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1 month ago i had rubella infection, now I am planning to get pregnant it leads any problem? & can I start to eat non-veg food items? Pls reply me

12 weeks pregnant on modified bed rest Bp ranging between 157/99 and 145/72. Should I be concerned? Anything to do to take it down? Any food to avoid?

19 yr old male, skin tone on hands appears yellow. Highly active, professional ballet dancer. Diet could be better, fast food, etc. Heavy veggie juice?

26 y m with excess flatulence(with bad odor) from childhood esp increase with legumes(etc), otherwise normal, what's the best treatment?

4months old has mucusy poop for 8 weeks due to food allergy, I eliminated all possible food, still no better, will that permanently damage his bowel?

About two hours after eating it's hard to breath I have Ben told after weaning of klonapin it has caused leaky gut what food can I avoid to help?

After eating certain foods or drinking certain mixed drinks my fingers & palms itch as well as my feet. What is the cause?

After finishing six months of chemotherapy for nonhodgkins lymphoma what should my life style be like Like foods ? Sugar? And such

After giving birth or having surgery, do we have to go for confinement as in do not eat certain foods due to winds, itchy etc?

After head and neck cancer treatment, how long will it be before I can eat solid food again?

After taking food some portion of food comes back into my mout after 10 to 20 min what is the cause and how could i cure?

All my life i get a fishy odor for 2-3 days after eating certain foods especially fast food fried fish.Then goes away completely. Is it trimethylaminu?

All the asthmatic patients have high level of chitinase? If the answer is yes, do they avoid foods that contain chitinase! like kiwi , tomato...Etc!

Also is there certain foods you should avoid when you have a tooth abscess?

Although i don't eat junk food i suffer from extreme acidity. What might be the reason and probable remedy?

Always feel pruritus on my face when having some seafood or chili or alcohol, is there any effective ways to prevent me from suffering this ?

Am having constant heart burn, most especially when i eat any cooked food. Pls what might be the cause and the possible treatment.

Any suggestion in what to drink and eat to about a blurry chest xrays result??? They said milk can sometimes make it blurry is that true?? Suggestion?

Anyone out there have any idea if fresh raw fish can cause intense intestinal spasms or cramps?

Anyone with chronic esophagitis from italian food only?

Anything i eat for digestion (bloated stomach (>10cm) gets face skin infection. E.G. Mango. Passionfruit yoghurt with pro-biotics. Both problem remain?

Are corn chips considered heavy and is it bad for GERD?

Are some people allergic to quinoa? I had intense stomach pain for days after consuming a decent amount of quinoa. Brother even worse, multiple times.

Are there any foods (either eaten or applied) that can make your breasts grow?

Are there any natural remedies/supplements/food practice that we could take to avoid stomach gastric and stomach wind from occuring?

Are there any other ways to prevent common cold such as eating something or taking natural food resources besides taking the shot?

Are there any type of vitamins i can take or some sort of food i can eat a lot of to be successful at memorizing more things and do better on tests?

Are there certain foods that can prevent urine odor?

Are there particular foods that make premature ejaculation more likely?

Are there ways to prevent appendicitis before it happens? In terms of food etc

Are vaginitis, itching, or women's candida truly related to diet (or is that a myth)? I take fish oil and a multivitamin, but also eat dark chocolate!

As it is likely that I am pregnant but have yet to visit my doctor. Are there any things I need to be aware of like weight lifting limits, foods, etc?

As long as I am getting the right amount of vitamins is the any reason why leaving animal products out of my diet would be bad? Suggestions?

Barrett's esophogus halo abulat. Could you please let me know what a soft diet after a halo ablation could consist of and foods i might want to avoid?

Because i don't want to build a resistance, what are some natural cures for a sore throat that are vegetarian?

Can diet cranberry juice from oceanspray be good as juice to heal h.Pylori and mild gastritis.Also what fruits and food to help heal the infection?

Can 4 years of eating candy made of real peppermint oil everyday all the time cause stomach issues or any type of issues with the body?

Can a combination of d.fragilis infection, flagyl treatment and eating unhealthy foods like chips and chocolate cause appendicitis? Have pain 2 days.

Can cantaloupe and pineapple make you gassy? I usually have no problem with fruits, but ate these 2 together and it had that effect

Can consuming certain foods and drinks bring on ic symptoms or make them worse?

Can consumption of dairy contribute to or be the primary cause of acne persistence?

Can eating crisps after mononucleosis kill me? (My doctor recommended me liver diet.)

Can eating habits or food choice also trigger bacterial vaginosis to recur?

Can eating spicy food a couple of days in a row induce a Crohn's flare up that lasts 3 weeks?

Can eating too many oranges cause raised heartbeat or be a reaction to a problem w the body or an organ..?

Can eating too much yogurt with beneficial bacterial aggravate hems or make them worse?

Can i eat certain foods or take certain vitamins or herbs that make eye floaters less noticable?

Can I eat curd if I am sinus patient?

