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i have been allergic to bees, pcn, & milk. two times i have ate spaghetti w/o cheese i break out in heavy & alot hives. Chicken causes diarrhea also?

11y. Son allergies off charts. Ex. Ragweed was 186. Doc never seen b4. Has esonophilic esophogitis also. Any ideas like autoimmune. Y high#s all tests?

14 months old been re-introducing dairy for weeks told to try miljreacting after drinking it tests can he have ANA reaction?

15 minutes after eating pasta John's face started to turn red. Could that be a food allergy symptom?

16 mo. Old got rash around mouth from a yogurt parfait w/nuts in it. Any way to tell if her skin was irritated (from being a mess) or an allergy?

18 M old diangosis with sesame allergy ( hive measured 18 mmx10mm ). Also allergic to peanuts and almonds( 2mmx3 mm). Does a larger # indicate severity?

18m old, random hive reaction on face to food had dozen times b4. Has happened w/ several foods, but each time month later no reaction.Whats going on?

3/05/15 I got a prick test and I got 2+(4- 8mm) of allergic reaction to peanut what would happen if I consume alot?besides rash or comen reaction.

4 mo boy exclusive breastfeeding. Has rashes on face every time when mom eats prawns or shell seafood. Allergy? Coincidence?

70 y/o grandma had a left puffy eye after meal no allergic to any food could be due to hypertension or its just a bee bite ?

A few people mentioned eating local honeycomb and honey to help allergies. Is that a wives tale?

A peanut allergy and am wondering if there is any other not I need to be concerned with. I know that cashews do not bother me ?

About 3 days ago, i had a bad allergic reaction to boysenberries why am i still feeling sick?

After eating peanut butter, I have burning eyes, throat/eye swelling, low blood pressure, blurred vision. I have eaten it since a child so no allergy

After eating scrambled eggs for the first time my 9 month old started gagging and got very fussy and congested. Could this be an allergic reaction?

After eating some porridge I got a headache, so I'm wondering whether I'm allergic to oats?

After food/drink or smelling chemicals, perfumes, etc.- side of throat,eye, face very irritated. Goes away after. Allergy or chemical sensitivity?

After raw pineapple on the island, had diarrhea for days afterwards. Does anyone know what would cause a pineapple allergy?

Allergic rash per dermatologist--have 3 months, spread over entire trunk now--food or contact- processed breakfast cereal allergy possible?

Allergic to chlorine, had a bad reaction last night because the levels were high. Not feeling well todsy as a result. Should I avoid the pool today?

Allergic to just about everything; is there a cure? What can I eat?

Allergies from hot spicy serrano peppers what are the symptoms?

Allergy test i took to nuts, fish, milk, soy, was negative. This means, there is no reason for the tongue to swell, and kill me? I have health anxiety

Allergy tests I have taken, for food, pollen, trees, grass, weeds, is negative. So that mens I have no allergies? Will my tongue ever swell? Im scared

Allergy, intolerance, or viral? I get vertigo when I eat nuts, chocolate and caffeine, and basic dizziness from other foods. Started after shingles.

Always scaredmy throat will close especially from food allergy no allergies might i add if it happens does it happen fairly fast and not just tightnes?

Am i allergic to coffee or caffeine? I've noticed that depending on what kind of coffee i consume my face and scalp can get itchy and i feel like i may be having a minor allergic reaction. I notice it most when i drink a large drip coffee from starbucks o

Am I likely to grown out of a peanut allergy? Is it worth getting retested?

Am I still allergic to eggs if once I got violent diarrhea?

Any ideas why I might be reacting oddly to echinacea?

Any ideas why mayonnaise makes me want to puke even if i'm not allergic or intolerant?

Are restuarants required to put on the menu warnings like for someone that has cashew allergy?

Are there anythings that can ease a strawberry allergy?

Around fruit and orcharads forever. Can anyone develop a sudden cherry allergy?

Ate a crabcake 7hrs ago and my dad said about my mom had a mild reaction to shellfish now I'm freaking out over allergies can that happen hrs later ?

Ate an oriental salad with chicken and almonds and got swollen neck, pressure in ears. Never had food allergy before. Is this an allergic reaction?

Ate mouldy cinnamon roll about six days ago. Am I likely to experience any delayed symptoms from it now?

Ate shrimp for dinner and the next morning my face was swollen. Does this sound like a shrimp allergy?

Baby allergic to dairy soy wheat gluten egg recently we had 2 dogs stay now he has sneezing runny nose bad wheezy chest could he be allergic to dogs?

Baby had milk allergy she's 6, thought she was over it 2 years ago-reflux, eczema were gone.Now had hives 2x/week after having icecream. Is it back?

Been on Sertraline for about 12 years now...Could this be the cause of my chronic hives that I've been having since October? Ruled out foods and stuff.

Before I found out that I have bacteria I ate something with soy and I couldn't stop caughing?

Blood test shows I'm allergic to cow's milk. Symptoms - hives, diarrhea. I'm 35. How can I improve? Can I still have cream, cheese, cake my favorite?

Body feels itchy after eating some shrimp, allergic reaction? Ate 3 shrimp last night, now itchy all over and not feeling great. It's 2a.M. And i'm unable to sleep now and have a slight upset stomach, i've taken a sleeping pill already, help!

