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4 wks pregnet.why is it bad to take soy lecithin if iam having a boy? What do estogen levels have anything to do with that? Is soy lecithin capsuls ok

A person with big fibroids, can they eat flaxseed waffles with soy content in them?Or they will make fibroids grow?

Are foods containing soy lecithin is good for g6pd deficinet?

Are the hormones in milk the same as the hormones in meat? Which are safer?

Are white potatoes anti-estrogen or photo estrogen ? Someone told me to stay away f rom white potatoes , are they high estrogen ?

Can any foods boost the growth of breasts?

Can consuming mostly soy products cause a lack of testosterone?

Can drinking a lot of soy milk cause gynecomastia in men?

Can drinking soy milk? Cause heavier periods from the estrogen ?

Can eating a lot of soy products (every day several times for months) alter your menstruation cycle?

Can eating foods with estrogen make breasts grow?

Can eating foods with phytoestrogens increase teen's breast growth?

Can eating foods with vinegar cause large fibroids to grow larger ?Also , are eggs estrogen respetors or or can they cause your estrogen to go up?Thx

Can foods rich in phytoestrogen inhibit those estrogens naturally produced by the body?

Can one increase estrogen naturally with soy or dairy products. Or what's the best birth control pill for balancing hormones.

Can phytoestrogens cause changes in menstrual cycles? I swapped milk for soy milk for a month & had spotting. It stopped when I stopped drinking soy.

Can soy affect your fertility? Is consuming too much soy bad for you?

Can soy milk boost breast size?

Can switching to a vegan lifestyle delay your period? Does not eating meat and dairy affect hormones?

Can the phytoestrogen in soy milk be enough to affect my hormone balance?

Can weight gainers which are rich in soy proteins help in breast development in a girl of age around 21?

Can whey protein increase estrogen in men?

Compare and contrast soy lecithin vs soy protein?

Could carbinated food help breast growth?

Could estrogen in soy ice cream help me gain weight?

Could fennel seeds alone stimulate breast growth?

Do soy proteins help in estrogen production in women?

Do strawberries have estrogen?

Does almond milk contain estrogen?

Does consuming ground flaxseed increases fibroid size?

Does drinking spearmint tea increase estrogen levels in women?

Does early puberty change your mind about the health benefits of soya products?

Does eating cooked beans make fibroids big because of it's soy like estrogen?

Does eating tofu affect depo-pravera in any way?

Does fenugreek powder work for women?

Does fermentation kill the goitrogens in soy or sauerkraut?

Does flax seed and soy decrease male libido?

Does herbal supplementation of milk thistle increase estrogen?

Does protein shakes that contain soy decrease my birthcontrol pills effectiveness? I know soy has estrogen effects

Does soy contain estrogen?

Does soy in alfalfa powder affect males ?

Does soy isoflavone extract make you ovulate?

Does soy isoflavone supplements help with acne?

Does soy isoflavones help you concieve?

Does soy milk actually enlarge your bones?

Does soy milk affect fertility?

Does soy milk cause harm to hormonal functions of children?

Does soy milk contain estrogen?

Does soy milk help in alleviating hot flashes of premenopause? Any risks or side effects since it has plant estrogen in it? Weight gain?

Does soy protein and soy products have a negative effect on men. Testostrone amd erectile dysfunction?

Does taking milk formula such as ensure or others will increase the growth of a cancer?

Does tofu or soy products effect the effectiveness of cialis?

Estrogen + breast cancer currently on chemo is it ok to drink a protein drink sometimes that has soy in it?

Has any one found that taking vitamins and soy helps with menopause symptoms?

Heard soya milk is not good for hormonal balance, what do you think?

Hello i drink 2 glasses of soy milk a day. What is the effect to me? I have a Polycystic ovarian syndrome. .

Hi docs, would carbinated food help breast growth?

Hi, does soy products causes man breasts or hairloss?

