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My feet swelling what to do doc please help me out I have gone to hospital but know change?

two days at since I sprained my ankle the swelling around the outside off ankle is like a baseball and red. Other side isreditchyswallen, seedoc?

1 swollen foot no injuries doctor prescribed water tablets but foot still swollen what should I do ?

1 week after c-section my feet and legs are looking very swollen today?

1 week knee injury. Pain, swelling down but noticed leg goes purple unless propped up. Circulation? Hot & cold foot tingling & numbish. ER or rest?

1.5 weeks ago, I fell & drs tell me I injured a nerve in foot, I have burning outside foot & heel, swelling and cold foot. What can help till next appt?

24 weeks pregnant, for an hour now my feet are very swollen to the point it hurts to point my feet. Hands and face are swollen too.. Normal?

2months ago on sunburned my shins & feet really bad-red , purple & swollen.Symptoms resolved but now my feet & ankles swell daily& turn purple. Can I ?

3 "hives" by toes itched really bad couple days later another it was quarter size swollen & hurt to touch swelling around ankle-hurts to stretch foot?

3 year old is limping. There is no bruising/swelling on his foot/ankle. It hurts on the bottom. Also has 100.3 fever, cough and running nose. Related?

33w pregnant swollen feet and ankles no pain no warmth just swollen. Right foot looks sligtly more swollen than left. Should I worry?

36 weeks pregnant and my feet and legs are swollen.. What should I do to take the swelling down?

4 days Leg calves itch bad,slight swollen started new job on feet lot. No redness. 2 days later feet burn, BP fine.Normally have little edema .Age 61?

4 weeks after i tore my ankle ligaments it is swollen and painfull again. Whole foot sore.Will i need an op? Or must i go see dr again?

6 year olds toes on right foot are warm and somewhat red. He says they tickle but in a bad way. Sometimes it's both feet. Any suggestions?

7 days post-partum, swollen feet, sore legs and hips. Are these normal pains you have after baby or should I be concerned?

7 months ago, i was wearing a shoe w/ the tongue tucked in for a week. Foot became swollen. Foot and ankle are still swollen but not much. Do you think I have nerve or soft tissue damage?

9 year old got stung on his foot at school its swollen can't see his ankle what do we heed to do?

A week out of plaster after breaking ankle, was in plaster 7 weeks, is it normal for foot to be painful and swollen, also red, cant weight bare?

After 3 ops (back, knee, foot) my loved one has painful and numb swollen feet and her legs up to the knee are sometimes swollen and hard as wood. Why?

After spraining both my ankles, one 6 mnths and one 3 mnths ago, they still bother me and my feet go numb, swollen and red.. Is this permanent? Cure?

All of a sudden both of my feet swelled up, began to itch and burn. The itching and burning goes up the legs to the knees. No redness. Didn't walk a l?

And my feet were swollen after the socks came off and they never went back down so now they are still swollen and don't know what to do?

Ankle swollen, Feels fine to touch. Just aches from around my heel, ankle and up my leg alittle. no injury. blood clot?

Apart from X-ray what r obvious signs of fractured ankle/foot it's swollen can walk but painful to swells more wen i do?

Ball of foot swollen and tender between 3 & 4th toe. Slightly hard there. Tender to touch and walk on. Gradual onset of pain/swelling overnight.

Been a week, foot not broke, but still swollen, reddish and burns. Why? Do have a boot cast but hurts worse to wear that so I go without majority time

Been told I have osteoarthritis and planter faiitas but my foot has been swollen badly since February now turn purple when I stand can't wear shoe ?

Between the bottom of my foot and my ankle, it is very sore. What could be wrong? I just got new skates and they have been tight in that area. They havn't hurt this bad so i don't understand what's wrong.

Both ankles and the top of feet are very puffy or swollen but no pain. Is this really bad?

Both my ankles and feet have been swollen for over a week! the tops of my feet feel like pins everytime i take a step! this is the second time in 2yrs?

Both of my feet and ankles are very swollen and painful ! Also my hands are swlen and itchy! I elevate my legs and the swelling does go down a little?

Both of my feet are swollen and itching really bad. Whatshould I do?

Both of my inside ankles close to the instep (but not the instep) are swollen with no other swelling in legs or feet. What home remedy could i do?

Both of my lower legs and feet are swollen, red, and warm to the touch. My feet especially really hurt. What could be causing this?

Broke ankle 11-16-13. Got aircast boot. All swelling was gone til yesterday when i didn't elevate foot. Now whole foot is swollen. What should I do?

Broke ankle 12 days ago. Top of foot burns and swells fast soon as not elevated. Within seconds. Is this normal or could there be more damage in foot?

Broke ankle 15 weeks ago. Today my ankle is so swollen and spongey. . .edema. . . .what should I do?

Bruising/swelling on ball of foot, should I be concerned?

But for like a 2 months my ankles they start a swollen , I have veins in my rigth foot, what can I do?

By the time i leave my job my right ankle is swollen. What could it be?

Calcaneus fracture. Day 1 was only swollen around heel and ankle. Day 2 entire foot swollen. Day 3 bruise going up leg? Been keeping it elevated.

Calf ankles and feet swollen for 3 days and painful, new blue veins on top of foot this am, should I be worried? I am 33 years old and female...

Calf is achey. History of sciatica. The arch of foot seems to be collapsing with weigh. A little tender to touch. No swelling, heat, or redness. Cause?

