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Dear dockter. my hushand had an angioplast with stent last week. he is ok. but sometimes his feet is becoming very cold why this happens. advice?

, i had gestational diabetes with all three pregnancy. But after the birth i my last i started having numbness and stabbing pains in hands and feet.

15month granddaughter suddenly won't walk! has a small blister on foot from sandals. Eating, drinking, good mood. On iron. Should i worry/visit er?

22yr/Latino /190lbs/ 6ft tall I'm constantly having hand and feet cramps can it be sighs of a blood clot or a stroke ?my diet is not so great.

29 yrs lady extrimities become killing cold when she goes to sleep.Coldness n pain especialy of feet worsen during pregnancy.Thyroid or smthng else?

31 weeks pregnant nonstop headache for 3 days, gestational diabetes sugar running high since given meds to help, alil swelling in face, feet and hands?

4 mo old healthy baby- 1of his feet keeps getting red & warm around toes much more than other. (His right foot). No other symptoms & no pain. causes?

5 yeast infections in 5 months. in last month, warm tingling in soles of feet. No weight loss. call pcp and ask for blood work? What could it be?

5'2 and 105lbs. I've had ankle aches my whole life. They are recently worse. My feet are always cold. I wear socks all the time. It's not circulation

70yrs old female healthy except for h/t on atenalol and losarton recently started severe burning sensation on soles of both feet what is it?

83 yr old lady. Vascular dementia. Type 2 diabetes. Developed swollen big toe, red. Doc diagnosis: gout. Last 48 hrs turned to dark blue. Why? Help!

A 60 yr old lady has diabities is getting constant pain in her feet what could be the reason?

A 64 year old man has swelling in the feet and leg with a sore that wont go away also his foot is starting to turn black.What are possible diagnoises?

A lot of blood and water is coming out from fingers of my legs due to rainwatr.Its paining badly.Plz suggest the remedy and medicine?is it infection?

A working woman and she has type 2 diabetes. Her toe bump with a black dot in it. Is there any thing dangerous & what could be the reasons ?

A working woman and she has type 2 diabetes. Her toe bump with a black dot in it. Is there any thing dangerous & what could be the reasons ?

Acetezolomide for IIH. Is there an estimated period of time for the tingling in hands and feet to stop? If tolerable will it go away eventually?

Af ter a fall my ankels/feet are in weakness/lain after several weeks?

After child was born in 2001 i hav to always wear socks and gloves on my hands and feet and a scarf on my ears absence gives cramps, numbness ear pain?

After taking my metformin for my diabetes my arms hurt and swell up a little. What could be causing that?

Am a type2 diabetic on daonil x3 daily. Since few weeks ago, feel constant numbness at tips of toes both feet. Shld I seek treatment for this pls? Tq.

Ankles/Feet swolen & diarrea​ 4 a week. No heart or breathing problems, no pain or fever. Been to doc 2x. Gave referals 2 podiatrist & dermatologist​?

Any medicine to reduce diabetic neuropathy.My mom has less sensation in feet and now got tinnitus.Her hesaring is reduced in both ears by 30-35%.Help?

Approx. How many lbs of fluid have u gained b4 u notice swelling in feet/ real life cankles?

Arch of foot burst whe asking or run it somtimes does this 2 4 weeks i run track but this happen before, wha is it, treatments, prevention only 1 foot ?

Are cold feet a step 1 of a 2 step reaction to alcoholism?

Are there some genetic reasons I get foot swelling off and on?

B12 shot every 10wks last one last week but feet are tingling & burning, ankles painful, only usually happens when its due, why is it happening now?

Bad Cramps in both feet for 1 year. Been on water pill 12 years, I do have mild OA in big toe. Potassium was 3.5 about a month ago good pulse in feet?

Ball of foot is numb always it is not heart problems or diabetes been checked but it now affecting gait do you have any answers to what it may be?

Biting sensation followed by itching in hands, legs. Hydration n't helping. Reason? Not diabetic. B.P under control.

Blood is coming out of elbows and toes. Unable to find out thereason for this. What is this called and what is the treatment?

