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Bit by 2 red ants 2 months ago a bump formed on top middle of foot that hurts when wearing sneakers also foot falls asleep often shoe feels tight wth?

, he is on keflex now. He's soaking his foot too.Is there anything else I should worry about?

19 year old male. Feet will itch, swell burn and become very painful and hot. One foot then the other no known allergies.

2 warts on the bottom+side of big toe. I have been going at it with a scalpel trying to get the roots out but they keep getting bigger. They hurt?

29/f. Out of no where I have a thick wad on the top of my foot. It is from the inside. And a little red. Cancer? What cancers spread to foot?

3 jears very thick and jellow nails on hands and feet. A lot of pain. Doctors test say no fungus. No diagnose after 3 jears. Please help.

3 months ago, after getting my socks soaked in the rain, the bottom of my foot has developed some kind of ulcer. What is it and how can I fix it?

37yrs old years of alcohol abuse causing Soles of feet to "burn" wo frequent lotion. Sides of toes forming somewhat hard skin that lotion doesn't res?

4 year old has deep splinter in bottom heel of foot. Can't pull it out, not sure how long it's been there and it's hard to see. Office visit? Or wait?

4weeks ago after cutting my hair i managed to get a 'hair splint' deep in the bottom of my foot which isnt visible;it hurts now and then. Will it go?

6 year old has white round callous skin patch on bottom of big toe & center feels tough. Ulcer? Feet tingle frequently. Diabetic?

A brownish patch on top of my foot, maybe a centimeter long. Is it some sort of foot fungus?

A grayish black spot on bottom of feet that go to my arch, doesn't hurt just itch every now & then I use fungus spray & keep feet clean help please!

A small brown bump appeared on the heel of my left foot. No symptoms. Not there last Nov. Looks like mole. Plantar wart? Going to doc on Monday.

About three days ago blisters came up on my soles and palms I have not been out or woren shoes resently?

Advice on surgery for little toes. I have had corns on both little toes for some time now, and tried everything over the counter, also take the hard skin off around them to no avail. I have excruciating pain most of the time no mater what shoes i wear. If

All skin peeled off heel, it's reely jaggy and sore when I step anyway what can I do to stop it?

Am having problem with my feet .The back heels .Some kind of fungus .On the skin .Looks terrible if i were sandals.Is there any cream i can used .

Any permanent way to get rid of a callous at the base of the big toe. Really painful and keeps coming back after being scraped.

Are foot warts supposed to be painful, or is there something else going on?

At first I thought I had callous on my hands but then I seen white blisters underneath so I tried to pop it and that's when I knew they weren't callou?

Athletes foot skin between pinky toe has growing dead skin, when removed leaves an indent like hole. now hurts, antibiotics? Which one if so?

Athletes foot won't go away? On 2nd script now. Thought it was just dry heels & itchy toes? What am I doing wrong? Do pedicures worsen?TY

Barefoot in the grass in north Georgia and felt like a sting on the arch of my foot. Found a small white-ish worm trying to burrow into my skin.

Both big toes get itchy and sometimes a rash developes , does this have to do with sugar diabeties.

Both my pinkie toes on my feet are thick and some times peices will break off randomly and its been like sense I was younger. Is like a fungus or what?

Bottom of my feet are red / yellow. Not sore but they smell. I always wear closed in shoes. I'm a little overweight.

Bought boots week agk. Now have dark purple friction burns along my ankle that are darker daily. First painful now slightly numb, should I leave it?

Boyfriend has white and dark( splinter like )things that come to surface with pressure or stretch skin. I have now hands and feet dr had no idea help?

Brown shap unde feet for long time now I make biapsy?

Callus under palm of foot i've gotten pedicures, and i continue to trim down the callus and it continues to bring pain in my foot about 2 weeks after the treatment. Is there anything i can do to get rid of it, or what am i doing wrong?

Can a nail/foot fungus spread to the inside of the legs and go up to the groin?

Can anyone tell me what cheap home made remedies can I use for extrmely rough dry heels on feet?

Can i get or contract anything from stepping on a bandaid? And then touch the bottom of my shoe?

Can melanoma on the foot have liquid in it?

Can sweat&moist cause redness between big toes of a 9M baby? He swims every week. Also uses shoes a lot. Have you seen this on babies? Is it common?

Can they remove the ankle on my other foot I don't like it anymore is that possible to even doing Yes ?

Can you get a blister you can't see. I have a spot that hurts in my foot and I've been wearing new shoes?

Can you get plantar warts from going barefoot in a karate dojo thats not being properly cleaned?

Can you only get athletes foot in one toe on one foot, or is it plantar warts? I have small itchy clear bumps with clear liquid in them.

Can you suggest a means to get my feet back to normal after popping a blister?

Can you tell me how to get my toes to stop looking purple in heels?

Chaftin sking between balls and legs at should i put on it?

Clusters of tiny (2mm) bubbles that don't itch or hurt on sole of a foot.last a week then dries/cracks.Spread around foot easily.Had for a year?

Corn on my pinkey toe on the side thats just not heeling. I had it for at least 3 monnths or more.. It hurts a lot sometimes tried rhe patches no help?

Corn on toe now its starting to burn for some reason i had it for a min now..

Could use your help docs! my feet have been really peely lately. They have a ton of dead skin on the bottom and i've never seen it this bad. Suggestions ?

Dark painless marks under right foot? Have tried different remedies in vain. More darker on the heel. What could be the cause?

Dermatologist question: growth on my toe right at the bed of my nail not a wart and not a blood blister , what else could it be? Can provide pic

Diabetic, dime-sized blood blister on toe for two weeks. Dark red. Keeping it bandaged. How long will it take to go away? No pain, no itching.

