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How do you know if you're lactose intolerant weird gross things happen when I have dairy products like cream or milk allergenist says not an allergy ?

1 year old baby transitioning to whole milk, has been fussy, and has loose stool, is she lactose intolerant?

1 yr old after he drinks his whole milk he poops and his bottom turns red could be lactose intolerance what can I do? Thank you

15 month old lactose intolerant? Had diarrhea and gave her almond milk for 2 days. Poop normal then gave her whole milk again and got diarrhea.

16 month old has been on whole milk for 4 mns. The past 2-3 weeks he has been throwing up every single time he cries and the milk is curdled advice?

18mth old diarrhea for 9 days. Dr says it has to run it's course. No other symptoms, put on lactose free milk. What could be the problem?

1yr old constipated and crying all night after drinking vit d milk. Tried soy and he was happier but diarrhea 3+ times a day. What else could i try?

2 year old has stomach flu & diarrhea. Should I give him pediasure or whole milk for his am & pm bottle?

2 yr old is intolerant of milk, gets stomach pain, eczema. can we safely use goats milk soap to bathe him, though?

22 month old all of a sudden has diarrhea and throwing up from dairy products, why?

2wk old frequent painful gas. Barely pooping, runny like diarrhea or jelly like. Drinks both formula and breast milk. Should we try pedialyte?

5 month old has rash intolerance of cows milk and just passed white stool should he be taken to dr's?

5 week old has very hard stools that come out as hard balls every 3 days. On soy formula due to lactose intolerance. What can I give to help her go?

8 week old baby has gastro for over a week and last 3 days wont drink formula and id in pain. Could he now be lactose intolerant?

9 wk baby allergic to milk/soy protein, rice, corn (inc.. Cornsyrup) had reactions to neocate now on alim. Ryf but still throwing up-what to eat now?

After a couple tsps of ice cream stomach gurgled. After coffee with cream it gurgled. Lots of ab noises this month. Am I suddenly lactose intolerant?

After having my bb i became lactose intolerant. FF 3yr now i can eat and drink dairy no puking. Is it a fluke or is it gone just like that? No fam his

After I eat or drink dairy I get a lot of phlegm in my throat and it take a few days to go away does it man I'm lactose intolerant?

After taking dairy products or drink contains milk upset stomach and breathing difficulties.worsen when lying down or sit.anaphylaxis?

Am I allergic to soy milk if I get gassy after drinking it?

Am i lactose intolerant? If i drink milk eat ice cream or something like that i can't breathe through my nose and get sick. Why is this? Cheese is ok

Am I lactose intolerant? I didn't have it before, I'm 16. When I eat cereal/cheese I get bloated and have diarrhea & a noisy stomach.

Am lactose intolerant-have to limit dairy. However, my stomach hurts the same amount when drinking ALT to milk vs reg milk. Could it be something else?

Any milk I can drink that wont cause migraines later like dairy milk does?

Are there any cures for lactose intolerance. Im tired of puking after eating just a lil bit of mac n cheese even with lactaid.

Are you allergic to milk if you can eat milk products like cheese and such but if you drink it you projectile vomit across the room?

Ate gluten soy dairy free poptart &water-celiacs-got bad gas/air belches after for an hour-stay tired-could this indicate I have other food allergies ?

Bad gas and bloat hours after milk. Would this mean I am lactose intolerant?

Being lactose intolerant, can you get diarrhea 24 hours after ingesting dairy (cheese)? Or could it be dehydration resulting from high temperatures?

Breastfed 3 month old has eczema, gas and occasional diaper rash. No dairy has helped but he still has episodes. What else should I eliminate?

Burping, bloating, and burning chest principally after drinking milk and eating milk products. Can lactose intolerance cause acid reflux?

Can a large intake of milk cause vomiting?

Can a milk allergy come out as gas into your joints?

Can a milk allergy come out as gas within your joints?

Can Dairy Like Cheese , milk And So On Cause Bloating If I Inflammation in My Stool ??

Can doctors tell me what does your tummy feel like when lactose intolerant?

Can dribking a lot of milk throughout the day & whole wheat causes loose stools ?

Can eating alpen with milk give you ibs?

Can eating dairy when you're lactose intolerant and pregnant cause a miscarriage?

Can eating lactose give you a very slimy and bloody stool if you are lactose intolerant? I only ate a little goat cheese and took a lactase pill.

Can food poisoning be passed in breast milk ?

Can goat milk cause constipation in a 19month old baby who is lactose intolerant and has diarrhea because of regular milk?, lactaid cause constipation!

Can I be allergic to skimmed milk but be fine with Semi skimmed milk? started juice+ I feel bloated all the time. should I try something else? help??

Can I pass the stomach bug through my breast milk?

Can i still drink regular milk if I am lactose intolerant? I get cramps, but nothing i can't handle and diarrhea but doesn't really bother me.

Can I take Zenatane with milk. I have been for 8 days because I need something thick like choco milk to swallow it.

Can lactose intolerance cause nausea 12 hr after eating a bar of chocolate?

Can milk cause you to have a seizure if you are allegric to milk, or just causes rashes and tummy aches?

Can milk intolerance cause mucus throat and tummy pain?

Can milk thistle pills cause stomach discomfort?