How do you tell a teen what to do? Demand or plant the seed and let it grow?

How strong are oestrogenic-like and endocrinian disruptors ? Is it possible they induce change on a male with use of cosmetics or soy or anything else

I am 17 in 2 months and have not yet finished breast development. To help my development, what would be the effects of taking soy isoflavones?

I am 26 years old female and not married. If i eat fennel seed for estrogen hormone, can that cause any unwanted hair?

I am man. Does eating soy meat increase estrogen levels in comparison to testosterone which would make me effeminate?

I am married female.I m using silk soy milk. Its showing positive effect on my skin, health.I want to know that is soy milk has any harm in conceiving?

I did an experiment, i replaced all meat with soy month later, muscle mass didn't change.does that mean soy doesn't lower testosterone?

I had a healthy shake that had soy lecithin in it will that cause high estrogen and breast cancer I'm worried?

I have hashimoto's and grave's disease. I heard to stay away from soy and soy products because it is goitrogenous food. Is this true? Are there more?

I have read that soy products interfere with birth control. Do i avoid soy and soy products? Or is it only in large amounts over a long period?

I was told by one of the gyn not to take dairy , it may speed up the growth in fibroids.What kind of dairy would be this?Milk, eggs , soy or which ones?

I'm lactose intolerant. As a result, I use a lot of soy products. Could the soy cause my birth control pills to be ineffective or less effective?

I'm wondering is growth hormone that is fed to cows a health problem for consumers?

I've been hearing mixed messages regarding soy and soy products and their effects on estrogen levels...Is soy good or bad for you?

I've fibroids, is eating edamame (soy beans) good or they will cause fibroids to grow large since theory are photo estrogen which mimic estrogen?Help

If a man eats many soya products, will phytoestrogens cause him any problems?

If cinnamon mimics estrogen, can it lead to breast growth?

If high testosterone causes acne, why does high oestrogen in milk/dairy cause acne?

If I am on mirena, (levonorgestrel) can I drink soy milk daily? Will it help with hormonal acne, or is there something else i can take?

If I boil edamame beans, would they lose their oestrogens? Or would they still retain them?

If I have not had a hysterectomy, will soy lecithin granules effect my estrogen levels in a negative way? (1tbsp per day)

If luna bars have estrogen, do they have effects if a guy eats one?

Is almond milk photo estrogen or is it estrogentic? I've fibroids & i suspect my estrogen to be high .May kindly explain?

Is eating a lot of Edamame (organic) good or bad for women approaching menopause?

Is eating food that contains traces of soy dangerous if you are female? Can it increase your breast cancer risk eating traces of soy?

Is ingesting lots of soy products bad for men by increasing prostate cancer and estrogen?

Is it a bad idea to consume Soy Isoflavone supplement daily, If I have irregular periods? Since it mimics estrogen?

Is it a myth that drinking cows milk increase breast size in adolescents development?

Is it bad for men to eat alfalfa food or powders because of estrogen in it ?

Is it bad for men to eat alfalfa foods or powders because of estrogen in it ?

Is it dangerous to eat tofu when on arimidex (anastrozole)?

Is it ok to eat foods containing soy during my period? I've heard soy can mimic activities of female hormones.

Is it ok to take soya isoflavones supplement s after breast ca?

Is it okay to consume soy products if you are trying to conceive?

Is it true that fennel seeds promotes growth in breast tissue?

Is it true that soy beans are bad for men sperms fertility?

Is it true that soy is harmful in excess to boys?

Is it true that soy like tofu is high in estrogen? If yes, estrogen makes breasts bigger?Does a lot of consumption of tofu will increase breast size?

Is multi-grain bread anti -estrogen or part of estrogen food?

Is soy an estrogen? Should I stay away from soy if a boy?

Is soy bad for women, but good to take when menopause starts? Is soy good for regular use for men or does it mess with their hormones, too?

Is soy isoflavones help for breast growth ?