Breaking out in a rash around the lower region of my face. The only food I have eaten daily lately is tomatoes. Does this sound like a tomato allergy?

Broccoli, kale, collard make my sinuses swell & cheeks go red. This lasts about an hour. What does this reaction mean? Allrgy tests showed nothing.

Can a baby be allergic to oatmeal even though he just started on it?

Can a dairy allergy suddenly come on?

Can a food allergy cause mental slowness/confusion? I have new food allergies (IgE testing) and trying to make sense of it all. Thanks!

Can a food allergy make bumps form on your lip?

Can a food allergy result in skin rashes but not digestive discomfort?

Can a food intolerance cause itching? And related, can a food allergy not respond to small amounts of the allergen (fine at <5 g, sick at >30)?

Can a person be allergic to all types of red meat?

Can a person be allergic to peanut oil but not peanuts? It seems that each time i eat organic peanut butter i get a sore throat and post nasal drip.

Can a slim jim bother my chicken allergy?

Can allergies make your joints crack?It seems when i don't eat as much they don't do it as much, I have food allergies and wondered if it was a reaction

Can bone pain be an allergic reaction to gluten? When i stop eating gluten the pain ceases.

Can consuming vitamin C help with itching and breathing difficulties acquired from shellfish allergy reaction?

Can dairy allergy cause fluid to build up in your ear?. Would dairy allergy show up on a food allergy test? I noticed fluid build up when I eat dairy

Can eating an overdue moldy donut cause hives? Are people allergic to moldy donuts?

Can eating wheat or glutin cause an itchy reaction? I have an chronic ear itch that seems to go away when i cut out flour from my diet. Coincidence?

Can food allergies be the cause of my red hot ears?

Can food allergies cause intestine,tonsil inflammation and facial and scalp hives?

Can food allergies cause your joints to swell up, i notice i feel better when i don't eat much, i take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) every night, and haven't reacted to foo?

Can food allergies start suddenly?

Can food allergies/food intolerance cause burning in the legs and feet? Any known cases? Thanks

Can gluten be bad for your skin?

Can having a food allergy cause wrinkles and bad skin?

Can having diarrhea automatically mean you are allergic to what you ate?

Can I eat blue cheese with an amoxicillin allergy? I have angioedema and uriticaria from amoxicillin.

Can I get hives from eating all berries?

Can nut allergies cause a person to become lightheaded?

Can nutty beers trigger anaphylaxis? Any help appreciated!

Can poisoning/infection from bread/cheese (Yeast?) cause dizziness, breathlessness and panic attack? Happened twice, once with bread & once with pizza

Can ragweed allergy cross-react with spaghetti squash? Could this be the reason I seem to have more food allergies diagnosed in the Fall?

Can this sound like a food allergy?

Can you be allegeric to cashews and not other peanut products? Child 3 years old ate one cashew, then he started throwing up and his left eye started swelling. I gave him benaryl and now the swelling is going down.

Can you be allergic to bananas, cantaloupe, tomatoes, avocados and bell peppers? My mouth, lips and throat get itchy. Sometimes red too. No resp sx

Can you develop allergies ? I love shrimp and ate it my whole life. Last night I ate some and developed a painful carpet burn like rash. Gone now tho

Can you develop an allergic reaction from eating certain type of food within 3 days of eating it even if the skin prick patch test is negative for that food?

Can you develop an allergy to cooked carrots after years of eating them? This is 2nd time my son lips swelled & same thing he's ate both times!

Chronic hive sufferer w/multiple med allergies. Am i more likely to have food allergic reactions? I avoid foods like peanutbutter even tho not alrgc.

Chronic mild hives & prone to drug allergies too. skin test for foods negative, but still afraid. should I avoid nuts & fish since I'm allergy prone?

Completely clogged up after eating filberts; it's like my hazelnut allergy?

Could a recurring rash around my mouth be an indication of food allergies?

Could an egg allergy be contributing to my acne?

Could changing my dog's food brand cause my daughter and I to have severe allergies suddenly? He's 11yrs old- never any problem being allergic to him

Could eating shellfish with a slight allergy help make it go away?

Could I be allergic to eggs and meat, too? How do I get checked against all different kinds of meats?

Could I have become suddenly allergic to peanuts and or caramel?

Could I have gotten diarreha from my allergy to mustard?

Could intense allergy to wheat or something be mistaken as diverticular disease? Have other allergies, like grass.

Could seborrheic dermatitis be linked to a food allergy? Is the body mistakingly attacking itself? No fam history, think dairy is the prob.

Could the smell or even sight of other people eating peanuts induce their allergy if they have one?

Could there ever have been a death caused by an allergic individual sitting next to someone eating nuts or some other?

Could too much coconut oil have caused my night time breakout in hives and nauseous stomach?

Could you become allergic to something that you've always been fine eating?

Could you tell me if someone took an antihistamine before eating a food they're allergic to, would they be ok ?

Cyanosis from eating lima beans which causes glycosides to release cyanide on contact with stomach acid. Is that an allergic reaction?

Daughter has a terrible reaction to rice, and i go into an asthma attack when i eat sulfer dioxide. Are these related?