for serious blisters on the heels of my feet?

What is bimechanical like flat foot? What are the syptoms and treatments?

What is the best home remedy to treat a diabetic ulcer on the bottom of a foot?

What is the best home remedy to treat a diabetic ulcer that is on the bottom of a foot?

What is the best non prescription way to treat fasciitis? I've been on my feet all day and its pretty painful.

What is the best treatment for sore calves?

What is the best treatment for tinea on heels as well as on the hands?

What is the best way to treat a heel bruise?

What is the best way to treat blisters on the side of feet caused by running?

What is the best way to treat planters fishotis?

What is the best way to treat your bunions?

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What is the treatment for a bad sprained foot besides (RICE). ?

What is the treatment for club feet?

What is the treatment for drop foot?

What is the treatment for exfoliative dermatitis in the plantar region of the foot?

What is the treatment for foot ulceration?

What is the usual and/or an accepted treatment of a ganglion on the dorsum of the foot?