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18 M old Dx with almond & peanut allergy on skin prick test but only 3mm. Do we really have to be that cautious in not giving her these nuts ?

42, no food allergies, but, i am scared to eat peanuts or fish. does my celiac disease and my chronic urticaria increase my allergy chances to these?

8 wk old milk/soy protein allergy -on neocate, &allergic to rice. Showed similar reaction to nutra that contained rice/corn starch-allergic to starch?

9 month old son has allergys to dairy soy wheat gluten egg and nuts is he at risk for anaphylitic he also has silent reflux and wheezy now on inhaler?

Alergy tests conf I am lactose intollerant, my alergy triggers when I have cow milk but the effect is less with buffolow milk. Is this possible ?

Allergic to milk, egg, wheat and soybean. Where can I find recipes?

Allergies to olive trees? Would that test only be right for the pollen?

Allergies to pineapple, eggs & wine--what is the common denominator?

Allergy of sweet potato, is it possible?

Allergy test came back highly allergic to all dairy, all wheat, gluten, all yeast, rice, eggs, some fish. Could anything else be wrong?Why so much?

Almond allergy, how serious could it be if I don't know I have it?

Any benefit when using the product named 'gluten cutter' ? I don't have an allergy to gluten but told there's a sensitivity....

Any reports of food allergies to almond milk?

Any tips for traveling with a tree nut allergy?

Anyone's child allergic to corn nuts? Are corn nuts a corn or a nut?

Are asians more prone allergies with milk?

Are k cups safe for peanut/treenut allergies? Would love your expert opinion. Thanks!

Are peanuts and eggs to be avoided by kids with asthma?

Are potato chips safe for oral allergy syndrome?

Are there any alternatives for vegetarians with wheat and nut allergies?

Are there certain nut oils in shampoo that a nut allergy sufferer can use?

As an adult i developed allergies to tree nuts, honey, celery & mangos. 1 case of anaphylaxis. Does it sound like leaky gut or adult onset allergies?

Avocado allergy please help me find substitute?

Avoiding peanut allergies. I was advised to wait until my daughter was 3 before giving her peanuts.?

Brazil nuts-can they set you off with allergic response?

Can a child be allergic to whole peanuts but not allergic peanut butter?

Can a child with peanut allergies eat a bar of white chocolate?

Can a child with peanut allergies eat white chocolate?

Can a milk allergy cause acne?

Can a peanut allergy affect your job?

Can a peanut allergy affect your possibilities for a job? (even if you don't purposely work with peanuts)

Can a person have allergy to popcorn but not corn on the cob?

Can a toddler who drinks soy milk every night have an allergy of coughing?

Can a tonsillectomy cause allergies to fruit?

Can almond milk in a bottle cause allergic reactions in third parties?

Can an allergy be permanently cured? I have a soybean allergy and everything I love practically has soybeans. I want to be able to enjoy food again.

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Can brochitis last a whole month?

Can coconut allergy pass through semen?

Can eating too much peanut butter while pregnant give your unborn child a peanut allergy?

Can I buy mixed nuts with a brazil nut allergy?

Can I get a bacteria with something im allergic to (soy, peanut products)?

Can i get a peanut allergy by having sex with someone who has peanut allergies?

Can i take bee pollen (bee bread) in my diet when I am on accutane?

Can i take cb-1 weight gainer if I have asthma, milk, and grass allergies?

Can i take the creatine for a peanut allergy?

Can I use flumist if I have an allergy to eggs?

Can my 2 year old be allergic to almond milk but not to almonds? He eats them daily no reaction, tried almond milk and vomited 3 times right after,

Can my baby develop a peanut allergy if I eat peanuts while pregnant?

Can my son eat nutmeg if he is allergic to nuts?

Can one with a soy allergy be treated with soy lecithin to build an immunity?

Can peanut trigger gout?

Can people with bee allergies eat honey? What about peanut allergies and peanut oil?

Can you be on allergic to dairy if you are too much as a kid?

Can you develop a nut allergy suddenly, like by having mixed nuts with a pina colada?

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Can you have an allergy to almond milk and if so, what are the symptoms?

Can you have peanut oil despite having a severe peanut allergy?

Can you take whey protein if you have oas (oral allergy syndrome)?

Can you tell me how come some people with peanut allergies which are legumes are also usually allergic to tree nuts even thoug?

Can you tell me if i could use body butter if I have a nut allergy?

Can you tell me if I have a dairy allergy will milk derivatives cause a reaction?

Can you tell me if I have a minor peanut allergy, will defatted peanut flour give i a reaction?

Can you tell me if there levels of nut allergies?

Can you tell me if you have a minor peanut allergy, will defatted peanut flour give you a reaction?

Can you tell me is Advocare spark safe if I have a peanut allergy?

Can you tell me is it safe to go to a pub with a nut allergy?

Cashew allergy - how do I prevent cashew allergy in my kids?

Chicken allergy please help me find ALT protein sources?

Child menu seldom found considering nut allergy and celiac condition?

Chronic hives since October. Should I stay away from Class 1&2 allergies to wheat, egg, milk, oat, hazelnut? Done elimination diet & still have hives.

Could a milk allergy cause bruising?

Could a wheat allergy cause horrible acne?

Could anyone give their opinion? Could I have tropical or kiwi fruit allergy?

Could be that almond milk allergy is delaying? What are the symptoms?

Could eating too much peanut butter while pregnant give child allergy?

Could I be allergic to vodka? I've read about possible allergy to alcohol or wheat, but I have neither of those. I can drink anything else all night.

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Could I have an extremely mild nut allergy?

Could i take L-carnitine if I have a nut allergy?

Could incorporating locally grown honey into my children's diet, help with their seasonal allergies?

Could mucus in my stool be caused by gluten allergy as I have just found out I have an "I gg "reaction to gluten, dairy and eggs. ?

Could my 'ibs' be a wheat allergy instead?

Could one develop a peanut, egg, wheat allergy as an adult as well? Never allergic before. Or common allergies such as cit fruit, wheat, nuts? Tests?

Could over-consumption of chamomile cause an allergy to it?

Could people with environmental allergies drink barley grass juice?

Could the wheat germ oil in my cosmetics bring on my gluten allergy?

Could this be a walnut allergy? Rashes on my neck after eating mixed nuts?

Could wheat allergy be a reason of short height?

Could you tell me what are healthy things to eat with a tree nut allergy?

Dairy and wheat allergy in my 4 year old my son has been diagnosed with asthma and allergies to dairy and wheat - we cut out everything that contains we are now on a gluten and dairy free diet - however when we went to the specialist he said the allergies

Do food allergies cause long term damage? Newly diagnosed: tomato, barley, tree nuts, coconut. Mild positives: wheat, soy, peanut, egg. How to manage?

Do I need to worry about almond allergy if I suffer from other nut allergies?

Do wheat and nut allergys have different levels of reactions in different people?

Doc says my son is allergic to soybean milk, but he always drinks it and has no reactions. Help?

Doctor recommended airlines for people with peanut allergies?

Doctors can you tell me why do people who are allergic to peanuts don't want other people around them to eat peanuts?