Can ibs come in phases? Like having it for weeks, then disapeering for weeks then back again. No triggers? No food trigger, been through elimination.

Can it take 24hrs after eating the food for food poisoning symptoms start or do they usually appear pretty quickly?

Can jaundice relapse if i start eating oily and spicy food after suffering from hepatitis a?

Can just being really sick & eating lots of sugary/starchy foods let oral thrush happen? Not on antibiotics & not sexually active so what caused it?

Can lancing a boil result in a food poisoning type episode?

Can mouth ulcers be from mono or EBV? Diagnosed 2 years ago&have never had an ulcer. I have 2 glasses of wine a week but have healthy diet otherwise

Can my stomach problems be caused by sucking a lot of sugarfree polo mints.. Ingredient sorbitol?

Can one part of your digestive tract have a food allergy while the rest shows no damage? Could your Colon have a wheat allergy but no sign elsewhere?

Can some foods cause bladder spasms? Or so e foods make it worse or better?

Can the acidity from balsamic vinegar cause irritation in people with intestinal issues?

Can untreated hypothyroidism cause you to have bad reactions to meds for other things, like antibiotics, cholesterol, etc?

Can upper airway resistance syndrome be caused by your diet? Even if you are skinny? Can inflammatory foods cause uars?

Can we take water melon and yogurt together because in our set up it is either myth or common saying not to eat this as for causing skin problems. tru?

Can you eat macroons (coconut and egg white) and persimons if you easily get interstitial cystitis?

Can you get diseases from eating your bodily fluids? is eating your own semen similar to eating your own urine and poop should it be avoided?

Can you get diseases from food in plastic, like to the chemicals from the plastic go in to the food?

Can you get sinus problems with protein shakes?

Can you help control flare ups by watching what you eat when you have colitus? In other words can certain foods contribute to the problem?

Can you tell me what kind of diseases comes from agent orange?

Chronic bad breath. Dentist says my mouth is healthy. I drink enough h2o and have healthy diet etc. What should I have dr check - sinus, stomach etc?

Chronic pancreatitis what part of CP causes my belly to swell up only after eating small quantities of food?

Could a case of food poison decrease WBC? My count decrease to 3.3 after food poison incident. Do I take medication to improve count? Feel better now

Could a person live off of soup, Like Campbell, Progresso.etc etc.

Could bilirubin in my urine be caused by significant weight loss....Due to not being able to swallow any food other than soft foods.

Could I get the disease from natural water sources?

Could my facial acne be caused by my consumption of mayonnaise and yogurt?

Dear doctor what are the top anti diabetes food please ? Thanks

Diagnosed with Crohn's 9 months ago, and it's harder for me to digest foods high in fat. I get constipated, is this because of scarring?

Do certain foods make u sick on metformin I have bad stomach pain I am not diabetic I am being treated for pcos

Do PPIs completely stop production of stomach acid? If so, how can food continue to be digested? Wouldn't there be increased risk of food borne illnes

Do symptoms of OAS get worse if fruit is consumed in liquid form (blended) than solid form?

Do tomatoes contain something that worsens arthritis?

Doctor can u guide me that removal of blacheads with toothpaste is effective or not?also with tomato?

Doctor said one should avoid cold stuff if he has cholesterol is it true?

Doctor suggested elimination diet to see if symptoms caused by food allergies.Can I eat potatoes on diet?What is your opinion on this form of action?

Does a person stay in hospital if they have esophageal yeast or and/or other stomach problems especially if they are low immune?

Does avoiding dairy products help treat glue ear faster in adults?

Does eating smaller meals lower risk of food poisoning because you are less likely to consume a large number of bacteria?

Does freezing fruits help people with Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Does general tachycardia (I know that is probably not a medical term) run in families? Whenever we take certain types of medications (i.e. naproxen, zofran, etc.), drink alcohol, or eat certain foods, our hearts race. Is it a specific gene that causes thi

Does inflammation from obesity contribute to things like arthritis pain and the development of food allergies?

Does one of kind a particular food cause acne more than the other.. Staying away from all artificial sugar but I still continue to have terrible acne?

Does sodium which is found naturally in foods like carrots still considered bad sodium like table salt? (for CKD patients)

Dr. Oz says that eating a lot of starch can lead to appendicitis, because it has a longer chance to cause fecaliths. Is that true?

Drs. I'm confused. I don't know which is right.Do some foods trigger acne or no foods can make my acne worst?

Due to my chronic gastric, i get hungry so fast. My question is what type of food that will keep me full without repeatedly eating.

Due to somereasons i had takenlot of junk food and chocolates for last two i stopped andhaving home food.will this have any effect on health?

During TB medication which food we have to ban?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get clostridium (c diff) infection?

Eating anything more substantial than water or fruit makes me break out into a neck rash?

Eating supper at night causes gastric cancer because your gastric doesn't get to rest -some health app says, is that true?

Even a minimal amount of sweets (except fruits) makes me nauseous quite often, yet I was proven that I have no allergies. What else could cause this?