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Hello, I am 16 year old boy and i am wondering: How many feet will I be if I am am 5 feet 9 My Dad is 6 feet and my mom is 5 feet. Thanks?

"does foot reflexology help with diabetic foot numbness?" i message my feet daily after bathing an drying well.

6yr old has joint pain pos ANA high ESR pediatrician says its jra but her rhuemo says from flat feet and her podiatrist says its not from flat feet?

After foot binding my feet are deformed. Can anyone help the pain?

Any tips on dealing with a pediatric prosthetic foot?

Anyone ever have footdrop?

Arches of feet twitch. Can this be caused by overuse?

Are gangerene toes caused by pvd?

Are high-arches of the feet advantageous in any way?

Are long arms and big feet correlated with height?

Are there any doctors near us who can help heal my mothers foot?

Are there any light weight comfortable ankle foot orthosis's for charcot marie tooth disease besides the full hard plastic leg ones I have?

Are there any problems associated with high foot arches?

Are there solutions and suggestions for weak ankles?

Are there some genetic reasons I get ankle sprains?

At what age does a child out grow flat feet ? My child is 5 and pediatrician said she has very flat feet and this does cause some knee psin

Babinski reflex in adults one foot and the other foot didn't have any reaction would that be?

Been pronating unknowingly w/o injury for 7 yrs, ran a month in stability shoes and got exertional compartment syndrome in the foot that pronates more?

Born w/flat feet & fallen arches. Slight pronation on sprained ankle than other foot. What does traumatic tendonitis secondary to pronation mean?

Both of my feet tremor when they are on toes, when i raise my heel.Is this clonus? They are symmetric.I also have hyperreflexia.Mri brain spine normal

Can "weak" ankles be genetic? If so, why can some bear naturally "weaker" ankles?

Can a herniated disk in l5/s1 cause pressure in the foot or trouble with the toes when walking?

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Can flat foot be made normal curve foot, am very prone to ankle injuries and in last year august had a ACL reconstruction surgery am overweight also?

Can flexible flat foot that developed at the age of 25 years can be cured?

Can foot numbness be caused by a change in physical activity?

Can footwear help or hinder children's foot health?

Can gait changes lead to sesamoiditis? If so what is the best treatment? Also, are rocker bottom shoes safe for this condition?

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Can I live with a non union fracture in my little toe or will this cause damage later on in life to my foot or leg etc?

Can knee problems result from flat feet?

Can lupus cause drop foot?

Can morton's neuroma (absence of tight fitting shoes history) develop as result of a trimaleolar ankle fracture? What criteria relates it to injury

Can people recieve disability for foot drop?

Can Raynaud's affect the entire foot or does it usually just affect the toes?

Can sciatica cause a person's feet to sweat?

Can there be health concerns associated with pronated feet?

Can you describe comfortable shoes for those who suffer from charcot-marie-tooth?

Can you please define hand and foot reflexology?

Can you please list the risks associated with foot fungus?

Can you tell me how can they affect you differently than flat feet. Which are better?

Can you tell me how i could do yoga if I have problems with my feet?

Can you tell me if there's a specific name for a sixth toe?

Could foot surgery affect my running ability?

Could a valgus foot exhibit a normal footprint?

Could bunions cause problems with entire foot?

Could I have permanently compromised foot integrity when i wore a forefoot lateral wedge(due to tp spasm) that forced foot into hyperpronation ?

Could most people whose feet over pronates have high arches naturally?

Could skechers shape up shoes cause liver problems?

Could you tell me what are some common ways that people help their feet?

Diagnosed Interdigital nerve compression 4th/5th but hypersensitive little toe/foot, can't tolerate shoes, whole foot now becoming numb. Misdiagnosed?

Do you think that wearing shoes with any type of heel (even a very low one) negatively effect your natural walking gait?

Do doctors know of health concerns associated with pronated feet?

Do flat feet affect height?

Do flat feet affect your height?

Do high foot arches cause any problems?

Do high heels damage your feet?

Do wide sneakers sizes have any long term affects on feet?

Do you know anything about how effects of ponseti method for club foot?

Doctor plzzz tell me have you any solution to this abnormality in the finger of feet??

Does any1 know anything about dropfoot/footdrop?

Does drop foot become permanent after a year?

Does flat feet effects the bones?

Does footwear have a good or bad effect on children's feet?

Does having flat feet also cause peripheral edema?

Does planter fibromitosis affect foot neuroathy?

Does wet feet affect gout?

Doesn't cavus imply positive coleman block test? If so then a foot can be high arch w/o being heel varus which is definition cavus (acc to manoli)

Dr. opinion confused- My orthopedic Dr in ankle- foot said recommend you not to [email protected] for surgery for flat foot.-arch, My GP says yes, Help?

Elevate head or feet of a hypertensive person?

Excessive sweating of feet leads to frequent athletes foot. Podiatrist recommended botox, but he doesn't do it & doesn't know where.

Exizima on heels and on palms is due to what deficiency in the body ?

Expert opinion please: could standing on one foot help my balance?

Expert opinions? Which medicine works best to repair cracks on the sole of your feet?

Fasciotomy medial foot 12/13. Elevated cs pressure caused muscle spasming to contract foot over. Foot now started arching over again. Can recur & why?

Father having Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy complains that his feet are slipping even when he is just standing or walking. What should be done?

Foot beesting local reaction foot swelling increase sitting standing legs dependent 72 hours foot stillfit in shoe not pass ankle are oral antibiotic?

Foot fungus and slight deformity. Could it be from neuropathy?

Foot fungus and slight deformity.. Could this be neuropathy?

For dpms who have treated ballet dancers do you notice that the upper part of the foot where the shin becomes the foot bone is heightened and why?

For the foot, what is the difference between supination and inversion?

Gout-can deposits in feet be reversed?

Grandmas feet were bound, how to help if feet small for someone her height?

Have acquired hypermobile joints/flat feet/overpronation. If wear orthotics 24/7 can hypermobility worsen of knees, ankles etc w normal activiities?

Have blue feet after estrogen patch wears off - raynaud's?

Having chronic hip (poppingsounds) and knee pain. I'm 32Female; 5'6"; 130lbs. i have flat feet and 1.1cm leglength difference. It's begun to impact my life. getting shoe inert from podiatrist for flat feet and to adjust leg length.what to do next?

Hello , i am 20years old and i have a very small feet .is it possible to my grow feet? And by the way I have high arches

Hello doctors, i need to know if your feet can grow after a certain age?

Hello doctors. I am 23 years old male (1.9m&92kg). I think I have flat feet. What are the drawbacks of flat feet? And what can I do about it?