Can my baby be lactose intolerant or is it something eles? My 2 month old daughter has been consuming similac advance since birth, as of last friday she has been having diarrhea and it has been very watery, the doc i went to said she might be lactose into

Can soya milk products cause diarrhea and anal itching?

Can spoiled milk make you sick?

Can teen get cheese, butter and milk intolerance?

Can too much almond milk cause diarrhea? I haven't had it in a while and I drank 6 cups of it and randomly got diarrhea

Can wheat intolance come out of the blue? I'm on my period & every time i eat white bread i feel ill. Can it be wheat intolance?

Cheese and milk messes w/ my stomach so i took lactaid. It worked on the nachos i had but NT the cereal. Does my body have a limit?

Coffe with milk ones a day while pregnant is it bad?

Cold milk gives me diarrhea and upset stomach. Hot milk, other milk products and lactose-free milk are ok. What in cold milk could be causing it?

Could lactose intolerance cause bloating and cramping when you wake up? And HOURS after eating dairy? No diarrhea, but using bathroom more frequently

Diarrhea and severe stomach pain after eating/drinking dairy products. Lactose intolerance test came out very negative. Anything else it could be?

Do laxitive pills contain dairy wheat or sugar? I haven't been using the bathroom in weeks idk what to do

Do probiotics help process lactose? I noticed that the weeks I drank yogurt with probiotics I was able to tolerate products with lactose I wouldn't normally be able to consume without taking Lactaid pills.

Do you recommend getting a allergy blood test for 6 months old baby? He currently has cow milk intolerance (he spits up a lot when he drinks non diges

Doc said i have ibs.29yr male.Lower stomach grumbles after food.Have lost muscle.Milk egg wheat cause prob.Which probiotic tab and protein shld i take?

Does cold milk give constipation?

Does cottage chesse constipate babies?

Does dairy milk causes stomach muscular cramp?

Does lactose free milk cause constipation in infants?My daugther is 1 yr and she started lactaid whole milk, could this be making her constipated?

Does my one year old absolutely need dairy milk? It's making him really constipated.

Does powder milk such as Similac Comfort contains lactose? My kids mainly drink this during diarahea but I understand lactose may prolong diarhea?

Don't suspect that I'm lactose intolerant, but 2 minutes after drinking 8 ounces of milk I had to go diarrhea. Could it trigger diarrhea that quickly?

Drank 1/2 cup plain kefir in morning. At night, feel gassy, not normally gassy or lactose intolerant. Not drinking again! Will it go away?

Eczema on face & stomach cramps come after eating kefir & ice cream. Cheese only cause constipation. Could I be allergic to dairy with diff symptoms?

Endo/colonoscopy prep instructions say no dairy. Does this mean no milk, cheese, and yogurt, or does it include anything that contains dairy as well?

Every time i eat i get an upset stomach. Why? Im already lactose intolerant to all dairy

Every time i eat milk products my stomach is in pain for days what could it be?

Everytime i drink milk i get gassy and my stomach starts to hurt is there a possiblity i can be semi lactose intolrent?I can eat cheese though

Expert opinion - should not drinking milk for 5 years maybe cause lactose intolerance?

For many months I have had a stomach distention problem with no relief. I drink a lot of almond milk & wonder if this could cause such an issue?

For someone with mild milk intolerance, after drinking milk for years causing laxative effect, would it become habit-forming? What about lactulose?

For the last three weeks my son has had loose stools every morning. He drinks soy milk. What should I do?

Had almond milk(lactose free too) cause mucus more for my 3 yrs old son?His doctor said not to take milk, since he is having antibiotic for coughing.Bu

Have not drinked milk for a long time. Eaten food with a lot of milk in the last couple of days. Right after : fatigue, depressed and itching. Idea?

Haven't had milk in months, had milk with cereal at 10am today and got stomach cramps & wind at 5pm. Could the cramps be lactose intolerance symptoms?

He has blood in his stool. Doctor think he has milk allergy. We tried many formula and does not like. Now he does not like to sleep what to do.

Hello dr My son 3y old lactose intollerance do you think he has chance to cure he is so sensetive to any littel amount of diary ? thanks alot

Hello,after eating some cereals with a goat milk,I am getting pain while urinating,and it happens only when I eating them.What could be the cause?

Help! my 8 week old has horrific gas. On alimentum for soy and milk allergy. Doesn't sleep all night! tried gas drops/gripe water, no help?

Hi i been having stomach problems ( gas) i drink magnesia milk 2 days ago and eating veggies but i feel blow it. Should i go to the doctor?

Hi my 2 year old has a problem digesting milk. It makes him very uncomfortable and i don't like the idea of giving him soya, can he have lactaid ?

Hi my daughter is allegic to chocolate and cheese and blue milk and and not she has been really sick with green milk?

Hii have always been sesitive to full fat milk but lately when i drink anything containing milk i get really bad wind and sometimes a a runny stomach?

How can I contain myself from farting in school?

How can I tell if lactaid milk has gone bad?

How come i fart so much when i drink milk?

How come my son can eat yogurt and cheese with no problem but has allergic reaction to a full glass of milk?

How come there is sudden spike in spitting up in my 10 week old son who has reflux and unconfirmed soy/milk protein allergy?

How do I get chronic flatulence if I already stopped drinking milk?

How do I know if I'm lactose intolerant? I drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt. I usually have diarrhea right after. Zero dairy and I'm constipated.