Do plantar warts have a clear liquid in them as they are growing? or is it possible for athletes foot to have clear bumps, also in clusters?

Do soft corn come out by themselves? I have 2 tiny ones in my small toe. Hurts and annoying. Is there a home remedy for it? Other than the plasters??

Do you know of any STDS that would cause major peeling on the bottom of your feet? It is painless and does not itch at all just sort of alarming

Doctor I have fungus oon my big toe and I have a hole on top and it hurts please will you tell me the best meds to use and any thing else will help?

Doctors said i need to lose all the grit in my plantar fasciitis of i don't what will happen. It painful and there a lot of grit thankyou.

Does neuropathy in the feet always show disgusting feet or can it look like a normal foot?

Does the itching of the bottom of my feet and my ears mean any thing?

Dr found pin in foot has been there for35 years should I get it removed?

Dry heels and i know I should probably go to the foot doctor, but i want to know what exactly will he do?

Emm what if u have something like lymphangioma but then its on the foot.. Cuz i think my one similiar to it?

Every night my feet and sometimes my hands become extremely itchy. I have tried all types of lotions, pedicures, the only thing is ice packs stops it?

Extremely dry, scaly feet. Saw dr., they didn't seem to think it was athletes foot. No cracking or peeling between toes just on tops of feet. Small clear fluid filled bumps. Extremely itchy. Pain associated with itching. Tried applying aquaphor nightly an

Feet itch so bad i make them bleed they also have small blisters ?

Feet swelled in heat,red & purple spread up past my ankles into a neat line on both feet looked like I had socks on, how do I stop this from happening?

Feet,ankles,calves swollen,wear 2+ sizes bigger pants,shoes,like this approx 2yrs, goes up to waist on calves discolored,itchy,bumpy,thic?

First aid/home treatment for blister? I jogged with slightly loose socks and the friction caused the skin under a toe to blister

Foot felt a bit painful and i discovered I have a blood blister on the ball of the foot. Whats the best way to treat it a blister plaster?

For problems with my toenails, should I go see a foot doctor or a skin doctor?

For many years, anytime i play basketball my feet get very hot and i chaffe and rip the skin on the bottom of my feet. How to prevent?

From walking with thin socks on I have huge blister like looking things on the balls of both feet and I am diabetic. How should I treat it?

Getting a mole removed off the bottom of your foot, how dangerous is this?

Getting pencil lead out of foot?

Ha've. Deep open wound on top of foot it look good healing no bad odors from it but got recall bad yellow dead skin bottom foot and dark on top of foo?

Had a lump(thought was wart but apparently not)cut from bottom of my foot yesterday with local anesthetic.Day later foot still looks swollen and underneath. Is this from the la? Will it wear off?

Had plantar wart on bottom of foot. Used dr. Schols. Now doesn't look active but skin is hard and looks dead. I shave it down but comes back the same?

Had plantar wart under foot. Dr. froze it. After running exercise got irritated/swollen. What should I do?

Have a regular small callus (definitely a callus) on the side of my finger for 5 years! caused by friction. Best method to remove?

Have a regular small callus (definitely a callus) on the side of my finger for 5 years! caused by mouse friction. Best method to remove?

Have flat warts on back of hands, not very visible but sometimes itch. What should I do?

Have had HFMD for about a week now blisters on my hands and feet are changing color and getting hard is this normal? How can I help the healing proces

Have tinea pedis,wore socks and shoes only once since found out of infection.Does that mean my shoe has been infected already and how can you clean it?

Have what appear to be plantars warts on bottom of my foot. I've been using OTC medications for two months.They're starting to get extremely painful.

Having splinter like thingsin feet and handsThought I had planters wart on foot. It came to head broke open lots drainage then clear worm what is it?

Hello doctor. I have circle type dry skin in the middle below my feet on both feet.. it's upto one inch wide .. i don't have pain but the skin is thik?

Hello I have recently got a planters wart on my foot and believe I have spread one on the inside of my lip. I was wondering will it leave for good?

Hello, doctors..Atletes foot fungal infection could spred out in our body, entire skin, from toes to head?

Hello, i been having painful redspot onthe sole of my feet for about 3 years now, they come and go but during the summer time theyare more frequent ?

Hello, i have a planters wart on my foot and i was wondering what would happen if i got surgery to get it removed, like would it be stiched and have boot or no?

Hello, I have a wound on the heel of my foot for the past 4 weeks. The wound bed is now pearly white and moist. Is this good or bad?

Hello. Removed corn or verruca from foot with corn plasters. What should I do to prevent it from coming back again. small crater under foot. Thanks?

Heloma durum are most commonly found on the outside of the little toe, is this true?

Hi doctor ! I used to have eczema in my toes, not anymore the problem is that part of my feet turns so red and my nails still yellow.(not itchy)?

Hi I have a small tiny little cut underneath my baby toe.. and all my other toes are fine and theres no sign of any fungal or athlete's foot on any pa?

Hi I'm on azathioprine for colitis....recently noticed 8 new flat freckles on the sole of my left foot.....what the chances of it being plantar melano?

Hi there i need some advice. I have some hard skin in the sole of my foot that hurts. Have you got any advise that can help. Thank you in advance?

Hi:what can I do to stop my toes from hurting, and clear up a fungal infection to them? I have a fungal infection on my toes, and peeling skin in between one toe. My toes hurt, even to wearing socks. My doctor said that the commen medication is very sever

Honeycomb like area of skin on foot. On side of toe at end beside the nail Area is about 1.5cmx1.5cm slightly moist. What is it? How do I treat

How can I eliminate horrible callouses on the bottom of a foot?

How can I get rid of a callus or blister on inner index finger?

How can I get rid of a piece of glass from inside my toddlers foot?