Blood test done no sign of y my legs/feet ache hurt go numb hands/feet stay cold. Can't cross legs due to numbness. What's wrong? What test needed?

Bottom of my feet really cramp up at night or when I turn them certain ways at times. What can be causing this? Anything I can do or take?

Boyfriend has blister on big toe. It is really big. Warm to touch. It hurts but not much. He has diabetes buy it's under control. Diabetic neuropathy?

Can a person get long-term nausea from a leg amputation?

Can a previous IV drug user have bad circulation in his hands & feet?

Can anyone tell me what causes the bottom of peoples feet to be tingly other than diabetes?

Can diabetes cause enourmous pain in feet 24/7?

Can diabetic neuropathy give a feeling like you toes arent there?

Can diabetics cause ringing in ears, something crawling on skin, seeing things like bugs? My husband is on diaylisis and has a prosthetic leg and high blood pressure.

Can fost bit in both feet led to restleg leg? Had fost bite in both leds

Can i get CMT in my neck, without showing signs in my feet?

Can peripheral neuropathy become disabiling? Im 31yrs old and can hardly stand up anymore, its getting worse everyday. I also have tremors

Can person sleep with sock over his feet .Imean no proplem for him from medical issu?

Can swollen ankles come from standing on your feet for a long time in jail versus having diabetes?

Can you get nuropathy in the stumich?

Can you get primary bone cancer on the side of your foot down from the little toe in a 23yo female?

Can you have neuropathy in your feet if you don't have diabetes? My feet burn and hurt and sometimes get bright red. Feel in fingers sometimes.

Can you tell me if a person has neuropathy on their feet, can they get freedom pass?

Checked it two times my BP is 142/100 and my foot and hand veins look swollen is that normal? do I need meds?

Could a shakey left hand, wobbly walking, swollen feet & ankles (for over 2 weeks) be symptoms of parkinson's? I've been tested for everything else

Could being diabetic cause this terrible bruising on my eyelid?

Could my peripheral neuropathy be an indication i had diabetes and was unaware of it before pregnancy? For the last two years I have experienced pain in my hands and feet. When i recently became pregnant it seemed to worsen. I saw my neurologist at 8 week

Could use your help docs! my ex thinks he has diabetes by the symptoms but refuses to see a doctor. His feet have turned color?

Dear doctor, my sister has kidney insufficiency and she also has a wart on her foot. How can we get rid of her wart without medicine bad for her kidney?

Developed drop foot 3 weeks ago. Am starting to be able to lift it (more sometimes, less others), could it be recovering?

Developed foot drop 3 weeks ago (neuropathy). Sometimes i can lift it, sometimes not. Seems to lift more, getting better?

Diabitis, my toes getting no feeling. What should I do? I am horror future I should cut my foot.

Do I have a vascular disease?My legs will go red when I stand they do not hurt or itch.Im only 18 and from what Iknow its more older people prone toit

Do i need to be worried? I have been diagnosed with lupus 3 years agao . I did serveral short trips to europe within the last 4 month and now my left foot, the three middle toes ) are going numb off and on. Sometimes the numbness travels up the foot almo

Do low iron make your hands & feet itch?

Doctor what causes itchy feet once stepping out of the shower my podiatry hygiene is great so what's your diagnosis on this pls help it doesnt help much as a muslim performing wudhu 5times a day the itching is profuse i have ruled out eczema and athletes

Does hitting your foot way too hard cause you to get gangrene if you're diabetic?

Does the prescription drug metanx cause neuropathy to get worse before any improvement is noticed? I am a type II diabetic and was recently diagnosed with mild neuropathy in my feet. I was prescribed metanx. I noticed that my discomfort in my feet got wo

Does this sound like multiple sclerosis? Foot drags on floor when tired.

Due to my ms, i can't lift my left foot and I have to drag it. Ithas been an issue for two years. My neurologist says thati do not have a drop foot. I take 3000 mgs of neurotin quid.What should I do?

During 22 week pregnancy,whole body swelling,especially feet and hands,what to do? And is there any safe diuretics during preg?

