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which spirulina powder is best whether indian or huwaiin.and would it is healthy for the children under 10yrs and with how much quantity?

6 month old is really interested in the food i eat so i share little bits here and there with her. Is it okay to do so this early?

8mo is preferring solids. Not just jarred food but pieces to chew. Can I give him soft scrambled eggs? I read conflicting reviews on allergies/safety.

95 year old. Developed gigantic appetite - 6 tins soup, drankwhole pot of cream between 9pmand 10am- tried to eat frozen meal having already eatenmeal?

A cross-dressing male wants to know if Raw Bovine Ovarian Extract Will make him sterile. Anyone familiar with this glandular supplement??

A doctor in my country said eating a lot of raw green peas weakens young boys' sperms.Does this make sense?

A person takes one chloresterol medication. Is it best for the person to use butter or margarine on breads? What is the final opinion on this?

Adding coconut oil to diet helps to treat alzeimer's (according to book by dr. Mary newport). Do any healthtap doctors agree with this treatment?

All summer long I eat only food from local farmers market. If I go out of town and eat at even nice restaturants I get symptoms. Is that foodborne illness?

Any tips on getting older people with alzheimer's to eat? We provide plenty of his favorites but he will only eat a few bites.

Anyone know what is a light choice for dinner, if anything?

Anyone know what is a really good garlic supplement i can find at a health food store?

Are apple strudel from costco healthy?

Are apps such as fooducate a scam? They don't even reveal their grading policy as to why something is "healthy", and i feel like everyone's dietary needs are different, rather than one-size-fits-all.

Are chia seeds really all they're claimed to be? If they do help you feel full, would like to add to breakfast cereal. Yet another fad or beneficial?

Are diet pills pretty unhealthy as a general industry?

Are gmos a good idea or are they dangerous or could they be the key to ending world hunger?

Are mini bella mushrooms healthy or unhealthy? What's the benefits and risks?

Are smoothies made from , strawberries raspberries, yogurt, bananas not healthy for diabetics one website says yes another no what to believe anymore?

Are there actual benefits of a diet if people never really stick to them?

Are there any herbs or vitamins that put people in happy moods?

Are there any real medical uses for BCG (aside from the diet thing)?

Are there any scientific literature on vacuum blenders? Are they better than regular blenders for nutrient?

Are those ingredients and nutritional facts in soft drinks are real?

Arent organic foods just a yuppie liberal prestige thing?

Around fruit and orcharads forever. Can anyone have a sudden cherry allergy?

Best multivatimin for teens who don't eat healthy? I'd like 2 know if there's anything to watch out for like bad ingredients? R there any side effects

Born with 1 kidney the size of 2. No health issues. I wanna loose weight, im wondering if ''pure coffee bean extract and colon cleanse'' is good for me?

Can any doc tell me what's the best way to get the most nutritional value out of your tea?

Can anybody explain more or less diabetic merciful food calendar from morning to dark?

Can anyone give me suggestion on what to eat after a tonsillectomy, other than dairy products?

Can anyone recommend a good nutritionist in las vegas nv i want to try this whole raw foods diet, they say i might have heart disease and i want acure?

Can i fail a drug test because i ate a poppy seed muffin? I love poppy seed muffins. They are delicious. However, i've been told by folks that eating these delicious baked goods could lead me to test positive for opiates. My place of work distributes rand

Can lpr be fixed by doing everything else such as ppi without the miserable bland diet?sorry but I can't hack it .my family cooks at houses.

Can soy milk, licorice , or yams or any other type of food or bevarage make birth control less effective everywhere I read it's diff nd it scares me?

Can the experts please talk about the nutrition facts & information for acai berry?

Can there be a website that put together the nutrition facts of a food you created for you?

Can we consider BigMac as a burger?

Can you advise me on going vegetaian beginner questions?

Can you explain if it's possible for anyone to store energy from sweets?

Can you please describe the health consequences of an instant mashed potato diet?

Can you please describe the healthiest possible diet for a human?

Can you please discuss the other methods of purchasing tuna besides canned?

Can you please explain why diet soda is supposed to be so bad for teenage girls specifically?

Can you send me a link that shows the amount of Vitamin K in foods that one can buy in a supermarket?

Can you suggest chicken soup alternatives for vegans with a cold? I know it's not medicine, but the effects are nice.

Can you suggest where i can find a diabetic friendly birthday cake?

Can you tell me how i can put a little less my sugar level? I'm from panama, i'm learning english.

Can you tell me if I have fat that i'd like to lose. I have heard of the 5:2 diet and i would like to try it however after doing some research i for teenagers?

Can you tell me if slimgenics works? They won't say much on the phone. Can you recommend an easy to prepare , bland diet book? Thank you!

Can you tell me in general, I want to know what you think - are gmos a good idea or are they dangerous or could they be the key to ending world hunger?