Can cold weather cause my Ankle to hurt? got a pin and plate in my L Ankle. My scar is numb but ankle is warm to touch. It's the plate that hurt more!

Can I die from swollen foot if I ignore it?

Can lithium cause your ankles to swell when it is hot out? And is this bad?

Can not eating properly make your legs / ankles swell?

Can too much vitamin d make your feet swell?

Can walking for a long time cause your ankles to feel swollen and sore? It's been 2 days and they're still sore and swollen

Can you get preeclampsia at 10 weeks pregnant? Feet swollen hands kind of swollen about 10 weeks pregnant

Can you tell me how i could get a bruise on my foot?

Causes of swelling of the feet when pregnant?

Child has JRA and today top of one foot swollen to wear she was able to put sandal on one foot but not the swollen foot. Should I be concerned?

Could use your help docs! my feet are aching and swollen from hiking. How to heal them?

Could use your help docs! my feet itch, hurt, and swell. Why is that?

Could use your help docs! my foot is cut, swollen and i can't walk on it?

Could you tell me why my husband has extremely swollen legs ankles and feet? His balls are swollen to the size of a watermelon too?

CRPS L foot, swells. sSwelling even in the morn- Sleep with foot out of sheets (hanging down a bit) so foot doesn't get knocked. Would that cause it?

Currently 37wks pregnant with hbp. Have severe swelling of feet, ankles, and legs. Seems to just be getting worse. Painful and numb. Is this normal?

Do i need to go to the ER for the past 4 days I have had swollen legs ankle feet fingers and face now it hurts to walk on my feet they burning?

Do you have glands on the bottom of feet? My husband has hard swollen lumps under his feet. He is unwell. Could they be related?

Do you know any home remedies for swollen veins in fingers?

Does a swollen outer foot often come with a sprained ankle?

Does everyone get swollen feet in pregnancy?

Does gout makes your ankle swell and turn black?

During her walk today and noticed she has slightly flat feet. Could this be the cause of her having sore ankles at times?

Every morning I have swelling in my palm n feet ? Why. I am not having thyroid.

Extreme swelling in ankles & feet after compression socks swelling controlled bjt can't walk due to pain skin on feet dark blotchy. Scared!

Extremely painful ankle, but no swelling and almost no bruising. Cant bear much weight and has been like this for over 24 hours. What is it?

Eyes bulged out , having shortness of breathe, ankles are swollen?

Feet feel swollen but they are not and I do not have diabetesjj?

Fell on labia with heel of foot. It is now swollen, and has been for a couple of weeks. How do I treat it?

Following foot surgery when i stand my foot swells and goes red and almost black is this normal?

Foot is swollen around ankle no redness or pain. Just a slight tingle sometimes. I started a job where I move around a lot now could this be the cause?

Foot is swollen, had a bad fall about a month ago. Is there anything i can do?

Foot sore from fall 3 weeks ago. ?

For the past year my ankles, feet, legs, arms, and hands are swollen. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin. I've gained 20 lbs over the past 2 yrs. ?

Found my ankle swollen for no reason and now it hurts ?

Fractured ankle year ago and took off soft cast early it is stiill swollen and now vessels are purple in foot and parts off ankle are purple hurt?

Getting sunburn bad can cause swelling in ankles and hands?

Good day. Is it normal for hands and feet to swell just before starting your periods?

Got my foot cast off yesterday, and my foot swelling up like a cantaloupe again, why?

Got off plane swollen ankles.Saw dr gave me diuretic, bloodpressure and potasium pill. 3 Days later ankles still swollen and now burning. What can i d?

Had a knee injury on 7/31 occasionaly my feet swell. Took a ultrasound no clots. Walked a lot yesterday on my feet all day swell came back. Is serious?

Had a osb board drop on the tpo of my foot its slighly swollen and bruiseed and hurt to out weight on it and hurt up around my ankle?

Had arthroscopic ankle surgery over a week ago. My foot feels like it burns and gets swollen. Is this normal? Thank you

Had stroke/ICH in April. Foot swells for a day or two, then okay (or post-stroke condition) for a couple of days, then swells again. Is this normal?

Hands, ankles, feet calves, legs have been swollen over 2 in than normal past 4 weeks. Now face& eyes r2.Uti now&1-2x mon. Dangerous? No sex either.

Have a calf tear from a week ago. using a KneeRover. Can't walk and calf is still incredibly tender. Swelling has mostly subsided. I noticed ankle is now swelling since I been on feet all day. No other addt'l symptoms. Go to doc or stay off feet?

Have runner knee and just under it is swollen all the way to my foot and has been for a few hours even after being elevated. No pain just kinda numb?

Have severe fluid retention in both feet. The tops of both feet and ankles are swollen causing numbness in toes. Can this cause vessel damage?

Have swelling in feet & ankles. Not sure if it could be caused by bug bites on legs or not. What can I take or do to get the swelling to go down?

Heel pain while i walk red and swollen and the swelling is spreading. Is this planter facitis ? Antiinflamotries for a week

Hello a friend of mine is pregnant and has bad swelling in one foot in the area under her toes and it hurts and tingles is that normal she is 25 weeks?

Hello, looks like a bug bite near heel. Ankle and foot swollen for last few days. Used ice, benedryl, elevating, Bactine. Anything else I can do?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes swollen ankles and redness around the lower legs?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes swollen ankles with redness around the ankle area and lower legs?

Hey my feet and ankles swells and itch real bad what is that?

Hi Doctor,I sprained myvankle,it became swollen,but the top of the foot now appears swolen?