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2 kiwis 3 cups of tea a small bit of pasta does this meat the reccommend amount of iron required?

22 smoked for almost 4 years on and off, chewed for a small amount of time, drank some alcohol and stopped it all. Are chances for cancer high or low?

23 weeks and doctor says a small amount of fluid around baby's heart....Is this because i smoked cigs up to my 4 month? (i was unaware I was pregnant)

Accidentally drunk a significant amount of listerine, what should I do to purge?

Accidentally inhaled a small amount of powdered creatine monohydrate. Should I be concerned?

An 8 year old child is vomiting small amounts of blood and what has the appearance of coffee grounds. What could be possible cause?

Any foods that contain excess amounts of amylase?

As soon as I drink water no matter the amount. Within 1-2 hours I urinate the exact amount. Could there be a potential problem?

Benefits of eating peanuts daily in small amounts?

Boric acid was ingested by my wife in a small amount. Should we be worried?

Can alcohol (the amount in one beer, for instance,) impede embryo implantation, or is this a myth?

Can alcohol that has cleansing usage neutralize the small LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, etc contained in the urine i.E. Accidentally peed on the skin?

Can any vegetables contain a significant amount of vitamin d?

Can drinking a small amount of alcohol cause a person to faint?

Can eating excessive amounts of corn starch during pregnancy cause vaginal dryness?

Can eating large amounts of cinnamon for a long time make your breasts grow slightly?

Can eating trace amounts of plastic cause cancer?

Can excessive amount of fat on your tummy affect breathing?

Can excessive amounts of Orange juice cause goiters? I'm asking for a friend.

Can i drink alcohol in small amounts when breastfeeding?

Can ingesting excessive amounts of sperm be harmful to your health?

Can large amounts of caffiene damage my body?

Can lorazepam be taken within hours of a small amount of alcohol? 1 drink. How serious of a reaction is possible

Can one avoid getting diabetes type ii, by taking a small amount of ribena syrup daily?

Can small amounts of alcohol be healthy?

Can small amounts of methamphetamine help me study?

Can taking a small amount of aspirin daily cause bleeding?

Can taking large amounts of bendryl cause internal bleeding?

Can tea be unhealthy if taken in large quantities? If yes, how much tea before it becomes unhealthy?

Can you suggest foods that have huge amount of policosanol?

Can you take a small amount of mineral oil for hiatal hernia?

Can you take laxatives after drinking a moderate amount?

Can you tell me are carrots not good for you in large amounts?

Can you tell me if i only eat protein, in large amounts for a very long time could i get metabolic acidosis?

Can you tell me what is dangerous about antibiotics added in meat?

Consuming soya chunks on daily basis leads to constipation? Is it advice able to do so... 50 grams approx.?

Could i be addicted to sugar or your body requires large amounts of it to function on a daily basis?

Could inhaling a small amount of bleach kill you?

Do protein mass gainers cause acidity or gastro problems? Although taken in small quantities (3 times a week).. Thank you.

Do some people get extreme reactions to a small amount of cannabis?

Do they just use a small amount of propofol for colonscopy im afriad of stop breathing?

Does a cold affect the INR. I've also taken a small amount of Calpol?

Does a large amount of caffiene help in early mornings?

Does a small amount of alcohol cause erectile problems while under it's influence? Small as in 2 glasses.

Does application of certain juices which contain high amount of vitamin a helps the skin texture to return back to normal?

Does drinking a small amount (3-5drops) of lead containing urine only once cause brain damage to a teen drinker????

Does drinking another person's urine (small amount) only once cause oily skin to drinker???

Does honey contain any amount of cholesterol?

Does large amounts of alcohol intake on occasions cause permanent ED or temporary? Or does it even cause it at all.

Does large amounts of alcohol intake on occasions cause permanent ED? Or is it only temporary? Or perhaps none at all.

Does predisone in large amounts hurt you?

Does sugar intake affect your muscle growth? If it helps, what is the recommended amount to ingest throughout the day?

Established nut allergy. Ingested as very small amount. Having a reaction with continued vomiting, stomach cramps for 5 hours now. What do I do now?