Can you tell me where i can find a list in which contains everything that is in a cigarette?

Can young teens have to care about the fat content on a cereal box?

Constipation advice from vitamin store professional cleansemore, it worked but is it dangerous for rest of my life, i love how i feel with this produc?

Could anyone give me a short list of snacks and drinks suitable for a person with a wheat allergy?

Could this love of mangoes be a food addiction? What are the criteria?

Could you tell me why have people abandoned animal fats and are using vegetable oils? Is it a health issue?

Dear doctor, I have sexual weakness. Which medicine and fruit can I eat? Sorry my english is not good.

Dear dr. What happens when we cook food with vegetable oil? Specially for frying. The bad side of health. What is your advices? Please enlight me.

Dermatology question: is it true that chocolate or junk food will cause your skin to break out?

Digestive health is bad. Just learned I have grain allergies and i need help/ urgent, am dying for a sandwich?

Do bubbies pickles contain helpful bacteria as claimed by the company that makes them?

Do diets really work when trying to lose the pounds? I hear mixed reactions. Some people say it works and others who stayed on the diet said no. Why?

Do our tastes in/ability to digest food change as we age? If so, why? I find that certain foods I used to love no longer appeal to or disagree w/me.

Do people dread cocktail parties because of what they do to their weight or see them as free food now?

Docs can you explain what is a cheap diet that requires little cooking?

Doctor suggested to take tomato, sweet potato, broccoli to keep skin young and charm but do I need to take these in cooked state or uncooked state?Thx.

Does a product like slim fast offer any nutritional value?

Does anyone agree with the nutritional advice given by the Weston A Price Foundation? Or that saturated fat and cholesterol is good for humans?

Does anyone have any experience with potato allergy? How can I fix potatoes to avoid it?

Does anyone here think they are adding to or manipulating grains in our foods and hurting us?

Does anyone know where I can get sugar free ginger snaps for my 82 year old mom?

Does anything bad happen to the body if i add a sweetener to home-made molasses?

Does eating fish still have any health benefit with all the mercury that's in it? Is wild caught a better option rather than farm?

Does eating microwaved food everyday(I'm a student) cause cancer. The majority says yes but some articles say no. Thoughts?

Does eating more cashewnuts daily cause any problem to my health.I used to go to gym daily. Expecting your advice on this?

Does glycemic index matter for kids? Should I worry about it?

Does juicing really do all the things people claim it does?

Does microwave popcorn healthy ? Because I read that may cause cancer Thank you

Does smoke from insense sticks and such things causes acne?

Does youtheory work? Specifically green coffee bean, which is supposed to help with weight management.

Dr oz talked about chicoric acid to help with depression and get rid of stress fat. Where can I find it and in what supplements?

Dukan has been struck off the french order of doctors.I am on the diet he created, should I quit? What could be the negative effects for me from it?

During my teens i partied hard w/coke, acid, weed & alcohol 39 now healthy so far otherthan hypo. What things could I do to cleansemy internal organs?

Eating a cake a day, will give you the same risks to get diabetes for example as a can of coke a day as everybody say?

Eating oranges or supplement to obtain victam c, which one better?Natural or , man-maked?

Endocrinologist/Dietician: Can you send a link to a list of highly popular brand named foods bought at grocery store low in carbs/sugar for diabetic?

Exactly how much food needs to be eaten with viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride)....I've read where peanut butter is a good choice...Confusing because most ssri's need no food?

Greetings doctors, I'm a 18 years old guy, and I served with Chinese tea daily after my meals, is that really good for me?

Greetings, and thank you for creating this fabulous site. My questions: is a vegan diet healthful? And is it good for the brain's development?

Hadza (African hunter gatherers) today have better gut flora than the western world. How do I get gut flora like the hadza and be healthier like them?

Has anyone tried global health trax threelac probiotic or a gluten-free, casein-free diet for autism?

Has the ban on junk food adverts had any positive effects on obesity in children?

Having a hard time on selecting healthy choice of drinks @ convenient stores/gas stations, always on the go.

He there. What products make us feel bloted? Would tomatoes be one of the products that have that effect? Thanks Anna

Health. Can anyone Reccomend a low budget healthy meal, or even better, a shopping list or website with a weeks shopping ? Very hard to eat cheaper

Hello doctor, I have a question! i have problem with flour when i cook i sneezes a lot? Can you tell me what should I do to stumble this illnes or al

Hello sir , may i(27) know names of fruits and vegetables in specific that keeps skin youngness and charm as we had at the age of 15/16 .Thank you sir?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone could tell me what foods are naturally rich in taurine and if eggs are considered one of them?

Hello, is it good eating cheese and drink tea with it, i just heard that it's will destroying the nutritional value of the both, is it right? Thanks.