During winter, my knees feel very cold at home but when i go out for golf or walk, no such coldness. Age is 68, all blood tests are ok. Any home cures?

Dx small fiber neuropathy. How 2 deal w/pain? Cant use meds/very sensitive! Worse eves&with stress. Hard 2 sleep it helps. toes,feet,hands no ins/$

Dx with foot drop Due to living situation 2yrs Diabetes has been uncontrolled now have neuropathy. What should I expect, can foot drop be fixed or no?

Eczema thing on my foot my whole life please help, what to do?

Every few months my 7 year old boy wakes during the night with extremely sore ankles/feet. Like cramping? What could it be from or lack of?

Every morning when I wake up my feet are blotchy. It goes away after an hour. I am 33 and pretty healthy, but have a family history of heart disease.

Excessive walking has caused blistering on my feet which have developed into pressure sores. What is the best way to get it treated?

Feet are turning black after getting IVIG treatment?

Feet ice cold and painful when supine. R/o pad. Room and body t normal. No history of circulatory d/o. history of mast cell d/o. Possible dx? Advice?

First one big toe now both are numb down one side, have heard it could be related to diabetes... My biological mother and brother are diabetic.

For the past three days my hands and feet swell up i don't know why I have no heart conditions nor any kidney conditions what can it be?

For the past year, non stop, my feet have been burning and tingling and just driving me insane. I've been to two different doctors but no solution?

For what possible reasons have i got tingling hands and feet after taking just two fx menopause tablets?

Former athlete. Late 2013 I re-injured my lowerback. Since Jan 2014,sharp stinging pains in feet and toes. Daily/Random. I'm worried.Type 2 Diabetes?

Guillain Barre pain led to long term fentanyl. After stopping cold turkey I became extremely, painfully hyper sensitive. Hands, face, feet. Normal?

Had abrupt change in that my feet and palms have been sweating significantly (especially feet). Started 6 weeks ago. What would be cause?

Hands/feet/ankles swell (2x size) & get red blotchy rash after eating any type food & become numb but painful prickling & tired, weak, confused?

Have burning on feet and hands and numbness on sometimes. My hands n feet ve small white lines. Does h pylori cause this as I have h pylori . Pls advc

Have cafe au latte spots and since birth of forth child have numbness in right index and Achilles on both feet. Could it be related?

He can't take care of himself &Shaa diabetes so he's also missing a toe. last night when his bandage was being changed there were MANY worms-why?

Hello I'm 21 5ft2 and weigh 217. My feet have been numb for the past week and it has now moved to my fingertips. Could you tell me why that would be h?

Hello I'm 38 weeks pregnant my wrist and top of feet have been itching I've Heardfrom couple of my friends that it can be Cholestasis no gallbladder?

Hello, I'm Mike 18yrs. Im gonna start by saying im not syre if im a diabetic. I have this sore on my foot, its not swollen or red. Ulceror plantarwart?

Hello,i always have eczema in my hands and foot even it is stop or healing it is also back.. what i should do what food i can't eat?

Hello! I'm Robin, I have a question. Since my daughter was 4 (she's now 11) on occasion when she gets in the bath she complains of her feet burning.

Help for black female that had her leg cut off due to diabetics. Will ada help her?

Hi all.My father is a diabetic.He has a prolonged scratching unopend redish wound on his foot where it doesn't touch the ground.Could anyone please tel?

Hi dr. This is regarding my dad of age 55. He has a peel of skin and cracks on his feet making him scream in pain all the day. He's a sugar patient.

Hi i am 24 and a herpes patient i have had a few outbreaks but never this bad i work 8-10 hr shifts how can I hel while being on foot all day?

Hi I had a kidney transplant 3 years ago and noticed I developed a couple warts on my foot and hands. What could this be from and how do I fix this?

Hi I have been a postman for two years and last year I developed a pain in the foot which was only operated on last month and turned out to be a ganglion I walk an excessive amount of miles on a daily basis and I am convinced that this is what is to blame

Hi I have been a postman for two years and last year I developed a pain in the foot which was only operated on last month and turned out to be a ganglion I walk an excessive amount of miles on a daily basis and I am convinced that this is what is to blame