Even the smallest amount of any alcohol gives me a headache that can last all night and into the next day. Could I be allergic?

Extreme reactions/hangover to small amounts of alcohol. What is the cause of this?

For the past year i've been regularly using small amounts of methanol in the lab w/o a fume hood. Is this something I should be worried about?

For two days straight I exceeded the recommended sodium intake amount. How bad is this? Really worried.

Getting really hot after eating large amounts?

Green tea and acne connection? Recently I have been drinking large amounts of it coupled with high doses of Biotin. My acne scars are nearly gone.

Haven't found enough research so maybe someone can help....What's the safest amount of calories to burn in a day & how much exercise is too much?

Hello docs, is inhaling the small amounts of hairspray when you use it bad for your health?

Hello doctor, Does minocycline has any special reaction to a large amount of alcohol? if so, what is the reaction and is it dangerous?

Help please! is drinking a small amount of vinegar safe?

Help please! is drinking large amounts of blood bad for my health?

Help please. Could eating large amounts of butter the day before affect cholesterol test?

Help! Is 1 asbestos fibre enough to harm you in any way?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad to consume large amounts of cinnamon?

Hi Docs,why am I latley doing more amount of poo each time ( not more frequently but larger quantities) can it be be coz I put on weight (5 kgs)?

Hi, Is it true that lil amounts of alcohol is good for heart. If so how many times a week it should be consumed, Thanks?

How can I safely reduce the amount of lorazepam i'm on?

How can you tell the difference between excessive gas, and a healthy amount?

How come 1 tablespoon honey has far higher amount of calorie than same amount of sugar :/?

How important is a small amount of MRSA in your lung? Can it be considered normal as is regular s. Aureus?

How long can I go on just small amount of food but no fluids?

How long does it take 4 shampoo 2 be absorbed into the blood stream? Is it bad 4 it to be absorbed into scalp? Also can excessive amounts cause issues

How much amount of water should be drunk when we are taking creating nitrate?

How much dayquil can be dangerous in a certain amount of time?

How much Rum is good for health in a day & in a week? In one sitting,how much amount should not be exceeded?

How much salt is safe to eat in one sitting? At what quantity would it become dangerous?

How significant is the correllation between the amount of oil consumed and the amount secreted thru skin?

Hows does eating large amounts of a varitey of nuts effect the body?

I am eating 100 grams of almonds the skinned white inside of it not the green cover. Is enough to cover for the required amount of vit e?

I cannot afford a doctor consult, but would like to know about possible negative health effects of consuming semen in large amounts, 1/2 liter or more?

I consume alcohol in large quantity and now am havin kidney pain what it could be?

I do urinate in small amounts but I drink a good amount of water because I walk a lot and participate in Zumba.

I drank a small amount of peppermint extract, is that bad?

I eat large amounts of food at one time, and don't want to. Would like to purge but advised to not. What are effects of either bad habit?

I get sick only the evening after consuming small amounts of alcohol. I am in my twenties with what i believe is a digestive problem. For years, i was able to consume high amounts of alcohol without having much of an affect on me (my family has an extreme

I had a really bad reaction to penicillin when I was 6 months I'm now 13 and I had a small amount.half a centimetre of flucxocillion,can I die?

I have a question about nicotine, and its fatality. If you were to inject a large amount of pure nicotine, would it be painful?

I have ablouted tummy every time i drink or eat small amount?

I have been craving huge amounts of ice for over a month now. Why could this be?

I have hiatus hernia.Would beetroot do me harm if I consume it often?

I pass out with a small amount of liquors. Could this be undiagnosed diabetes / hypoglycemia?

I pee very often compared others with the same age (17) when we drink the same amounts of liquids. Is that normal ?

I take a very small amount of ketoconazole for tinea versicolor, two pills every six months. Will this small amount effect my testosterone production?

I take milk in small amounts slowly, will the allergies eventually go away?

I tried low amount of meth how long will it be in my saliva

I urinate( a lot of quantity ) like 7 times a day and i don't drink even a quarter of that amount. Is there a problem with my kidneys?

I was wondering the dangers of someone consuming white out paper corrector in small amounts each day, and why someone may do so?